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add friend get cash free »26/aug/200825/08/20080

i was on breakawaycasino in the bonus it says add friends every one u add we give u $25 per player.. i ask questions to support and the say it is not in use i asked y is it still there to miss lead people they say nothing they can do ..

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1078gala electric casino, cardiff [cardiff]
Total claims:1
can see my money in the cctv but not identifying and not giving it back »28/02/200928/02/20090

i had been a customer of gala casino since a week and never i had won some money just but losing .... i had atleast spent 2000 pounds on the casino...... yesterday that is 27 th of feb 2009 also at around 9.00 pm i visited gala , bought chips of 80 pounds and lost them again i bought chips of 50 pounds and i started winning and i won nearly 250 pounds of which they gave me 2 hundred pound coins, and the rest of them were 1 pound coins... this was around 10 pm to 11.30 pm but after that i started losing and i lost all the change and then i removed one of those hundred pound coin and gave it to dealer ... 

               the coin rolled and it just went and fell in to the hole next to dealer.. all this is clearely seen in the cctv cameras and even they saw and many evidences around me said th same thing......

but the manager says that she can see the coin rolling but she cant say what coin is that.... if this is the case she can see the number of times i won and the coins i got.....

no one was least bothered to solve my problem.i waited from 1200pm to 3 am in the morning but none took interest of me...

i explained them a lot but she behaved as i am a theif and i am lying......

they just pull so much money from us us they wont care what the custemer request is....

due to this i well very ashamed and sick from morning and am not in a condition to go to work in shame as she behaved i am a theif...

many customers around me supported for this .......

i am claiming for 5000 pounds on the insult and my 100 pound back .


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1639Various companies
Total claims:1
Roulette » March 0901/04/20090

Casninos are drawing people in and then stealing their money by somehow tracking their system and then countering it by some form of equipent they have.

I have tested and proved this to myself many many times and now able to predict when it is happening.

This in my opinion is stealing by stealth and I am disgusted with the way they get away with it.  Can they not be prosecuted for this as it is totally dishonest and surely breaking the law?

     Thanks in advance for your response,

                David Fordham


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14445san manuel indian and bingo casino [san bernandino]
Total claims:1
slots and bingo and promotions »11-01-201004/11/20100

i wasntwinning any money for continuation of 7 full years i play occasionally about every paytime monthly not even any promotion is welcome to my attending this casino...maybe i just send a check next time instead of coming at all!

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