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14379K.W.S Windows and Conservatories [STAFFORDSHIRE]
Total claims:1


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11459ecoseal ltd [Staffordshire]
Total claims:8
Very Happy »25/2/1025/02/20107
Having had my windows installed yesterday by this company and being very impressed with the overall service & quality I received I thought I'd do a quick google of them. To my surprise I found this site!! I can honestly say this has not been my experience and every one I have spoke to at the company has been most kind and helpful. In the first instance, the salesman called, gave me a price and said I could think about it for as long as I wanted and I can't speak highly enough of my experience. These comments don't represent my experience of this company and I tend not find "positive" comment websites, so when I find a company I can trust I always try to leave good feedback so others aren't discouraged by the views of the few.

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921ecoseal ltd [Staffordshire]
Total claims:8
Bully tactics »17/2/0917/02/20096

Eco seal came to give a quote for us to have new double glazed windows, i had had to go out but my husband was in with our four month old daughter. When they found out that i was not in they started to have a go at my husband saying that we are waisting their time and that i should of been there but we knew what we wanted all they had to do is measure the windows and give the quote as they had said on the phone. They got very abusive towards my husband and were trying to get him to sign something which when he wouldnt , so they rang their boss who was also very forcefull and nasty, when my husband wanted them to get out and had told them to forget it one of the sales people started to get really nasty and squared up to my husband who was holding our daughter at the time and said its a good job you have that in your arms meaning our daughter. I was really shocked when i got back and i think that its disgusting, on their leaflet it says no pushy sales but they were really aggressive, so if they knock on anybodies door to give a quote dont do it.

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375Anglian windows Limited [Norwich]
Total claims:6
double glazing »24-11-0826/11/20083

I Purchased two windows and one door from Anglian Windows, when the windows were installed I found they are not the same type as their sales man shown to me. I asked the window fitter and was told that they have two product range and the one they made and and installed for me is the cheaper one and has to be required specifically by the customer. After carefully checked my contract it seem that indeed this is what the contract said in a small print way. But the sales man never explain to me or show me this type of product. I feel so gutted and cheated by them. They use such a disgracefull way to cheat people like me. They show you one thing and sell you a completly differnt thing in inferior quality without letting you aware of. As I only paid them the 10% deposit and not willing to pay the remainning balance before they can put it right for me, they threaten to take me to court. What should I do? I am sure if I pay them the balance they will take the money and forget all about it. Even I haven't paid them they are not willing to deal my problem and insited that I signed the contract. I don't want them to get away with what they did but am afraid the process and cost of the legal action. Any way, to have a peace of mind Avoid this company at all cost. I would never recomand Anglian even to my worst enemies.

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1461SupaGlazing Limited [Strood, Rochester]
Total claims:3
SHAME »29 January 200923/03/20092

On January 29 a sales rep from SupaGlazing came to my home and gave me a quote for a conservatory. I wasn't entirely sure about placing an order but was told I had 7days to cancel if I changed my mind, so i went ahead and paid £1.000 deposit by credit card. However the following day I did have second thoughts so I rang the company and cacelled. I got called back twice with a reduced offer, but i declined.

When I received my credit card statement on Feb18 I was very upset to see the £1.000 i had paid to SupaGlazing had not been refunded. I rang SupaGlazing and spoke to a Mrs Jones (director) who told me I would have to pay expenses.

I then sought advice from Consumer Direct. They informed me i was entitled to my full deposit back and that i should have been given written cancelation rights,and failure to provtde these rights is an offence,which means the contract is not enforceble.

My credit card company are now dealing with this dispute, and I have sent letters to SupaGlazing asking them to refund the £1.000. The only responce ive had from them is an invvoice for £249.99. Apparently this is for the Sales Rep fees, and if i don't pay they will issue me with a Court Summons.

I wrote back saying that when i was given a quote for a conservatory, i was led to believe it was free,it does stste this in the yellow pages advert. I told them i do not intend to pay these expenses and i will not be bullied or threatened into doing so.

I think the public should be made aware about this company, and i do wonder how many other people SupaGlazing have forced into buying their goods

I only asked for a quote but ended up with a load of hassle, £1.000 on my credit card and a bill for £249 99.

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1021Anglian windows Limited [Norwich]
Total claims:6
Letter Box Replacement »24-02-200925/02/20091

If you are thinking of having your windows & doors from Anglian think again!!!

We had all Anglian doors & windows installed at our previous house & we were very happy with them. When we moved to our current house, we chose Anglian again. Big mistake!

We had 13 windows, two patio doors & front & back doors replaced. The front door was Anglian's most expensive at the time. From day one we were unhappy with the installation. There were finger prints on the insides of the coloured glass in the front door, & a pane of glass in one of the windows was cracked (these things do happen). The broken pane was replaced but to this day the glass in the front door is still not right.

Over time we have also had the front door drop, the door frame moves (depending on the weather), an upstairs window frame moves when any pressure is applied (to clean windows), the lounge window is drafty & 'whistles' in windy weather.

To top it all the outside letterbox flap has now fallen off!! It's held together with the flimsiest of screws/springs.

We called Anglian to report all of the problems & were informed that the letterbox only had a one year guarantee (that says it all about the quality!). At no time prior to this had we been told that the letterbox had a 1 year guarantee - we assumed it had the same guarantee as everything else Anglian supplied and fitted.

Anglian also informed us that we could not just have it repaired, we would need to have a whole new unit fitted at a cost of over £120.

Following our initial complaint via phone, we were advised that a manager would phone us back to discuss the issue as no manager was available to speak to us at the time. No call was forthcoming and so we called Anglian again 3 working days later. Again there was no manager available to speak to us and the customer service operator was quite rude and blunt saying a manager would not call us back for a small issue such as this and that we would not get a replacement!

With not getting anywhere with their useless customer service team, we advised them that we would take this further and make sure they would receive bad publicity. All their response was "go ahead"! 

Having spent about £20k over the past 10-15 years with Anglian having had 2 houses completely fitted with new doors and windows (and with the other issues we've had with the current supply), the least we'd expect is to have a new letterbox fitted.

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5735ecoseal ltd [Staffordshire]
Total claims:8
BULLY SALESMAN »21/10/0921/10/20091

[21/10/2009] Karen: I had Ecoseal out and specifically told the caller the night before that i only wanted a no obligation quote. The salesman arrived and I immediately told him we were getting 4 quotes and were not signing up on the night. He then rang his boss and said that he felt like we had wasted his time and could we spare half an hour. We said half an hour was fine. He then measured up and sat in the kitchen writing a quote. He kept asking us if we would let him know of our other quote and we said that was our business and if his was better then we would consider. He gave us the quote and it was quite a lot more than we had previously had so we then let him know of our other quote. He then got on the phone to his boss and was saying "I think we are completely wasting our time with this one, they are more interested in the money to quality etc etc". We then said that he did not know the "quality of any other people and that we thougth his quote was too much for us to afford. We then said that maybe if he stayed we were wasting his time. I then said that I found him quite rude and agressive TBH but with that he said to me "whats up with you bunny, was your grave cold this morning when you got out". I could not believe what i was hearing and with that my husband started to show him the door. My son heard the commotion then and started to head towards the door and then the salesman pushed his way back in and started squaring up to my husband. My 13 year old daughter was hysterical and then he dropped his briefcase and said that he could have both my son and my husband. With that I got the phone and said I would dial the police. He said to call them and with that he went to his car shouting abuse and then drove off. I am now logging a complaint with both the police and trading standards for this. I cannot believe this happened and must say I am still shaking now.

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13034ecoseal ltd [Staffordshire]
Total claims:8
Ecoseal Mis-selling »July 201020/07/20101

I had no problems with the salesman, he was very friendly and no problem with the fitters - 3 very professional guys who did a good job. My problems began after my windows had been fitted, when I realised I has been mis-sold.

The salesman sold me a far superior quality of window than that which was fitted. I was promised a certain type of glass and a far inferior quality of glass has been fitted.

Unfortunately nowhere in the contract did it state the type of glass I had requested for my windows. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I have contacted the OFT and put in writing to Ecoseal my grievences.

Since then I have received an agressive and threatening phone call from a shareholder/director of Ecoseal and fully expect to be taken to court for with-holding final payment.

I would advise anyone dealing with Ecoseal to ensure that everything you agree verbally is written onto the contract.

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2102London & Local [Sutton]
Total claims:1
Replace and repair poor quality work and materials »November 200801/05/20091

This company charged us £17,500 several years ago to double glaze and supply patio doors for the entire house.  We have had consistent problems which they have persistently either refused to come out to look at or successfully repair/ replace.  We have damp interior walls from  windows, sticking patio doors and almost the enite supply of window handles are cracked or broken.  They ignore phone calls and letters and have done an appalling job.  We are honest people who paid their bill immediately and have been treated appallingly.

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19592Loch Leven Windows [Glasgow]
Total claims:3
Vulnerable customer abused by telephonist for Loch Leven Windows »1st June 201104/06/20111

My call to be furbished with a completion date seven days after the installation team had left my home was answered by what appears to be a mentally unstable drama queen that does not demonstrate the skill of listening and rants rapidly on her own agenda. She clarified she was not aware of all the details of the sale, was adamant she did not want to hear them and indeed demonstrated this by talking over all who contacted the company regards the customers position. Her unprofessional manner and conduct were further demonstrated by her repeated aggressive calls to the customer, refusal to provide information requested by the customer's colleague, refusal to let the customers carer speak, refusal to allow calls to be dealt with by someone else, attempts to project her conduct upon the customer both verbally and in writing, her lack of concern for the position the firm had placed a vulnerable person in and her distressing continued use of offence and attack rather than listen or reason. She has advised my carer and I that the contract will be completed at a time and date that the firm has a suitable engineer in the area and that this near 3 week from removal of vital equipment for the customers well being is to be given no consideration. Furthermore she advised my carer that two will be attending after being informed by my carer that he needed a date and time as he would need to be present on account of how distressed I was as a result of her conduct. It is a dangerous game this woman is playing with a vulnerable persons health, and game rings clearly from the way she has conducted herself in this instance.

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189David and Benson Conservatories [Peterborough]
Total claims:1
Disgusting Service »July/Aug27/08/20080

I had new windows and a front door fitted in May 2008, it took them approx 6 weeks numerous phone calls and emails for them  to come back and change the kitchen window which they had scratched when they fitted it, i also had problems with the front door not operating properly,, i have left numerous messages since as the front door is still not right the office telephone number seems to have been discontinued they do not answer my emails and the mobile for the fitter they do not answer that.

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451Anglian windows Limited [Norwich]
Total claims:6
Anglian windows Very Disturbing »Jan 2005-to present day20/12/20080



Anglian Windows, Shocking tactics used to intimidate, Scare, Frighten, the victims of this abusive Company. 

Many cases this year reported in the News papers, one such horror story was delt with by Tony Levene, from the Guardian newspaper, involving an 84 year old Lady's story of the hell they put her through.  Another horror story acted out by Directors on a Female Employee dubbed by the news papers, The Sales Queen, who took them to Court and won. another horror story regarding another 74 Year old Female.

i have heard first hand another story after having my windows done, 4 years ago, yet another elderly lone female from the Stockport Area, her daughter was telling me the way her mother was treated by Anglian, her Daughter in her 50's broke down crying, after explaining to me the ordeal she was put through trying to deal on behalf of her mother, as her Mother could not deal further, because of the amount of stress.

The tactics used by Anglian, are delays to the extreme, to encourage you to go away, if that doe's not work, more delays, refusal to carry out works more delays, lies, letters never answered, abuse will usually then follow, and usually continue. 

When they have made continued mistakes, by not been able to measure up windows, refusing to put right these mistakes, on my home Causing extensive damage, and refusing to put right, 4 years later and more damage caused, they refuse to repair, their tactics is to force you to claim on your own insurance.

When they caused so much damage to my home, they refused to repair, or pay for damage caused, after many weeks i told them i am calling in a loss adjuster, then in an instant, they said ok we will repair via their insurers, i finally got them to put this in writing, and to this day 4 years later, no repairs, they ignore all requests.

I have posted many films on this in my hall of shame parts 1,2,3, and many other films on Anglian,  on utube, please visit, type in the search area Anglian windows, that will take you to the film lists.

They never put in the legally required spreader plates in Jan 2005, on a large load bearing bay with a brick parapet above with stone capping, this was crushing the windows as they never put in any supports. 

Then after putting in writing they would install the legally required plates the second time. They after removing the bay to install a new one, they then said only FENSA Regs  apply, they said Building regulations don't apply to my installation of new windows. this statement was found to be a lie, used to deceive. as there is now such thing as FENSA regulations.

You guessed it, after installing the the windows again for the second time the windows were been crushed, putting my life and others at risk, as the glazing units could have exploded at any time, and possible collapse of the Bay,  this bay is in a 1 bedroom bungelow , so i could not ever use the bedroom.

Building Control wanted to prosecute, but by law this had to be done within a period of 6 MONTHS at the time, we missed this deadline, so AHI can break the Law, and refuse to comply with Building regulations and get away with it, They state on their website FENSA enforces Building regs, this is untrue, as proved, because it took me 3 1/2 years to force both AHI and FENSA to comply with building regs, by breaking B.regs, they are also breaking Health and Safety Laws, and again get away with it. 

Then just to sign off the job, as i was complaining and asking why they had not installed the legally required plates, they had put in writing, AHI then sent in their Bogus debt collector, this man refused to give his name, or who he worked for, only stating he was a National Debt Recovery Manager, who has come to collect a debt on behalf of Anglian windows Stockport office who are Underperforming.

This company was still installing windows, at this time,  as they could not get the windows to fit, they sent out a  debt collector, before the job was complete, also my Installations Manager never asked for money.  not only did the debt collector demand money with menace. On a second visit he then denied he was a debt collector, when i managed to get him and my Installation Manager together, i asked the debt collector to leave, he refused, then i informed i am calling in the Police, in defiance after causing a Scene,  he went to his car, took out a Camera and started taking photos of me and my Father. despite making continual complaints about this year after year, every complaint about their employees went unanswered. 

I also repeatedly asked for the return of the photos taken illegally, they ignored all requests just plane ignorant this company is, what would happen if it was a female family member this man was taking photos of, and they just ignore the return of photos taken, this company is an absolute disgrace, what if this man has already been taking photos of female Customers, for AHI never to answer any questions or letters on this matter is shocking. 

filmed abuses taken place, even when i wrote asking not to send anymore employees from the Stockport office, because i cannot take anymore of the abuse, this tactic was designed to make the customer drop the complaint, after them abusing my father and hearing, the stories of the Seniors Citizens i will not give up, complaining until the Senior Management is brought to book for the abuses.

Consumers have to be protected from this kind of thing by Companies.

I Then discovered years late, just recently the Debt Collector, looks like someone who is very high up in Anglian windows, after seeing his Photo on their website under the news section, Corporate news. this Mans signiture is on the letter sent to me Signed by this man. Next to the title National Debt Recovery Manager, under a different name. by repeated pressure to FENSA and the GGF, 3 1/2 years later i get a response, and is as follows, the Man claiming to be a debt collector was infact an installation Manager, he no longer works for the company, as part of his role was to collect money when the job was finished, Anglian refuse to answer any furhter questions, on this matter.  

Then i discovered the Man who sent out the bogus debt collector was Anglians finance Director, i recorded him saying, he sent out the Man, then i discovered and confirmed with the GGF, he is also a director in the GGF, the Glass and Glazing Federation, also the GGF own FENSA and are in the same offices.  

Strange that the Finance Director in AHI also Director in the GGF also in the same building as FENSA, Why i wonder why it took me 3 1/2 years to force AHI to be compliant with building regs, 2 of these years it took me to force FENSA to Comply

The only reason why FENSA helped me was because i sent them a Recording where a Senior Manager in AHI stated Building regs don't apply to my installation. that is the only reason why they decided to help, knowing full well building regs were been broken, they knew i had been to building control, they also knew, i could not by myself force them to comply with the LAW,  also i have an email trail here to prove FENSA KEPT saying AHI wont speak to them, and they don't understand why AHI wont deal.when i eventually forced both AHI and FENSA to comply with building regs in MAY 2008, BOTH these carried out inspections and then installed the legally required spreader plates, finally. 

Guess what happened, despite all their knowledge and so called skills, they allowed the bay to drop, through Negligence by only propping up this structure using only 1 ackro,  and refuse now to put the bay back up to it's original height, now the water on the flat roof will not drain off the roof,

AHI is hiding behind it's solicitors when i stated i am seeking specialist advice. In 2006, i armed myself with a Consultants report, who agreed with me and my concerns regarding the bay constuction, it took me and Consumer Direct, 9 months just to get this company on site, delay tactics used by AHI, none communication, sending appointement from their stockport office to addresses in Liverpool then stating i was not at home, ect, me and consumer direct work tirelessly every day, to get them to come and open up the BAY so evidence could be collected, when they eventually arrived on site, they refused to open up the bay, said they wore bored and left, by doing this as they seen the windows been crushed they had broken health and safety LAWS, building regs, the company is a nightmare. they break the Law and not even Consumer direct force them to comply, not even Trading Standards or the Trust Mark Scheme that is a governement Scheme set up to remove bogus and rouge builders to help proctect the Consumer. i fail to under stand why none of them will help.

As a home owner you are legally responsible to ensuer anyone who carries out work on your Home, that it complies with Building regulations, if you don't you could face a big fine of up to £5,000, so Anglian have left me and others, in a legal nightmare,  i am chatting to a person from Utube and they have done the same thing to him, Anglian home improvements are leaving customers homes in danger of Collapse leaving homes in a dangerous Condition, they are breaking Health and Safety LAWS, and they do not care.they just hide behind their solicitors, stating take us to court you will not win, Strange i got the same threat from the CEO of FENSA Who stated he will stand up in Court and tell the Judge that AHI are a reputabel company and they know what they are doing.And i will not win any COURT case. FENSA make no comment now, FENSA CEO stated this before he went on his hols in Oct, stating sign the deal,AHI's gagging order, which i would not sign. 

The British Board of Agreement the people who set the standards for products in your home,are investigating at the moment and have scientist working on this case,  as i have sent them filmed evidence of extreme condensation forming on the FRAMES glazing units and poles, and proved to them in a 4 part sequence, of film, the reason i have explained is the White Knight design of windows has not changed in 15 years, and water is allowed to enter the inner frame by design, this water enters the inner seals and evaporates into the inside of the home, also water enters into and summerges the glazing unit in water, this seeps out of the inner beading all the time. 

i would suggest to anyone who gets involved with this company, if you are not convinced of the horror stories on the web about this company and you do employ them, record everything, if you don't you will be called a liar, by them, you will be deceived and abused. you will need this evidence to prove to the world what had taken place.  



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2731Anglian windows Limited [Norwich]
Total claims:6

They installed 1st set of windows & doors in July 2006 ,they were all undersized by 15 mm all round.I could get my fingers between window frame & brick work.The front door I could get my palm through.(picturse available).Their senoir quality engineer visited my house and said"it met the company quality standard and fit for purpose".My indepent survey said it did not meet building regulation .It was only after 5 month they agreed to replace the windows but not the front door.

The 2nd set of windows were installed in Jan 2007 ,they looked okay .In August 2008 I was having the  house redocrated and was informed that none of the windows were secured properly, ie NO FIXING ON MOST OF THE WINDOWS.

I rang Anglian Windows but they darged there collective feet.The guy did turn up after 4 week but did bother to ring even though there was a large note on the window giving a contact number.By this time I noticed there were cracks appearing roung the windows.My pleas to Anglian to come
sort the windows out were not answered so I had to get the front of the house proped up with jack to stop the front of the house front being damaged .I had to have all the windows taken out because they were over sized and damged the front of the house brick pillar.

Basically the front lounge window was suspended from the RSJ with not support under neath or on the side so it was draging the beam down.

My surveyor said it was " MALIOUS INSTALLATION " intende to damage the fabric of the building .They and FENSA failed also inform the local building control office when they saw the installed they called it "INCOMPETENT INSTALLATION" but could not doany thing to prosecute Anglian because it was out side the 12 month limit at the time.

Anglian have failed to assist in any way and I have been left with a large bill to fix my home.

Anglian are not a COMPETENT COMPANY the people they employ are not competent or have the neccessary skill to do the work ie they just cowboys.They are not checked for competent or whether they have a criminal record .They get paid to install the windows and door if they dont they dont get paid.In case they must have been paid very little or nothing judging by th einstallation.The windows were wegded in and held in place with form.S over the last 18 months they have worked loose and damged the wall.

The Fensa certificate issue is a fake , the installation does not meet building code or good code of practise which Fensa says Anglian adhere to???

How can FENSA who are suppose to protect the consumer let the company getaway with bodged jobs and I question their competent to certify the certifiers of the installation.Do these people whosign off actuall visit the installation? and do they have the necessary qualifiactions & training to do the job they are suppose to?

The industry self certifiaction process is a cowboys charter and should be recinde immediately and brought back under local building control .

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12011Anglian windows Limited [Norwich]
Total claims:6
LETTER BOX »FEB 201010/04/20100

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24664Anglian windows Limited [Norwich]
Total claims:6
anglian windows mailbox »19/4/1219/04/20120
i purchased anglian windows back in 2004 for all the house. i assumed as with all my windows and doors that the mail box would be covered, i had to call anglian the other day to be told my mail box was not covered as its guarantee ran out a couple years ago. i want to sell my house but with my outer mail flap missing it will immediately put prospective buyers off. ive been fobbed off now and feel very hurt over this. it puts me off wanting to use them again in the future when i move...
i wasnt even offered to purchase one, but all i need are the springs and metal bits..

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649SafeStyle uk [Bradford]
Total claims:6
Very bad fitting of windows »25/11/200815/01/20090

Windows are made very badley And fitting is very bad. 2 inch gaps under seals No lead flashing put back, Rain can just get in. Got told we will have to waite 4to5 weeks to get tham put right. Did not even say sorry.

Do not use this compeny

Trevor Kessell


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1064SafeStyle uk [Bradford]
Total claims:6
Bad Windows / Doors »Dec 200727/02/20090
I am disgusted with Safestyle UK. After quotes and survey by them, they advised that we should have "trickle vents" put in all the windows. After installation, all the windows are now noisier and colder than before. I then complained to them and they finally changed some of the vents but the net result is the same. They are cold and noisy and whistle badly on windy days. 14 months later they are now saying that they are not prepared to do any more and are walking away from the problem. The problem was compounded by their totally inadequate complaints procedure. They don't call back, you chase and they don't seem to know what the situation is and take another few days just to find out. We finally got a surveyor (we've had lots) who agreed that the vents should not have been installed and agreed to replace all windows affected. Dates were all set and then they decided not to go ahead (due to cost) with the replacement but to try different vents. The net result was the same.
I would therefore, NEVER use them again and would strongly deter any other potential customers from doing so. They are unreliable and totally unprofessional

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1482SafeStyle uk [Bradford]
Total claims:6
contract scam »02/03/0924/03/20090

I had a number quotes and numerous phone calls from members of the safesyle windows team, they all claimed that they could better each others prices due to them being from certain regions of the uk and being a head office. After a week of non stop phone calls from this company i agreed that they should send somebody out to give us a quote, bearing in mind we had already had one over the phone. When this guy turned up, he claimed that he could not match the quote i had been given over the phone, but that was not before he tried the old "let me ring my manager to see if we can get a better price" phone call, so who's manager is still at work at 8.30pm, anyway he did, and then told me me that we should take the offer given over the phone. Literally five minutes after this guy left i recieved another phone call from there head office giving me another price, which for me was to good to turn down so i agreed on that price and they said they would send some body out to do the measurements, so with in the next few days i had a phone call from a regional manager claiming he would be at my house to take measurements, this same guy rang me 3 times to state that fact. When i did answer the door it was a young lad who worked for the company and not the so called regional manager who had turned up. He took the measurements, i signed a contract agreeing on a price and  i paid a small deposit on the day. I was then told that a surveyor would come out to take final measurments. This happened a few days later, the guy turned up and did as expected, although he did make small slight damaage to a window, but that did not bother me as i was expecting a new one to replace it. Before he left he told me to leave it a few days and then ring to confirm an installation date. So after the weekend i rang safestyle to find out when the installation date would be, to my amazement they claimed i had been undercharged by 700 pounds and that i should pay that amount if i wanted the work to be carried out. I explained i had a signed agreement and guy on the phone basically said that counted for nothing. He later went onto tell me that the person who had given me the quote over the phone had been sacked and no longer worked for the company. Which i know is a lie, because on doing further research on the internet on this company i have found that this is a  regular scam that they pull. Please check [] (link: for similar situations. I was so disgusted with the situation i rang up wanting to speak to senior member of the management team,  i rang no less that 10 times within a period of 3 days, each time i was told that somebody would ring me back. This comnpany is a disgrace, i am supprised after all the press that they have they still continue to treat potential customer in an appaling manner.

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2210SafeStyle uk [Bradford]
Total claims:6
Elderly Parent ripped off. »December 200804/05/20090

My father who was ill with a brain tumour and as a result not sure of who his own family were, was sold £3000+ of replacement windows. The windows fitted already still had a 4 year guarantee in place (they were only 6 years old).

They fast tracked the fitting, didn´t offer any deals (BOGOF etc) and took a cheque for £1100+.

One of the signatures on the form was NOT my fathers.


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12189SafeStyle uk [Bradford]
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Damaged home, poor windows »Nov 200929/04/20100

Safestyle fitted double glazing to my home and left holes in the plaster, walls and left the windows spacers hollow. I contacted them and they sent a team out to look at the work and they promised me a repair of the damage would be forthcoming. Yes, they send out a team and the plaster work was re-skimmed and the hollow windows were filled with expanding foam but the overall quality and finish was appalling. I have paid out £6500 for new "all singing and dancing" windows that are much worse than the original glazing! The installation has left holes in the plaster work under the windows that they could not seem to be bothered with putting right. I have been truly ripped off and would warn anyone who was looking at replacement doors and windows to shop around carefully. I have pictures to back up the shoddy workmanship and a noisy home to prove this if it is needed.

A very poor show.

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