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3726Lovely Liaisons [Nottingham]
Total claims:22
Lovely Liaisons Companion Agency - SCAM »10th July 200914/07/200942

I paid across the minimum amount as late as I could leave it, as it did seem a little too good to be true. So I only went for the £263 'starter's pack' before my £600 cash booking and said I'd transfer the rest through after it all went well, assuming it did.

Of course, it didn't. Hours before the booking was supposed to occur, I was told that the client had tried to reach me but I hadn't answered (WRONG - my mobile was on, and on 'loud' setting, and never showed a missed call either!).

Apparently I'm now at the top of their priority list and they'll have me a replacement first booking soon - "oh there's sooooo much interest, you're beautiful"... But I don't expect to hear a word from them.

So I spent an hour at the police station this afternoon and explained the situation from finding their ad to right now - according to them, Lovely Liaisons have three weeks to find me a booking or the police are picking it up as a fraud case.

I urge all others to DO THE SAME!!! Report to the police and get them shut down.

Their company details, according to Companies House are:

Name & Registered Office:
Company No. 06805275

Status: Active
Date of Incorporation: 29/01/2009


Oh, and based on a little Googling, Model Couples, AdoraBelles, etc are ALL THE SAME kind of scam. DO NOT BE FOOLED!!

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3709lovely liasons
Total claims:1
money taken »10.07.0912/07/200918

my friend signed up to an escort agency, which seemed fine and we never thought it would be a scam so i also signed up. they told me that they had a client for me and i only had to put half the money in until after my first meeting, but i had to put it in before i spoke to the client. So being very silly we both put our money in and the client never called, not knowing that we knew each other the company phoned us up, and told us both the same story that the client had had a car crash.So now we are both left with no money and they are still taking other peoples money please help!

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Total claims:1
MALE ESCORT SCAM - »25/02/200916/03/200916

I wanted to make extra money, due to me losing my job due to the credit crunch last year, this was money i had borrowed from my girlfriend, so i could pay the arrears on my mortgage, i paid £199, plus about £200 in phone calls on these premium rate numbers they have, i have made to company, and they just don't pick the phone up anymore, and keep sending me stupid messages etc.
they also told me to send them the paying in receipt, so they have got proof, that i paid the money into their account, i thought that was a bit odd at the time, no i understand why they said that, the scamsters.
They promised me, that i would get paid £65 a hour, and will make two grand a week minimum.
I jumped at the idea, as i could get rid of all my money problems, was so happy, as time went by, they would say the client has cancelled. or send me on a wild goose chase, and say you have an appointment in leeds or bradford or ritz in london, when i turned up their, their would be no one there.
I messed up, and am gutted, first of all so embarrassed, because i had to fall so low, just to raise cash, and look what happened.
The bad thing is, the next day after i paid Fleur £199, i signed up with another agency, as they were charging £300 upwards, to £600 for membership, with six photos.
I paid them £300 on friday, and was suppose to do my 1st job the next day saturday, funnily enough it was cancelled, due to the lady husband coming home or something.
I was booked on a dinner date with Jennifer, who never existed, she was suppose to pay me £600 upon her arrival at blacks restaurant in kensington, chauffeur was suppose to pick me up from my home address, but they had cancelled at last minute.
Bloody scam artists.


These are the numbers they use, they change them on a daily basis, I have text messages saying to call these numbers - 07014516502 - 07014516511 - 07014516500 - 07014516503 - 07014516501 - 07014516505 - all costs may cost more than 50p a minute.

I even had a txt saying to meet up with sarah today at the ritz again at 2pm, and to call this number for details - 07052206683.

because i mentioned to them, that i am report them to wathcdog, he stopped txting me know, but never pick up phone when i call them.


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4480crimson companions [wakefield]
Total claims:7
up front fee »24/08/0925/08/200916

replied to add for male escort , sent £50 CASH REGISTERED not had a reply 

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11476masquerade escorts
Total claims:6
registration fee »24 february 201027/02/201011

i contacted masquerade escorts after seeing them advertising for male escorts in the daily star. i needed to make some extra cash, and thought id give it a go. i filled in the on line application form and received a phone call the next day from a woman called megan ( tel no 02030063081 ) she was very polite and convincing, and told me i would have to pay a £200 registration fee for advertising and to build a portfolio on the website. she went on to say that i would be earning £100 per hour and all bookings would be 3 hours, then said have a thing about it and she would ring back the next day. she rang the next day saying i had a booking on the saturday ( 27th february ) with a girl called maria in york, a business woman staying in york over night. i agreed to pay the registration fee, since then they never got in touch. i had to ring them, finally she said that maria would ring me on friday evening at 6pm to finilise the details. i never got a phone call, i tried to ring the agency and just kept getting an answering machine. i tried again on the saturday, i finally got through and was told that they would ring the client to tell her to ring me and if she did'nt ring they would ring me because they would be in the office all afternoon. after about 6 hours i tried on numerous occasions to ring them back, but low and behold it was just the answering machine again. i deposited the registration fee in to an account with the sort code- 40-43-03 and account number- 61881809.......after requesting my refund of registration fee back for a second time, i got told i could'nt have it back, but could have more work from them. i did mention that i had not had any work from them in the first place, still not got my money back. and im about £40 down on calls made to them off my mobile, as once they got my money i had no contact from them........ i have recently found out that masquerade escorts is run by a woman named, CAROLINE STONE, and lives at 6 LYMINGTON ROAD, STAFFORD, ST16 3SQ. YOU CAN FIND THIS INFORMATION FROM 123.REGISTRATION.CO.UK . these people want stopping now.

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Total claims:24
fraud »25.09.200913/10/200910

The following letter has been send to seven different organisations dealing with fraud in UK and Europe. Please disseminate the contacts to those who fell victim to this fraudulent scheme. 

Metropolitan Police Service

Specialist Crime Directorate

New Scotland Yard




United Kingdom


From Alisher M

12 Redmires Court

Eccles New Road


M5 4US


 08 October 2009

 Dear Sir/Madam,

  I am writing to seek full investigation of fraudulent activities of two entities that claim to be employment agencies that collect agency fees and then disappear and become hard or impossible to contact. They effectively make off with agent's fees for supposedly available work without any proof of agency work done on their or proof of availability of such work. Their websites seem to be presentable at first glance. It is only after their actions it springs to mind that it is actually fraud.

 1. One of them is Partner You who presented themselves as a legitimate company acting as agents for escort services.

 I have sent my profile which consists of a simple questionnaire on physical appearance and parameters. Then some lady calling herself Danielle called asking for my pictures. Shortly after she called me asking for payment of £385 as she had a client waiting the next day. She made four consecutive phone calls ensuring that payment was done and said shell then pass my details to the client in order to arrange a location for the meeting and that client will call me directly. However, no one contacted me and two hours before the supposed meeting someone called Pegi called from Partner You saying that the meeting had been cancelled due to client's personal circumstances. That's when my suspicion grew. When asked if this is serious the woman became very dismissive and made several unpleasant remarks saying that it is a real business and not a fraudulent scheme. No one ever called me again ever since. My calls were repetitively dismissed by the same phrase that I am placed on a supposedly priority list and I need to wait for client to contact me. This is the third week now, but I still have not heard anything from them. I emailed them demanding the full refund for breach of terms. They replied that I am tied in by terms and conditions and can't opt out on the agreement and no refunds are possible. Once again, I emailed them back saying this is illegal to exempt themselves and opt out of statutory "cooling off" period, but I have received the same type of response.

 The terms and conditions, especially those concerning cooling off period are in breach of UCTA 1977. When I pointed that out over the phone lady kept on repeating the same thing that I am tied in as I signed up online that is classed as signing a contract. When I mentioned that whatever legal technicalities there might be, it is irrelevant as they are fraudsters and any activities they conduct renders them legally void and they can't rely on any legal basis anyway. I did not get any reply.

 After my numerous correspondences they have sent out the email with my username and password, something I have been promised to be given on the first contact. I tried to see what this was all about and tried to log in and that led me straight to a tick box requiring me to agree to all terms and conditions. They clearly tried to induce me to sign an online agreement which I have not done. However, my point is that regardless them trying to hide behind legal rules and customs they are fraudsters who have no basis to rely on any legal basis.

 I asked the lady on the phone how they work and where they based. She said they are internet based company working from London.

 Now I have been conned into paying £385 and being fooled around and have no sense of justice. I must admit my unintelligent and reckless move towards this now clearly fraudulent scheme. However, in light of present economic climate people get desperate to get any type of job to support household.

 I went online and checked feedback from other people who signed up with Partner you and was shocked to find out that the suffered the same fate in the exactly the same way. So clearly, this is not just one off incident; it has a lot more serious criminal (fraudulent) implications. I have also come across a note that they are not actually based in the UK (London), but work from some place in Spain. I don't know how that person found out about it. I also have their bank details the hold with Barclays Bank.

 Website address: [Financial Intelligence Unit] (link:

SE11 5EN


United Kingdom


Assets Recovery Agency



United Kingdom


Metropolitan Police Service

Specialist Crime Directorate

New Scotland Yard




United Kingdom



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5597Evening Encounters [Nottingham]
Total claims:18Registration Fee »09/10/0916/10/20099

Hi - my story is so similar to the other postingson here and I felt sick the day after I paid the registration fee of £373!!  I was told that there was a huge 'last minute' charity sporting dinner event on the Staurday and that I would be paid £650 so I niavely borrowed the £373 from various places and paid it into their Barclays bank account (sort 20-63-25 acc 93664929) the day before.  I was told by Joanne that she had booked my taxi and the event organiser (Charlotte) would contact me Saturday morning to confirm the details. I had no phone call (funnily enough!) so I rang them to eventually find out that the dinner had been cancelled due to security reasons. 

I have found out a few things about their company Real Promotions Ltd and have passed them through to a couple of extremely interested parties including, Barclays Fraud Department, ive spoke with local constabulary who have put me in contact with their fraud department, Inland Revenue, Trading Standards, various womens magazines and GMTV (as they are currently doing a feature on 'scams').  They suggested that I request the money back, obtain confirmation of 'cancelled' event venue, obtain a copy of their terms and conditions and their vat registration number/address.I gave them until approx 10.30am today to respond - ive heard nothing!!  I have just telephoned the above mentioned and updated them and they are starting their investigations immediately leading to serious consequences for R P Ltd/Evening Encounters.

If the booking for Saturday evening was indeed genuine then why cant Evening Encounters tell me where the venue was?  Even though Joanne told me that she would book taxi to pick me at 7pm - surely you do not book taxis not knowing where the destination is??!!!

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Total claims:5scam »11.06.1011/06/20109

I am a single mum who has been desperate enough to want to part with £290.00 so i can provide my two lovely daughters a holiday which none of us had over 9 years. i was promised that there is a non sex date is available and the person has already booked me. i went and borrowed this money and paid Butterflyz. I transfered money to the name and account details which was e-mailed to me. Iwas then told it was postponed and the next day i was tol the client had phoned me and since i did not pick up, he decidec to get another date instead. I have had no missed call. This is when irealised i am being conned. I will have to pay this money back. (god help me}.WE NEED TO STOP THEM!!!! BUTTERFLYZ u r all scums of the earth!!!

This is the money transfer details

Santander Bank-Direct

Sort code: 09-01-27

Acc No:45661996

Acc Name:B Brydges

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Total claims:6refund back my money »24/7/200904/08/20098



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4964model couples
Total claims:20"Model" couples, model scam! »20th September 200921/09/20097


Sunday 13th September

I received a missed call and voicemail message from "Eva" at Model Couples; it was a courtesy call in response to my interest in their online advert.


Monday 14th September

Another missed call, from a "private number", I assumed it to be Model Couples again, and taking their persistence to indicate a high interest in my application I called them back. "Eva" was not available, so I was put through to "Denise". A bubbly, friendly woman, she talked me through (and, in hindsight, pressured me) into joining. I was guaranteed, as a part time companion, 1-2 clients per week. The recruitment fee would not be needed to be paid until I had a guaranteed booking. It all sounded well above board, so I agreed to send them my photograph and see if I could rouse any interest.


Tuesday 15th September

I received a call from booking to say that they had managed to find me a client for the following evening. The conversation, even at the time, felt very pressing and pushy; basically I was told that now I had a CONFIRMED booking I had to pay the recruitment fee so that my number could be released to said client. I was told that if I did not make the payment by 4pm the next afternoon, my number would not be released and therefore I would not get the job. Eager to please, I asked for the bank details to be mailed to me so as I could make the payment. This conversation occurred in the morning; the e-mail with the details did not arrive in my inbox until late that evening. I made the payment and sent an e-mail to inform the agency as such. I received a phone call back DIRECTLY from the agency to say they would now "rush it through" for me so that they could release my number to the client A.S.A.P.

 NB Payment was to be made to Barclays Bank, Account name Anvil Media Ltd, sort code 20-98-74, Acc no. 33-92-17-19; I paid the amount of £378.35 for the "Professional Package".


Wednesday 16th September

By mid-morning I was getting more than a little edgy due to not having heard from either the agency or my prospective client. I eventually e-mailed the agency (around mid-day) to enquire as to whether or not my payment had in fact gone though and when could I expect the client to call. Again, I received a phone call back instantly to assure me that the payment had gone through, and the client would call when he got a moment. Whilst on the phone to the advisor, another call came up and sat waiting. I hurriedly got off the line with the advisor to answer this other call - expecting the client - to meet silence. Later that day I received another call from the agency to tell me the client had tried to contact me and had been unable to get through - I explained what had happened. I was also informed that the client would not be available for this evening, but could I make myself available for him for tomorrow? I stated that it would be tricky, but I could manage it. I was then told, in essence, not to use my phone for calls, that I had to keep the line open for when the client should ring to arrange the following evening.


Thursday 17th September

Approx. 8:10am I received a call on my phone, which I answered promptly, to be met with stony silence, and then be hung up on. Assuming it to be the client, I thought he might try to call back. He didn't. Later on that day I was horrified to find an e-mail from the agency claiming that the client had tried to call me again and I had not answered my phone, and that I should contact the agency at the first possible moment. I called them instantly and explained what had happened. I was told that the client would be trying to get hold of me again, but that they had also HAD to offer him another companion. I was called again by the agency later that day to be told the client had gone with the other companion, but that I was now being placed as "high priority" and that they would get me work A.S.A.P.


Friday 18th September

Curious to see exactly how I was being "advertised" on the website, I tried to access the portfolio, only to find that a username and password was required. There didn't appear to be any obvious way to sign up and gain these credentials on the website (first alarm bells), so I e-mailed the agency. I was, again, instantly called back ("Louise" this time) to be told that they would e-mail over my credentials so that I could log in. This was done instantly, only they did not work. I e-mailed them again to let them know there was a problem. Again, I was called back ("Louise"), to be talked to as if I was a person with no I.T. skills (this was beyond patronising as I am a qualified I.T. professional!), only to then discover it was a fault on "Louise's" part, as she hadn't entered the details of my password correctly. This sorted I was finally able to log on to the site. It was while all this was going on that I wondered why these credentials had not been sent to me as soon as I had sent my recruitment fee. Upon inspection I found that, if the search for a companion was narrowed to "female companions only", "photograph membership only"; my "high priority" status put me as the last entry on page 21 - the ABSOLUTE last entry for this search! As a high priority I would've expected to be on the first page, how else could I stand a chance of being chosen?

It was about this time I felt worried enough to see if the agency had any online reviews. This was when I discovered it to be a scam. I instantly felt ashamed, embarrassed and beyond stupid to have been pressured into parting with money I could not afford to lose, because I had been promised good work.

Later on that afternoon I received a call on my phone (private number), which I answered, to be met again with silence, and then someone hanging up. This time I didn't wait, I called the agency straight away and asked to be put through to booking. I enquired as to whether or not they had another client for me, explaining the call I'd just received and my past experience. I was told that, no there was no new client but I was on high priority and also been made available for cancellations.


Saturday 19th September

Still nothing from the agency. I decided to e-mail them and query about my placing in the portfolio; at the end of which I expressly requested they respond via e-mail as they had asked me to keep my phone line free - I sent this at 8:28am. Having received no response I sent another, longer e-mail, detailing my concerns, doubts, and ultimately asking for my money to be refunded and my information removed from the website. Again, I requested that they respond via e-mail, they had, after all instructed that I keep my phone line open for calls from clients! This mail was sent at 3:09pm. I have received no reply.

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18740crystal escorts [national]
Total claims:3refund »roughly mid march27/04/20117
routhly the turn of year in 2011 i looked in a national paper and saw a job for escorting so when i went home and looked on the website and studied it before i phoned up ,i got through straight away to a woman called june,she gave me a full run down saying i could earn good money as on the website it says you can earn £300-£1000+ a week.A couple of weeks later i phoned up again and and dicided to pay a fee of 270 pounds wich june said thats a fee i have to pay along with a few pictures and that il make my money back easly so to speak.In a few days it was set up to my amasment,but what happend is days went buy and i notice i had no work even when i phoned in they said im down for jobs,this went on for about 2+ months without so much as a call so i had enough and phoned in and ask for a refund as im entitled to, they said they would need a investigation i said for what you aint gave me no work im entitled for a refund,after waiting a further 3+ weeks they sent me an email not phoned and said i was not entitled to my money back.
This company needs to be named and shamed as they dont do as they say on their website. the name of the agency is crystal escorts,
p.s if you need anymore info as i want help to get my money back you can email me anytime il gat back asap. thanks.gavin

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3576Escort Agency Jobs FAKE FORUM [Fake Address]
Total claims:3FAKE FORUM FAKE FORUM »2 July 0902/07/20096

Escort agency jobs FAKE FORUM website scam [] (link: To gain your trust and steal your personal details. Sound confusing? Read on.

The organisation behind the "FAKE FORUM escort agency jobs" scam, pose as a genuine forum. By posing as a genuine forum, you and other users will share similar experiences, at the same time the people running the forum will collect your personal details, telephone numbers, ip, email and home address. You will have given them your details because you assumed they were helping you get your money back. They have no intention of getting your money back; they are only interested in collecting your personal details, including your credit card details.

Because users trust the 'fake forum escort agency jobs', users will ask advice and one question is "can you direct me to a genuine agency?" this fake forum will phone or email you and recommend various agencies to join, but beware, this fake forum owns the agencies you are about to pay, but because you trust the fake forum, you will pay and when they provide no work you will simply assume no one wanted to hire you, and you probably won't complain. Throughout the fake forum you will notice a few mentions towards certain agencies to join, which not surprisingly the fake forum owns.

WHY?                                                                                           escort agency jobs fake forum already has your trust and when their escort agency jobs fake forum tells you that a particular company is genuine then the chances of you visiting and joining their recommend site are very high, once you lose your money they will refer you to their terms and conditions and you'll put it down to your attitude and you won't complain.

Why 'escort agency jobs is a fake forum'

The whois has a fake telephone number

They use a fake po box

They carefully recommend their own agencies

They edit and moderate all message posted to their liking, which means you only see what they want you to see.

The information is scatty and no solid evidence is provided  

They make various claims towards fake agencies yet their own agencies commit the same fraud.   

Their website is carefully filled with Google keywords, including their web address related to people looking for escort work, at the same time they like to direct you to their own agencies and mention that their competitors are scams.

You will soon see advertising from recommended agencies on their website; those adverts will be their own companies.

WATCH THIS SPACE! They may reply to this posting because they wear 'Black Hats' which is why they rank low in Google. A black hat can be a thief pretending to be a good man.

more details » [nottingham]
Total claims:7Upfront fee £373.75 »09/09/0918/09/20096

I needed to make some extra cash so looked for companion agencies and came accross the supposed agency "evening encounters". 


I sent accross some details saying i was interested and was called within a couple of hours. 

They asked for some photos to see if clients would be interested and they were. I had a booking made for the wednesday eve and so had to pay my agency fee before the booking. 


However my booking was cancelled due to unknown circumstances, i therefore arranged another booking to which no avail. i have tried many times contacting my agent but with no reply. 


They charged me £373.75 and i am now a huge loss because of this. I am still contacting them to make them get me a booking but so far without success. My friend also did this exact same thing and the same has happened to her. We singed up at the same time.

Can we get money back?


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4958Evening Encounters [Nottingham]
Total claims:18registration fee »17 9 200920/09/20096

l recently joined evening encounters to try and earn some extra money,as a male escort. a girl called lsabella rang me and promised me high earnings as a male escort.l had to pay a registration fee of £378.00 after which l was promised my first date,that l would be picked up by taxi and taken to meet the client.since l paid my fee ive heard nothing more! no phone calls,no messages, emails etc,so i phoned there office a few times and was told someone would ring me,no one did, l also sent 2 emails, and no reply. l dont imagine il get any money back but will seek legal advice, l just hope no one else gets caught like this. alan.

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10648Confidential Contacts [Brentwood]
Total claims:10Scam Agency »07/01/201021/01/20106

Yes I paid £299 for this site, seemed oh so convincing, had a gauranteed booking close to me in Cambridge, A 32 year old New York fashion magazine editor, wow i thought, £650 for 4 hours companionship, on the morning of the meet I got a phone call from the agency saying that her dad had an accident & was on first flight back to New York. They said they might re-book??, I have phoned them now on numerous occassions but get fobbed off everytime, Tanya is my personal assistant for the 12 months??, there no is 0844 4485607

I have been doing some research, they gave me a company registration no of 03506328, this belongs to a Business Management Consultancy firm called Confidential Controls in York, nothing to do with them.

The account I paid into was Barclays in Brentwood, sort code: 20-12-21, account No 73552330.

The company name was GN Promotions Ltd, Leigh House, Weald Road, Brentwood, Essex, CM14 4SX.

Having done some further research this is the same address being used for G & N Promotions Ltd (reg no 04960326), Golden Knights Promotions (reg no 06320818), GD Promotions Ltd - Exclusive Companions (reg no 06619781), GD Promotions - I have been reading peoples coments on canyoutrustthem as well & there are a host of different names they have traded under. various reviews/posts/comments.

The Barclays fraud line is 02476 532171, i have spoken to Sarah in their fraud department

I hope all this information is useful, i have also contacted crimestoppers as these scams have to stop

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12464never be lonely
Total claims:3Taking fee under false pretences »29/04/201028/05/20106
I came across in an advert on the foot of a page of Jobsite UK which is a legitimate job search website. As it was on this website I assumed that it was also legitimate, so I rang the number for further information.
A very nice lady called Tina explained that "Companions" would be able to meeting gentlemen on a social only basis or social and personal and reassured me that it was quite safe.
She said they required a fee of £295.00 for "my insurance" and that she had a gentleman who would like to meet me on Saturday, but I had to make the payment first and for 4 hours I would receive £600.00.
I paid the £295.00 on 29 April 2010 into a bank account in the name of Andrew Sutcliffe with sort code of 40-27-15 which I have since found out is for an account held in a branch of HSBC in Leeds. I confirmed payment and was given the details for Saturday to be a restaurant/cocktail bar at 7.30 but at 6.00 pm that evening I received a text from a Louise to say it was cancelled and they would advise why. Of course I heard nothing.
On Monday I rang and Tina said he had cancelled because his children had turned up out of the blue, needless to say after this I have heard absolutely nothing from them.
I have phoned them several times and been given various excuses but still have no appointment and no money earned. I am constantly assured this is not a scam, but the longer it goes on the more I am convinced it is. I have spoken to both Leicestershire Police and Consumer Direct who advised me to write to them requesting a refund of fee under the Goods and Services Act 1982 as Mr Sutcliffe has breached his contact in failing to provide services promised. I have today sent an e-mail to their admin e-mail address requesting a refund under the same Act giving them until Friday 5 June 2010 to refund the fee or face further investigation and action through Trading Standards. I was also advised to encourage other people who have also been duped by this man into complaining so Trading Standards can build up more evidence to take action.
The domain is registered to Up 4 Fun but both the details of the owner and the IP address has been witheld but the person is logged as not trading, so it is a personally owned website rather than a company one. Consumer Direct provided the address and two telephone numbers the one I already had 02081330489 and 02071933586 both allocated to the London address.
It is clear from comments on other blogs that there are many more people who have fallen for this website and some have borrowed or gone into debt to pay the £295.00. My guess is that they think they can get away with it because people would be too ashamed to admit what they signed up for and how they so easily parted with the money, but these are hard financial times and that makes the exploitation even easier.
I advise anyone who has experienced the same to contact Consumer Direct or your local Trading Standards office so they can gather more evidence against this gentleman and take action

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6458crimson companions [wakefield]
Total claims:7promise od escort work »10th November 200910/11/20095

Was told by David Glen at crimson that they were not an unscrupulous company he gave a Guarantee by e mail that at any time that i felt that the work was not as offered he would refund my money in full. text office for him to call e mailed office but no reply this company as i see it obtain money by give false information IS THIS LEGAL I DONT THINK SO

these type of companies need to be taken to task

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5081exclusive companions [unknown]
Total claims:8£295 Registration fee scam »august 200926/09/20095

Hiya,  Exclusive companions is supposedly a escort agency offering escorting work.  They offered making work on the basis that i paid them £295 into bank account 43461505...sort code 20-12-21 payable to GD Promotions.   They are very good and will make you believe they have a booking for you but trust me there isnt.  Its a booking apparently by a american lady or something as such.  Very good and you will be pulled in cos it seems so real.  Kepp your money and run.  Company is Exclusive Companions. [] (link:



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5144exclusive companions [unknown]
Total claims:8Escort Agency Scam »23/09/200929/09/20095

This company posing as a male escort service contacted me and asked me 2 register stating they had work for me i stupidly handed over £295 and have heard nothing cannot get through to them using e-mail or phone, and have not heard anything form them they claim to operate under gd promotions which is untrue as research shown I am extremely angry and want my money back im skint as it is without these horrible people ripping me off. i spoke 2 a gd con artist called Lorraine everytime i try to ring the phone call also cost me £5.99 i have the reciept from the bank and all the e-mails they sent to me.

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Total claims:24Escort Scam »16th October 0916/10/20095

I filled in an on-line form to join a 'partner companion' business today.  I was called back within a few minutes and was asked for personal details etc. The lady, Susan, was extremley pleasant, helpful and quite credible and telling me that the company is looking for professional business women to accompany professional business men on dinner dates. My profile was perfect and I was asked to send a photograph which I did.  I was then called a couple of hours later to advise me that they had had interest from an Orthopedic surgeon who wanted a dinner date in Knutsford for tomorrow evening.  I can't beleive I fell for it.  I was told that my fee would be high - £640 and that I should pay £385 into their bank account immediately to guarantee the booking. I feel so stupid that I fell for it and paid this money, in cash to an account entitled Express Media Ltd - it was a Nat west account which happens to be where I bank. When I called the 0871 number I was dealt with rather impatiently by a lady who said I would receive the call tomorrow and that my taxi had been booked for my so called date. I cannot beleive that I have been so gullible. I am a mature businesswoman.  I have a contact in the Fraud Squad in Greater Manchester and I will be taking this up with them ! What I fail to udnerstand is that why he company has not been traced for prosecution.  they have a valid a Bank Account; it's not possible to an account without proof  that it is a legal entity; the account could not have been opened without proof of the company registration and incorporation and directors' details. I also intend taking this up with my bank.  Their website is also hosted by a company which could be another way of tracing these fraudsters. Once I have been in touch with the fraud Squad I will post the results.  In the meantime, please let me have your comments. Gullible Mo!

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