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2068golfer2golfer [spain]
Total claims:7
stolen money »30-04-0930/04/20092

booked with agent for car hire and golf for a week IN SPAIN costing £1350. TOM HENDERSON WHO HAS TAKEN MY MONEY now says he is sorry but he has no funds to pay for the golf etc.

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3009golfer2golfer [spain]
Total claims:7
golf booking »28/04/0925/05/20091


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Total claims:1
moving goalposts »January 200919/03/20090

In early january I registered with in response to their offer of doubling the amount of stake placed on account opening. I gave them my personal details and was welcomed. I transferred £20 and played the horses on the same day, I was in luck and 'won' £27.28. With my initial stake of £20 plus the £20 for opening the account I expected to be in credit by £67.28. A week later I checked my account to find it only contained £47.28 and had been suspended. On contacting them I was informed I had not proven my age to them! I told them it was a bit late in the day to use that reason as means of avoiding payment to me - and I queried why they had not credited my acount with the 'double your initial stake' offer? They told me the 'double your stake' didn't apply to me - if I wanted my money I would need to send proof of age. I am currently living in Portugal so - in February -  sent them an e mail with an attachment of a copy of my driving licence. Nothing heard from them since. I am 58 years old - if I had not been who I registered as - then how come they took the money from my account initially? I imagine that bookmakers, like banks, hope the small fry just go away and leave their small amounts on the basis it isn't worth the bother to collect or cash in.

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2147golfer2golfer [spain]
Total claims:7
not concerned »02 05 0902/05/20090

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3207golfer2golfer [spain]
Total claims:7
beware golf conman »22 may 200905/06/20090

this conman has stolen 654 euros from an honest man and refuses to refund or book the golf courses he promised.  i have a brain tumour and this could be my last chance to play golf abroad. my dream has gone as i cant afford to pay twice. 

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3381golfer2golfer [spain]
Total claims:7
Golf Booking »feb 200921/06/20090

Booked golf for 4 people at four different golf courses.  Wouldn't let us pay by credit card, so no recourse to him.  He didn't book the golf clubs in Tenerife, so when we got there we had to pay again.  We have been in dialogue with him until May, when he was promising to pay us, but not heard anything since.  Do not trade with this man

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3402golfer2golfer [spain]
Total claims:7
paid for tee times no notification after payment »10/04/0922/06/20090

requested a quote for 4 people to play 3 rounds golf in tenerife, accepted quote and made payment to company called Moneybookers on behalf of Tom Henderson. I made several calls to Tom as I had problems paying by credit card to Moneybookers, he was very helpful, unfortunately since then I've had no contact from him dispite sending Emails which before payment he was happy to respond to.

Obviously this man is not to be trusted and who are Moneybookers??

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5855golfer2golfer [spain]
Total claims:7
Golf Course Fees »14th April 200925/10/20090

Booked through Tom Watson. Paid by credit card to Moneybookers but they did not transfer the fees to the course. On arrival i had to pay again. DO NOT USE THIS MAN OR MONEYBOOKERS THEY ARE CROOKS.

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2387corals bookmakers
Total claims:1
robbed »6/5/200907/05/20090

i beted with corals book makers  (chealsea v barsalona ) barsalona to WIN . they drew . but  barsalona Won because of away goal prievious to the match concerned . so barsalona WON the match and went threw . chealsea lost . there had to be a winner and a looser' so the fact remains chealsea lost barsalona WON . corals dispute my winning ticket and i have been robbed by them

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3404Teide Golf Tenerife [Tenerife]
Total claims:2
golf booking »April 0922/06/20090

I've just discovered that TOM HENDERSON from Golfer2Golfer also advertises under the name TEIDE GOLF Tenerife.

This is a Conman DO NOT BOOK through either of these companies

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4234Teide Golf Tenerife [Tenerife]
Total claims:2
Stolen Money. »08 May 200915/08/20090

Booked 5 rounds of golf for 8 people through Tom Henderson at Teide Golf for 2,240 euro's. Spoke to golf course's and was told he dosn't pay so we paid again direct with golf course's and tried unsuccesful to claim back. Reported incident to the police in Tenerife still no joy. Tried to book again with Tom using a different name and address (after he said he had ceased trading).We arranged to  meet him to pay but he didn't turn up!!!!

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Total claims:3
Irish Travel Agent »10/11/200923/01/20100

TOM HENDERSON RECEIVED over 20,000euros from an Irish Travel AGENT for golf and Hotels for 20 golfers.

Of course all turned up to the hotel and not 1 euro had been paid.
TOM offers golf/hotels less than the cost rate to people and receives payment via money bookers/paypal and never pays the courses. BEWARE.

For more detail speak to Angel Tomas commercial director of Costa Adeje Gran Hotel or Paul Smith of Going Golfing who helped the stranded golfers.

TOM HENDERSON ALSO RIPPED ME OFF FOR 10,000euros and caused me to go bankrupt !.
I am also aware of another TEN PEOPLE HE HAS CONNED.
Calle El Sauce
Los Almendros Apt. 314
Madroñal del Fañabe
Adeje 38670

Office: (+34) 922 717 674 (+34) 922 717 674
Mobile: (+34) 676 552 158 (+34) 676 552 158
Fax: (+34) 922 715 690

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Total claims:3
Fraudently gave credit credits »15/02/200823/01/20100

TOM HENDERSON , TEIDE GOLF CANARIES/GOLFER2GOLFER Deliberately used customer credit cards without their knowledge and did not pay the golf courses.

There are at least 10 people I am aware of that he has ripped off.

DONT EVER GIVE HIM ANY MONEY as he never pays the golf courses or the hotels.

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Total claims:3
golf booking »4th March 201103/03/20110
Tom Henderson is still operating as a golf booking agent and still ripping people off.
Don't book anything with this man he will take your money and NOT book any golf times for you.
He stole our money 2 years ago under Golfer2Golfer and he is still operating under Teide golf, I asked for a quote 2 days ago and there he still is conning people, the police and golf clubs in Tenerife are still looking for him unfortunately they only have the web site and no address to find him.
Beware, I suggest you go direct to the golf clubs to book your golf, you can get some great deals.

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26952seabreeze holidays limited [jack zameer]
Total claims:2
refund my money back »29.9.201205/10/20120
29.9.2012 i called the agent and asked that if he has got flight to goa , he said yes . i said i am looking for going out in 1st of november and coming back in 23 of november 2012 . he said the price is 475 pound . asked him if i can change date later on he said yes then he asked me to give me my bank details i gave to him , he said everything is done i will send you the email with your flight details. when i received my flight details it was all wrong date . i sent email back immediately saying you have mixed up my dates can you tell me why
the agent did not reply me , i tried to call him again and again everytime i tired someone will answer and pass to other when i finally get a chance to talk to jack he said he will sort it out
i had to call them every single day 3-4 times . jack always said i will do it , i will call you , email you he never does. after 6 days after all long phone calls i received email attachment where the agent send me the flight details and the price is 300 pound more than the agreed price . i sent the reply and said this was not agreed with me and i would like my money back
they ignore my phone calls , no answer from the agent, if i do get hold of them then they will talk in rude and angry way . i really felt this is totally not acceptable.
this company should learn to treat customer with respect, give correct information and not charge until they give what was agreed with them.

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28161seabreeze holidays limited [jack zameer]
Total claims:2
Flight booking »16/01/201324/01/20130
Was given total figure for flight to Lilongwe Malawi as £2864 , but then they send an email with a different figure of £3069, yet I clearly said to Jessie the price she had given me should not change and I paid £150 as a holding deposit
And now they don't want to pay back my deposit.
I want my deposit back because they are not trustworthy.

more details » [Birmingham]
Total claims:1
Scammed »3rd March 201327/03/20130
On 3rd March i Googled how to book your driving test and first site,at the top of the list was Book Your Driving Test Online. The site offered a good incentive of free resists if you fail as long as you keep your fail sheet and the fail isn't because of a major error. Proceeded to book and was sent an email saying I would receive a confirmation of the time date, location of examination on 26th March 2013. When no email was received I became suspicious and went on scam advisor where I found reviews saying that it was a scam site you cannot ring them they do not reply to emails and you never get a test date.They took payment straight away on 3rd March 2013, and now my sons money he had to save for his test has been lost

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29821Florida Masters [Jon Bailey]
Total claims:1
Misleading Information »7 January 201304/09/20130
This is just a warning to any one contemplating using Florida Masters to book their holiday. DON'T USE FLORIDA MASTERS as you will be mislead on all details of your trip.

Florida Masters is by far the worst travel agents I have used.

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