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29818Chilly warranty shop [West Sussex]
Total claims:1
Great value for money, real peace of mind. Happy customer! »15/08/201303/09/20132
Very happy customer of the CWS, I was with british gas with my home care 400 maintenance and was paying around 47.00 a month. Chilly warranty called me up during the day as a cold call and I wasn't interested at first but when they explained the benefits to me such as no call out charges and new for old on my items. They also told me about british gas having limitations like if items is over 3 years old they won't give you a new for old I was skeptical so I called British gas and I swear they tried telling me that was not the case but they were hesitant so I look at my T&C's and it does say that in the T&C's :-

"• Replacing the appliance. If your appliance is beyond repair, for
example because spare parts are no longer available or it is not
economical to repair, the following will apply.
– If it is under three years old at the time of the breakdown, we will
pay 100% of the retail selling price of an appliance of a similar
make and purpose to settle your claim.
– If it is three years old or more at the time of the breakdown, we
will pay 30% of the retail selling price of an appliance of a similar
make and purpose to settle your claim."

Found within their T&C's they have a lot of hidden extras.

I was shocked that the lady over the phone would pretty much LIE to me and so I cancelled my contract with the appliance cover and got the cover with the chilly warranty shop at a great price. At the time it was 9 items for £12.50 for a summer deal or offer and was please I could get all of my items covered under one policy along with the fact I read through their T&C's and there is no legal jargon or hidden nonsense, literally what you see is what you get.

But better yet when I took out the cover with them I did it instantly and paid on the 1st of each month. First payment was slightly higher because I joined early but I didn't mind because the week after my cover my washing machine broke down and I called them up on their number and wasn't able to get through but within an hour I had a call back and I told them the issue with the washer and they simply took down my details over the phone and they were extremely pleasant to me and we even joked about for a while chatting utter nonsense but really made my day. It was late when I called around 3ish as I work shift rota at my job. I got the day off the following day anyway and I got a call around 11 in the morning telling me they will be arriving between 12:00 and 2:00 in the afternoon, and they came around and fixed my washing machine within 20 minutes. Was pleased as punch! Totally worth the money they are asking! Absolute bargain! Saving me around £70 a year!!! British gas have let themselves down.

Although I don't approve of cold calls, in this case I am glad I listened and since then I have listened to all the cold calls I get because you never know when you're going to get that great deal, just have to handle it better and check first!

Great offer best deal, go for it! :D


Very happy customer

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2089appliance doctor of NJ-southern [No address available]
Total claims:1
Rip Off »4-29-0930/04/20090

I had a techican come out to fix a water leak in my refrigerator.  The call was answered promptly. 

 The tech was at my home for 15 Minutes.  Only had to run hot water into his device and unclog a ice clog in the drain.  I was charged $196.00, when I complained, he discounted the servvice $20.00.  The job was a total of $187.25..Outrageous..I called the company, spoke to the owner, he was very rude and would not change the price.


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2869A&E Factory Service [Easton,MA]
Total claims:1
Lost wages »5/20/0920/05/20090

We own a Maytag refrigerator that was on recall, so I called Maytag direct to arrange a repair. They set up a date for 5/20/09 between 8:00a.m. and noon for the repair with A&E Factory Service. At noon, no repairman so I called them direct with the number supplied by Maytag. The customer service rep, Catherine said that the serviceman had called to say he was late. Not true. I asked for a supervisoror complaint dept, she said she had no none. I asked if she could tell me when the serviceperson was coming, she said she had no idea. Ten minutes later, at 12:17 p.m., the serviceperson did call to say he was running late. (really?). He said he would arrive at 1:15P.M. at 2:00 P.M., I left for work, no serviceperson in sight, no call, no apology, no explanation, still have not heard from them.

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20109Premier Electrics [Southampton]
Total claims:1
Fridge Repair »9 july 201110/07/20110
We called Premier Electrics , who quote you £60 for call out & diagnosis , and then if repairs were required, the £60 is removed from the final bill. They came out waffled for ten minutes about what they couldnt do , and some very unconvincing explanations about why ,and that they would have to come back again ! and then wanted to charge 93.00 pounds = £60 call out and 33 pounds labour for saying they couldn't do anything and would need to come back. Their office gave the most convoluted explanation ever of what their charges were based on, we refused to pay until they gave a clear explanation , they left , basically when challenged to explain the additional charges , the engineer called the office , who called us who called him and it was a complete farce they could offer no credible solution, no explanation as to what we were paying for , and why. They didnt get paid , but this company are basically stating one thing , then when they show up say another and want more money when they arrive.

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24447Dial a rod boiler cover [Dart ford]
Total claims:2
Refund »January 201205/04/20120
I took a boiler cover out in nov/ dec 2011 I needed an engineer in january2012 and phone the help line at dial a rod who promised an engineer would call me to arrange a visit ,but no one did after numerous calls emails and letters they finally told me in January2012 they didn't have any engineers in my area and that they would cancel my policy and I would receive a refund by January 12 2012. It is now April and still no refund if I ring them all they do is put the phone down, this really is not good business.

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28223Dial a rod boiler cover [Dart ford]
Total claims:2
Sham »28/01/201330/01/20130
I have paid by direct debit £5.25 a month for the past approx 15 months for boiler cover. I have had heating problems and cannot get in touch with the company. Obviously I have thrown my money away . I have emailed easycollect who take the direct debit and they stopped any connection with the company in dec. however honest customers were not notified. I advise don't sign up through easycollect either.

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28643plumber in dudley [dudley 01384 500398]
Total claims:1
rip off »oct 201211/03/20130
my boiler broke down i called these they came out he said it would be £530 to fix my wife phoned me at work and i could not afford this so i said tell him we will leave it but the man said if you do not have it fixed you will have to pay me £120 or have it fixed and we will knock off the £120 off i had to pay for this on my farther in laws visa as we could not afford it i then called british gas who charged me £99.00 and i had to take a years cover out at £21.00 a month so it cost me a hell of a lot but please stay away from plumber in dudley it says no call out but thats not the case

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Total claims:1
Fridge Freezer Failure »13/02/201513/02/20150
I purchased a new fridge freezer (Indesit) on 03/02/2013... Last February the fridge part stopped working... Indesit sent an engineer to carry out a repair under warranty. This morning I have discovered the same problem.

I contacted Indesit and it is going to cost me for them to come out and carry out the repair again...

There is 2 things here:
1. Why should this problem recur within 12 months
2. Should I expect a large white goods item to fail within 2 years?

I am really angry at the inconvenience this is causing - I have to wait until next week for them to come out and the expense of paying for a repair that shouldn't be necessary!

I do think that Indesit should supply me with a replacement unit.

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