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30128Abney effect associates hue shift light source []
Total claims:1
Abney effect associates hue shift light source genuine or fraud? »2/24/201423/02/20143
Abney effect associates hue shift light source genuine or fraud?

Abney is an ancient Norman name that arrived in England after the Norman Conquest of 1066. The Abney family lived in or near the settlement of Abney in Derbyshire.

Spelling variations include: Abney, Daubney, Daubeney, Daubny, Daubeny, Dabny and others.
First found in the counties of Derbyshire and Norfolk, where they had been granted lands after the Norman Conquest in 1066 A.D.

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Thomas Dabney who settled in the Barbados in 1660; Thomas Abney settled in Maryland 1774; John Dabney landed in New York state in 1820.

Entry from the "History and Gazetteer of the County of Derby", 1829 by Stephen Glover.

ABNEY, (Habenai) is a small village and township seated in a deep valley, amidst high mountains, in the parish of Hope, and in the hundred of High Peak. It contained, in 1821, 23 houses, as many families, and 143 inhabitants. Twenty families are employed in agriculture, and three in trade. The township contains 1323 acres, 1 rood, 17 perches of gritstone land, which is divided between Humphrey Bowles, esq. and the Earl of Newburgh ; viz. Abney ancient enclosure, consisting of 512 a. 3 r. 11 p. is the property of Mr. Bowles ; and Abney Grange ancient enclosure, consisting of 189 a. 1 r. 35 p. is the property of the Earl of Newburgh, except about 14 a. 1 r. 35 p. belonging to Mr. Bowles. Abney common, unenclosed , is 621 a. 0 r. 35 p. and belongs to the above named nobleman and gentleman, in right of their ancient enclosures ; the annual estimated value is �£687. 10s. The tithe belongs to the dean and chapter of Lichfield. This township is under the constablery of Eyam, and is governed by a headborough.

In Habenai Swain had one carucate of land to be taxed. Land to one plough. It is waste. D.B.

At the Doomsday Survey this manor belonged to William Peverell; in the reign of Edward II. to the family of Archer; at a later period to a branch of the Bagshaw family, who sold it to the Bradshaws, in which family it remained nearly two centuries, when it passed by marriage to the Galliards of Edmonton, in Middlesex; the sister and co-heiress of the latter brought it to the late Charles Bowles, esq. of Sheen, in Surrey, and it is now the property of his son, Humphrey Bowles, esq.

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2351American Construction [Millville, New Jersey]
Total claims:1
Roof Repair »02/16/200906/05/20092


I hired American Construction on 01/17/2009 to repair a roof leak on my house.   The owner of American Construction  Sal  Barcello  gave me a two year garuntee on the roof  repair.   My roof started leaking again on 04/04/2009.   I called Sal on several occassions and left messages.  Finally, on April 23, 2009, I spoke with Sal and he said that he would stop by on Saturday  04/25/2009 and take a look at the roof.  Sal never came and I have called on several occassions and never received a return phone call.  My roof has been leaking for a month now.  I would appreciate any help that you can provide with this matter.

Thank    You,

Corey   Bolling




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11482Casa Perfeita [Carvoeiro]
Total claims:1
Rocha Brava Kitchen and Bathrooms »11-January-201028/02/20101
I recently decided to revamp the

kitchen and 2 bathrooms, plus a number

of other areas of my villa in the

Algarve in Portugal. We found a good

kitchen company, who recommended a

South African builder called Karl Luck.

Karl Luck operates a company called

Casa Perfeita, which we later, to our

great cost, realised was a rather

ironic name.

We agreed the building work with Karl

Luck, writing lists of instructions,

drawing diagrams, and discussing

verbally. Worryingly, he didn't seem

to take many notes, but we naively

believed that he knew what he was


The work started in November 2009 and

we were informed by Karl Luck that the

work would be complete inside by the

end of the year. Come the end of the

year we queried progress and were told

the inside was complete, but outside

was delayed due to the bad weather,

which was understandable. So, my wife

travelled over to Portugal from the UK

in January, on her birthday, to see the

work with a view to signing it off and

paying the final 50% of the building

cost. Yes - unfortunately we paid 50%

up front, plus the cost of materials.

Nightmare is not enough of a word, but

hell is close to it. The house was a

complete tip and still a building site,

although a very disorganised and messy

one at that. There was rubbish

everywhere out side the house, with

over 30 buckets of rubbish counted. We

later surmised that the multitude of

buckets was to save on skip costs!

The work was terrible. We eventually

discovered that absolutely nothing that

Karl Luck had done was right and we

have subsequently had all the work

redone, but here is a brief list of

bad workmanship and unacceptable items:

- new tiled floor was 0.5 cm above rest

of floor with a min ramp connecting

- inspection caps in kitchen and both

bathrooms were raised above the floor
- new false ceilings were all at

different heights
- 75% of walls were over tiled, which

meant that other items in build didn't

fit and work properly due to rooms

being 2-4cm smaller in dimensions
- water and drainage pipes hadn't been

replaced during build which was one of

the main reasons for build
- new toilet was connected to water out

pipe instead of drainage pipe
- dish washer had plug stripped and was

directly wired to mains without any

- areas of walls and floors in kitchen

which were covered by new kitchen units

were not retiled as expected
- marble sink unit was damaged and

cupboard for sink was cut and broken to

accommodate overtiling in bathroom
- extractor fan was not replaced, as

expected, and was now halfway in

ceiling due to lowered ceiling
- door on one bathroom was shortened to

accommodate raised floor in hallway
- the main shower was fitted to low, so

shower head was level with my chin.

Not clever especially when Karl Luck is

about 6ft 2" tall himself.

There were number of items of shoddy

workmanship like:

- using out utility as a wet tile

cutting area
- smoking and drinking in our house
- leaving fag butts everywhere in our

- not clearing the rubbish away from

the build

On confronting Karl Luck about these

issues he initially claimed that this

was how building was done in Portugal

or that the house caused these

unavoidable problems. However, after

seeking second opinions and

representing these finding to Karl at

subsequent meetings he conceded many of

the points and offered to resolve the

problems. However, his resolutions

were extremely questionable, suggesting

that he cut floor tiles in half to

reduce their depth and therefore be

inline with the rest of the floor.

In the end it was obvious that Karl

Luck was not capable of resolving the

issues and we asked him to leave the

site. We got an independent engineer

and the complex manager to review the

build and both said that in 40 years of

being involved in the building industry

that they had never known such bad


Karl Luck owes us over €8500 for labour

costs which did not deliver and

materials damaged in his build. Karl

also received money for work on the

outside of the house which he never

started. Karl also billed and received

money from us for goods that never

reached us (e.g. new mirrors, gate for

roof, storage area on roof, new door).

Goods and services never received but

paid for amount to €2100.

We are currently trying to recoup

monies owed to us, but I would strongly

advise anyone to stay well away from

Casa Perfeita and Karl Luck. We have

spoken to other people in the Algarve

area in Portugal and found out about

other bad jobs that he has done.

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2123Blues Brothers Roofing [Boca Ratan]
Total claims:1
Bad Roof »10-15-200801/05/20091

Ike destroyed my roof. So Blues Brothers said they were fully lisenced (ccc 1327232). My roof is leaking bad and have left many messages, will not call me back. I had a roofing company come out and they said they put the roof on wrong! They put shingles down way to far from other shingles leaving a space to leak. They also did not put flashing and dripage over gutters. I am going to have to have redone!!

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2213Harry\'s Home Improvements [Milford]
Total claims:1
Home Repairs »1/5/0904/05/20090

Tenant, Rodney Jones damaged our rental property.  Upon vacating, tenant sent his friend, Harry Greenly of Harry's Home Improvements over to the premises to make the repairs.  Rodney Jones was responsible for payment of Harry's bill.    His work was shoddy, sloppy and unprofessional.  We later found out he  performed electrical and plumbing work without a license. 

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3107American Property Improvements [Huntington]
Total claims:1
Money Owed »04/02/200931/05/20090

We hired this company owned by Andrew Stark to complete construction on an unfinished bathroom in our home and our sunroom.  Within the first three days he came and finished the majority of the work and told us that he would be back to finish the sunroom and the shower.  8 weeks laters he has never shown up.  We have contacted him on numerous occasions and he says he will be here and never shows.  He has been rude and beligerant and says he will only refund us $100. He has only done half of the work.  He does not call when he does not show up and says that he has done us a favor by doing the work.

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16819Certified Contractors Coalition [Dallas]
Total claims:1
Certified Contractors Coalition Bad Guys! »02/15/201120/02/20110
Do not hire these guys at certified contractors coalition! They will do very mean things to you! They will take a stick and put in poop and chase your goat!!! They will put poop on your porch and light it on fire and ring your doorbell and point at you and laugh.

You should stay away from these guys! They are horrible mean!!!!! They will try to shave your dog so it has a mohawk!!!!!!!!!!! If you hire their painter he will try to open your window to get paint inside your house!!!!!! If you hire their roofer he will try to throw shingles onto your cat and your RABBIT!

The certified contractors coalition guys will flirt with your wife and get her to leave you!!!!! Keep away from!!!!!!!!

They will spray paint your goat too! and they will trip your children with a garden hose and then will point at them and laugh!!!

If you don't want poop on your shoe then stay away frome these mean people! They are HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!

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17670Overhead Door Company of Winchester (VA) [Winchester]
Total claims:1
Overhead Door Company botches installation »August 201027/03/20110
In August 2010, a $1,000+ garage door was installed by Overhead Door Company of Winchester, VA. By November it had sagged in the middle to the point that the metal brace and actual metal of the door is bent.

In December 2010 we addressed the problem with Jessica Webber (the "General Manager" of Overhead Door Company of Winchester). When I initially contacted her by phone to
explain we had a problem, it was clear that she had no intention of assessing the complaint with an open mind. For example, she immediately asked if the door had hit anything and I replied “no” (believing that to be the case.) She responded “M-huh” in a sarcastic, knowing tone. She asked if we had experienced strong winds and I told her (countering her sarcasm) that we had the same winds anyone else in the county had which I assume did not result in everyone’s doors being damaged. She sarcastically replied that “in fact, we have had a lot of wind damage calls.” She said she would send someone out. When I hung up, I knew not to expect that customer service was a component of Winchester’s Overhead Door Company.

"Tim" that came out was very courteous. At that point, I had learned from my husband that the door had at one time closed on the bumper of his stationary pickup and we shared this information with Tim. Tim merely said perhaps the door needed more reinforcement and that he would talk with the General Manager who would likely work with us. I told him that it was not my impression that she would, based on her earlier attitude.

Many days later, Jessica called and said they would replace the top section of the door for a bargain $350. I was not interested in paying more for a $1,000 door that we had for 4-5 months. I contacted Overhead Door Corporation's corporate office in Texas. Mr. Sendar there explained that Overhead Door Company of Winchester was an independently owned and operated distributor, over which the corporate office had no authority concerning repair of the door. He said he would call the distributor in Winchester and urge them to work something out for everyone's benefit. He called back confirming he had spoken with them and I should hear from them. I never did.

The Corporate office sent a CYA letter to the BBB supporting the Winchester distributor's position that the door was damaged when it closed on the truck bumper, that office of course never having examined the door. In my 63 years of owning many garage doors, I maintain that the door should have made contact with the bumper and gone back up and that the damage was due to improper installation/adjustment. To avoid harm to my 2 year grandson, my 72 year old husband is attempting repair with the help of a more reputable and professional company. That company agrees a properly adjusted door would go back up and contact would not be the cause of the damage to the door.

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19138interior project development [london]
Total claims:1
repayments »12/09/201011/05/20110
hi mi name is c ailenei and i been working for this company and i din't get my money.i stoped working for them since last year and still waiting to get paid.i done plasterer jobs for them and i din't receive last payments of £1200

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21835Jason Lift Machinery Co [Wangting Town]
Total claims:1
stay away from Jason Lift Machinery and Mr, Sead »March 10 201103/11/20110
The beginning of March I ordered a trailer mounted boom lift from Jason Lift Machinery in China, Once the deposit was sent to them, an email was sent that a certain part was unavailable and I was offered a refund or purchase a more expensive machine(??????). I asked for a refund and was emailed that the refund would be sent.
I waited one week, nothing was sent, I emailed again, and was told
"i forgot to tell you the manager was away". Again I was told the money would be sent. The funds were never sent and I have many emails even "promising" the money will be returned. I have even contacted the Canadian government to help.. STAY AWAY FROM JASON MACHINERY AND MR. SEAD.. THEY ARE CROOKS

more details » [munich]
Total claims:1
unpaid »1/09/201101/02/20120
myself and 3 other workers drove to germany to work on a building contract, we were there for 4 weeks when i asked to be paid they told me that i was not working for them but through a middle man that i never heard of,they give me the number of this so called middle man but i cannot get him, we are owed £10.000 for this contract they say they have paid the middle man this money and it was not there problem, i have just found out that this middle man is still working for this company and is advertising for more workers for this firm, i no in my heart this company and there middle man are conning people i have also added the last email this company sent me, the german guy smuggly puts at the end of the email.....god save the queen....we were put through hell in germany with no money for food and digs we slept in our van for 2 weeks they kept saying you will get paid next week then next week then next week we had to take there word for it we had no money, we then had enough and had to beg the money too get home this was a traumatic experience never to forget. any help would be greatful...........Hei Noel,

wir sind in Deutschland und können nicht englisch.
Schreib uns doch auf Deutsch.
Ausserdem haben wir Dir schon sehr oft mitgeteilt, daß Du zu keiner Zeit unser Vertragspartner warst, sondern Mr. Cain.
Somit ist er unser Ansprechpartner und auch Deiner. Er hat Dich geschickt, oder ?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen and god save the queen.

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