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2130Tom-Tom Inc [Concord]
Total claims:1
RMA UX090319-008713 »03/21/0901/05/20090

I had a TOM-TOM 720 GPS in fact this is the third device and the first two were also defective but I was able to return them to Sam's club. The reason the third was not was because they did not carry that make anymore. So following their RMA procedure I had with my own money ship the defective device to a place that they have repair them. I was givin the address via email and I had to but that in the box as well and have the RMA number on the box. After 3 days FEDEX called me and said that the address was incorrect which I in return said that is where tom-tom said was the correct address. The next thing I know the package was shipped to Smyrna Tn. and delivered. I called after a few days to TOM-Tom customer support and was told that they had not received it. I gave them the whole story and they informed me that because I personally shipped it I HAD TO call FEDEX they washed their hands of it. I called and worked with the FEDEX people who contacted them and I was told gave me the wrong address but they would pick it up and ship it to the one TOM-TOM said was the correct place. So after weeks I called FEDEX and was told that no in fact they spoke to the company that does the reapir and in fact the Tn. place is correct so they were not going to ship it to Ft. Worth. However they were willing to talk to TOM-TOM to correct this problem. I called TOM-TOM as was told that no they were not going to talk to FEDEX, no they would not send me a replacement because I shipped it out (which is their policy) they were not responseable and when I raised me voice was told buy the supervisior she would end the call. I feel that the RMA process is faulty and that at no time did they want to help me as the customer. You would think that since this was the thrid defective device they would want to correct this but no not at all. When I asked for someone over the supervisior I was given the address and told they have no ther phone numbers.

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15070u-blox ag [Thalwil]
Total claims:1
No support to make good use of! »1/12/201009/12/20100

I bought a USB GPS from and both the packaging and the software urged the user to contact the above company in case of problems. Indeed the GPS would not start despite following all the instructions given in the manual so I e-mailed the company saying:
Dear Sirs,

Recently I have bought the Navilock USB GPS (u-blox 5&6) and 2 weeks
now we have been unable to make it work and function the way it is
supposed to function. This despite the fact that we have configured the
GPS according to the default configuration as described in the Help .pdf
We have downloaded from your website the program GPSinfo.exe and when we
run it it displays the following GPS info: S-OPC-07-0702071.

Please help us put the GPS we have bought from you to some good use.


To this I get the following reply:

Dear Mr. Koromia,

We are pleased to hear that you are using a product that contains u-blox
Due to organizational reason we have to ask you to send support requests
through the vendor/manufacturer of your product.

Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards,
Faek Christian Madwar
Technical Manager EMEA

Advice or suggestions contained herein are only given as a courtesy and
we assume no responsibility for its use.

u-blox AG
Zuercherstrasse 68
CH-8800 Thalwil

locate, communicate, accelerate

These "gentlemen" are indeed pleased getting the money but they play "hide and seek" when you need their help.

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16389garmin (
Total claims:1
Claim for download not received »Sept 27 201001/02/20110
Subject: RE: Thanks for registering your nuvi(r) 260W
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2010 14:36:42 -0400

I never received this download Reference 010-D0129-00. I purchased another one Aug 04th 10:08:09 CDT 2010 Reference order# 100304587866 for which I was charged and I paid for also.
I claimed a credit for the download of Fri, 28 May 2010 08:46:40 -0600 but as of this day Jan 31 2011 I still did not receive it.

I spoke with Criss on june 29th
I spoke with Shantail on august 5th
I tried to speak with Steven on september 27th at 14:08 hour but the line went dead ahtes app one hour waiting on the line.
I received a mail from Julie september 27th but she did not give any detail regarding my request.

Many friends on FACEBOOK and TWITTER are also interested to see the ending (including Consumer Report)

Please reply and send me back my refund

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