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2358Brookside Dental [Redlands]
Total claims:1
Scammed »05/06/0906/05/20092

I went to this dental office for the first time to have restoritive work done on my teeth.

At the initial consultation I was quoted an amount of $750. I was asked what kind of caps I wanted, I opted for the least expensive. I went in for the next appt and had work done and was told that I needed to pay them $825. I figured they may have had to do an extra procedure. Then I was told that I would need to pay another $825 at my next appt!  I questioned this several times with the ladies at the front desk and was told that I knew what I was signing! I finally got the itemized bill in the mail and found that they had added on $800 in upgraded caps that I did not authorize. I went in today to discuss this with them and they showed me what I signed and I know that the extra $800 for the caps was not on there when I signed it. I told them that I did not approve of the upgraded caps and they told me that they were 'Doctor recommended and they were already there at the office.' They would not budge on this; so I walked out and will now find another dentist!!


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2156Mulick, James DDS [Agoura Hills]
Total claims:1
Fraud, HIPPA violation »200902/05/20091

Mulick was hired and prepaid to put braces on our child.  Refused to put races on our child, refused to refund money.  Publicly disclosed our sons disability.

Mulick claimed our son's hygene made it impossible for braces to be installed.  Replacement dentist installed braces without issue.

Claimed we as parents were incompetant in our son's supervision.  Refused to understand the difficulties related to our son's disability in regards to hygene, even after consistant explanations.  It is well understood among dentists and health professionals that children with our son's disability have hygene issues, regardless of constant supervision.

Berated our son and exasperated his condition by ignoring the inherent difficulties his disability caused.

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2214Atlantic states dental [brandenton]
Total claims:1
owner »January 200804/05/20090

I worked  for this dentist for few months but he did not pay me because  business slow down since then i have been struggled financially. I heared that he did same things to different labs.I do not know what i need to do so i write this letter to your web.I wish i can hear good news from somewhere.

                              Thank you.

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3883Arlington dental assc. Ira Stier D.D.S [fishkill]
Total claims:1
loose crown/ jaw pain »5/200927/07/20090

Was in their for loose crown. also told doctor Medlor I was having pain in left lower jaw. He told me it was a glan being soar should take care of it self. Went back 7/25/2009 it turned out to be a cavity went untreated turned into a root canal. They are not willing to do the right thing and make good for thier mis diagnoses. They want to charge me   $1600.00 us. I told them I will take my business else where.

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20732perfect smile,muswell hill [london]
Total claims:1
bad dentistry,pain and damaged nerves,no referal to hospital »20/6/201126/08/20110
i went for a routine filling and came out with a damaged nerve,which then later got infected,i was on antibiotics and painkillers for over two months while waiting for a referal to the dental hospital.The first referal,the doctor 'forgot' to send,and the second referal was rejected on the 1st of august due to incomplete information,the dentist dint send my xrays!,they did not even inform me of this,i had to call the hospital because i was concerned that the appointment was taking too has been almost three months that im living in pain,and on painkillers,due to the incompetence of this dental practice,im disgusted that such people are allowed to practice dentistry,the should have their licence revoked,do not go to this dentist,or you will lose your teeth and have nerve damage and they will not help you,at all!

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30533Dr Nilesh Parmar [Southend on Sea]
Total claims:1
673 Southchurch Rd, Southend-on-Sea SS1 2PW »September 201622/10/20160
I am here to expose Dr Nilesh Parmar of Parmar Dental 673 Southchurch Rd, Southend-on-Sea SS1 2PW

I am a young student living in southend on sea, Dr Nilesh Parmar or Parmar Dental is my dentist, since moving into southend i have been visiting him on a regular basis for past 14 months as i have dental issues.

Recently he took my details form his patient database and contacted me he was charming and wanted to take me out i said i am in a relationship and i am flattered, he then asked me to come not his surgery as i needed a checkup and it will be complimentary.

I was grateful i went had my checkup and left, he has since been harassing me with calls and instagram messages, yes he has found me on instagram his account is @nil_p1 he said i should leave my boyfriend and be with him because he earns more and he starting mocking my partner saying will he ever own super cars or be successful.

The biggest embarrassment was when i heard from others that know me, he is making accusations that i want to be with him and he started making fun of my name as I’m a european.

I have had enough and no one is taking this matter seriously therefore i thought i would come online and expose him for who he is. I have now deactivated my social media account and changed my number, my rent ended 4 weeks ago and now he has no idea where i live which gives me a peace of mind. Professionals like him is an embarrassment and shouldnt be able to get away with his crimes.

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