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2158Time Warner Cable [El Paso]
Total claims:3
Incompetent Technical Service »05/01/200902/05/20091

I scheduled a repair service as I had digital cable and I was not able to get any channels.  Time Warner sent out this repair person to determine whether I was receiving a good signal.  Well this incompetent repairman blew up my television!!  He tried hooking "HD Cables" to a non-HD Television and a then my screen showed a bright flashing light and now I have no power or anything.  To make matters worse, this incompetent repairman acted as if it was my problem and never apologized, but walked out of my house as if nothing happened.


Time Warner is not a good company in my opinion and these incompetents are going to pay for my television!!!

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11656charter communicatins [long beach]
Total claims:1
monthly charges »2-19-201015/03/20100
I switched to an all in ne bundle pkg.advertised for 99.99 a mo.,then after they installed the equipment the price moved to $157.00 a mo. I called and they told me they bill 1month ahead and now I owe two mos.I paid $160.00 to cover 1 I am blled again and it hasen't been a mo.I don't know what they are doing but I am 60 years old on a fixed income and can't pay for
charges I was not aware of.I have nothing in writing nor have I signed anything.Please let others know that this company does not charge what they quote when you order services.Thank you

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2168Time Warner Cable [El Paso]
Total claims:3
no service »April 30 200902/05/20090

I arranged two weeks ago for installation of cable for my 93 yr old mother for last Tuesdaywhen she would be moving into a senior facility.


 Apparently dispatch went to the wrong address and did not call us . We waited four hours that day.  After talking to three different people over that day and the next, installation was rescheduled to yesterday.  We waited for five hours with no appearance or phone call.  Three different people that I spoke with over two days told me I would be called back and I never was.  Today when I finally mustered the energy to try some more, I was told that we are now scheduled for May 6.  I wonder when anyone was going to tell us about that.  Now I am speaking to local trying to see if they can move us up to tomorrow.  I personally switched to DISH after Time Warner couldn't find MY house for MY installation.

I have NEVER had so much trouble with any service ever and would happily NEVER deal with Time Warner ever again but for my mom

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2960Time Warner Cable [El Paso]
Total claims:3
no service »may 21 and 2222/05/20090

I called for an installation of cable and internet.  I asked for a morning time, which they gave 8 - noon.  Fine.  I waited.  and no one called or showed up.  I later recieved a message saying that they had arrived but no one was home.  That was impossible.  Because not only was I home but I was in the front yard of my home doing yard work.  I called to see what was the problem and could not get through.  I kept getting the same message: my call could not be completed at this time" after being tranfered to who knows how many departments.  Finally I recieved a rescheduled time.  This time afternoon 1-4 the same thing no call and no one showed up.  What a waste of my time.  Really bad form on their part. 



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2888comcast digital cable [west orange nj]
Total claims:1
service interupption »5/20/0920/05/20090


COMCAST REFUSES TO EVEN RESPOND TO THIS COMPLAINT. My cable service has been interrupted for a FORTH FIVE MINUTES by a BARELY AUDIBLE announcement of an abduction AND ONSCREEN MESSAGE with no details and no way to change the channel and no way to get back to my television programming

There is no useful detail provided simply an interruption screen telling me there is an 'amber alert; 

every time a different radio station broadcasts an emergency alert the set goes into silence with a barely legible message on the screen about something happening in another county. 

I  plan to leave comcast service for the good old over the air broadcasts 




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11985Time Warner [El Paso]
Total claims:1
Lack of customer care »4/07/1007/04/20100

I was supposed to have a tech come out between 4 and 6 this afternoon and told them when I set the appointment yesterday that I would be home - and the phone they were to call would only work if I had internet. My phone rang one time but when I tried to answer I'd lost my internet connection yet again, which is why they were supposed to come out to begin with.
I've had a couple of appointments with them in the past couple months where they've just come out because of problems with internet. I told them that it appears that the outdoor box on my apartment building has been tampered with, which means if that's what is causing my internet to keep disconnecting they wouldn't even need to come into my apartment - it could be fixed outside. Wouldn't matter if I were home or not - but I was home waiting for them. I finally got reconnected a little after 5 and called them and they told me that I had to reschedule even though it was still well before 6 and my appointment was supposed to be between 4 and 6.
Connie was the one that answered the phone today and would keep talking even when I was talking, not listening to me and claimed that after 4 pm they can't call a tech back - but my appointment was supposed to be after 4 and should have been kept on their end.
While on the phone with her I lost my internet yet again. I've only been online maybe half an hour - if that - in the past 2 hours and I want them to fix things and they want me to reschedule. I had to change my plans to be home for them today - and then had to turn down extra hours at work as well and they won't come out.
I've had problems with staying connected since February and I'm tired of paying the prices they expect when they don't provide the service I'm paying for.

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