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26106Hongkong Kinglone Elec-Tech Co Ltd [Guangzhou / Shenzhen / Hong KOng]
Total claims:1
Scammers/ Cheat company of micro sd business »may 15th 201220/07/20121
I just was scammed too by Hongkong Kinglone Elec-Tech Co., Ltd they used the plan to use brand cards and under value invoice and then they told me that goods had been caught by HK customs, i ordered 5, 000 pcs micro sd after get a sample order and check quality. They made me wait a lot of time and then said that got out the good and resend to me.
now they sent 5, 000 pcs of cards defective, fake and cheat, only 12, 5mb capacity.
They don`t want to replace the goods or refund my money, they are scammers, cheaters and thieves.
Please everyone around the world don`t make business with Hongkong Kinglone Elec-Tech Co Ltd this is a FRAUD company they are scammers...

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2166Eminosoft [India]
Total claims:1
Fraud »5/3/0902/05/20090

Be aware of doing business with Nanna Computers, Sreeni Consultants or Eminosoft Technologies - simply awful! Warning! Do not do business with this people. Sreeni Consultants, Nanna Computers and Eminosoft failed to deliver anything that even remotely resembled a partially complete or professional software application as per a detailed specification. They colluded with Nanna Computers and Eminosoft and tried to pass on the liability and responsibility with minimal risk.

They have continually promised to deliver yet have delivered nothing. Absolutely nothing has been delivered by them. They have been set very clear targets and expectations clearly explained; so many times in fact, it is now boring.

Their performance as businesses, is entirely unsatisfactory - and yet, Sreeni Consultant's, Nanna Computers leadership continue to ask for more money. Eminosoft whilst willing, did nothing but fuel the fire of disappointment.
Sreeni Consultants oversold their capability and lied about their ability, they have delivered nothing and continue to slip the timing month after month. This is not anyone's idea of a business relationship or partnership. Sreeni Consultants outsourced this project to Nanna Computers who subsequently faltered due to aledged fraudulent behaviour between Nanna Computers and Sreeni Consultants and then, incredibly, to make things worse, they outsourced it again to another company Eminosoft who, remarkably, are even more incompetent, inexperienced and frankly, clueless!

If you or your business is planning to do business with Nanna Computers, Eminosoft or Sreeni Consultants, then think again, this must be three of the worst companies that I have had the opportunity of interacting with in terms of both leadership, quality of staff, experience, vision, ability, ...

One disgruntled customer!

Just in case of any doubt about who is being discussed here:

Sreeni Consultants

Plot No. 31B, #F4
Road No. 5, Jubilee Hills
Andhra Pradesh

Tel: +91 040 23546290

Eminosoft Technologies
Road No. 46
Jubilee Hills

Eminosoft Technologies
#95 South Kensico Avenue

Nanna Computers Pvt Ltd,
#201, Siri Dream Homes,
Near Maruthi Show Room,
Near Hitec City,
A.P, India.


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2235Smart Technology [New York]
Total claims:1
Fraudulent selling of shares »Dec. 200705/05/20090

This company, Smart Technology, web address:[] (link:

Marc Asselineau's association with Lasertec is shown here :-

Marc Asselineau, CEO of Lasertec, said, "When this approval occurs, we'll move aggressively to expand the availability of this innovative procedure."
  Why these two individuals are still operating in what would appear to be same way is a disgrace.

The company does not hold AGMs nor issue accounts.  I have asked them to do so and also to refund my investment, but I receive no reply

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Total claims:1
Keep taking my money without doing the seo agreed »Sep 200902/04/20100

I got in touch with Andreas Horch ,, and they were supposed to do some seo, they didnt do nothing and keep taking a fee of 30 usd everymonth. I sent email to complain, neve had a reply

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