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Total claims:3
Refund for facelift that was not done »April 0503/05/20090


Facelift done by Mr. Khan.  He only did half a facelift whilst he was paid to do up and bottom facelift.  It was agreed Mr. Khan would redo the facelift but as I have had cancer in the right ear only a reconstructive surgeon could do such operation and that will cost me in excess of £6,500.  Transform is only willing to refund me £1,000 when I paid £5,000 for a surgery that was not done ....

I have before and after photos if anyone wants to contact me, I will forwad them to you 


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Total claims:3
Negligence blistered scar from microdermabrasion »june 2008 approx18/09/20090

I paid for a microadermabrasion treatment of six sessions.

On session one the nurse / doctor took the layers off my face to it 'weeped.'

I was severly scarred blistered, it bled and went sceptic, I looked like 'the joker' in Batman. I am still scarred round the mouth.

I worte three letters and there were calls. They said they would only refund the five treatments left, tough on the scaring as id 'signed on the line' apparently that covers for their negligence??

Id also paid for botox. I paid for three at a discounted rate to be used as and when. One of the three treatments, she 'used left overs from my forehead treatment' for my crows feet, and they charged me for a full treatment. It never worked on this occasion as they split up the amounts between two places. I know this as i only asked to have my crows feet treated, AFTER the nurse has filled the vile for one treatment.

They did respond to the botox complaint letter and told me 'I pay for the injection sites' Therefore the botox must be free!


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Total claims:3
Negligence »12/11/1127/11/20110
I am writing this disappointing letter regarding the breast enlargement I had 12/11/11 at Cavell Hospital in Enfield.

I would like to explain why I am unhappy from beginning to end.

I had been so excited to finally get the breasts I wanted, I done a lot of research and after careful consideration I concluded I would go to Transform and have Dr Khan as my surgeon. It did not matter about paying any price for my surgery as long as I had what I dreamed of.

So the day came when I got to have my first initial appointment it was good I met a lady called Ann Marie who seemed nice she explained what the implant was and costs ect, then she booked me a pre op appointment with Mr Khan.

Let me add here that at this point I was excited and the only thing I was still clueless about was the size of breasts as I was small before I had no clue of sizes.

I then went for my appointment with Mr Khan after waiting for 2 HOURS past my appointment time I saw him for not even 5 minutes where he assessed me and asked what size I would like to be? To which I stated I did not no and asked could I see a few different sized implants and put them in my bra, he said he only had the one that was there he said to think around a D told me to find out if that was the size I would like and sent me on my way.

As it came to a week before my appointment I thought I would contact Ann Marie via phone and tell her of my worries about the fact I have not chosen my breast size and she assured me that she would be there the day of my op and would get me a few implants to try in my bra to be sure I would be satisfied, so with that I sat back anxiously waiting for the op.

The day comes and 7.30 in the morning I am at the hospital and delightfully Ann Marie arrives she tells me she is going over to get me the implants and my friend a cup of tea, 20 mins pass and she returns with tea and says she will be back, 3 hours pass and she did not return , I then get taken for my op and thought ok she must be meeting me down there surely, I did ask if Ann Marie was coming down as the gentleman was preparing me (my head was everywhere at this minute I was on overdrive)next minute I asked what the man was putting in my arm and he replied what Michael Jackson had in a joking voice��. Then I awoke with my procedure done. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE REGARLDLESS OF MY AGES!!!

I have not had a follow up call off Ann Marie as promised or any after care it is a disgrace and I will not stand for this.

The whole experience has been terrible and now I am better I feel so distraught that I was not looked after properly and there was no communication or care taken. But the worst thing is that if I would have had been giving more info and shown the sizes of breasts I would never of chose a D 100 per cent!!!! it is obviously too small, I am already planning to have my boobs done right by people who care, Transform has made me very weary about who to choose this time due to your lack of patient care.

I am so upset I wish to take this further, I am already seeking advice.

I hope that you will find a way to compensate

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Total claims:1
Dreadful Customer Service »1st September 200911/09/20090

Dreadful customer service approach by 'Sharon Cobley' who believes she can scare people by her rude and aggressive approach into paying extortionate rates by threatening to sue at the drop of a hat because of 'Terms and Conditions'.

Do not trust this company - look at their legal page [] (link: their T&Cs are very sparse and they do not even list the required legal details to trade online i.e. Company Number and Trading Address

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23053Ian Taggart [Glasgow]
Total claims:1
Moron »11/05/201117/01/20120
If this saves 1 person from going through a rhinoplasty procedure with Mr Ian Taggart from BMI Ross Hall then it is well worth it.

I went through a simple rhinoplasty about 9 months ago to slightly shave down my nose bridge and reduce my nose tip as it is a bit droopy, well, im not kidding or exagerating when I say this man, Ian Taggart can not possibly be a good plastic surgeon. The day I had my cast took off my jaw hit the floor, my nose is WORSE than what it was. Not only has he done nothing to reduce the droopiness of the tip, it is a lot more bulbous and he has took to much cartilage out the bridge of my nose AND there is also a very noticable bump above this!!! This man can not be serious. My nose was not really that bad, I thought I would just improve it a bit but this comedian has made it like a rollercoaster!

This isn't just my opinion by the way, I have now had to see ANOTHER plastic surgeon about getting a revision and he agrees it is a very very poor rhinoplasty!!


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27678mr khan [London]
Total claims:1
breast augmentation »201111/12/20120
I saw Mr Khan for a consultation. It lasted for 5 minutes or so. I explained I wanted a small natural but wanted to be a small c cup. I asked for high profile. I explained one breast was bigger. He said I don't need 2 different sizes as the difference was minimal. He also said I could not have the high profile as I wanted. He forgot to measure me, didn't even accure to me until after a week after surgery! I have been left totally deformed, 2 different shaped and sized breasts. Severe pain on one side due to the implant being too big. Can't even breathe. Can't sleep without experiencing pain. I look absolutely ridulous. Transform have refused to help me. I have been left with pain, disfigurement and breathing problems. Mr Khan has lied and said I chose those implants!!!!! Transform are listeneing to him and not me. They have asked me to pay again for his mistake! Absolutely appauling.

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