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10486LB CyberNet Entertainment Ltd [Durham]
Total claims:29
14 day trial of Ultimate Acai Max. »12.01.201012/01/20109

Although they state in their terms and conditions they will charge you after 15 days this amount, at no point do they tell you about it or invoice you for it? Further more, when i received my invoice for the free trial there was no invoice number?? How can this be a legitimate invoice if there is no record of it????

Please whatever you do, do NOT use this site as it is purely a scam and nothing else!!!

If anyone else has been stung by these idiots please let me know as together we can try to do something about it?

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17005Youth Nutrition 8776192649 cy
Total claims:130
Ripped Off »24-FEB-201101/03/20117
I ordered online for my free trial of acai lipo and acai colon on 19-FEB-2011.

Order numbers are 307079 acai colon and 307079 acai lipo.

On 23-FEB-2011 I wrote to their support email and still did not receive any reply.

On 26-FEB-2011 I wrote to their legal email and still no reply.

Extract from my credit card statement below:

25/02 24/02 YOUTH NUTRITION 8776192649 CYP 63.85 DR
25/02 24/02 YOUTH NUTRITION 8776192649 CYP 63.85 DR
25/02 24/02 YOUTH NUTRITION 8776192649 CYP 2.65 DR
25/02 24/02 YOUTH NUTRITION 8776192649 CYP 2.65 DR
25/02 24/02 YOUTH NUTRITION 8776192649 CYP 0.63 DR
25/02 24/02 YOUTH NUTRITION 8776192649 CYP 0.63 DR
25/02 24/02 02/24/11 4.15 USD
25/02 24/02 02/24/11 0.99 USD
25/02 24/02 02/24/11 0.99 USD
25/02 24/02 02/24/11 99.95 USD
25/02 24/02 02/24/11 4.15 USD
25/02 24/02 02/24/11 99.95 USD

I want my money back please.

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17331Youth Nutrition 8776192649 cy
Total claims:130
After a friend had been telling me about Acai Berry Diet pills, I went serching on the internet, there were many sites offering free trials as well as purchases of the products. I did not however sign up for any of the offers, be they supposedly free or otherwise and I have stil had two amounts taken from my bank account - how they have my bank details I have no idea - but one amount was for £2.95 and the other for £128.06, the transaction had apparently been in dollars too. When trying to contact the company I have had no luck getting in touch with them on any phone number or email address I have found for them. I believe this company to be very disreputable and the whole affair has made me extremely angry and upset, not to mention leaving me completely penniless. I hope anyone reading this takes my caution and doesn't even go looking on websites for such products in the future - harsh, I know, as many companies will be legitimate, but be very wary of the company websites using viruses etc to find your details...

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16833Youth Nutrition 8776192649 cy
Total claims:130
acai berry scam!! »20.02.201121/02/20115
i saw an add for acai lipo and acai colon cleanse tablets to help aid weightloss and they as they were on offer
(£2.49 each), i decided i would get them as they were cheap. as a result of this i recieved a phonecall from my bank (automated service) asking if i knew about the transaction, as i did know, my bank authorised it, but what i was not told wasd that instead of taking a total of £4.98, they tried to take £30.86, £6.15, £61.75, £30.86, £61.75 and £6.15. they weren't able to take this as i didn't have enough in my account so they tried again the next day with £61.75! A total of £259.27!! luckily they haven't actually had a penny off me but surely they should be shamed for this???
as a result of this i have had to cancell my direct debits as i didn't know if i would be charged form my bank for not having the money in and i have also had to cancell my bank card as i don't know if they are going to try this again!!

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17779colonsurge.sharkilage & ultraslim.greenteaslimmer
Total claims:2
take money out of my bank accout with out arisation »7 march 201130/03/20115
comany adreNovarista Holdings Ltd.., Arch . Makariou 95 III, Charitini Building,2nd floor, Agios Antonios,1071 Nicosia,Cyprusss

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22496acai berry and colon cleanse free trial
Total claims:70
no number to contact and cancel »23.11.201111/12/20114
I recently sent off for a 14 day trial of pro action cleanse and nutrascience max trim and want to return them as it doesnt work and its an expensive product. The number on the website to ring is not a valid british number so cant contact them and havnt got an address either. They have put 112.50 against my card which will come out after 18 days but I want to return them as they certainly are not worth the money and they havnt even worked.

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16486better health [linlithgow]
Total claims:23
acai free trial scam »30/1/1105/02/20114

Signed up for free trial.Then noticed two payments debited from my account for £64.47.I have tried to email them on [] (link: to no avail as it just bounces back. I also tried the telephone number8708200066 but not available. Any suggestions.

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17156Youth Nutrition 8776192649 cy
Total claims:130
money back claim »february and march 201108/03/20114
i've signed up in the interenet knowing that is only a trial product costing only £2.98 didnt know that they will debit 63.42 and then this month again debited another £63.42 which i haven't received anything now apart from the free trial....please helped me to claim my money back as ive got no means now for this. thank you very much

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Total claims:3
Colon Fx1 over charge »April 28, 2011 / May 02, 201109/05/20114
I saw an ad for colon cleansing detox Colon Fx1 tablets to assist weight loss which were to be miracle tablets. The company offered a trial of these for $7.95CAD and three-day shipping. Nothing ever arrived and when I got my credit card statement it was showing a charge for $199.95. I online purchased on April 28, 2011 and was charged on my credit card on May 02. I tried to contact their customer service but of course had no success.

This is my only hope of getting refund of money

Credit Card statement
02/05/2011 SLIM SHO SLIM SHOP 8664837502 CY 317,60 199,95

Oder info


Here is your order reference number: 572331

Hello Priscila
Congratulations, your order has been successfully processed.
Please find your login details below and we are also preparing your products to be shipped shortly.
Thank you for your support and we wish you the best of luck with your goals.

Shipping Method: 3 Day Shipping
Date Ordered: Thursday, April 28 08:49:40 PDT 2011

Charges will appear on your credit card statement as SLIM SHOP 866-483-7502.


Colon - Life Access $7.95 CAD
Colon - 30 Day Supply FREE
Colon - Diet & Fitness Guide FREE
Subtotal ( 3 item(s)): $7.95 CAD
3 Day Shipping & Handling: FREE
Total Charged: $7.95 CAD


US: 1-866-483-7502
UK: 08081891549
FR: 0805 080 103
AU: 61-180-067-4183

Customer Self Help Portal:

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10364LB CyberNet Entertainment Ltd [Durham]
Total claims:29
FRAUD: charge 250 EUR for nothing!!!! »23.12.200907/01/20103
The company with 1000 names like:

Trading Company Ltd.
LB CyberNet Entertainmend Ltd.

charged my creditcard with 250 EUR. I just ordered 2 free trials - which i never got. Just on i didn't order. And now they charged my account with 3 x 84,74 (expenses included). I just called Mastercard and cancelled my creditcard. They told me i have to write a statement and they try to clarify that. I can just hope to get my money back otherwise i will try to sue the company.

I don't know how this is possible, if so many people already were duped and complaint about the same case and company.

Good luck to everybody!!! I'm open for advices to get my money back.

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10717LB CyberNet Entertainment Ltd [Durham]
Total claims:29
Misleading advertising / non refundable items »25/1/1025/01/20103
Letter sent to company 8.30pm Australian time 25/1/10

Please understand that I have grave reservations about your company & it's practises. I have been on the phone 4 times this evening (25/1/10) trying to resolve my account details, (payment to your company of $133.13 x 3 = $399.39 Aust!!), only to be told that the 15 day trial period is over, therefor negating the opportunity to claim a refund. I do not recall seeing the $133.13 Aust authorised on your site at the time of order, merely the $9.12 postage fee. I most certainly would not have subscribed to your 'Free trial offer' had I known it would amount to this much. I have recently moved house, thereby giving me less time to act upon the trial period. The items were in an unpacked box until just this evening. I am a single mother & I cannot afford the $400 payed to you - this is my week's wage!

Under you refund policy - '1.You may receive a refund of any Product that you ordered up to thirty (30) days after your order is placed.' By my records I still have 4 days to request a refund.

The only reason I became aware of the costs was through checking my monthly credit card statement this evening (arrived in the post today). There has been a spate of credit card fraud in Australia of late & I assumed that I had fallen victim, cancelling my credit card & issuing a new one, effective 25/1/10.

Through further enquries & rather unhelpful assistance from your 'customer service' department, I am left feeling the situation is now hopeless & I have wasted $400.

The three items sent to me, LifeCleanse, Resvmax & Acai Berry Detox, are fully intact, as I only opened them this evening. Unfortunate for me, they were in a box I was yet to unpack.

As the initial order, free trial subsciption, was placed on the 29/12/09, I am still within the 30 refund window. I am happy to post the goods tomorrow, however you do not appear to except refunds. I am more than happy to pay for the postage & handling charges, just NOT the $400.

To confirm the 3 items received were - the Acai Berry Detox (Order # 527 535 15), Life Cleanse (o # 527 537 87) & the Resvmax (O# 527 535 43)

I sincerely hope that your company can throw a rope of good will & good faith in addressing this matter, fair & reasonably. If forced, I will have no hesitation in taking this matter to the neccessary authorities, however I hope that it will not be the case.

I appreciate a hasty response to this issue..

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16074acai berry and colon cleanse free trial
Total claims:70 »january 201118/01/20113
checked out a free trial website on line filled in details but never submitted form due to error, have never received product obv as form wasnt submitted thn today (18/1/2011) there is a transaction on my bank statement for 75.00 from, was very surprised at this since as previously stated didnt submit form for free trial

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16124better health [linlithgow]
Total claims:23
Recurring withdrawals from accounts »14/12/10 14/01/1119/01/20113
I signed up for the advertised FREE TRIAL of Acai Berry & Colon Cleanse product to try. Only cost was Postage $7.95 for each trial product. Total Cost $15.90. I recieved my products as stated but have realised they have been taking unauthorized payments of $104.46 x 2 and $104.22 x 2 in consecutive months. If they are charging this amount for the tablets that were sent they should have arranged it - because I certainly would not be paying that amount of money for them. It was advertised as FREE TRIAL - I thought that meant FREE!

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18338no pain pro
Total claims:29
Acai berry tablets & Colon Cleanse tablets »06/04/201113/04/20113

I ordered a free sample of Acai Berry and Colon Cleanse from these companies (No Pain Pro & Joint Relief) with a total to pay of £2.99 postage for each item. The following day I had a call from my bank querying the payments taken from my account as they believed them to be fraudulent transactions. When they told me the amount that had been taken I was in total shock!! £126.90 each transaction as opposed to £2.99!! They advised there was nothing they could do as I had given my card details so wasn't fraud. I have e-mailed the company demanding a full refund but just received an automatic reply saying I need to call them but no telephone numbers given. I can't believe I have allowed myself to be taken in by a thieving scam of a company! I would really like help in getting my money back please.

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Total claims:2
Scammed »4/28 & 5/16, 200901/06/20092

I ordered the free trial for just paying the $7.95 shipping. Then they charge me $59.95 twice on my credit card and claim I ordered extra supplies (which I never received and did not want). They finally cancelled my order but did not return my money.

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10531LB CyberNet Entertainment Ltd [Durham]
Total claims:29
Cancellation of my order »January 13,2 01015/01/20102


Please cancell my order number 54095379. I do not want to receive the Energy Slim with Acai that I ordered on January 13, 2010. Please do not charge my account on my Mastercard. I am not interested in receiving your product.

Thank you
Rosa Del BAlso

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11613LB CyberNet Entertainment Ltd [Durham]
Total claims:29
unauthorized charge »27/02/201013/03/20102
10-02-2010 I ordered through an advertisement 1 sample packet of Acai Berry Detox, and 1 sample packet of Life Cleanse, both packages for 0.95 Euro a piece.
Test kits are paid with Mastercard.

Subsequently, I received the packages whitin 5 days, at a price of € 0.95 piece.

27-02-2010 I can see at my online bank that there has been whitdrawn twice 128.90 USD at my account.

27-02-2010 01-03-2010 AR Life Cleanse +448447043748 GB 1 EUR = 1, 3382475 USD
-128, 90 USD -96, 32 EUR

27-02-2010 01-03-2010 LZ Acai Berry +442920008958 GB 1 EUR = 1, 3382475 USD
-128, 90 USD -96, 32 EUR

This must certainly be a mistake and if not I will regard it as being very close to a criminal act.

Please reverse the amounts back to my account as quickly as possible=now=immediately!!
Francine Demild

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15740acai berry and colon cleanse free trial
Total claims:70 »29th dec 201004/01/20112

I was offered a free trial of acacia berries slimming pills and was assured I would only need to pay the postage. I accepted the trail and then a week or so later I noticed a payment of £75 had been taken out of my bank account without my permission.
I would never have tried these pills had I known the true cost, I dont understand how these people have got away with this. Its disgusting and they very nearly took me over my overdraft limit which could have ended up costing me a lot more in bank charges.
Someone needs to do something to stop these people.

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13643Diet Max 800320298 El Tecal PA
Total claims:9
Funds taken without authorization »10/09/201013/09/20102
In May I ordered the free trial of this product. The initial charge for the trial was taken out of my account as expected, the trial arrived and I phoned (a number in the US I hasten to add) and canceled this product. I was assured that everything would go through ok and it had been canceled. This seemed to be the case and I didn't get charged any more. That is until the 10th September when a charge for the full $39.95 was taken without authorization from my account. I have received no further goods and now want this money returning to me.

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17639better health [linlithgow]
Total claims:23
No goods - account debited unlawfully »16 March 201125/03/20112
I ordered a tooth whitening kit from Better Health paying only delivery of £4.95. I was debited that amount plus another £129. I received no confirmation email from the company and have not received any teeth whitening kit. I contacted my bank Natwest immediately who advised that I cancel my card which I have done and they referred me to the Vice card dept. They have sent me a form to fill in which authorises them not to release any more money to this company. On the phone they said they would assist in getting the money back but on the letter they have just sent me it states that they are unable to credit my account with any payments made prior tothe cancellation. Can anyone assist with telephone numhers, email address or anyway we can get this money back.

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