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2197QS Supplies [Leicester]
Total claims:25
QS Supplies - Terrible service and no refund in sight »ongoing since feb 14 200904/05/200914


Please read the update at the bottom...


On 14 Feb 2009 I ordered a full bathroom suite, radiator and taps. I dealt with MO who seemed very pleasant and assured me that it would arrive on time 2 weeks later.

As both my partner and myself work full time and only receive standard issue holiday entitlement I needed the delivery to arrive on time. Mo called at 8:45am telling me to go to work as the bath had been damaged in transit and there would be no delivery that day. Fair enough. As they had no exact replacement for the bath, Mo agreed to send me the next one up which made up for the pointless day off work, although this cost me a days wages for the builders as they couldn't start work but billed me anyway.

They arranged for the next week and Mo even called to make sure it was 2 holes I wanted drilled in the bath. My partner drove home (from central London) at lunchtime to accept the delivery (which the delivery man very kindly helped carry into the house) to find that the taps and the bath waste were missing. The contractors started work that day. I called Mo and he said that they could have the correct taps and bath waste delivered the next day and left in a concealed location at our property.

The next day came and no taps..or bath waste. I called Mo, again, to find out why. He said that it was "against company policy to leave packages unattended" so we set yet another date to be delivered, this time to my work as they would be light enough for me to carry home. I specified the precise location of my office which all the delivery driver had to do to find was ask the receptionist for the 5th floor and my name.

It didn't arrive. They delivered it to our despatch area of the building which means that it would be near impossible to find amongst the the hundreds of other deliveries. After asking for a few favours we found it but lo and behold the bath waste was missing. Can these people do anything right? (I was to find out that the answer is No) Back on the phone to Mo who got the bath waste sent out a couple of days later.

What was a simple delivery turned out to be a bit of a mess....

1. Ordered and paid for everything in full on the 14 Feb
2. Delivery scheduled on the 27 Feb
3. Order began to arrive 2 March
4. Order completed 5 March
5. Total calls to and from QS Supplies = 15

It was a waste of my time, not to mention my phone bill.

When the time came to fit the bath my builder told me that it was the wrong taps that had been delivered. I required wall mounted taps because that bath had a roll top and couldn't accommodate any type of taps. Remember Mo kindly called to confirm that I wanted 2 holes in the bath? So, I got a bath with no holes and the wrong taps...back on the phone. Mo told me that the builders can just drill holes in the bath. No Mo, not in a roll top bath you won't. Which is what my builder said so the only thing was to send the bath back. I looked on their site to locate a suitable replacement within budget but there were none.

Apparently to collect the bath itself from us was going to cost me the price of the bath so I wouldn't receive any refund. So I kept the bath, changed the design of the bathroom (thanks to the ingenious builder) and decided to order new taps and send back the other taps that wouldn't fit. I called Mo and asked him if they could refund the taps because I needed a set sent out on next day delivery.

Called Mo at 1030am - taps we need are too expensive and he wasn't going to budge on a deal for anything. Ok fine, I'll just have a refund. Ok but they charge for a refund...25% penalty charge and 10gbp collection charge but he would call the supplier and see if they could get a better price.
This is ending up costing me a fortune in lost builders wages! Mo never called back so I had to pay another days wages to the builder. I decided to just buy taps from another company who could supply them the next day and I would deal with the refund at a later date.
The taps from the other company arrived and I called Mo to see what was happening with the refund. He was completely oblivious to what was happening even though it was only the day before we spoke, he didn't even remember me? How very odd.
After looking back his notes he said "Well Miss *** I've got good news and bad news which would you like first?" (WTF? was I in some sort of Some Mothers Do Have 'Em show?) the bad news turned out to be that there was going to be a charge and the good news was that they lowered the penalty charge from 25% to 12% and a 10gbp carriage charge. I just agreed because the taps were 138gbp.

Ok then, collection of the taps on Thursday so I took the day off. No one came (are you surprised?) I chased them and Mo gave me the suppliers number (which is a no-no in any business) so I called Sagittarius and spoke to Claire who told me that the driver turned up at my work when I specifically told them I had taken a day off and to collect the taps from my house. To top that off the driver, apparently, gave the poor receptionist the height of abuse. By the by I asked Claire how much they charge for collection...."10% and 6gbp carriage" "Oh really" I said, "Seems like Mo was trying to rip me off" (I know that this is just business, but at least remember when you've lied and not to give out your supplier's number) Claire kindly gave me free collection and waivered the charge.

Again I took and day vain. They never turned up and I was in the flat all day with the builder. I called them and they were adamant that they did come, no one answered the door so they left a calling card. NO CALLING CARD! I argued back and forth with Mo about this (yes you read correctly, he argued) then ended up calling me a liar...A LIAR! then he said "Miss *** I'm sick and tired of dealing with you." so I asked to speak to a manager, he said that would be fine as he wasn't interested in dealing with me (*remember to look for customer service best practice reports)

The manager, Zam would be back at 6 and they were closing at 7. I called at 6, Zam was with a customer "Ok ill call back later" and can you also give him my number and have him call me at any time.

My partner called on Saturday and James said that there is no way anyone would have given me Zam's name. "Thats strange" he said "because I didn't pull that name out of my ass, Mo gave me the name and said I could talk to him" James told my partner that there is no way I could talk to this Zam, no way. Period.

Then I found that they didn't deliver the radiator valves. They weren't in the box with the radiator which Mo said they would be. So they are now going to collect the taps and deliver the valves, which apparently incurs a "Swap charge" of 19.65gbp. Bargain.

I specified that we needed angled valves, I made this point 3 times because I was sure he would fluff it up. On the morning of the delivery Mo called and left a voicemail saying "You never specified which kind of valves you wanted so we just delivered angled ones" This was very lucky, it was 50/50 which way they could mess it up but they messed it up the correct way (if that is possible?)
The taps were collected and the new valves were fitted making for a happy builder.

A refund for the taps will be in your account within 5 days. That was on the 24 March 2009 I am still waiting for my money. I am in the process of making an official complaint through:

The Office of Fair Trading
Citizens Advice Bureaux


I called QS Supplies on the 24 April and the guy (wasn't James or Mo) said that he has send our refund across to the accounts department who will refund us the 136gbp straight away. Come on, of course I know it's a load of rubbish. So I queried him about it and there was nothing more I could do from this end of the phone and he assured me that the accounts department was going to deal with it. He also assured me that i would have the money in my account within the week (how unusual of QS to make a promise) I remain pessimistic.

As one could have predicted, it is now 1 May 2009 and I have just got off the phone with QS and firstly he says that they have to wait until Sagittarius collects the taps from QS, inspects them for damage and refunds QS before I will see a penny. Now, I work in retail and know that this is not the way business works. I was dealing with QS, they are MY supplier. Sagittarius is not my supplier, I did not buy anything from them. How on God's good earth did they manage to get a business going. I'm sure the owner Saz Member or Zam Member is not oblivious to the way his company is run. I have asked to speak to him numerous times but he seems to always be busy and he has never, once, returned any on my calls.

They've had my taps for more than 5 weeks now, surely to God they would have been picked up by Sagittarius by now? QS should have inspected them for damage when they were delivered to them. They would have signed for them...accepting that the goods were in good order so the inspecting has already been done but where is my money???

I can see that they are hoping I will forget about the money...I have emailed this to Consumer Direct, Watchdog, Which?, The Office of Fair Trading and the Trading Standards Institute. Also I will be placing posts and reviews on every forum that mentions QS Supplies or bathroom supply companies.

Total money paid: 156.51gbp
Total promised refund: 136.86gbp

Total Money Received From QS Supplies: 0

Again people, heed my warning, do not buy from these people. If this is the way they try to run a business do YOU want to do business with them??? They may be competitive on price but they WILL let you down once they have your money.

UPDATE: July 13th 2009

Well I'm back again after months of to-ing and fro-ing with the QS Supplies people. I spoke to HUZ on Friday who, eventually after arguing about it, agreed to the final installment of our refund. We were supposed to get £136.86 and ended up with a £110 refund on the 14th May. I know £26.86 is a very small amount for the hassle but after all the messing around, stress and aggravation QS has given us I wasn't prepared to write it off.
Huz promised that the payment of £26.86 would be going through to our bank this week and he asked me to take off the negative reviews which, apparently, have been creating quite a stir and rightly so. Just because they have, finally, paid back what they should have months ago it doesn't change the treatment my partner and I received. Then he told me the story that Mo and James had been telling everyone, that it was nothing to do with them and that it was their supplier (Sagittarius) who didn't want to deal with us.
It's strange that because how would their supplier give a toss if we were returning 1 set of taps, it's only one set of taps?!? I'm pretty sure they failed to mention that it was the fact that their fork-lift driver damaged our original bath so they offered us a choice of 3-4 others as a replacement so we chose one and asked if all the fittings we had ordered originally would fit the new bath. They (Mo) told us they would and they didn't then the whole saga began purely because they never admitted their mistake.
I know this is a family run business and I'm sure the owner must be pretty annoyed about a review like this but they need to know how their staff are treating HIS customers and tarnishing HIS reputation. I know if I was the owner, family or not, I would have no hesitation getting in new staff.

Mo, if this has given you and James grief it's your own fault for being a lying, cocky chancer. You thought that I would just forget about the whole thing and let you get away with my refund. No chance! And NO ONE speaks to my partner the way you did and gets away with it. I can assure you that I will not be removing these posts because the public need to know the kind of service you give and the way they can expect to be treated.

I have now noticed on the chrome towel rail (QS 804) 700 x 1000 curved radiator and there is surface rust and the chrome is peeling off! This is shocking quality. I use a chroming company for other work and got the guy to come in and have a look at it. He comfirmed that it is very poor quality chrome. The process is that the bare metal is covered in a very thin layer of metal then another couple of layers of nickel then another few layers of chrome. I have a motorbike with chrome on it that sits outside in rain and shine and has no problems but this towel rail has been in for a few months and switched on, maybe twice and it's not only covered in rust but the chrome is flaking off. I called the company who manufacture it who just told me to take it up with QS Supplies. I know QS Supplies didn't make the rail but there are a few other people on this site complaining about hte same thing. I want a replacement towel rail of better quality at no cost (not even restocking/shipping/delivery/admin) and they can cover the fitting costs.

I would advise people in the same situation as me to write something similar as this (an account of the situation) and post it on a number of sites:

Twitter, blogger etc.

Don't bother with their forum as I posted there but the staff at QS Supplies are the moderators who edited the post I made to this one...

[] (link:

I have contacted the company who supplied their forum software and they are looking into the conditions of usage. 

Qs Supplies Qs supplies Qs Supplies Qs supplies Qs Supplies Qs supplies Qs Supplies Qs supplies Qs Supplies Qs supplies Qs Supplies Qs supplies Qs Supplies Qs supplies Qs Supplies Qs supplies Qs Supplies Qs supplies Qs Supplies Qs supplies Qs Supplies Qs supplies Qs Supplies Qs supplies Qs Supplies Qs supplies Qs Supplies Qs supplies Qs Supplies Qs supplies Qs Supplies Qs supplies Qs Supplies Qs supplies Qs Supplies Qs supplies

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3862QS Supplies [Leicester]
Total claims:25
FANTASTIC SEVRICE »20/7/200926/07/20092

FANTASTIC SERVICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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5096QS Supplies [Leicester]
Total claims:25
un-level shower tray »25/09/0928/09/20092

purchased low level stone shower tray for use for disabled child. when going to fit tray it was rocking due to being un-level, phoned QSSUPPLIES spoke with Mo who requested pictures, i emailed photos & mo agreed the tray was not level &would speak to manager regards refund. i called back 3times Mo said manager Ian said this could not have happened before leaving warehouse because they would've noticed!!! i mentioned the packing would prevent this being noticable which mo agreed, he was going to speak to ian & call monday. Monday darren informs me i would not receive a refund because i'd fitted another tray purchased from somewhere else!!!!! giving that we needed a shower tray fast & i no longer trusted the supplier & would NEVER use them again i find this appalling a disgrace & shameful behaviour from a business, customer service officers lack the qualities required for the job they are in.

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3864tile planet [Leicester]
Total claims:1
RIPP OFF SHOP »12/4/200926/07/20092

go to WWW.QSSUPPLIES.CO.UK for a bargin

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26950interossendalerior home designs of
Total claims:2
uncompleted kitchen »25 09 1205/10/20122
ordered kitchen but when fitted doors were missing and fitter had put units in the wrong place and not to the plan. units have been chopped about and it looks a complete eye sore. Have tried to contact the company on a number of occasions to be put on hold and then hung up on ...

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10866Plumbworld Uk [Worcster]
Total claims:6
AQUALUX ENCLOSURES PURA CHEAP »09.01.2010 30/01/20101

Plumbworld as a company is totally incompetent. We ordered and paid for a bath on 2.12.2009. we kept receiving emails advising us of the expected date they were to receive it which changed on a daily basis. Eventually we were advi9sed that it had been received and was shipped to HDNL for onward transportation, this was on 17.12.2009. We received our bath on 19.01.2010 only the feet are missing. We are still trying to resolve this with a conmpany who only correspond by email as and when the mood takes them.

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6974kitchen dreams [oldham]
Total claims:1
missing kitchen doors »3weeks22/11/20091

bought a kitchen from kitchen dreams to be fitted by myself,two weeks later i started to fit my new kitchen ordered a 1000 cupboard cudnt find it anywhere then realised they sent me a 800 instead this want a major problem cud work round this so carried on to make my oven housing guess what wrong cupboard again made it and my oven was 7ft off the floor by now thought better check all the boxes i realised then i had been rip off,there was no draw fronts four any cupboard two doors missing no clips 4 my sink no taps  sent me my glass cupboard with no glass.i rung customer services day after day no answer so rung main office they said nothing to do with them so went off my head and they finally said ring me back l8r tonite that was 2 weeks still fitting the kitchen but have to go out now and buy all new doors coz i carnt match them up.yours faithfully paul

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1863yorkshire trade kitchen sheffield [sheffield]
Total claims:1
mr hussain »22-01-0917/04/20090

had fitted kitchen left un complete kitchen and left work in danger

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3068QS Supplies [Leicester]
Total claims:25
QS Supplies appalling customer service, rude and dishonest. »April 0928/05/20090

Last year we bought a towel heater from QS supplies. two days after fitting it, it began to leak. When i called QS supplies to complain I was treated appallingly. In particular a salesman called Mo was dealing with my calls. He was very rude and very unhelpful. They eventually agreed to replace the heater. After 2 weeks I had heard nothing so i called again. QS supplies denied all knowledge of my previous calls and accused me of making the whole thing up. After several more frustrating phone calls they agreed that if i returned the faulty heater then they would arrange a replacement.

As requested, I sent the faulty heater to QS supplies on the 7th May via a courier. They deny receiving the heater. i have a copy of the a signed proof of delivery slip from the courier which i have sent to QS supplies. 

Despite several attempts i have since been unable to get any one from QS Supplies to discuss my claim and they have now lost the faulty heater that i returned to them.

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3569QS Supplies [Leicester]
Total claims:25
complaint »23/06/0902/07/20090

I purchased a electric shower over the phone from one of the employers at qs (Younus).i explained in full that i could not wait for a long period ie 7-10 days because i had builders coming in. He agreed with me that the product would be recieved in the same week.i was told that the product was in stock.

i found out after 7 days when i did not recieve the product that it wasnt in stock and they were waiting themselves.i rang back after 10 days and they are sayin they still havent got it yet.when i asked to speak with the manager they simply passed me from 1 employer to the next pretending to be managers.I asked for a refund and they said that they would charge me a 25% admin restock charge.

i believe they lied an decieved just to make a sale. The work force is not accountable. they are unreliable.imtold now that they will recieve the product next week.This has caused me problems with my builders.

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3661QS Supplies [Leicester]
Total claims:25

I was in the process of sourcing bathroom for a modest renovation to by Castle. I searched thenet to get bargaings and came across QS Supplies. I realised there were based in Leicester and decided to pay them a vist from Northampton. What a Surprise did I get and was gob smacked at the displays and design of Bathrooms QS Supplies has. Full of ideas of how a bathroom can be set and ended up buying all the products from them. They gave me a lot of ideas as to how a bathroom can be set to get the individual look. I am extremly pleased with my bathroom which has a "WOW" Effect. Need to give these guys credit of what can be created as they have a great corordination eye to details. Worth a vist but just remember that you take your measurements with you to avoid a re-vist.

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16133QS Supplies [Leicester]
Total claims:25
not able to return part »20/1/1120/01/20110
tried to return a unused part - rang them up and they couldnt give me a returns number on the phone, requesting that I used email.. Used their web site form which bounced from their server couple of days later. Tried again using Sales email address and they responded that I was now later than 7 days since delivery and no chance of return.. cheap, yes - but dont use if you want/need any customer service...

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5026QS Supplies [Leicester]
Total claims:25
cracked bath »22/09/0923/09/20090

I ordered a bath and it was delivered a week later, I left it in the packaging so that it would not get damaged. On the day the plumber came to fit the bath and the packaging was removed the bath had a crack on the side. I contacted QS supplies they were rude and kept putting me on hold and then cutting me off, they asked me to send pictures of the damage which I did, they told me they could not do anything about the complaint because I had the bath for more than 14 days. I suggested they pay to get it fixed as this would be a lesser cost than a replacement but they were not interested. DON'T GET INVOVED WITH THIS LOT AS THEY ARE CONMEN I AM SURE MY BATH MUST HAVE BEEN A SECOND AS THE CRACK DID NOT EVEN LOOK NEW

Anne Holland

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6016QS Supplies [Leicester]
Total claims:25
no refund »20/10/0930/10/20090

Horrified to read the quotes about QS Supples.  Ordered bathroom equipment, of which they said they had 5 in stock.  When tried to track order - nothing. Rang the next day. They said we would have to wait 4 - 6 weeks.  This was unacceptable as we need the equipment straight away. Cancelled the order, asked for immediate refund.  Said they would refund. Ten days later and numerous phone calls - nothing. Spoke to MO who seems to run everything - says he is going to sort it out - ring back - e-mail etc - NOTHING.  This kind of company gives internet shopping a very bad name. Don't go near them!

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6474QS Supplies [Leicester]
Total claims:25
Great customer Service, Can’t think of anything as good never mind better. Very friendly and helpful communication. Fast dispatch well packaged !!! »10/11/200910/11/20090

What a great customer experience ive received in fact I can’t think of anything as good never mind better. There is great friendly and helpful communication. Fast despatch well packaged shower cubicle, delivered when they said, after a courtesy call. I can’t wait to finish my extension so I can plumb it in! Thanks to Zain

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6530QS Supplies [Leicester]
Total claims:25
THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH QS »04/10/200911/11/20090

I recently placed an order with QSSUPPLIES (with some trepidation after reading the reviews). I placed the order by phone and got them to confirm the items I required were in stock. I paid for next day delivery to ensure if there was a problem I knew about it sooner rather than later. Every thing arrived on time and in perfect order. (THANKS A LOT QS) It was exceptional quality and value for money. I have written this as I feel we only ever bother to write when something is wrong which is why this company is suffering such a poor rating. I am sure at their prices they supply thousands of customers successfully.

Thanks a Bunch you certainly made my bathroom !!!


Qs Supplies


Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies Qs Supplies

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10002QS Supplies [Leicester]
Total claims:25
Bathroom »11/11/0921/12/20090

This is a terrible company to do business with. They are rude, have terrible customer service and feel that shouting at clients is the way to do good business! I am yet to receive my items from QS Supplies my recommendation is only do business with this company if you can afford to lose your money!

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11048QS Supplies [Leicester]
Total claims:25
Nightmare to deal with »14/01/201005/02/20100

I ordered a shower enclosure from QS by phone and Mo who took the order guaranteed that it would be the same way round as in the photo on their website. The parcel duly arrived in quick time, although it was covered in used engine oil for some reason. On removing the packaging I noticed that the shower enclosure was the opposite way round to the one I ordered.

I contacted QS, who doubted that they had made a mistake and I had to take and email photos of the product to them. After waiting a couple of days I contacted QS and asked what they were doing about a replacement, I was told that the incorrect article would be collected and another one sent out.

The collection day came and went with no sign of anyone coming to pick up the goods and so back to the phone. A couple of days later and several more phone calls a driver turned up to collect the enclosure. I rang QS to ask about a replacement and was promised several dates all of which nothing arrived. Finally I was promised a full refund and yes you’ve guessed it NOTHING.

Phone call after phone call was made to their rude customer (non) service staff to try and get a refund. You just get passed from pillar to post, put on hold for lengthy periods and in the end achieve absolutely NOTHING. A tip for anyone who is in the same position is to contact consumer direct ( )who will tell you where you stand and what your next move is to be. One thing they told me about is the distant selling regulations which ALL traders on the internet are bound by in law and that they MUST refund you within a thirty day period and CANNOT charge you for returned goods.

I have now received a full refund and will definitely NOT be using this company again.

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11588QS Supplies [Leicester]
Total claims:25
Sent to wrong address »23.12.0910/03/20100

I purchased a shower from QS supplies I included 2 address's one My delievery address which was for my plumber in scotland and 2 my billing address. They sent it to my billing address. I never recieved it although I did trace it via the tracking order and someone in the name of jones sighned for it. It clearly states that I wanted it to be delivered to my delievery address. When I rang they were very rude, said it was my problem then hung up on me. My parner then rang spoke to someone named Zane who admitted that they specialized in ripping people off and that they were very good at it. I have sent numerous letters and emails, but never heard anything from them. They were at fault. I know ill never see my money again but I want to warn others from using them.

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11944QS Supplies [Leicester]
Total claims:25
Amazing Company!!!!!!!!! »23/03/201003/04/20100

I dont have a question, just a comment. Having been let down by another Large online retailer, I needed a shower enclosure and tray quickly. I phoned QS SUPPLIES and placed an order at approx 16.26 pm on Thursday and my shower enclosure & tray were delivered at 08.50 Friday morning. What a fantastic service i mean i was gobb smacked.

This is what i call QUALITY SERIVCE

I had my kidd screaming and crying in the back the poor lad on the phone kept very calm and said "SETTLE THE LITTLE ONE ITS MORE IMPORTANT" I mean this is Excellent customer service i have a brother, sister 3 kids who will all want to do there bathroom in the future and i tell you something i will definately be advising them to use QS Supplies


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