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MERCEDES BENZ A160 »11/04/201216/05/201210
On the 11/04/2011 I purchaced a car from this company in good faith registration number V871ELE Mercedes A Class 160 Classic.Under the sale of goods act 1979 they have a duty to sell vehicles of satisfacy condition.On returning home with this vehicle I noticed the vehicle had some faults,on the evening of the same day I was driving down a hill and the breaks malfunctioned and the sterring locked nearly causing a severe accident. On the following day I went to Sentry Autos and took the car with myself on a drive to find that there was nothing wrong,I wasn�t happy and asked for a refund,they told me no and offered to take the vehicle for an MOT infact I took the vehicle for an mot and they told me that if it failed they would refund me the cost of the car and be reimbursed for the mot. After the vehicle indeed failing the mot but nothing was picked up on the brakes, they still advised me of NO refund but they did offer to fix the car,after all the stress of this I decieded that I no longer wanted the vehicle and they could see I was in a very distressed state as to which one of their colleages found that funny.I was so upset that I said that I would take just £500 back just to bring this dreadful ordeal to an end. I am now out of pocket by £673

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Total claims:11
carcraft nightmare »24/05/201128/10/20113

Alan & Joanne Thompson 28 Lesh Lane Barrow in Furness Cumbria LA13 9EF Tel. 01229 825500 To whom it may concern We, my wife and I, went to Carcraft in May of this year to buy a Ford Focus Convertible registration number BK08 NYB, this we did, Carcraft told us that the car had undergone a 150 point inspection and was in pristine condition and that we had a full 1 years free warranty and if we took the extra cover we would get 3 years cover, after questioning the salesmen we were assured that we would not have to come back to Leeds to receive a repair, a journey of about 180 miles, and we could get it repaired locally, so we took the car home. On the way home we found that I was having an issue with 6th gear, the mp3 player was not working and the interior roof fell down, after we arrived at home we also discovered that the car leaked. We phoned Carcraft the next day and told them of the problems, we were told to take the car to Halfords, this we did after reminding them that this car was supposed to be in pristine condition. Halfords after a little investigation told us it needed to go to a Ford dealer for repairs, we phoned Carcraft once again and told them what Halfords had told us, Carcraft informed us that we cannot go to our local Ford dealer because they do not have an account with Ford here in Barrow in Furness we would have to go back to Leeds, this, we explained, could not happen we could not get down to Leeds even if we felt so inclined because of work and time constraints, but alas we had little choice because they had fouled up the hire purchase documentation and we had to sign the documentation on the premises by law, efficient aren’t they. We waited in the showroom after we had filled in the new docs. For the finance and again drove home the car, oddly enough I still had problems putting the car into 6th gear and the mp3 player still didn’t work plus the roof fell down again after about 50 miles, one could see they had attempted to put back up with double sided tape, cowboys, this is supposed to be a large legitimate business?. It was late at night again so we phoned Carcraft the next day, this is an 0844 number by the by, we again told them of the problems and the shoddy, ridiculous and unbecoming work that their service department had attempted on the car, by the way they shoved tissue paper in the leaks hoping we they would get away with it, however, after some distasteful and upsetting arguments and bad feeling between us and carcraft customer services we were, some days later and following a complaint to Carlyle finance, informed that we could take it to our local Ford if we paid for it ourselves and send them the invoice we would get reimbursed, this we had to do under protest, we were told categorically that this would not happen, with this pristine car, however, Ford repaired the 6th gear issue and the mp3 issue and the roof problem but the leaking was problematic, they estimated the cost to be in the region of £2000 and could not guarantee success, carcraft again insisted that the car go back to Leeds so we told them to pick it up, this they did, the car went into their local Ford, think they thought we were trying to screw them, who would have thought that we would try to screw carcraft, perish the thought. At this point we wanted to cancel the deal and leave the car with carcraft, they refused and said we were stuck with it now, no going back, we involved consumer direct who told us that we had the right to return this car if it was not fit for purpose which it was under the circumstances, they refused, surprise surprise, we complained to Carlyle finance under the consumer law and they appeared to be concerned for me the customer, but after some time I found that they were more interested in the red tape and procedures and not us. We were told we could not talk to their ford dealer so we found out which one by illumination and spoke to them , they informed us that the work would cost £2000 pounds and , surprise, they could not guarantee success, funny I could have sworn I heard that before, however, they also informed us that they had informed carcraft of these facts some days before, keeping us informed did not seem top of their list, we phoned carcraft and were told that it had to go in front of the directors for consideration, you can only imagine our response to this ridiculous statement*?$#/%&. After quite a time, over a week, meanwhile we do not have this car, we were told that they could no longer sell us this car because they were not prepared to pay £2000 and still not guarantee that we would be satisfied, we asked why the car could be returned when it suited carcraft and thought that perhaps the laws protecting consumers was a bit weaker than those protecting the seller. The car was kept by carcraft and we went to Leeds once again to resolve the issue on a prearranged day, on that day we were informed that we could take another car of our choosing, however, when we asked if we could just have our trade in car back and our deposit they said this was not possible because they had taken possession of the trade in they could not reverse the procedure?, and if we don’t want another car we said, then you will cause another problem it will have to go in front of the directors for consideration in way of cancelling the deal and the easiest way is to select another car, we looked under duress at another car but did not want anything they had, in the end we showed some interest in a BMW 1 series and immediately they made the hard sell and we accepted the car, when it became time to apply for the finance for this car they did not have the brains to know that the fact that I already had finance on the original car and this would show up making the new application suspicious to the finance companies, this caused us problems and we could not get the immediate finance because of it, so did carcraft let us take the car, no make the customer suffer again, we had to take a courtesy car and come back on a midweek day late at night to collect the BMW, again we were assured the car was magnificent, however, when I got home and using the car I found a peculiar ticking in the engine which I associated with a timing chain, having taken advice. Ha Ha, we phoned carcraft and told them, they said it had to go back to Leeds, not again come and collect it I said, this they did, we found out that they attempted to put a new one on and fowled it up and eventually did the job, we think BMW did the work because when we had the work checked by BMW they said everything was as it should be as though BMW had performed the work. Received the car back after about 2 weeks, is alarm bells ringing here, we paid £10,000 for this car and having major faults on this perfect magnificent car, quote, doesn’t seem right does it. The car was running fine but a couple of weeks later we get a warning light on the dash, we discover that it is a particle diesel filter, when we consulted BMW they commented that this light should not be on before 160,000 miles, we phoned carcraft and they told us to, believe it or not, go to Halfords in Barrow, this we did they said BMW’s were prone to this condition and need to be driven on motorways, we explained that we do not drive much out of town let alone motorways, unless we have to go to Leeds!!, they asked if this was explained to us during the point of sale, of course not we said. We phoned carcraft, telephone bill for ringing carcraft getting large now, we told them what Halfords had told us, the customer services asked if we were informed of this possible problem at the point of sale, we told them no or we would not have bought the car because it was in fact unsuitable for us, we at this point, we thought it was reasonable, to ask for this car to be returned and call it a day with carcraft, the customer services person told us she would put a complaint in to the directors, surprise surprise, the directors threw it out, no you cannot return the car because all diesels are like this, the customer service person told us that the director said, rubbish I said, we have had diesels for 16 years and this is the first problem we have had, besides at the point of sale this was not mentioned even though the salesmen knew we lived a long way from a motorway, however, we are going to rip you off even though we nearly ripped you off before with a ford focus convertible, carcraft are not interested really just want to sell cars on their own terms with no comeback or rights to the customer, they were called back street garages and the mot and roadworthy laws did away with most of them, a few got through the system, and became carcraft. While we were in dispute with carcraft over the BMW guess what?, we encountered another problem, when my wife Joanne tried to open the car remotely after work one night, it locked itself again, this continued for about 25 minutes at which point it let her in the car, while she was driving the car suddenly all of the windows came down at the same time, this was such a shock to my wife she swerved and was almost involved in an RTA, a witness thought she had become ill behind the wheel and rushed over to assist at which point she explained what had happened to which the witness was quite understanding and told her not to drive the car until it was fixed, Joanne is too scared now to drive the car and I had to go to her and drive the car home, this BMW having been bought for her, I drive a van, she will no longer drive the car again, ever, not even when it is fixed, she has a fear of the car now and so it is now useless to me. So my position now is that carcraft have refused to take the car back and have told us to take it to Halfords for repair, Halfords have told us they cannot repair the car it needs to go to BMW dealer, the car is of no use to me because my wife is frightened of it and will never drive it again, so if carcraft get away with just fobbing us off with whatever service or lack off service they see fit I will have to sell it or trade it in anyway, Carlyle finance have been going through their procedures for some weeks now, so helpful, they have sent round an independent engineer to confirm that the particle diesel filter does in fact have a problem, someone doesn’t believe us, this he did he admitted there was nothing to see or do but to confirm that it does have a problem, consumer direct keep giving us advice but they have no power to enforce any of their advice, to litigate is going to cost more money, I have a £10,000 car outside of no use to me, and carcraft just seem to be getting away with treating us like dogs and don’t seem to have to answer to anyone, and I am having trouble deciding my next step, if anyone knows what my next step should be please tell. If anyone can help out please let us know, meanwhile people need to know this story so as to stay clear of carcraft, at least until they clean up their act, I am committed now to obtaining justice in this case whatever it takes and if carcraft get away with this I am going to dedicate my efforts and my mission in life is to tell every living soul in the UK of this story and let them decide for themselves advising them to stay clear of carcraft. There was a lot of blood sweat and tears not recorded in this story, my wife lost sleep, became upset to the point of making her ill, shed buckets of tears, had angry exchanges of words on phones, spent hours and hours taking cars to garages to get fixed or diagnosed, had our lives disrupted time after time with going back to Leeds or telephoning or getting advise and don’t forget we paid £10,000 for the privilege. The things my wife went through because of Carcraft is wholly unacceptable on their own let alone all the rest of this sad but true story, it continues, however, let’s hope we get the help to bring this to a happy ending for the customers in this case, justice must exist out there somewhere. Signed Those living a nightmare Alan & Joanne Thompson


due to the interest shown by bbc rip off britain carcraft have taken the vehicle back and refunded our money, no compensation or sorry though, but thank heavens for small mercys and of course rip off britain, plus the fact that they received a repremand from the office of fair trading for misbehavour.

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351gordon lamb nissan [chesterfield]
Total claims:1
car problems »february14/11/20082

We purchased a nissan micra YT07 PTX in September 2007, before we bought it we asked one of Gordon Lambs representatives if Renault had , had any of the input with building the car because we knew from reading various car books that they had had problems with oil leaks on engines, we were told a firm no, so went ahead and purchased a new Nissan Micra. after just three thousand miles we discovered an oil leak on the underside of the engine, Gordon Lamb booked us in a few days later for a repair. whilst the car was there we pointed out that the metal weld on the inside of the doors had missed in the bottom of the doors leaving a gap  that would eventually probably cause them to rust. we were told that they were all like that!. in the meantime we also telephoned Nissan themselves and asked if there had been any reported engine faults with the Nissan micra and were told no. we felt that a brand new car shouldnt have an oil leak after three thousand miles. we logged it with  them. Gordon Lamb repaired the leak and we collected the car . just one week later and the car developed the same leak again. this time we were told that "they had replaced the seals in the engine with what must have been faulty seals" bad eh! at this point my husband told them that he didnt want the car and asked them to do us a swap, he had used all his pension to pay for it and it was spending more time with them than with us. they agreed but  we didnt want another micra because whislt waiting to see their manager, my husband looked underneath five micras that were parked on their forecourt and FOUR out of the five had the same leak! only the brand new one hadnt. and so they said we could get another car as long as it was in their franchise, so we went to Gordon Lamb Toyota, and swapped the car for a Toyota Aygo,YS55 XUG although they would only let us have a 55 plate so we ended up with a two year old car, which although is reliable, isnt new, they also kept £600 that was left over from what we had paid on the micra. because, in their words "We had used it". before we collected  the Aygo my husband had asked them to do all the stone chips on the bodywork and they said yes they would. On getting the Aygo home, my husband checked the car, as he  aways does, and discovered that they had sent it out with TWO bald tyres, yet the car had supposedly been checked over for collection three days before. yes they did replace the tyres straight away but we had to drive on bald tyres and risked a heafty fine had we been pulled over by police, plus they had also sent us out in a potentially dangerous car as it was winter and there was ice. it also turned out that they havnt done the stone chips, just covered them in red polish!. We have written letters and phoned. Steven Lamb  the managing director isnt the slightest bit interested in the fact that  we lost £600 on a faulty car, or that every penny of my husbands pension went on it, my husbands in incredible pain from a back injury and all we asked for was a reliable car, theres no way we could ever buy another new one. My husband cannot work through his injury and because of this is also on antidepressants. what happened with the car hasnt helped. Steven Lamb is only interested in money, its a drop in the ocean to him its a small fortune to us. please can you help? we are grateful that there are websites like these and I am at the moment writing this at our local library because we cannot afford the internet at home. if you would like to ring us  we can give you proper dates and details 07894 062886 or 01246434564. thanking you Michael and Carol White

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20677Lookers (Vauxhall) [Yardley, West Midlands]
Total claims:2
Overcharged on a used car »13th March 201021/08/20112
The price seen on the windscreen of the car before i purchase it In good faith was £4991.00 for my car, A Matiz 09 plate On 13th March 2010, and when Finally receiving my paperwork some four months later in July 2010 only to find out two of the extras they have added on was for Gap Insurance and Tyre Insurance to the combined price of £833.00 which i did not ask for, and this only had 14 days to cancel it or it will become none refundable.
And also added £1008.00 to the price of my car? This was added on for no reason and they will not tell me the reason the car was ticked as a USED car on my paperwork so how can they justify this increase. The car was seen as a used car to anyone looking at it and did not state it was not the full price. And had hidden extras,
I have been trying to get this amount refunded with no success i had advice from my citizens advice office and they say go to a small clams but is there any other options out there.

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Total claims:9
Faulty car »19 January 200921/02/20092

I purchased a brand new Corsa SXi 1.4 from Sherwoods, Stockton on Tees, Cleveland on 1/12/07.  It is the worst car I have ever had re performance and design but I expected it to at least be reliable.

To date is has broken down completely on 3 separate occasions and the AA have been called for assistance.  The second occasion it broke down in December 08 was 2 days after a 2 day full service.  At that time they kept it for approximately 1 week - I was given a courtesy car on that occasion.  The third occasionwas on 19 January 2009, a few weeks after the previous occasion, it broke down completely yet again.  The car was towed by the AA to the Vauxhall garage in Northallerton and from there it was taken to Sherwoods at Darlington - I live in Yarm.

The following day I was told Sherwoods at Stockton on Tees had no courtesy cars.  They couldn't repair the fault so I lost a days wages.  Later that day they said I could have a rented car from Enterprise but I had to wait for someone to return a car later that day.  I was asked to pay a £50 deposit which I would be returned when I returned the car.  Then they advised me to pay £10 per day as an insurance against stratches etc to the car as if they found any damage I could end up paying a substantial amount so I felt I had no alternative but to agree to pay this.  I was then informed they'd made a mistake and I only had to pay £5 a day.

It is now 22 February and my car has still not been returned to me.  In the meantime, Sherwoods advised me to stop paying the £5 per day to the car rental company and owing to the length of time I've had the car, I stopped paying this amount as it was getting to expensive.

I have sent a complaint to Sherwoods at both Stockton and Darlington branch plus the Head Office of Vauxhall.  I did eventually receive an acknowledgement of my complaint from Sherwoods at Darlington and a phone message from someone at Sherwoods at Darlington asking me to ring him and that they would try and resolve the matter.  I rang the person concerned on 3 occasions but he hasn't had the courtesy to return my call re the complaint.  My main grievance is that the car is totally unreliable and I've lost confidence in it altogether.  I feel that I shouldn't have to incur expenses for an alternative vehicle when my own car has problems due to no fault of my own (up to now I've paid over £90 to Enterprise for the rented car which they debited direct from my credit card).  It was only when I received my credit card bill that I noticed the amount which Enterprise had debited. It does mention in the small print on the agreement that they will do this, so advice to other people renting a car from Enterprise - read the small print.

The car was purchased at Sherwoods in Stockton and no one from the company has acknowledged my complaint.  I feel the service is appalling.  I am paying over £200 a month for my own car which has been off the road now for nearly 5 weeks and a full week prior to that.  I feel that I certainly shouldn't have to pay anything for an alternative vehicle when the car is faulty.

After this experience I certainly wouldn't have another vehicle from Vauxhall and wouldn't advise anyone to purchase a Corsa SXi 1.4. 

Sue Foxton

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Total claims:9

on Thursday 5 March 2009, my partner and I were nearly killed on the fast lane of a busy motorway when the engine of our Vauxhall Meriva 1.4 (Diesel engine) cut out.  We have had the car towed to Evans Halshaw in Middlesbrough, who have liaised with Vauxhall to come to an agreement regarding repair of the vehicle which is two years old and the repair should easily fall under Vaulxhall warantee of three years.


Vauxhall have refused to repair the car under warantee saying that it was driver error (unless we have been blessed with ESP and are yet to be made aware I am not sure how it could be due to driver error)


Apparently we have caused the engine to malfunction simply by following the instruction self help manual. 


We have had the car serviced as per instructionin April 2008.  In November time an orange light appeared on the dash the instruction manual told us to drive 20 Km at a certain speed, this would cause particles to be removed from the oil filter - we did and the light went out never to return. 

We have been told that we are in breech of the warrantee as the car should have had a rework on the defragmentation valve - Vauxhall garages were noted about this in April 2008 after our service.  We did not receive a recall through DVLA or via vauxhall.


We have been told that the engine may need to be replaced at a cost of £4000 which we have to pay. (We have been advised by the garage to have a service and the rework which will cost £200 - but this may well not work!)


I have spoken to Vauxhall to address the problem and to at least warn other drivers of the potential problem that this can cause.  I do not think this will happen, but am very concerned that this may happen to another unsuspecting couple, who do not have an expert police driver at the wheel and will end up dead.  Luckily I did that day and thank my lucky stars that I did otherwise I am sure we would have been killed and possibly killed others on the road.


Please help!



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1140Cargiant Ltd [London]
Total claims:7
Dangerous Sale »3rd March 200904/03/20092

I visited Car giant and purchased a 2004 Vauxhall Astra 1.6 sport from them on 4th February 2009. I was given the key to the car and the front to the radio and shown to my new purchase.

On driving home, I found that the spotlights on the front of the car did not work and neither did the foglights. I then put the front on the stereo and took out the manual for it, only to find that it had been locked and it would cost me a 'substantial amount' to have this unlocked again.

Just over three weeks later, the car began to make a high pitched whirring noise from the engine and when I braked to slow down the engine kept cutting out, this was driving home from work. So, I called the AA warranty number that I had been sold with the car (at a cost of 469.00) to be told the nearest recommended repair garage was over 25 minutes away, on calling them I was told that they could not look at my car until the following week, I was also told that I would have to pay for inspection costs!

I took the decision to find a reputable dealer near where I lived an took it to them instead. I was told by the technician who came to take a quick look at the car that I should turn the engine off immediately and not drive the car as the sound was due to the engine not getting any air, which could cause it to EXPLODE! I would like to point out that not only had I been driving this car to work, but I had also been taking my two children to school in it up until this point.

After a simple inspection on the car, the garage called me to inform me that the cam cover and cam belt both needed replacing, there was no oil in the engine, the windscreen wipers needed replacing and also that the car needed a service. In total these costs would come to between 800-1000 pounds. On reviewing the service record book that was given to me on payment of the car, and at the time was told that it did not need another service until christmas 2009 or 60,000 miles whichever came first, I saw that actually the car had last been serviced in December 2007.

So, I took out the information given to me at the time I purchased my car and called the aftersales team, I asked the person that picked up the phone their name and they said it was 'Mo", I then said could I have his surname as I would like it as a point of reference to which he said I didnt need it and as he had already said his name was Mo. Again I explained that I would like to take the full name of the person I was dealing with and again, in a very rude manner I was told that I didnt need his surname and his name was Mohammed and he was the only person with that name there. I explained all of the issues that I had with the car and 'Mo" said that they would pay for 1 hour of diagnostics and wanted the garage to fax over the diagnostics report, which could be reviewed - but if it was too much money it may be that they would carry out the repairs themselves. I rang my garage back and they immediately faxed the requested information over to cargiant, I rang back and asked for 'Mohammed" and was told that he was with a customer, I asked the gentleman to check if the fax had been received and he confirmed that it had, I asked if I would get a call back regarding this today, and was told I would and that as it was roughly 6pm and they closed at 7pm Mohammed would definately get back to me. At 6.45pm, I had not heard from anyone at Cargiant, so I called back, again asking to speak to Mohammed, who came onto the phone and said he had the report and it would not get looked at until the next day, I asked for some sort of time scale for this call and was told between 9am and 12 noon.

The next day, I called at 9am and asked to speak to a manager, but none were available so I explained the situation to a new advisor called Pedro. He apologised for what had happened (had not received an apology from the previous advisor) and said he would speak to a manager as soon as possible and the garage and call me back. About 10 minutes later Pedro called me back and said that the garage had been left a message and once he had spoken to them, he would get back to me with what would happen next, I again asked him if he could arrange for a manager to call me to discuss the situation. My garage called me at around 11am to inform me that they were waiting for cargiant to authorise the repair of my car, however this had yet to be received.

I received no further calls from Pedro or from any manager at cargiant that morning, again I tried to call the customer aftersales team but all I could do was leave messages on the answerphone system. I then decided that I would call the collections department to try to at least to speak to someone and get a message passed over to Pedro or a manager. A gentleman called Alan spoke to me and said that he would call me back and also get a manager to give me a call, he then began to tell me that because some cars had been sitting around, unfortunately things like this happen?!

It is now 3pm, I still have had no response from Cargiant and am still waiting for my car, you may wonder why I have not waited longer, but I dont believe that I should even have to be dealing with this situation if Cargiant had sold me a 'guaranteed quality product with piece of mind!" as described in their booklet at the time of sale.

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1740capital motors leicester [leicester]
Total claims:1
repair scam »8.4 0908/04/20092

on the 23rd of march 09, i bought a honda civic for 750 pounds from a very personable young man at capital motors ,st saviors road leicester. the same young man and his father delivered the car the next day. the day after that ,wednesday the 25th, i put petrol in the almost empty tank and set out for my daughters house fifteen miles or so away. after about five miles the car began to cut out when i slowed doown and seemed to surge and lose power alternately. i had to keep reatarting it and eventually pulled over into the abbey lane band q and rang mr bahadur( the salesmman) to ask if the car took unleaded as that was what i had put in and was worried that i should have put diesel. Mr Bahadur confirmed that the car did take unleaded. i explained what was happening with the car and mr bahadur told me to bring it in and he would get a mechanic to look at it. i did not know my way from band q to st.saviors road and so decided to carry on to my daughters as difficult as it might be and w then work out te route from there. however as i drove along the A6 at 60 miles per hour, the problem seemed to clear and i put it down to the petrol tank having been empty and dragging dregs through the system. i had no more problems with the car until i again filled with petrol on sunday the 29th of march. straight after i put petrol in ,the car surged and lost power and i waited for it to clear itself promising myself that i would not let it run to empty before filling it next time. the problem did not clear on my next run to shepshed on the tuesday and after thre short journeys to the local shops a quarter of a mile away it had gotten worse and the car kept cutting out every time i slowed down to turn or stop. i rang mr bahadur on saturday the 4th of april and he said he wpould come and pick up the car as i said i found it impossible to drive. he came to collect it on tuesday the 7th but it would not start at all. he returned later in the day and towed the car back to his capital motors forecourt. on wednesdsay 8th of march,he rang me to say that it was my fault the car had broken down as i had put diesel in it and that it was going to cost me a lot to repair. i replied crossly that i had not and that i certainly had not put diesel into it twice by mistake ,so how did he account for it happening both times and running through twenty pounds worth of petrol the first time on supposedly wrong ptrol. he angrily said that his mechanic was with the car and it had half a tank of diesel in it. i again maintained that i had not put diesel in and he asked me if i had got the two petrol reciepts ,i told him i had the second one as i paid by card .i did not have the first because i paid cash and the garage i always use does not give reciepts unlessd requested to. he said show me the reciept the. i said i would go straight to my house and try to find it. i did find it and went to the garage and verified that i had indeed put in twenty pounds worth of unleaded. i am going to confront mr bahadur tomorrow morning. i know that during the eleven days that i used the car, i filled up twice ,both with unleaded petrol. therefore i can only assume that he is trying to make me pay the cost of what is really wrong with the car. the receipt for the petrol clearly shows it to be unleaded and that petrol is still in the tank ,or was when mr bahadur towed it away. i did not see or hear him take was late in the evening. therefore i KNOW IT WAS not diesel. so WHAT IS YOUR GAME, mr bahadur.?

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12018ACF Finance [Dunstable]
Total claims:3
non roadworthy car »11/04/1011/04/20102

we bought a renault scenic mark 2 from the above brance of ACF around may 2009. from around 6 weeks in the auto geaqrbox started to slip out of gear with a large thud under the car and warning signs all over. i have to stop the car and restart it to clear the problem until it happens again. this happens at all speeds and is very dangerous. i have 3 young children in the car most of the time. Thats problems 1. problem 2 is the digital display has just died on me (completely blank) which i am now going to have to spend £?????? who knows what to have fixed. problem 3 is the drivers electric window has now failed. this no longer works at all. the vehicle had 25000 miles on the clock when i bought it and i am paying through the nose for a car that is probably worse and will cost me more money than my previous banger. i could not afford a full warranty on the car as the price im paying for the car itself is extortionate. i have spoken to the finance firm who got in contact with ACF who have said because i have owned it for 6 months i have to prove the faults were there before i bought the car (how the hell am i supposed to do that.  my next move is to contact trading standards as i am not going to continue to pay for a dangerous car. i expect to buy a car that is fit for purpose and according to ACF, they do full inspections before releasing a car. i think they missed this one.

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Total claims:11
Dishonest dealings »08/200801/09/20081

Bought car from this company based in Birtly. Said I could take car to any garage if repair needed.I accepted this as part of conditions of sale included in the price. The salesman did not tell me that this would be in the form of an extended warranty with NAC at an Additional cost of £45 per month for 4 years. Total cost in addition to price of car £2,160, which far excedds value of car.

Complaints to this dreadful firm resulted in neurotic replies from pre-menstrual females with penis envy. Because its not an insurance the FOS will not look at any complaint. The Trading Standards say no laws have been broken. The sale of my car and this warranty was in my oppinion knowingly dishonest, completed by witheld information by a salesperson who lied in order to obtain personal financial gain. Take my advice - never buy anything from Carcraft they decieve their customers, and once you have signed on the dotted line - they don't want to know you. Buy from non-neurotic, more honest dealers.

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2126Motorpoint Derby Ltd [derby]
Total claims:3
Deposit ? booking fee to see a car »03/04/200901/05/20091

The car was advertised on internet. Called them anbout the car . Car was reserved with the view if I like the car I'll purchase it.A deposit was of £500 was made by my credit card. I also prepared the Banker's draft as a method they suggested to pay the full amount if I like the car.

Went down to see the car , we drve 75 miles . The car had several scrach marks on it, the wiper was not woking and very heavy to drive. I decided not to buy the car.The sales person agreed with us that the full deposit will be refunded.

It has been now 3 weeks . They keep telling me that they have sent the cheque! I have not recived any. They should refund the money in my credit card account, and should not keep telling me that they have sent the cheque, which I have not recived!

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2543MOTOR MARKET UK [Coventry]
Total claims:7
Guarantee »2/4/0911/05/20091

I was approached to sell my car by Motor Market UK Ltd on 2/4/09. The salesman guaranteed interested vetted parties would contact me within 4 days and my car details would be placed online for other potential buyers for the up front price of £79.95. He guaranteed that once I had sold the car or if for whatever reason the car did not sell i would recieve £70.00 of that payment back.

Subsequently, having  had no approaches from potential buyers and never having been able to find my car details on their website, i have over the last month tried to contact Customer Services to ask for that guaranteed rebate. I have tried to ring on over 20 occasions, have on occasion got through to the sales department but have never had any contact with Customer Services. During that time i have been promised returned call on 5 occasion have spent a good amount of time on hold waiting for Customer Services but to no avail. This morning Customer Services appeared to answer the phone but then immediately hung up!

I am no longer sure what course of action i can or should adopt

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901MotorPlaceUK [Leicester]
Total claims:3
Motorplace refund »22/1/200913/02/20091

In early January 2009 I put my car up for sale om Autotrader.  Subsequently on 22 January I received a call from MotorPlaceUK saying that they had interested parties wanting to buy my vehicle.  They told me that I would need to pay £69.95 up front to do this and that that when it was sold they would take the cost from the sale of the car.  I asked them what would happen if the car wasnt sold and they said that the money would be refunded to my account.  I received one call about the car from a person who said that he was contacting me from a 0871 type number through MotorPlace and that he would like to view the car.  Anyway he never turned up and the car was sold on the Sunday to a person who had viewed the advert on Autotrader.  I then contacted MotorPlace and told them the car had been sold and that I wanted my money back.  After this the company sent me a credit note for the amount  that could be used at any time.  I again rang them up to demand my money back but they have refused to refund the amount.  I think that it is a disgrace that this company operates in this manner. 

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12311MotorPlaceUK [Leicester]
Total claims:3
reg fee »23.06.200914/05/20101

I put my car up for sale on gumtree and then got a call from motorplace uk telling me that they could sell my car but would have to pay a fee of £99.49. I paid it but then i sold my car privately. When i phoned motorplace uk to tell them i had sold my car they told me i couldn't get my money back but gave me a credit note with no expiry date to use at anytime. I'm really upset that a company could really do that to people.

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908macrae and dick [inverness]
Total claims:1
POWER OF NIGHTMARES »032916/02/20091















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1006saxton 4x4 ltd [essex]
Total claims:8
refund of deposit »12/01/200923/02/20091

i put a £500 deposit  on a car which i was assured by the salesman was fully refundable-due to unforseen circumstances i was unable to view the vehicle, so rang and explained, the salesman assured me my deposit would be refunded in full. my credit card statement arrived some days later and the deposit was deducted. i rang saxton and the salesman apologised and stated he would sort it out urgently. my feb statement arrived this week and still no refund. now saxton 4x4 will not take my calls, all messages left are ignored.

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6678Cargiant Ltd [London]
Total claims:7
Dangerous Sales »14th November 200914/11/20091

Today I picked up a car I had purchased from Car Giant.  A three year old Golf SFI SE.  Buying a newer car should be an exciting time.  As agreed I arrived for my appointment at 12 noon only to be kept waiting for 45 minutes with no apology and indeed a curt response when I asked after 30 minutes how much longer I would have to wait for my pre-arranged appointment.  I nearly left without the car and now wish I had!!

Eventually I was given the keys to my car and allowed to drive off.  I left Car Giants showroom and broke down in pouring rain with a pregnant woman as my passenger about half a mile away.  Luckily the nearest garge was only 500 yards away but it amazes me that car giant is so tight that it does not even put enough petrol in the car to get you three quarters of a mile to the nearest garage.  Not too mention the safety issues that running out of petrol on a major road present.  I walked to the garage purchased a petrol can and some petrol and then managed to get to the garage to fill up.

A few miles later the car started pulling against me when changing from first to second gear oil warning light came on luckily by this time I was only half a mile from home.   On arriving home I checked the oil which is dangerously low and way below any of the indicators on the guague.  I am not sure the effect that either of these will have had on the car but I won't be keeping it to find out.

I have spoken to the rather useless Alan in customer services who can't apologise enough but says I will have to wait Monday until after sales is open.  Well I will demand a full refund and be reporting this bunch of cowboys to the Trading Standards Office.

They claim to undertake 114 point inspection on their cars and two throrough inspections - well they need to sack their mechanic then if they can't spot too little petrol and oil in a car.

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13310Cargiant Ltd [London]
Total claims:7
We don't do refunds! (or repairs or compensation) »08.05.1012/08/20101
Viewed, loved, drove and bought a Renault Grand Scenic for our rapidly expanding family. (wife was 8 months pregnant at the time). Paid in cash the full amount on 6th May to collect the car on 8th May. On collecting car, discovered (as well as the usual empty fuel tank despite the £81. admin fee) that the multi function sterring wheel didn't work, CD changer was missing and CD/Radio didn't work at all along with dash display for the radio. Reported this straight away to be told to take the car home, visit local Renault to have a quote for the work to be carried out. Quoted £600 to repair so Cargiant decided too high, asked to return car for repair when parts available. No calls returned, 6 weeks. Eventually told bring car for repair 2 months later. Arrive at 12 for appointment, car not taken until gone 1. Asked to wait in canteen for repair. Phoned them at 3.30 to be told part will be in tomorrow! Advise I'm already at Cargiant waiting, they say come and talk to customer manager who (an hour later arrives) to ask me to come back tomorrow to have car repaired. I say no. This is too long to repair (2 months) I want compensation and repaired car or refund. Offered two tanks of free fuel, temporary car (after much haggling and pain) for family holiday and promise of delviery of fixed car in 1 week. 4 weeks later, car delivered. CD changer still missing. Radio works but dash damaged. Speed Limiter inoperative, Cruise Control inoperative, pulling to the right AND Mileage RESET TO ZERO MILES with no evidence as to why thus rendering car illegal to drive and impossible to sell on in years to come. Request repair, including correct miles to be put back on and told impossible to do. Phoned Renault to check...confirmed Cargiant lying as can put correct milage on. More lengthy delays between contacting us back...this time confirmed can repair mileage and other issues within a couple of weeks. Request compensation for the 3+ months that I've NOT been able to own or drive my £5.5K car..told "dont do refunds and dont do compensation". Trading Standards confirmed what we already knew. Under Sale of Goods Act Cargiant MUST refund us as Car has been rejected from day 1 and not as described. Letters back and forth, Cargiant refusing to compensate or refund. Now taking them to Sherrif Court as too high for small claims court. HAve Cancer in family to deal with, new baby and one other child, business to run, no money, car that is illegal to drive (police confirmed) and have to deal with Court costs to get back whats owed.

Cargiant are a total and utter disgrace. It looks good on the surface but whilst I've been there complaining about our car I've seen over 6 other customers with similar horror stories. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS...These Scumbags think they can get away with this because of their size...they just picked on the wrong "little man". Any free help from Legal experts is welcomed!!!

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21551Cargiant Ltd [London]
Total claims:7
Unfair »22.08.201117/10/20111
Bought a bmw 3 series convertible 57 plate with 30000 miles on the clock on Sunday 21.08.2011. Drove it home to Essex, and on the A406 the engine light came on the car lost power and I had to pull over the car did not start again so i had to call the AA to come help me out. The engine coils needed changing £212.90 each. need to change all coils 3 coils to be changed and some other oils and lubricants needed to be added. Was unhappy about this as i just spent £22k on a motor. Called car giant they where happy to pay for one coil not all three(unacceptable) Explained i use the car for work it happened just as i came out of there show room. It was sunday evening and i needed the car car fixed. they still said NO. 2 days later the car is back in the drive coils fixed(unhappy). My wife decides she would like to drive this £22k purchase as i denied her a LV hand bag to pay for the car. we have to small children 8 and 3 months, she takes them for a spin and says the breaks feel funny. I say no they can't as the car has been through 114 point inspection. Take the car to BMW, on the way the engine light comes on. We are told by bmw we need new brakes plus brake shoes, High pressure fuel pump needs changing, hand brake. I.e expensive. Call car giant as this is a disaster, speak to a lady who says bring the car in. I say I live 90 miles away its a bit much let bmw fix it and you pay the bill I've had the car 7 days 2-3 days it was in a garage for the coils, she says cheaper if they do it in house. So I take the car to car giant. 1 week goes by no phone call no email, so i call them up, Where's my car, there response the mechanics don't know what's wrong with the car, give them another week to try and find the problem. I say i can call BMW and get the list of things i was told where wrong with it. Nope its easier if there mechanics deal with it. 3 weeks later still no car and now saying feel free to give me a refund, there response car giant does not give refunds. Do I want to hold on to a car that cost me over 20k with so many problems. if they had done the 114 point check im sure this wouldnt have happened. I asked to see the 114 point check and they said they cant give me those details for that specific car. still no car and after endless phone calls i am now waiting for Adam senior manager to call me back. Moral of the story buy your wife a 2k handbag it's a lot cheaper then going to car giant. And dont use cariant if you had'nt of guessed

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1194Belgravia Car Sales [Southampton]
Total claims:1
unroadworthy vehicle »06/03/0907/03/20091

I part exchanged my car along with paying £1,175 for a van which had 10 months MOT. Proprietor/salesman claimed it had been serviced and inspected and vehicle was in very good condition both mechanically and cosmetically but didn't provide me with MOT advisory notes. Within weeks the door handle sheared off & heater didn't work. Salesman promised to get a new switch but it never materialised and 2 months later van broke down & I had to buy a new battery. 4 months after purchase date the van broke down again, caused by faulty diesel injection pump. At this point I decided to get the vehicle inspected to check if there were any other problems. Garage who inspected it confirm that there are many defects that would have been evident at the time of sale including: steering & steering gear, brake system, suspension, exhaust system. I've had the vehicle 4months, only used it Friday & Saturday nights to transport some musical equipment and totalled less than 1,000 miles. The estimated cost of making it safe to drive and roadworthy is bewtween £1,600 - £1,900. Salesman claims I have no rights after 3months so will not exchange for another vehicle, get the van repaired, contribute to costs of repair or reimburse any monies.

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