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29953Westhill Healthcare Consulting [Jakarta]
Total claims:1
Nothing but trouble Westhill Consulting Insurance »10-26-199025/10/20135
In the scale of 1 to 10 Im giving Westhill insurance Consulting a negative score! We have had many awful experiences from them over the years so I feel that I should take responsibility making the people aware of
I have been very disappointed with Westhill Consulting insurance. For almost two years of being a customer of them we got nothing but disappointments, constant dissatisfactions. At first they were all good and showing kindness but eleven months after we got our policy it is almost hard to reach them. Its either no one can accommodate us at the moment of something like the system is down or whatever.
We had a rough and intense couple of months, with our house got burned and our mom was in in excruciating pain and being told that there is nothing more they can do with our insurance. Well they could have at least given us a reasonable explanation and decent explaining. We ended up finding a cutting-edge, little-known, very expensive treatment. We didnt get a single penny from Westhill Consulting Insurance until now to think it has been almost 9 months since the accident.
Not only did they havent paid for anything, but they have never answered our calls and emails. We even went there personally but it was also useless. We got served with rudeness that is all.
I'm immensely ungrateful that a huge part of the financial stress was aggravated for us by Westhill Consulting Insurance. Sure we had to pay office visit costs, big deal. And monthly rates are extremely unreasonable for this type of payout, in my opinion. They were inefficient, unkind, in fact rude, slow to reimburse, it is even next to impossible, and generally the worst. I don't know where we would be today if we waited for Westhills response.
I think that they are only paying people to write long positive reviews. Their services well below what we've come to expect from small companies these days, but we are talking about two emotionally charged topics: the health of family members, and money. So better not deal with these kind of people who only care about themselves and nothing more.

As with everything, understand what you are getting into. They don't pay for everything but, at least in my experience, were upfront about what they would cover and what they wouldn't. There are pre-existing clauses. It's good to get a policy when your dog to some other insurance company so when an issue does arise, you are covered and you will be more secure unlike with Westhill Consulting Insurance.

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2241Life Direction Consulting aka Right Direction Services LLC
Total claims:1
Taking Money »March 20, 200905/05/20091

On March 20, 2009, I paid $375.00 for a "Same Day Online Evaluation".  Since then I have tried to work with the "Director" to give her what she needs to do the Evaluation; however, she just keeps wanting more and more....I have given her everything that is required per her Company's Instructions, plus some.....When I finally said, enough is enough, I want the Evaluation or my money refunded, I haven't heard a word from her.

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29865Winston [london]
Total claims:1
Deposit »09/08/201318/09/20131
I'm a victim of global visas. The day I receive a phone call from global visa . They offers me half price to immigrate Canada's. they told me they will look job for me . Accommodation ,school for my kids n also help my husband to join me in Canada . Then they offer me a payment in three instalment , £ 400.00 ,and pay the deposit of £ 400.00 , after that every month £ 400.00 . Going to take from my accounts each months . I paid the deposit on Thursday , after two days I decided not go with global visa for me is too hard . Need a lots of money . I can't afford . Then I was spoken to my friends in Canada on skyp , he told me not to trust any agency they don't do anything . After that I was trying to contact global visa from two days nobody answer the phone even I left mesage on phone they don't call me back . Keep on trying on my third days they answer my call , I told them I want to cancel my application and want my deposit back . They took three weeks to give me an answers . And they told me I need to pay £300.00 for the closing fees . Just want my deposit back

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2882Alpha Tax Services [Bedford]
Total claims:1
Beware »5/12/0920/05/20090

 On May 12, 2009, I had an appointment with Catherine to have my taxes done.  When I arrived, she was not there, but her receptionist stated she was on her way and for me to leave my paperwork, which I did.   Since, then I have not heard from them.  I have called numerous times and no one answers the phone at the office.  I have emailed her with no response. My friend, who had recommended Catherine, had the phone number for an old employee of Alpha Tax Services and we have called her to get Catherine's home number, but she refused.  She said she would call Catherine and call  me back, needless to say, she has not. My friend as driven to the office and left a note on the door with no response. 

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6317XQ-Coaching [Dartford]
Total claims:1
XQ-Coaching Sham »7/10/0905/11/20090

According to their website, ""XQ" stands for "eXcellence Quotient", which is your potential for Excellence. At XQ Coaching we focus on maximising this, enabling you to perform to your true potential, in business and in life." What a sham. The coaching they offer is actually a ploy to milk your company of money with ZERO return. You know how consultants are, if they don't know the answer, there is plenty of money to be made in prolonging the problem. Their head "coach" is shallow and kind creepy as he still blogs anonomously about a company he only worked at for 2 months...looser!!

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26159DP9 Limited Number 05092507 in UK [London]
Total claims:1
Non Payment for Services rendered »25-7-1227/07/20120
We carry out Fire risk assessments and Fire testing , we agreed to get paid on site after the job , all i got was we will pay it now , three days later and after about50 E mails and being ignored for two days we still have nothing , we paid £280.00 for a CCJ application and still nothing . This Company doesnt like to pay , they rick you in to working for you then slam the door when you ask for payment . Colin Bowen , Fire Inspector

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Total claims:1
fee hussle »200826/08/20120

hi folks. Davison claims to be able to take ideas, and turn them into products, and present them to companies who would then licence their production and distribution from you. I placed a number of ideas before the company through a representative and in each case made payment and signed agreements to split any license payments with Davison. at every stage in relation to each of my ideas i was assured by the representative that i would not have to pay anything further. the representative left the company, and my ideas were then taken over by another who promptly demanded more money and demanded i sign agreements that had already been signed and submitted online under the previous representative who refuses to believe or acknowledge my position or what i had been told by the previous representative. ideas invcluded.. electric, self driving, kit cars (real cars) debt management kit (using my website as funding source for repayments) property sales kit (using my website as funding source for property) my website (already built!) computer remote control tablet like device to take tv and vod streams mobile(now no longer needed thanks to tablet producers) coffee table which took tv signals and produced 3d rendition of the live tv images above itself. no-one in the company, not even Davison himself, nor his president in charge have bothered to put this right. if you have a good idea and are tempted by Davison hype, steer well clear. find some other company to help you. this one only takes your money and does the bare minimum before demanding you pay them even more. i refuse to send good money after bad, and i hope that you will too. (the date i am guessing at because it has been so long ago, and i have given the company quite sometime to make good).

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27915Mr.H Bhandari (M/s Bharat Placements) [Delhi]
Total claims:1
False commitment to the candidates for giving job in banks, but after registration paying Rs.1800/- no revert from this placement company. i dont't want refund but what i suffered, other candidates should not go through. »11th July 201201/01/20130
on 17th July2012, i wrote to ( & for need of jobs, and on the same day i received an auto response email from M/s Bharat Placements stating that : " Welcome to Bharat Placement & We are Delighted to welcome you on Board.
Job apply link & procedure.
Job Ref Code : 1342426605
Operations Manager - ICICI BANK
Apply URL - & &
Job Ref Code : 1342427018
Front Office Manager - HSBC BANK
Apply URL -

Any Graduate / PG can Apply.
We will assist you for all future undisclosed vacancies also.
We're keen to hear from you as we work to make Bharat Placement the platform of choice for Professionals like you. Connect with us on with your Comments, Feedback, Suggestions. We're listening..

For any query call Mr.H Bhandari (HR) at 09501176877

Here's wishing you every success!

Warm Regards.

Some Useful steps to Apply.
1. Get Register first -
2. Log in
3. Become a Premium Job Seeker (Rs.1800/-) Lifetime Validity. - or direct pay link -
4. Apply Job now.
5. Get a Schedule for interview with in 4 - 5 Working Days."

Based on his instruction and he also added that without registration applying for Job shall not be possible , hence i registered for the same by paying Rs. 1800

after 11 day , i sent a reminder that i still awaiting for interview call , but he sent me the auto response email 2-3 times this has been repeated

then i decided to call & check for the status : he reverted that ICICI BANK Jobs is not available for now , but you have another option to join 'Operation Manager' course (Course fee = Rs.15000) ,
sir, when candidate is in urgency of Job, he suggest them to join the course, not even thinking that whether candidate can afford the fees. .SIR this is VERY STRANGE & DISGUSTING!

At time of registration we get so big commitment from these company, now its complete six month, i didn't receive a single email from Bharat Placement nor from,

Intention of these company is just to collect the money and false commitment.

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