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16217Creditscorematters [Edgware]
Total claims:26
Subject: Official letter of complaint regarding my membership to »January 24, 201124/01/20113
Dear Madam, Sir,

I hereby raise an official complaint regarding the membership fee the website charged me on 18/01/2011 (£19.95).
I have given my details and debit card number on your website on 05/01/2011. I have not received to date any kind of credit report despite an automated email I received on 05/01/2011 mentioning that I could access my report online. The report could not be accessed online as a PIN code was required. I raised an official complaint on 19 January 2011 as I have not agreed to be charged £19.95 on a monthly basis as the report was advertised as free on your website.
My membership to Credit Score Matters has been cancelled with immediate effect on 19 January 2011. I have received a letter with my PIN dated 20 January 2011, proving that I could not have possibly been able to access my credit report online before my account was actually cancelled.

Consequently I do require getting a full refund of the total amount charged.
Yours faithfully,

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20267Creditscorematters [Edgware]
Total claims:26
Scam: Unauthorized Taking of Monies »31 May 201122/07/20113
I never completed my online registration on 31 May 2011.
I never filled in any credit card details at all.
I never received an email from them at all.
I never received a log in number or reference.
Hence, I was never able to access my credit score.
In fact, I have never received anything from them.
Yet, they have been deducting monies from my credit card for 3 months.
How can this be, scary? As I never entered my credit card details, I exited the website when I saw that they wanted my credit card details, as FREE should be free.
I have requested cancellation as of today.
But, I do not trust them to cancel after reading all of the scams on the internet that this company about ripping off people. So I expect that another £19.95 will be taken again next month, and I will have to call them again.

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16415Creditscorematters [Edgware]
Total claims:26
Money taken out of my bank for what?? »01/02/201102/02/20112
I noticed that aswell as another unauthroised payment had been taken that day, there was another for £19.95 from credit score matters.
I emailed them straight away, and they responded the next day, saying my membership had been cancelled though i had been declined for a refund of the money! Also adding that £14 monthly fee was agreed...
I don't even recall registering with them?? Nevermind agreeing for payments to be taken out??
I would like my money back please!!

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20034Credit Score Matters
Total claims:11
Not able to cancel since 20/12/2010 »04/07/1104/07/20112
Never used the service, tried to cancel this via email and telephone calls. I have had no calls back despite website claiming we will hear back within 24 hours. Please help me get my money back.

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Total claims:1
credit score reports »16th December 201018/12/20101
I am a single parent, and money is very tight and i already know my credit rating isn't good. Anyway i watch every penny and when it came to purchasing goods for christmas, i decided to check my balance and there to my suprise is two charges for 19.95. Believe it or not it stopped me from purchasing my sons only christmas present because you guessed it im 40.00 short. I have never contacted this company and have alerted the bank as its fraudlent. they say i should have log in details i do not have any ive searched all my emails old deleted and spam and new. nothing. To make things worse, the date the payments came out im hunting for my debit card and i cant find it anywhere. I have alerted the bank. I would also like to say that this company has quite a bad reputation on the internet forums. Seems im not the only one, will post this website address on them. I WANT MY MONEY BACK AND I AM PREPARED TO GO THE POLICE WITH THIS. BECAUSE MY MAIN CONCERN IS WERE DID THEY GET MY DETAILS.

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16083Creditscorematters [Edgware]
Total claims:26
refund »18/01/201118/01/20111
I wish to complain about the SHOCKING and UPSETTING service my husband and I received from CreditScoreMatters.
My husband activated an account with this company, was charged £19.95 immediately. However within 10 mins of activating the account he used the CreditScoreMatters 'contact us' page to send an email to cancel the account.
As its a form which is filled out on the web page we do not have a copy of this email( whereas if it was from his personal email account we would have proof in his 'sent mail'.
For the past 3 months SEVERAL of these forms have been sent! to no avail!!
3 payments of £19.95 have been taken. And the final straw STILL NO CREDIT REPORT !!!!!!
Again today I called ( after several attempts from my husband!)
Firstly he was told
* He cannot cancel account as the payment comes of MY card
I then call to be told
* I cannot canel the payment as the account is not in my name!!

The agent also told me they had NO RECORD of any emails or calls !!!!!!

I was also told by a manager at CreditScoreMatters , (from whom I requested a call back as the agent I orgiginally spoke with could not have been more RUDE, PATRONISING and UNHELPFUL) that regardless if I cancelled my bank card (from where the payments are taken) that they still have access to my account and would continue to take payments!!!!! When i protested that this was completely unfair the 'manager' that he was going to put me on hold, I tried to say that I needed to tend to my toddler, howevewr he carried on and basically hung up on me. As my child needed me and as i had spent 20 mins on calls to their hugley expensive 'customer services' I had to hang up.

As this 'company' dont set up direct debits but instead, in effect simply charge your debit card each month, there is no way of cancelling the payment through my bank, without cancelling the entire card and ACCOUNT !!!

I am at my wits end


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15492Creditscorematters [Edgware]
Total claims:26
Refund »23/11/201021/12/20101
hi, i recently tried to know my credit score and paid to 20pounds to let me know what's my credit score but they ignore me and do not provide me with any service at all. Can u help me?

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17564Creditscorematters [Edgware]
Total claims:26
ripped off! »23/03/201123/03/20111
on 23/02/2011 payment of £19.95 was taken form my bank as a card purchase,at the time my bank could not tell me who this payment was too so i rang back and found it was from a company called ccreditscorematters, i had no idea who this was but due to having a young baby i was too tied up to chase it up, on 23/03/2011 yet another card transaction was made for the same amount to the same company this time i chased it. i rang the number i found on their website which i had manage to google,when i finally got through to an advisor he was very rude and patronising.i gave him my name and he knew my email address and read it out which stood to be correct and then my address. when i said i had no idea how they had access to my files he said i had receive a confirmation email when i signed up, i always keep a record of my emails and did not find one email from this company. i then demanded a refun to which he told me it had been declined!he told me he had cancelled my account and an email had been sent with my cancellation note, its been 12 hours since i rang and still no email. i am absolutly fuming at this as i have a young baby and no job £40 would buy me 5 boxes of baby milk. i think this company needs to be investigated and i seriously hope no-one else has had to go through this.

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19558Creditscorematters [Edgware]
Total claims:26
Ripped of by £19.95 »02/06/201102/06/20111
This is ridiculous!!! We went on a credit check site to check our credit rating, yes we entered our debit card details but then decided not to bother with the service after it did not process, so back spaced and erased all our details and logged off. Now i check my statement and £19.95 had been debited by CREDITSCOREMATTERS!! We didn't even use this site? So why have they taken money from our account?. Is there anyway we can claim this money back as we didn't even go on this site let alone use its service!!! They should be reported and closed down as i see i am not the only one who has been 'had' by this scam!!

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20046Creditscorematters [Edgware]
Total claims:26
I want my money back.. »26/06/201105/07/20111
Having signed up with credit score matters they still continue to take 19.95 out of my bank account i have wrote to them rang them its getting out of order now someone please help...

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16465quick credit score
Total claims:6
took money from account with out asking »29/01/201104/02/20111
took money without asking

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21870quick credit score
Total claims:6 »28/09/201105/11/20111
a company with the name on my bank statement of have taken money from my account i have never heard of this company and they should not be taking money out of my account i dont know were they have got my card details from but i am very angry and would like the problem resolved all of this is very bad and it is not fair on anybody to have money taken from them very stressfull.

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17094credit [dont know]
Total claims:9
card payment to »01-03-1104/03/20111
I was on my online banking on tuesday and couldn't understand why my current balance and available balance was different as i knew i had no money to come out so i phoned my bank and they said there was a pending card payment of £67.74 for e commerce but couldn't do anything til it cleared. So today it showed that had took a card payment of £67.74 which i did not authorize and has now left me broke as i've two children to provide for. This has been fraud and would like to get my money back in whatever way.

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19688Credit Score Matters
Total claims:11
Unautorised Debits From acount »06/06/11 07/06/1109/06/20111
Checked my bank account online this morning to find that The named company and a company called had decided that they would like to help themselves to £19.95 each from my account.

this incident occured after i signed up to after they offered a free trial after signing up and not received any confirmation, i immediatly went to the contact us page and requested to have my account cancelled with immediate effect, almost immediatyly i received the following.

But still they decided to help themselves to my money alongside with what i can only assume a sister company

I have reported this as fraudulant activity to both my bank and the police, hopefully this will put a end to this.

Dear Daniel,

This email is to confirm that your membership to High Credit Score has been cancelled with immediate effect.

If you have any queries now or in the future, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team, during normal office hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).

We are always happy to help and welcome the possibility of you subscribing to High Credit Score in the future.

Yours Sincerely

Customer Services Team
On behalf of High Credit Score
0845 026 1092

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19502Credit Score Matters
Total claims:11
Credit Score Matters / Rewards Now - who are they ? »28/03/1131/05/20111
I've just looked at my bank account to find 3 payments have been made to Credit Score Matters - I have no idea who they are or when I checked them out but I certainly wouldn't have accepted a service from them if I'd known they were going to charge me. I gather from their name what they do but I haven't seen any credit report from them and I certainly can't afford to pay them the �£60 it's seems to have cost so far (�£19.95 per month since March).
To add insult to injury there is also the same amount of money going to someone called Rewards Now for the same period. I haven't a clue who they are.

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19552Credit Score Matters
Total claims:11
rip off!! »02/06/201102/06/20111
this company had atvertised "free credit reports get yours now" after applying you get a free 30 day trial & pay nothing until your 30 days are up.. it states you entre ur creid card details but they wont take any payment until the 30 day FREE trial ends, these card details are for sceurity questions only to identify you are who you say you are. its been not even "10 days" & my bank account has had £19.95 withdrawn from it I ALKSO HAVE NOT YET SET EYES ON MY CREDIT REPORT!!! sooo not happy with these money scammers it left me & my 3 children aged 5, 3, & 2 penniless for 3days.. NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE TO SEE I GET MONEY BACK & the person i spoke to on the telephone was as ignorant as they come, all he done was end my "membership" when REALLY it shouldnt have even started yet!! RIP OFF MERCHANTS........................

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19931Credit Score Matters
Total claims:11
Took double payment for free service »21.06.1126/06/20111
My girlfriend used this company for a free online credit check, it said that if she didnt cancel the account within 10 days, then she would be charged £19.95 per month; she cancelled the account within 8 days. She never recieved an email as confirmation of the cancellation. 20 days after opening the account, 2 payments of £19.95 were taken from our account. When my girlfriend rang to complain, at first she was told that she had missed the cancellation deadline, so there was nothing they could do about it. they then changed it to say the account had been cancelled and they would refund one of the payments but not the other. When she asked why, she was told that the 2nd charge was for a £10 ASDA voucher which she hadn't returned. We have never recieived an ASDA voucher. 3 days after ringing to complain, we still havn't recieved any refund. We can't afford to let them get away with this!

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Total claims:1 scam scam »01/01/201226/01/20121
went on this website as was claiming free credit score. put my card details in but noticed how short the trial period was and the price so did not press the accept terms and conditions button to procede.

2 weeks later had 19.95 taken out of my account.

tried to explain that i did not recive a service or any confirmation emails and that I had not accepted there terms of sale. They basicly called me a lier. They would not supply me with proof of sign up i,e emails that they had sent me or screenshots of the account being varified.

They have many companys online that do the same thing the one i went to was

on there website it says am having trouble accessing my membership benefits. What should I do?

Please call 0845 872 5624 for the price of a local call if you are having trouble accessing your membership benefits at any time. Remember, even after the trial period ends you can request a refund within the first 30 days if you were unable to access the membership benefits.

so they initialy refused to give me a refund even after I stated it said that it said this on there website.

I have now set up a case with trading standards and am in the process of dealing with theme in the appropriate manner in regards to asking for information via recorded mail. I will seek legal reprasentation if after this I do not get a refund in the next few weeks as is principal of matter becouse they are theivs you just have to google theme and they are all over the net .

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Total claims:4
I just noticed that aswell as taking £69.99,the company CREDIT CONFIDENTIAL had also taken £9.95 out of my account.When I phoned and queried them they said that when I signed up to (WHICH I NEVER DID!!) I also invoked a credit report from them.I'd never visited either of those sites.

So if youve been ripped of by - check you haven't been also ripped off by CREDIT CONFIDENTIAL!! Does this ever end???

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2275Ap9Pmidentity.Com [?]
Total claims:1
Ap9 SCAM »May 1st05/05/20090

I signed up for 24 hour protect &I have  cancelled before the three days have proof.These people charged my bank twice 29.95 plus I recieved an overdraft for 36 twice & then was charged $7 per day per overdraft until may 3rd when I recieved my check.I want to see proof I authorized this theft!This is a scam they took some out as Ap9Creditscoreexpress and some out as Ap9Pmidentity?Just got this computer probably didn't have a firewall yet

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