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2296first advantage
Total claims:1
incorrect background »9/15/0805/05/20090

Long story short I missed out on over 2 months of work with overtime because this company called me a convicted felon when in fact I am not.  I cleared it all up but it was not easy.  I had to prove to them Than I never had any felony conviction.  I did so.  Then I had to wait for them to decide to fix their error.  While I waited 2 month went by.  Finally I went to work as a non-felon (which I was all along) only to be laid off 2 weeks later because all of the work was done.  I am a union painter and when there is work you jump on it.  This unprofessional company really did me an injustice.  I have filed a complaint to the BBB and nothing was resolved.  All I asked for was an apology, and I never once got one.  Now, since I never got an apology I may file suit.  I am not that kind of person but these people are real works of art.

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29277Instant [online background service(Instant Check Mate)]
Total claims:1
Company, Inc.? was used for a trial period and cancelled and are still taking money for my account monthly »21-201207/05/20130
A friend asked to use this service for the trial week and for the past 5 months they have been taking money from my account. I contacted them viaa the internet and they wont give me the address to send the report to. I wa informed I had to not only stop their services but that I had to send a paper stating thatI stop their services. How do I find their address so I can file a complaint and stop my services?
A total of about 500.00 was deducted from my account. Should I contact the BBB? Who? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time and in this matter.

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