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322First National Associates [Herts]
Total claims:16
Failure to fix our boiler, we refused to pay bill, then they threatened to burn our house down »22/10/0823/10/20085

Recently my boyfriend called First National Associates and asked for an engineer to come out and look at our hot water boiler. When he spoke to their receptionist he explained to her that he thought he knew what the fault was as he had removed the cover off of the thermostat and heating element and checked if there was any power getting to it. He told her that there was power going to the thermostat but there was none coming out of it going to the heating element. The receptionist told him that the company could not go on his diagnosis and that an engineer would have to look at it. On the 25th September an engineer come out and looked at the boiler and said there was nothing he could do as he only dealt with plumbing faults and it was an electrical fault and asked me for a cheque for £76.38. My boyfriend then rang the company to complain and the receptionist said that we would not be charged as the plumber could not carry out any work on the boiler. The next day another engineer came out and told me that we needed a replacement part and that he needed to get one and said he would return the next day with the part. The next day he did not return or call to inform us he was not coming. On the Monday my boyfriend called the company and was told that they would call the engineer and find out what happened and call me back. Six hours later he called back and was told that she could not get hold of him and that she would call him back. Two hours later he called again after not hearing anything and was told that they would have to send out another engineer. On Tuesday 3rd October an engineer came out and said that it needed a new control box, he wrote out a quote sheet which had £65 labour and £164.30 + vat +lab. When he returned the next day he fitted the control box and asked me girlfriend for £422.17 for that work but the only quote we had from them was £65 labour and £164.30 for the part. Two days later we found that our hot water had stopped working again. My boyfriend removed the cover of the immersion heater element and thermostat and found that the reset button had come out. He reset the thermostat and it started to heat the water and then that weekend it happened again. On the Monday morning he called the company and explained it all to your receptionist and she said that she would talk to the engineer and she would call him back. When she called back she said she had spoken to him and he said it was a seperate fault and he would have to come out as it was a seperate issue. He explained that it was not a seperate issue as it was doing the same thing as before and it happened only two days after the company was supposed to have fixed it. The receptionist said she would get the engineer to call him as she was not technically minded. The engineer then called him and said that it was the control box that was at fault when he looked at it as it was working back to front and trying to work the booster element all the time and there was no power going to my immersion heating element. My boyfriend explained to him that the reason for that was that he set the timer to run the boost element all the time so we had some hot water. He then asked him if I could have the old part to test because when I checked it before I had mains power at the thermostat. He said he would send it out to me. We have still not received it as proof that they failed to fix the problem. My boyfriend then spoke to another plumber and he advised him that we needed a new heating element and thermostat as they come together. We went to a plumbing supplier and got the part at £61.68 + vat. We then had the part fitted and it now works fine and has not cut out. We then carried out a web search for the part that they charged us £164.30 + vat for. The cheapest place was @ £48.70 + vat and on the the rrp was

£89.55 + vat.   We asked them for an explaination and my boyfriend got a telephone call from a guy called Martin who threatened to come round and burn our house down and kick his head in if we didn't pay the bill.  Unfortunatley due to this we were forced to pay the extortionate bill.  DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY THEY ARE COWBOYS AND USE BULLY BOY TECHNIQUES TO GET THEIR BILLS PAID.  THEY ARE USELESS.

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229First National Associates [Herts]
Total claims:16
Company breaking the terms of it's own contract. »30/08/0831/08/20081

I called First National Associates in regard to a leak in my kitchen, the plumber said the pipe work was strange but he could rectify the situation, he also completed two other jobs for me. He quoted me £517 which I paid because I believed he would provide a good service, after completion I have to admit the leak had been stopped and everything seemed OK within the flat. The following morning I had a complaint from my downstairs neighbour who stated that he no longer had water in their kitchen and only had cold water in there bathroom. I called the plumbers First National Associates who took some details and said they'd look into the case for me. Not hearing anything I called them back after one hour. I was told that the plumber did not enter the flat below and that no responsibility would be taken, I then said that the flats were conversion flats and that by cutting the old lead pipe something had gone wrong. I was then told that I would have to pay more money for someone else to come out, I said I would pay if after the job was assessed it turned out that the plumber had not caused the problem, I was told that someone would only be sent out if 1 hrs work was paid at the door I said ok, the customer service rep then said this had turned into a dispute and that he was not interested and put the phone down. I then called back and he said he said he wasn't interested and put the phone down on me. I then had to call another plumber to rectify the problem. The new plumber said first plumber cut through one of the old supply pipes to flat downstairs. I am now taking the claim for the repair to the small claims court.

Avoid First National Associates at all costs, they are rude cowboys.  

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330First National Associates [Herts]
Total claims:16

I WISH I HAD FOUND THIS WEBSITE FIRST!!!!  I am currently having an issue that sounds exactly the same as one of the other complaints on this website...and guess what... this morning my boiler is still not working also being charged in excess of £800 the last two weeks and now the problem is worse than before... added to that the rudest people I HAVE EVER come across... turned into a screaming match with their receptionist on the telephone on friday morning!! (she did not listen the previous day when I made arrangements for a plumber to come out insisting that I failed to keep the appointment) She started screaming at me and then I asked that her manager call me back as I was not prepared to speak to her anymore as I did not appreciate her attitude... got a call back from a man called MARTIN.... who started off the converastion that I was in the wrong! I said hang on a minute here and said that I did not like his attitude either to which he replied that I would NOT lead the telephone call!!!  He did not listen to one word that I had to say... raised his voice, was abusive and threatening and when I said that time is money and that I have cancelled business meetings waiting in for them his only response was he did not care!  I told him that I could not continue in this manner with him and that I would get my husband to call.  The engineer had then arrived again whilst this ridiculous screaming matc h was going on and so called "fixed!" the problem that he should have sorted out last week... My husband phoned MARTIN... and received the same sort of cowboy tactics and threats !  So sunday morning... we have no heating... the boiler is doing the exact same thing and now added we have a leak in a pipe that they fixed lagging to!  So we started off with a service to a boiler and adding chemicals to 2 radiators and have ended up with replacing the flu replacing the programmer, lagging put on pipes and £830 later with the rudest of people EVER... our system is WORSE OFF THAN EVER!!!!!  I TOTALLY AGREE>>>>>> AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!!!

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1859First National Associates [Herts]
Total claims:16
fixing a stop cock, fixing a leak to a washing machine and in the drainage »April 11th17/04/20091


I wish I had seen this website before going down the route of asking First National Associates to send a plumber. 

I had a washing machine delivered and after delivery had a couple of issues (which I am also taking up with the washing machine supplier - they also left a transit bolt in which i didn't notice until the first wash's spin cycle!!! - replacement installed yesterday!) - there was a leak in the pipe going to the cold supply to the washing machine and the drainage pipe end hose internal diameter was a bit bigger than my last machine so i had a small leak where I had attached it with a bulldog clip to the drainage connection under the kitchen sink.  However my internal flat stop cock was corroded open so I needed a plumber to replace that (by turning off the water in the street and replacing the old stop cock with new) - before the leak in the water supply to the washing machine could be repaired (the connection couldn't just be tightened and was on the mains so couldn't be removed without turning the water off).  Also while at my home I would ask the plumber to look at the washing machine drainage pipe connection leak.


I contacted First National Associates who sent a plumber (Adrian) very quickly and they said it would be £55 per half hour but no call out charge. Nice pleasant competent (appearing) plumber called Adrian arrived.


Adrian then spent 3hours30mins doing the three jobs (new stop cock, fixing leak, stopping drainage leak) and my total bill was £427.15!!!  In addition I found during the first run of the new replacement washing machine yesterday that the drainage pipe leaked worse than before including some weird connection he'd made half way between two different pipes.


Now really the job should have been like this:


Stop cock replacement (I had told them on the phone that i needed a new stop cock - so you'd expect a plumber to have the standard sizes in his van...) - max 30min job - turn water off in street, change stop cock, turn water back on.


Fix water leak in cold water pipe - I told him to remove excess piping and he did and then reconnected water inlet connector to a new point - 5 min job with no new parts


Drainage leak - after finding his new solution leaked massively I went to B&Q yesterday bought a new drainage connection (the type where you have a cutter to connect it to the pipe) and only using half of it (but with a bigger diameter spiggot) reconnected my drainage hose (complete hose without the stupid joint he made) and all is perfect now - 15min job with £12 part.


So my calculations based on their expensive £55 per 30 mins calculation the total bill should really have been £130 (1 hour total time, £8 stop cock, £12 drainage connector), so I have emailed to ask about the extra £300 charge.


On reflection I am so annoyed with myself for being so gulible to allow the plumber to take 3hours 30mins to do these tasks - but when he seems honest and competent what do you do - then at the end you get a bill for work already done you sort of pay......

There should be a law that means people like this have to look at the job then give a price before they start work.


Its rubbish really and they seem to be very dodgy if that's their standard approach. 

I am waiting for an email response from them and if not will call them - I will update this if I don't get a response.

But if I don't get a satisfactory response I would add to what others say on here - don't use First National Associates!!  Let the credit crunch do its work and put these cowboys out of business!


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13411First National Associates [Herts]
Total claims:16
Late, expensive, ineffective boiler repair »13/08/201023/08/20101
I have a Chaffoteaux & Maury water heater, which broke down at the end of last week (11 August 2010). After asking the company who installed it, who said they did not do repairs, I looked on the net for companies that specialise in these appliances. I got a contact off the net (yes, I know, I should have done more homework - but I had no hot water and was desperate) and they said they would send someone round on Friday.

I didn't know that the company was to be First National Associates. I had not heard of them until I was presented with the invoice. The guy came and looked at the heater, then said the control panel was the problem and it would cost £300 to get a replacement. He took away the part, and also took my manual for the appliance.

For the following week, he has not turned up when he said he would - it's always been "oh, I'll be there tomorrow". I work and have people depending on me in the office, so being strung along like this is not ideal. On Friday I had a bit of a moan at the company, and got a snotty reply from the receptionist for my pains. They said they had had to order the part from France. True, the water heater is made by a French company - but they do have a base in this country too.

The engineer did turn up on Friday, and re-fitted the component (I am not sure whether this was a new part or actually the one he removed in the first place). He then said there was another part he needed, and he would be back later that day to sort it for me. He didn't come back that day, but said he would come round on Saturday - and guess what, he didn't come then either.

Now it is Monday - the engineer said he could come back today, but I said I couldn't manage this as I had to be in the office. I am supposed to be talking to him in a few minutes. I suspect I will get more of the same.

How do I institute a complaints procedure against this company?

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14856First National Associates [Herts]
Total claims:16
Boiler repair exploitation »28/11/201030/11/20101
Our boiler had ceased to work on the morning in question (a Sunday) and having tried to contact my landlord's usual plumber with no joy, i had to call out a plumber that i found on

Hoolishly, i did not ask for his registered details on arrival. Following several "tests" the plumber said that the boiler needed a replacement valve. He went out to the van and claimed that he did not have one in the van and needed to go to a nearby town to get one (I have since discovered that this type of valve is very common and plumbers always carry them)

At the end of his work, and several test later, he said that all was ok and gave us a bill for £931.77 which was paid on a credit card. (The part itself - probably available for £20-25 was charged at £193 and the labour charge was £120 per half hour)

My landlord has since approached the company and they could not offer a gas safety number. We are taking steps to cancel the credit card transaction.

This company are clearly taking advantage of people with limited knowledge in situations which leave them backed into a corner.

Always ask for credentials and a quote before they carry out any work!

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336First National Associates [Herts]
Total claims:16
Fixed boiler, extortionate price! »07/11/200811/11/20080
Our boiler leaked on Thursday night and water was going everywhere. We managed to turn the water off and looked on yellow pages to get a plumber to fix this the next day. I was advised when I called that the labour was £65 for every half an hour. The engineer turned up and said he needed to change a part and will be back in 30-45 minutes. 2 hours later he returned with the part, brought mud into my flat and then decided another part was needed as the water had damaged the controller board. Not knowing much about plumbing I trusted the engineer. I took the faulty board away and brought a board back, not sure if this was the same board or a new one. He fitted the board and checked the boiler was working. He then went down to his van to write the invoice which came to a whopping £1290, £708 in parts. I signed trusting the company had completed the work and at a reasonable and fair price. After I began to think that this was alot and asked for a second opinion from another plumber. He advised that the parts at maximum would come to £280. I also investigated the parts on the internet and again these parts are available for £250. I felt completely ripped off and called the company on the Monday to ask for an explanation. A guy came on the call and said that you can't complain about the cost of parts after the work and compared it to buying a curry at one restaurant and getting a different price at another. He advised that the company doesn't pass on trade discount but at 200% mark up I feel that this is a complete liberty. The other plumber I asked to take a look quoted £650 for all the work including parts. When I asked for the engineers name and CORGI number the guy got very defensive and said you can't complain about the price of parts to this association. THIS COMPANY IS TAKING ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE AND WOULD ADVISE PEOPLE TO AVOID USING THEM.

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16394First National Associates [Herts]
Total claims:16
Rip off! »31/01/1002/02/20110
I called this company as the testimonials sounded good (what an idiot - anyone can make up testimonials for websites - be warned) They arrived 3 hours after phoning, and I was told that it would be £65 per 30 mins (this was actually £78 as they add VAT)
I knew the problem - pilot light went out (we turned off gas to fit a new hob) and would not start and I literally thought it would take engineer 30 mins to re-ignite as I have had this problem in the past. Engineer spends just over 30 mins (handy - as he has to charge me for an hour) to tell me that the 'thermo couplin' has gone and needs to be replaced. He also claims that combustion chamber door needs to be re-sealed. He quotes £61 for the parts. 1 hour and 15mins later, he returns with parts. He then spends 15 mins in my toilet and at the end, try's to charge me for an extra half an hour, even though it is only 3 mins over. I complained very verbally about the toilet break, and this was finally taken off.
However, I am still left with a hideous £558 bill, inc parts of 75.25 (not 61 as quoted) for something that I swear would have taken a decent engineer 30 mins to fix.

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813First National Associates [Herts]
Total claims:16
385 for replacing a kitchen taps »5 Feb 200906/02/20090

I called First National Associates for replacing a kitchen taps. I was given a quote of 45 pounds per half hour. When the plumber came, he took 2 hours to replace the taps, and give me a bill of 385 at the rate of 75 pounds per half hour!

I searched the web and found the normal charge in london is around 40 pounds per half hour. They were dishonest to me, charged me twice as much as the normal price. I called other plumbers, the average quota for the whole job is just around 100 pounds.

I felt totally being ripped off.

I will go through the complain procedures, and take the to the court if I can't get my refund. Thank Lucy for the information about how to complain.

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17148First National Associates [Herts]
Total claims:16
Boiler Claim followed by Court Claim »10/12/201007/03/20110
Having called out First National on Friday morning 10/12/10 - I was always conscious of all the Watchdog programmes about these kind of people. I agreed to their charges and have paid them for their visit £399.50 + £300 for a part that was being ordered. The engineer has made no difference to the problem that he was called out for! I was concerned that the engineer took so long to find the suspected fault but knowing that they were being paid by the 30 mins it was of no surprise and I paid in full. However I was informed that I required a new thermostat and was required to pay £300 which I did and was told - which was part of my contract with them - that I would be called before 10am the next day (Saturday) to confirm when the part would arrive and when the boiler would be fixed. This was important to me as having no heating in the current freezing conditions is not acceptable. No call was received by 10:00am so I called another engineer to come and fix the problem. At 12:10 on the 11/12/10 I called First National and told them that they had broken the contract and that I required a refund for the money advance to them. And now you can guess what happened.....No refunds but they broke the contract. The secretary, Natalie, was going to speak to her manager but still some 2 hours later no call has been received. I now look on the web and find the bad reports on this company – no surprise what so ever. I have not had the abuse yet but I am waiting for it when they call back. This company has been paid for what they did and all I want is the refund for the monies paid in advance.

A Summons has been issued and First National has tried to defend it by saying that I only paid £300 and that they are owed another £99.50. Whereas I paid their labour bill of £399.50 and a further amount towards the part of £300 but they are trying to be cleaver!

This company is a joke and the DTI should shut them down - I will be making representations via my MP for the DTI to intervene in this company.

BAD NEWS stay away.

Will update you after the court case espesailly as a further claim is going to be entered against them.

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23101First National Associates [Herts]
Total claims:16
Central Heating Breakdown »14th January 201219/01/20120
Called this company out as our radiators were not working on the coldest day of the year. I was told it was £65/30 mins, to which I agreed. Guy came out very quickly, and after some time working with boiler and rads, couldn't get them working and advised that the rads were blocked and needed flushing, and the boiler heat exchanger was leaking, and the boiler would need replacing (only 5 years old). Charged me £234 and left.

Got another company out on the following night, he found that the rads were not blocked, but the filters at the base of the pipework under the boiler were (simple cleaning job in the sink), the flue was leaking, not the boiler (which had nothing wrong with it), and most of all one of the circulation pumps was inoperative, which is why the rads were cold. He replaced the pump, cleaned the filters and everything started working again - amazing.

The point is I don't mind paying £234 if the guy coming knows what he's doing, but to not to check the pump and filters sounds pretty amateur to me. I will not recommend these guys to anyone

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21527First National Associates [Herts]
Total claims:16
Rude staff with a bad attitude. »14/10/1115/10/20110
My wife contacted this company on Friday 14th October & was informed that they charge £55.00 per hour.
When the plumber finally arrived 2 hours late, he got me to sign an agreement before starting any work that they charge per half hour, obviously I wasn't happy about this because it jumps up the cost, but I had to sign because we had no shower.
He started slagging off our old plumber who unfortunately doesn't this job anymore, because we wouldn't have called them if we had a choice. He kept saying that our old plumber couldn't have been registered because nothing had been connected correctly & that there wasn't an earthing rod, when he lifted the cover off the bath he found that everything had been done previously correctly.
He spent quite a lot of time just moving things around in order to extend the length of the job in order to get more money from us - (we believe that they are a rip off joint.)
When it came round to paying the price of £132.00, my wife had left me with £60.00 in cash (which would have covered the quoted cost) & a cheque in order to cover any extra cost. He informed me that this company don't accept cheques without a cheque guarantee card & he forced me to contact my wife at work (she had to be got out of a meeting) & after talking to him he finally agreed to take the cheque with her card details written on the back. My wife has contacted her bank about this because we don't trust people that you give your card details & what they might do with it.
During the conversation with my wife, the plumber informed her that he had been with the company for 20 years, this is obviously a load of rubbish because the company wasn't formed until 2000.

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24261First National Associates [Herts]
Total claims:16
Ripped Off »6th December 201121/03/20120
First National Associates sent a plumber to fix my boiler. The plumber investigated the boiler first and I then asked him what was wrong and how much it would cost. He stated that there were two faulty sensors and it would cost between £300 and £350.

I asked him whether he could also do a full service of the boiler. He said that he would do this as part of the work he was doing to fix the sensors. I asked if there would be an extra charge for the full service. He said no.

At the end of the work he gave me a bill for £735.60. I was not happy and expressed this to him. He just looked down and stayed in his seat refusing to leave my house without me paying the money. I felt pressured to pay him the money and did not receive any explanation from him why the price was so different from the original quote that he had given.

He also did not leave me with any confirmation that the boiler had a full service which means I now need to pay more money to get a service and documentation to say that it has been serviced.

I noticed later that he had charged me for three sensors and not the two he had earlier quoted me on. In addition to this he charged £57.50 for each sensor despite them costing between £14 and £17 online.

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25762First National Associates [Herts]
Total claims:16
service not received »19/6/201227/06/20120

I called in First National to service my boiler as it was not firing up properly when l turned the water on . They came the next day the bill was nearly £500 l was flabergasted but paid.He did not ask me about fitting anything he just did it . If he had done a decent job l would not haver given it another thought but the problem remained a few days later. I rang the receptionist the next day and she got him to ring me back which he did . I told him it was doing the same thing but he was adamant it was working when he left . I said thats as maybe but its actually worse now going off when the bath was still running . He still insisted 'it was working when l left' and l have to admit l raised my voice and asked him what was he trying to say ? All of a sudden he said f***ing something !!! l was shocked and told him l was ringing his work !! The receptionist said she had just put the phone down to him he said l was effing and blinding at him !!!! Shocked again NOT TRUE .. Made an appointment for Monday 25/6/2012 and told her when my husband was home . He was off sick . A long story about the unprofessionalism of the receptionist too long to go into but the could not send another plumber its company policy the same one has to go even though all this has gone on . So he came again on Tuesday and was very nice but still did not fix the problem although when he tested it all was working . He said he would get the manager to ring me about the price of the parts he 'fitted' . I rang him later when the kitchen water would not come on and then the shower would not come on .He said he was busy tomorrow but would ring me to tell me when he could come . Of course l did not get a call . So l thought l would send an email to the customer service department on the web site came back failure to send - so that does not exist !! So l rang the receptionist for the number of their customer service department she wanted to know who l was and l refused to tell her she started telling me how rude l was and l wasnt getting anywhere with that attitude !! and would not take my number to get a ring from the manager or give me any information she said l had to put it in writing .. l wanted to speak to someone now ! I also rang the plumber no answer and texted no answer . Totally blocked . This is a sham company with atrocious employees who do not care about giving a service and with other complaints l have read now l wish l had had nothing to do with them . AND MY BOILER IS STILL PLAYING UP .


I cannot believe the things l have been reading about this terrible company and everybody is saying the same thing there is no way they should be trading . 

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25496First National Associates [Herts]
Total claims:16
Boiler not repaired after paying £1334.56 »01/05/201209/06/20120
This is a rude rip off company. After charging me £1334.56 my boiler is still in the same condition. The employees are rude and deliberately take 3 hours to do a job that can be done in under an hour so that they can charge you at the rate of £55.00 per half hour. They then wanted to charge a further £3-400.00 after charging me £1334.56 to fix the same problem. A switch valve costing £29.99 retail they wanted £149.00 + vat for the same valve. I wrote to there manager Martin but he will not respond even if I phone them they are abusive. I could have purchased 2 new boilers and took the parts out of them and that would have been cheaper. Please be aware of this company and do not make the same stupid mistake that I did.

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28597First National Associates [Herts]
Total claims:16
boiler repairs »201107/03/20130
Ranks as one of my worst ever monetary decisions to hire these people. They were top of a Yell search of plumbers - which should not be allowed considering their sub-par status.

Guy came round, spent 15 minutes on the toilet then told me he had to go back to base for a part. Came back 2 hours later. He then charged me for 3 hours labour and with the cost of the part the total came to £750. A month later I had to get a new boiler! I’m pretty sure he did nothing but stink up my house and then go and get himself some lunch.

He also left screws on the floor and parts of the boiler unscrewed. I would be surprised if he was corgi registered.

This happened a while ago but it’s always bugged me that they could be continuing to dupe people so I thought I would share my experience with them.

Cowboys most defiantly! I would avoid at all costs!

P.S Not really important but the receptionist on the phone had one of the most unpleasant phone manners I’ve ever experienced!

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2481st Call Plumbers
Total claims:1
Avoid like the plague »0ct 200601/09/20080

This company charged my elderly mother over £300 to put sealant round bath . Originally tried to charge over £400 but agreed to change this when challenged .
Were called out to treat leak from bathroom . Two different plumbers came out on several occasions together and alone over 2 days .
Payment was made there and then . On recent BBC programme same company mentioned for charging extortionate amount from elderly woman . Her builder noticed bill and challenged this . Payment was stopped ( cheque ) and company had to adjust bill .
I have had no joy with bill as payment was made up front and company ignored phone call to head office and letter . Only replied to second letter when I said I was seeking legal advice . They say they are emergency plumbers and charges reflect this . 3 subsequent plumbers from different companies all said bill should have been no more than £100 ( including call out ) . One of the plumbers who came from 1st Call is emigrating to Australia . I would avoid this company like the plague .

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1763Arena Maintenance Services Limited [Sandy]
Total claims:1
Credit card deuction »18 February 200910/04/20090

My elderly mother used this firm on 18 February 2009 for work to the tune of £107.00 and paid by credit card. On receiving her credit card bill there was a deduction for this amount plus £317.52. Initially thinking it was a genuine error she telephoned and was told to expect a call back which did not materialise. She rang again and the "accounts" person was not available. She then wrote a letter on 25 March which has been ignored. I then phoned on 9 April and spoke to a gentleman who informed me the accounts person was on the phone and that I would receive a call back - this was at 2.45. At 4.45 I phoned again and was told no-one from the accounts dept. had been in all day. On asking why I had previoulsly been told that someone would phone me back and said it was unacceptable that my elderly mother had been charged this amount to her card the gentleman hung up the telephone. My mother has spoken with her credit card company and this is now listed as a disputed charge. I find it unacceptable that her card was charged on 20 February and after several attempts to get this back they still have her money. Their customer service post the work is disgraceful. My mother's cedit card company will no doubt "refund" her whilst they investigate the matter, meanwhile this firm continues to trade using an elderly ladies money to support their cashflow

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2000CH4 and TLD Buildings [SE London]
Total claims:2
Faulty job caused flooding »August 200827/04/20090


Please beware of work done by either Tom d'Arcy of TLD Buildings and Damian D'Arcy of CH4.  Mr. Tom D'Arcy fixed a bathroom in a flat I have in Crystal Palace.  Very quickly floor tiles were breaking up.  As the flat was tenanted I thought my tenants were not being careful and it never occurred to me that the builder had not done a good job.  Several years later the cistern came off its hinges causing major flooding in the bathroom and the flat below.  An emergency plumber was called in and it turned out no hard underlay was fixed under the floor tiles which explains why the tiles were breaking and caused the cistern to come off the wall.  When I contacted Mr. Tom D'Arcy about this he claimed he never did the work.  As I only have an estimate and I paid him in cash but got no receipt, it is hard to prove my case at the small claim court.  Added to that back Mr. Damian D'Arcy was called in to check why my tenants did not have water in the flat ..... Because an extra flat had been created in the basement, my tenants made a connection with the extra flat and the fact they had no water and they said so to the plumber who then told me my freeholder was stealing water from my flat and that I would need an extra water supply at a cost of £4,500.  My tenants were without water for quite a while but one evening the freeholder visited my flat with his plumber who reconnected the water by switching the stop valve back on.  Mr. Damian D'Arcy still claims my freeholder reconnected the water from the basement ..... and he also denies he never checked the stop valves. 


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16257CH4 and TLD Buildings [SE London]
Total claims:2
credit fraud »2010 dec 11 and 1826/01/20110

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