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2507THE FOOD MARKET, Malaga Airport [Malaga]
Total claims:1
Main Meal Rip Off »06/05/0910/05/20090

Food signMalaga Airport has a food hall where THE FOOD MARKET has a outlet.

A sign shows main meal items, and next to it is another sign that shows accompliments to the main meal, and instructs,,, choose two items, and shows no price for thes items.

I concluded from this that the price of the main meal included any two items from this second list. not so when I was charged for these two items and complained, I was told they were suppliments/ it was the breakfast menu, in other words I was ripped off.  The personal cost to me was about £6    but if you work it out that sign must make a total fortune out of all the other customers per day,per week etc.

Picture at below add'

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6634grocery shopper club
Total claims:2
11-05-09 »11-05-0913/11/20090

trying to call but the phone dont work

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9508grocery shopper club
Total claims:2
grocery »11/09/0909/12/20090

They claim that I do not know how to read!! They say when I ordered a colon cleanse product I checked a box on the order form to sign up for this service WHICH I KNOW I DID NOT DO!! They will NOT refund the two charges that were taken out of my account on 11/09/09 or 12/09/09

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26394sizzling pubs the argosy derby [DERBY]
Total claims:1
uncooked food »21/08/1221/08/20120

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