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IDCompany / PersonClaim TitleIncident DateAddedPostsAdd commentDetails
1567mcdonalds [ lincolnshire]
Total claims:3
mcflurry »feb 200927/03/20092

bought a couple of burgers and a mcflurry for me and my son, five miles down the road he opened his mcflurry and it had tomato ketchup just under the top layer. he emailed mcdonalds as soon as we arrived back  home, they never acknowledged his email, we have heard nothing from them.

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1715mcdonalds [ lincolnshire]
Total claims:3
foreign body in mc chicken sandwich meal »25/03/0907/04/20092

On the 25/03/09 i brought my 4 years old a mc ckicken sandwich meal (He won't eat ant other mc donalds food ) he'd got 3/4 through the sandwich and started coughing and spat out a chicken bone about 2cm long, so i contacted the macdonalds restruant told them what had happened she told me to take the mc chicken sandwich back to them and she would send it to the lab in solihull b-ham she offered me another mc chicken sandwich i obviously said no way i had no apology she just said someone from the lab would be in touch its been 2 week know i have had no contact from them i sent them an email stating what had happened and guess what still no reply, i feel that this is digusting behaviour you would think that they would contact you as soon as they recieve this kind of complaint even if they sent you a quick note saying that they have recieved your complaint and are looking it to it but in there eyes they probably don'nt care. Thinking about it i'm so glad he spat it out god forbid if he had choked on it, it makes you think what else gets mixed up in the chicken processing.

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2006macdonalds [farnborough]
Total claims:2
Bad Service »27/04/200927/04/20091

Dear Sirs,

at 2103 hrs I drove my car to the Macdonalds Drive thru at the above address & ordered a big Mac Meal lrge, with apple pie on the side .

Payed the monies, collected the foods, then drove home, to my dismay when opening the bag their was no apple pie. Had to drive all the way back again to find out what happened. I explained they said"sorry for the delay"! what delay? anyhow they gave me a luke warm apple pie, got home but couldn't eat my meal as by now it had gone cold,, please advise.  

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2397macdonalds [farnborough]
Total claims:2
compensation for choking »06/05/0907/05/20091

i went to mcdonalds drive through on the above date and oredered amongst  other things for ,my partner 6 chicken nuggets i ate 3 of them and on the 4th i swallowed it and felt something very sharp in my throat and then started choking my boyfriend was about to drive me to the hospitl then i coughed up two chicken bone splinters so i contacted the resturant and explained what had happened to be demanded to take them into the store and not to go to the aurthorities i said no as i had already contacted the enviromental health and was recoveing from choking and was on way round to thwem , i showed the guy at the enviromental and he measured them they were 14mm x 4mm-1mm and 16mm x4mm - 1mm he took a statement and told me to keep the bones so if i decided to take things further i coulsd , i also have the reciepyt as proof , i am taking this further a i would of died if my partner was not there and i want compensating for thhis its horrific i couldnt breath and i was panicking aswell , please people dont eat at these restuarants they are un hygeinic but always manage to clean up when a health check is due and i dont want you going through  the same thing as i did  but i can asure you i will be getting compensated for this i do not expect bones in my food no matter what any one says

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1885mcdonalds [ lincolnshire]
Total claims:3
Parking Contravention »5th April 200919/04/20090

I parked in the Mcdonalds parking area at 19:17:26 untill 21:04:15 where i had agreed to meet a friend  and went in for food, we had our food which i must say was a soggy cheesburger and a foul tasting cup of look warm coffee, and left.

On the 14th of April 2009 my post arrived and in the post i had recieved an enforcement notice saying that i had over stayed my parking limitation at McDonalds and telling me to pay the sum of £125.00 within 25 days from the date of this notice or £75.00 redused rate for ealy settlment within 14 days of the notice, if I diden't pay this money it would be haded over to a dept recovry agentsy and bailiffs woul be calling on me to recver the dept and it would result in me having to pay extra cost's or should I say accumilating extra cost's if this is not settled.

I would like to point out that I am a disabled man and my disabled badge was in full view or though I was not parked in a disabled bay (there were none avalible,

I do addmit that there are sighns on or about the McDonalds premmises stating time limits (whitch I think are disscusting when you are eating in the restraunt) if you have dificulty in getting from your car to the restraunt it takes you quite a while sometimes if you are disabled,

I have contacted the manager of this McDonalds and he said to me he would try and email the company who does this job for them, that was on the 15/4/2009 but have not heard a thing back as yet, I have also tried to contact the paking company themselve's but all I get is an altermated answer, it like banging your head against the wall,

I am a 65 year old man and serverly disabled I live on a state pesion and worried to death what will happen now please can you help,  I am running out of time, I just wan't these people off my back.

Yours Sinserley

Raymond W Berry.


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2066Mc Donald\'s [Kennewick]
Total claims:3
Garbage food and the worst attituded employees I have ever seen!! »04/30/0930/04/20090

I have been going to this Mc Donald's for years and they always use to be great. Really good service and great tasting food. NOT NO MORE!!!!!!!!! They are now the worst fast food experience I have ever had!!! And I am going to make sure everyone is aware of it! If you want super crappy food that will make you sick to your stomach and love to have your nerves shot early in the morningand waste your gas and money to be put in a bad mood then this is the ideal place for you to visit in the beginning of your day. The last 3 times I have gone there and until now I was a frequent guest, ha, not no more! I will never return to that Mc Donald's EVER AGAIN!!! I went through the drive through and ordered the same thing I always get and just like the last 2 times I was treated very rudely and I drive home with my breakfast....yeah right my dog won't even eat it, and he eat anything even other animals poop!! ....I open my breakfast sandwich to find it is as hard as a rock....I sigh try to feed it to my dog...he wines at me...and begs me with his eyes to not make him eat it, PLEASE don't make me do it... so I through it in the trash! Mind ya this is the 3rd time in a row I have had this experience at this same Mc Donald's.....also it's the last I call the Mc Donald's at 509-586-9150 where I got these rocks served to me by rude employees..and I tell the female who answers the phone that I need to speak to a manager, she says "what is the problem" (rudely and rushed)... I say "well, I was just there and bought my breakfast sandwiches and brought them home to eat them and they were hard as rocks, so I had to through them away" .....she says "sooo ,what's the problem! (totally rudely now with an attitude and a under her breath spit of anger)....I raise my voice and say "WHAT'S THE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!! WELL I REALLY DON'T LIKE WASTING MY MONEY AND GAS ON GARBAGE!!!" She says absolutely after waiting about 15 seconds... I hang up! I call the 1-800-244-6227 for customer soon as I can find the phone number which I had to search for that online, mind you I still have not had my freaking breakfast so I am rather pissed off!! Then I call the 1-800-244-6227 # right and they take down all the info and say thank you!! What they failed to say is " we're sorry this happened to you, not even any reembursment or how about this maybe it would have been nice for all the crap i just went to to offer me something for they hell I just went through but NOT NOTHING!!! So whatever Md Donald's.....I did let them know that I will be spreading the word to everyone...and yes I gave them my personal information, why not I have no reason to not tell them who I to everyone who reads this please beware and stay clear of the golden arches on the corner of highway 395 south & Kennewick Ave. in Kennewick Washington State............avoid them like the plague, that they are! They are serving up food that a dog won't eat and who needs to pay to be treated for rudely?! I myself will make sure to tell everyone I meet to never go there! That is what happens to even a huge corporation who thinks they are to good for there customers...this Mc Donald's needs new management and all new employees!! They certainly have lost this customer forever...and guess what I have a really big mouth!!!

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19315Mc Donald\'s [Kennewick]
Total claims:3
voucher refused »18th May 201118/05/20110
have vouchers for various items 'won' on their 'monopoly' game. tried to use them and was told it was finished. no one could give me a reason, they are dated until 24/05/11 WHY?
I was very embaresed when refused, especially when i did not have cash with me. did have cards but that is not the point is it???? most disappointed with them.
Plus they keep serving chips with salt on and before your other items are even cooked, then cold chips!!!!

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19342Mc Donald\'s [Kennewick]
Total claims:3
insect in McChicken sandwich »19/5/1119/05/20110
i live in huyton which is about a 25 min walk from the prescot mcdonalds,my boyfriend went through the drive thru of prescot mcdonalds in a taxi as we dont drive about 4:45pm ordered a chicken sandwich a burger for himself and 3 chicken nugget happy meals with milkshakes.
When he arrived home we started to eat the burgers,i had ate 3 quarters of my burger and the chicken burger fell off the bun into the box it came in,well am i glad it did! as i tried to put the burger back on the bun i noticed a brown/black thing popping out under the lettuce,i then took the burger back off and was totally disgusted,there was an insect which looked like an earwig in the lettuce,also it looked like the end had been bit off as id been eating it!
I immediatley ran to the sink and started vomitting,my boyfriend took one look ,threw his burger away and started to heave at the thought of it!
i rang prescot mcdonalds and a man whos name i never got answered,he wasnt rude but his attitude was bad,i said i wished to make a complaint as i had found an earwig or some kind of insect in my chicken sandwich,he replied an earwig,so i said yes an insect,he then said bring it back to which i replied i didnt think id be able to as i lived in huyton and had already paid £10 in a taxi there and back,i also had my 2 children at home and there 2 cousins,he then turned around and said well if you cant bring it back theres nothing i can do!
No apology or nothing,by this time i was livid and still throwing up so i rang mcdonald customer service who took my details said they would send a pre paid envelope to me and could i send it back to them and they would send it for laboratary tests and be intouch with me after that!
its disgusting how they can let this happen,i used to work there and they were quite strict about cleaning,but if the people on the grill musnt look at the food there putting together,because this was noticable not like a little midget about the size of a fly!
i have still got the burger(with insect)sitting on my window ledge in the kitchen with the receipt awaiting the pre paid envelope,and have took pictures,needless to say i wont be eating from mcdonalds again!

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2157Popeye\'s Chicken [Broken Arrow]
Total claims:1
not paying ex-employees »03.04.09 - 03.10.0902/05/20090

My step son went to work for Popeye's chicken in March 04,2009 and worked until March 10,2009 and has not been paid. The manager keeps giving him the run around and keeps saying the next pay period. It has been two months since this has happened and no longer works for the company and he has not been paid yet.  If this is how the company does their ex-employees and thinks they can get free labor this way then their wrong. I have already posted a complaint on the company website, but I want everyone to know not to work for this company because they don't pay their employees.

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Total claims:1
no free checken »05/09/200910/05/20090

Because KFC ad said free meal and there was no free meal they need to seen out money for what there value of the meal to everone that went to receive the free meal not a rain check

and then at another time we can go back and receive our free meal at a redused price for our time and gas

maybe they want run ad that they have no intention to live up to

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2562Hard Rock Cafe [Sharm El Sheikh]
Total claims:1
Unacceptable expensive food »28th April 200911/05/20090

This is a copyof the email sent to Hard Rock Cafe,

My wife and I have just returned from  Egypt (Sharm El Sheikh). While we were there my wife and I we were given a voucher for 350 Egyptian pounds, about £42 sterling to spend in your establishment. What a load of expensive rubbish you serve.  We both ordered a New York Strip Steak.  The little piece of edible steak was very nice, the rest which was the majority of the steak, was fat with gristle  running right through the fillet. The mashed potatoes were very slushy and my wife felt quite lucky she had ordered a portion chips instead of the mashed potatoes, of course this was at an extra cost but they did appear to be very expensive chips as she only got 10. Unfortunately due to the inadequate lighting it was not possible to see the gristle until it was in your mouth so we had to suffer the indignity of removing the unacceptable, uneatable gristle to return it to the plate after chewing the edible meat off the gristle.    The plates were put in front of us and before we could start eating the meal a man who I imagine was your manager came and asked if everything was suitable and to our satisfaction.  Surely he should have asked either half way through the meal or at the end.  How can you comment on something that you have not eaten or tried.  I assume it is because he does not want any complaints or the aggravation that goes with any complaint.   I ordered a beer and my wife an orange juice.  My beer appeared in the bottle, do you have a shortage of glasses?  I am not sure what was given to my wife, if it was orange juice the Egyptian oranges are very watery, the ones we get in England are juicy and we do not even grow them so they are certainly not as fresh as the ones that can be acquired in Egypt.  Perhaps you should contemplate changing your supplier.   The total bill came to  339 Le (£40.84p).  Had we have been paying for the meal ourselves we would have been most upset.  It would seem my wife and I are used to a better standard of restaurant which we have in England than the Hard Rock Cafe offers and I must admit quite a lot cheaper!    We did thank the company that gave us the LE350 voucher as we would have been most upset had we have wasted our money on what we feel was a very unsatisfactory and expensive meal.  I did wonder why there are no prices for any of the meals shown outside the premises.  After what we got, I can fully understand why you don't.  We shall be putting this down to one of our less favourable experiences in Egypt.  (Note, we have been going to Egypt twice a year for the last 6 years so are no strangers to what Egyptian restaurants have to offer.)   I would point out that we did not make any complaint on the night as it was not our money that was being spent, but rest assured if it had have been my cash that was paying for the meal I would certainly have made quite a loud and long complaint to your manager.

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Total claims:1
GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! »Everyday18/10/20090


The Mc Donald's Merry Land is the worst image ever....starting from the employees and their rude behaviour towards tenants( Ladies who live in the same building)...till the cleaning of the entrance of the building,the loud voices,the jokes they make....,MOST OF ALL ,THE WORST PART IS THE GARBAGE RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET...i cannot describe how we suffer from the smell, the cats everywhere,rats,flies...everynight there is a DEALER WEARING GALABEYA THAT SITS IN THE GARDEN FACING MC DONALD'S MERRYLAND-HELIOPOLIS....recycling GARBAGE...HE GATHERES BEGGARS AROUND HIM AND A DONKKEY THE GUY PICK S UP WHAT HE NEEDS AND THROWS THE REST IN THE STREET......WHAT AN IMAGE TO OUR COUNTRY....I HAVE COMPLAINED 5 TIMES AND NO ONE TOOK MY WORDS FOR SERIOUS......I EVEN COMPLAINED ABOUT MOTORCYCLES THAT THE DELIVERY BOYS DRIVE ALONG THE PAVEMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FOR GOD SAKE WE HAVE CHILDREN ,NO ONE TAKES AN ACTION UNTIL DISASTERS HAPPEN.......





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Total claims:1
UPDATED 06112010 Just Eat refusing to take action »29-04-201020/05/20100

On the mentioned date I ordered some food using Just Eat ( (Order Number:3569515) . For those who don’t know, Just Eat is an online service which takeaways sign up to in an effort to get more custom. The customer can order food through Just Eat who will then contact the takeaway and have your food sent to you. I typed my postcode in and the site then showed me all the local takeaways that use the Just Eat service. I placed an order online and the order took more than an hour to be dispatched (I was quoted 45 minutes). The food wasn’t delivered to my door, I had to go on a short walk to the city centre (passing several takeaways) to go and collect my cold food. I do realise this isn’t the fault of Just Eat. I informed them about what happened and received a phone call saying the takeaway was very uncooperative and they had asked the takeaway manager to ring me. He didn’t so I went back to Just Eat to inform them of it. They didn’t really seem to care, blamed the takeaway and refused any further action. I asked if they would remove the takeaway which they refused to do and they still list the takeaway as able to deliver to my area. Personally I think Just Eat should take some form of action against the takeaway or refund me!




I was offered a £5 voucher from Just Eat at the time and today I decided I would give them a second chance. The voucher did not work. Heres is a copy of their complaints procedure:


1.5 Customer Care is extremely important to JUST-EAT, therefore, in the event that you are dissatisfied with the quality of food ordered through this website, subject to paragraph 3.3 below, JUST-EAT will assist you, where possible, in seeking a refund from the restaurant to a maximum amount equivalent to the value of the original order. An important part of our quality control process is that consumers provide ratings and feedback on the website to reflect their experiences with restaurants. Please note that any complaint must be lodged with our customer care team using the method described above within 48 hours of placing the order.


This is what one of the E-Mails said 


"I have looked into this and again I apologise for this oversight. It looks like it was the fault of both the restaurant and the order being sent through later than it should of been."


They refused to give me a full refund and I don't believe they even tried speaking to the restaurant.


It has been months now and I have told countless people not to use them who have agreed, the least they can do is refund me.


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21047Cafe Nero
Total claims:1
Wrong food »16/09/1116/09/20110
Good morning,

I am writing to you to complain about my recent experience in my local Cafe Nero in Hastings. Myself and my friend decided to have lunch in your establishment. I chose a mozzarella, tomato and pesto panini and my friend, a chicken and pesto panini. The member of staff took our panini's and placed then in the grill to cook together. Once they were ready the member of staff gave us our panini's, which were cut in two. After talking a few bites I was shocked to realise that I had been given one half of chicken and pesto panini, of which i had began to eat, and one half the mozzarella, tomato and pesto panini. This was extremely devastating as I am a very strict vegetarian. I bought this major error to the attention of the staff, one of the male employees was extremely apologetic and offered me a refund, While the other just laughed of the problem, And did not even apologise. Which I thought was completely disgusting customer service. This expedience really spoilt my day, As I had to leave early due to feeling very ill, Which spoiled the plans we had made for the afternoon, As I have not eaten meat for over 5 years. I have been very upset since this has happened, Spending most of my evening vomiting and felling sick and disgusted at the thought of putting chicken in my mouth.
I will not return to Cafe Nero in the future I am disgusted with the service, incompetence and the lack of compassion.
Yours sincerely,

Justine Aura

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Total claims:1
lay's | lays chips using E631 is it made from Pig Material. »1 september24/10/20110

Recently I saw E631 written on wrapper of Lays chip and I search it on google. I found out that it is made from Pig Fat which is not allowed in my religion. If this is the case I want that company should clearly mention that it includes a pig fat in its product.LAYS is harmful for all indian people so,kindly take the action and save the life of indian people.On lays packet non veg should be return clearly red spot should be there.every article should be ritten clearly .on lays packet non veg should be return clearly red spot should be there.every article should be ritten clearlyon lays packet non veg should be return clearly red spot should be there.every article should be ritten clearly. Here is the website details - lay's, lays, happiness exhibit, potato chips, happiness is simple, simply made. simply good, betcha can't eat just one, potatoe chips, tater chips, potato chip  



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22459Mighty Bites [Middlesbrough]
Total claims:1
Worst service ever. »08/12/201108/12/20110
At approximatley 10pm on the 08/12/2011 I placed an order for £13.90 worth of food to be delivered to my friends property 58 Ashford Avenue, Whinneybanks, Middlesbrough, TS5 4QW. Within 2 minutes of disconnecting the call, I made another call to the establishment to ask them if it was ok that once the delivery driver has arrived for him to knock at the door and politley wait for 2 minutes as I would need to come via the back door as the front is broken, the gentleman said this was not a problem.

The food arrived within time and the delivery driver knocked and we advised through the window that we would be there within 2 minutes. My friend was at the door within 1 minute and handed him a £10 note and a seperate £5 note. The driver then explained that he had no change, we said this was not a problem and he could leave with our full £15 and return with the change once he had either gone to the local shop which was still open or return to the establishment and return with our £1.90 change. The driver said no it was too far to go. My friend then asked him politely to speak to my self as it was myself paying for the food. I advised him the same thing and to return with the change, I would anticipate if I owed a fast food restaurant for all my drivers to carry change with them. The gentleman then started shouting at me to get the change of which I said that would make no sense and if I had the £3.90 change on me then I would not of given him the £5 note. He kept repeating himself, of which I offered him the full £15 to just leave, he proceeded to not listen to me and even tried to enter my home, my partner then ran to the door and asked him to leave, i'll admit, he shouted at him saying "just take the fifteen pound and go" to which the gentleman then said something about returning with petrol, I told him to leave my property and was calling the police. He left at this point with the full £15 and I shut the back door. I was waiting for my mobile phone to charge to call the establishment and make a complaint to the manager when I recieved a phone call on my friends phone of which the telephone number I'd given to 'Mighty Bites' to use as a contact telephone number. The gentleman stated he was a worker at this shop and was furious with what we had said to the delivery driver and accused us of harrassing us. I attempted on several occasions to explain the true events of the incident but the gentleman proceeded to shout at me, saying that the delivery driver had waited outside our property for 10 minutes before we abused the delivery driver and that we had more than our change. In the end I advised I was calling the police and disconnected the call.

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23038Popeyes Louisiana Chicken [Scarborough]
Total claims:1
Rude/Spamming Cashier »October 16, 201116/01/20120
This Pope's location is full of scammers!

Watch out especially for an employee who works over there by the name of Mohsen. He is the 5 foot 9 inch, anorexic, Pakistani guy who works over there.

Watch out for him because when he gives your change back, he takes 75 CENTS OF YOUR MONEY AND KEEPS IT FOR HIMSELF! And when I argue with him, he yells at me AND THREATENED TO KILL ME! He told me this:


And don'r bother with the manager, because he is on this CON-ARTIST MOHSEN'S SIDE. The manager's name is Riyaz and can't do anything.

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30501McDonald's Canada [Richmond Hill]
Total claims:1
Celso, the most racist, nosey and rude Employee at McDonald's Canada »May 03, 201604/05/20160
I go to this McDonald's location that is located on the corner at eastside of Yonge street and North of 16th Avenue (Address is 9301 yonge Street, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C 1V4)but until I go inside, I see this Filipino male employee (who works cleaning the Lobby of this McDonald’s) with a MEDIUM/SKINNY BUILD, CLEAN SHAVEN, BLACK HAIR, BROWN SKIN, and in his 40's by the name of "CELSO" staring at me when I am going to the counter as if I am going to rob the store or something.

Once I receive my order, I go and pick a place to sit down, and asked Celso where the Napkins were, and he rudely replied "THERE!, CAN’T YOU SEE?". So I then grab a couple of Napkins but this very same guy comes from out of nowhere and right behind me and says "NO MORE NAPKINS, GO!"

I then looked at him in a confused way, because Celso had ambushed me right from behind.

All of a sudden, Celso then says the most disgusting comment ever......."DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?? GO!". I then got confused and asked him what he said, he then retracted his comment by saying "Oh, I thought you were new here. Sorry". OH. SO PEOPLE WHO ARE “NEW” HERE GET TREATED WITH DIS-RESPECT, CELSO?

I then ignored him and then went to put my stuff back on my seat, but as soon as I wanted to get something else from the counter, Celso WAS THEN LOOKING AT MY BAG AND GOING THROUGH IT PHYSICALLY. I then rushed back to confront him and asked him what he was doing. He then angrily replied, "TOO MUCH, MAN!"

I then decided enough was enough so I then went to the front counter and asked for his Manager to which his Manager then came to me and said he will "deal" with him.

Since this incident on Tuesday, May 03, 2016, I have since not yet received an apology from neither Celso nor McDonald's head office to this day and I WARN YOU NOT TO GO TO THIS LOCATION unless you want to be treated like a Criminal and be stared at by Celso, the obnoxious and racist employee who works in the Lobby (he's a Cleaner for this location) By the way, Celso, YOUR LOBBY IS VERY POORLY MAINTAINED WITH ANTS ON THE TABLE AND WET SODA STAINS ON THE GROUND! CLEAN IT UP, PROPERLY INSTEAD OF STARING AT PEOPLE!...WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME TO?!?

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