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2369Pro let UK / Pro Estates [Kent]
Total claims:1
WITHELD MONIES »DEC 200807/05/20093

Mick Helaith (Director) of Pro Let UK and Pro Estates took  a holding deposit from me to secure a property, 14 Nursery Grove, Southfields Green, Kent.  On the planned moving in date we went to the property to find that it was not ready.  It had not been cleaned and the front door lock did not secure properly. 

I voiced my concerns and asked that the door handle be fixed.  I was then told I was no longer a suitable tenant.  I said that as it was they who had made this desicion on these grounds I would expect my monies to be returned.  He laughed and said "we will see about that".  My son and I were left homeless a few weeks before christmas. 

Since then I have made a small claim against them that was heard in my favour.  When they still did not return my money I further paid out to have a warrant issued.  The Bailiffs attended but were told by Mick Helaith that he was not liable because he was Pro Estates now.  At the same address and with the same contact numbers and the same staff.  Companies House tell me this morning that Pro Let UK have not had a name change certificate.

I would be so grateful for any further help in this matter or be able to provide any further information.



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Total claims:1
BRE/CHEAP/TNT REALESTATE.NET »01 200912/08/20093

PLEASE WE BEG YOU TO GIVE US NAMES OF OFFICIALS IN BOURGAS THAT ARE NOT AFRAID OF JUDGES, BRE AND MORE.  WE ARE LOSING ARE MONEY TO SCAMMERS, PLEASE [] (link: Region, city: Yambol - Bolyarovo ( ID 16485 ) The National Agency "Bulgarian Real Estate" Ltd. is a serious, rapidly growing Company with young, ambitious, and highly qualified specialists working.
The head office of the Company, as well as its seat of management, is situated in the town of Bourgas;
111 "Alexandrovska" Str.
Tax No: 1021435968;
Bulstat: 102878414

The owner and the manager of Bulgarian Real Estate Ltd. is Mr. Ivan Kimanov.
The work of our teams of specialists - brokers, building engineers, architects, lawyers, interpreters, etc., ensures juridical security of the sell-trade of real estates or other kinds of deals - leasing, renting out, reconstruction, or other kind of services, related to the real estate.

The Company has at its disposal a network of offices throughout the whole country, which contribute to covering all the regions within the borders of republic Bulgaria and to the constant update of the current offers on the real estate market.
The Marketing Department ensures original advertising strategy for each attractive property for sale. It makes the fast and profitable realization possible by media and Internet advertisement, as well as by direct offering of the properties on construction-investment forums all over the world.

Bulgarian Real Estate Ltd. is proud of the fact that it can support its clients from the moment when the idea of owning a property in Bulgaria occurs, through its actual acquiring and all consultations related to it, packages of documents, organization of viewing trips and travels, final completion and tax service of Companies and properties, up to the modernizing, categorization and the overall management, by maintenance and letting out for each client who expects to receive income from the property which is bought with the assistance of the Company.   Price From 4,000 EUR 142,080 РУБ 5,720 USD 2,880 GBP

Region Yambol Rooms -
Location Bolyarovo Garden -
Area 4000 m 2 Status Available

Features Basic location Condition
  Rural & Countryside
In fishing area
In hunting area
In mountain

General Information A plot of building-land in a calm, hilly village just 18 km away from the town of Bolyarovo and 86 km from the sea coast. It's a big plot of 4 000 sq.m. situated in the end of the village with a splendid view to the village itself. The road to the plot is accessible all year round. Electricity is available. There is water supply near the plot. The village is situated in a very beautiful region 18 km from the town of Bolyarovo - the most wanted region, famous for its natural riches, picturesque mountainous landscape, and fresh air. It is a preferred destination by many tourists who come here throughout the whole year to enjoy this paradise place. It is perfect for your holidays and seclusion.
contact   59, Evlogi Georgiev Blvd. Sofia 1142, Bulgaria
phone: +35929870766 Mob:+359885430939
Email: listed at Natallia Kliashniova
bulgarian propery
Dublin - Dublin - Ireland
2008-02-11 02:01:38

Hi there.
I would like to say that to buy properties in Bulgaria it is not safe thing to do. Myself and my husbend boght nice house in Sofia. All our cost was 80000eu with all fees incl. And then we been told that it is same small problem with land. But it does not take to long, and we will have our house soon. It already almost year. We find out that house was sold to other peopele and we can not get our money back. Company we was dealing with is BULGARIAN REAL ESTATE.(YOU CAN SERCH THEY ARE WAB). We have no comu

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302Lillicrap Chilcott
Total claims:3
Money-grabbing crooks »2007-200802/10/20082

Mr Lillicrap and Mr Chillcot own and run this company and they have a terrible reputation - i just wish i had known this before i had dealings with them. They own several houses in Cornwall, and Mr Lillicrap was the our landlord during a 12 month tenancy in Truro.

As soon as we moved into the property, we were warned about Mr Lillicrap as being a hard-nosed, money-grabbing man - previous tenants told us how he had kept their deposits and the agency we went through to find the property agreed that he was 'very hard work!'.

The 12 months tenancy was a total nightmare - nothing in the house worked and things never got fixed, despite hundreds of phone calls. The heating never worked and we needed to have 3-4 electric heaters just to keep warm! Mr Lillicrap was extremely rude, he went against his word several times and even charged us an extra £550 per month just to have a dog at the property!!

One day, towards the end of the tenancy, a severe gale literally blew the roof off the house and we had rain and wind coming through the house. We could not stay there out of sheer safety....huge roof tiles were falling every few minutes! Mr Lillicrap did not offer us any alternative accomodation and the builder told us it was too dangerous to repair.....he also told us that Mr Liillicrap was planning to tear the property down as soon as we left...hence his reluctance to repair it!!!

So, we had no choice but to spend hundreds of pounds moving to new accomodation, travelling to and from to collect our belongings and getting no compensation.

We spent days cleaning the house, hiring carpet cleaners etc to ensure we got our deposit returned but we then got told that Mr Lillicrap was going to keep the £3000 deposit!! Amazingly, our agency contact (who knew what had been happening) was not allowed to do the inspection and Mr Lillicrap asked for his own 'contact' to carry out the inspection!! I wonder why!!??!!

Needless to say, we are now suing Mr Lillcrap for the deposit and the expenses/personal inconvenience we experienced throughout the 12 months!

This man is truly a cold-hearted, money-grabbing crook and i would never recommend anyone doing business with him or his company. His name says it all - CRAP!

more details » [Bourgas]
Total claims:1
Estate/land company out to defraud »January 200801/05/20092


We attempted to purchase land in Bulgaria through this Bulgarian company. As detailed below when we realised that the company was not acting appropriately we tried to obtain our deposit back. We followed all the right processes including involving a notary on a couple of occasions. It was only when we started the process of trying to retrieve our money we realised that there were numerous other cases with much bigger amounts of money which have been lost. Signed agreements have not been honoured. We also sought legal representation. It has now taken more than 12 months to get our money - there are extremely cynical an hard faced to deal with. For instance they always say the money will be sent by next friday and then they will come back with identical excuses. A full catalogue of some their scams can be accessed at [] (link: having a friend who knows this region well.

To make a long story short there were a series of delays - 'lost documents', not answering emails etc.  which are all very sadly familiar (having read subsequent stories). We eventually decided that after so many inconsistencies we would cancel the arrangement.

We were then obliged to sign another agreement (agreeing not to take further action after approx 3000 euro was returned). We were also obliged to get another notary to prevent 'money laundering'.

We duly followed every process open to us and low and behold we were then informed by their employee, Tanya Dimova that although the manager recognises we did everything that was asked of us he is 'sad to say' that he has cash flow problems due to the credit crunch with no sign that this will ever be paid.

Even though we have a formal agreement to have the deposit returned (witnessed by a notary) it looks like we have little chance of seeing this money. The excuses are identical to the ones catalogued in numerous online property forums.

We naively assumed the membership of the EU there would be similar rights and processes we could defer to should there be issues. We were obviously very wrong.

Names to look out for and be very aware of:- d stoyanov, ivan kimanov, i lozev, n nedelchev, tanya dimova, pavlina Georgieva, Polina Tzekova

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2992Churchills Innovative Solutions [Newport]
Total claims:2
Deposit »13.03.200723/05/20092

Paid Deposit And first payment to them for purchase of property in goa

Jason Killingback,Natasha Bonnici, Ryan Nordell, Paul Nordell all are involed in this fraudThe Perpetrators

It is quite difficult to identify the extent to which individuals were involved in this, so we will simply give a factual account of what we know, and let you make your own mind up about culpability.

The directors of the final version of Churchills, CIS, were:

* Karl Goldthorpe (MD)
* Dale Pilkington (Sales), previously worked for Perfect Day (see earlier post).
* Paul Wade (Finance), left CIS in February 2008

Other people involved:

* Andrew Goldthorpe, salesman and younger brother of Karl
* Gary Smith, KGs right hand man and salesman
* Charlie Pritchard, salesman
* Naren Cox, who tells us he was a "self employed salesman who resigned from CIS December 2007 on his discovery of the directors of Churchills fraudulent activity."
* Stuart D'Costa, salesman and brother in law of Karl and Andrew Goldthorpe. Left CPO and now works for the Isle of Wight Police

Churchill OU: The Estonian company that was meant to build the developments


* Karl Goldthorpe
* Lee Williams

Others involved:

* Harriet Saunders (step daughter of Lee Williams)
* Jordie Williams (son of Lee Williams)

Frinteel: The Estonian company that owns the land in Estonia


* Karl Goldthorpe
* Katherine D'Costa (KGs sister)
* Andrew Goldthorpe


* Walter Goldthorpe (KGs father)
* Karl Goldthorpe
* Katherine D'Costa
* Andrew Goldthorpe
* Elizabeth Goldthorpe (KGs mother)

Balti Paradiis: Estonian Company that fronted the Valgeranna Golf development (that never happened)


* Lee Williams
* Chris Tonkinson

Braganza Constructions, Goa: Never started and never had planning permission for Braganza World - property sold by Churchills in the UK


* Ryan Braganza

Are all involed



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304Lillicrap Chilcott
Total claims:3
Had to sue to get our deposit back »200603/10/20081

This company are terrible, we let a property from them in Truro and with no reason whatsoever, they kept our very large deposit. Luckily my husband was a barrister and we sued them... and got our deposit back in full !

They simply cannot be trusted to do the honest thing.

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21185Lillicrap Chilcott
Total claims:3
N/A »12/8/1124/09/20111
I am not a victim of Mr LilliCRAP in a financial sense , as I note from other forums that allege serious improprieties, but I have come across this man and his rudeness to potential buyers.I was a prospective cash buyer, no mortgage required, based in Manchester and wanting to move to Cornwall to retire,etc

His staff are quite vile in the first instance. I wanted to buy a property and asked very straightforward and courteously what the lowest amount the vendor would accept for the house. Since I live in Manchester it was pointless going all the way to Cornwall to come back 'empty handed'. The girl's emails were contemptuous to say the least and then Mr LilliCRAP chose to send me mails making all sorts of accusations about my mails which were wholly untrue and personal comments to boot. A horrible and vile company , with horrible and vile staff and a very, very aggressive and rude Mr LilliCRAP.

I bought elsewhere through a firm called Stratton Creber, very pleasant immediately, very helpful, also in Truro, who made immediate enquiries of their client, got back with a bottom line price and we had the deal done more or less. I went down, took a look at the house, and within six weeks I was in.

God knows why anybody wants to deal those dreadful people at Lillicrap Chilcott and put up with a wholly unprofessional and discourteous Mr Ian Lillicrap

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1279MacAnthony Realty International [Marbella]
Total claims:4
non payment »Oct 200812/03/20091

This company has used my property for short term rental and refuses to pay me for it. They are impossible to contact, don't return any calls or emails, and have even removed the telephone no. for the appropriate dept so that you can't speak with them.

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1465brown and brand [hadleigh, benfleet]
Total claims:2
bond money »29/06/0823/03/20091

My partner rented a flat from essex residential in 06/05 he always paid rent on time when he got in the flat it was a disgrace no carpets, not even sound proofed from down stairs .In april 08  we gave essex residential two months notice to quit contracts we later found out that brown and brand had brought them out we handed keys to them and showing them the copy of the letter we sent to quit they said they didnt have my partners bond money so we went to essex residential they didnt have it neither now brand and brown are saying the landlord has it . But shouldnt a secure deposit sceme have it and why hasnt he been paid his bond money back???

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Total claims:3
DEPOSIT REFUND »6/02/200926/03/20091



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2973Ludlow Thompson est agents
Total claims:1
Ripped off!!! »from 15/09/0823/05/20091

I used this agent to manage and let out my property.Sue Colledge is the director who i have aimed my formal complaint at.This woman is heading a frauduelent service and like any MP she lies is very rude and denies any   claim that you may have.They took 6months upfront fee's from my tenant @over £13000.I received £4249!!!!I questioned this outrageous bill and they assured me on month7 i would make some money.When i looked at there statment they have charged me for things i found out later they never even bothered to do e.g a check in and out [service@£185.My] (link: mailto:service@£185.My) tenant told me they didn't do this and when i asked for proof from them they said they couldn't find the paper work and had to refund my money which i demanded.It got worse.They never ever answer the phone,they are rude,aggresive and basically have this attitude that they have your money ,so that's the end of the service and product they so proudly promote.You get a young goodlooking boy to offer you a premium service ,when in reality you get nothing being left with fiancial difficulty and undue stress,with a huge hole in the money i was supposed to make.

I eneded up doing the management,as they were unavailaible by phone and only respond yo you by email.I was given a personal accounts manager -felicity Marshall .Who fuuny enough is always way from her desk when you ring.And never rings you back!!I got so upset and fed up that i decided to terminate my contract with them.

When my friend read through it they have cleverly made the contract up to cover there disgusting customer service practises.However i feel they have breeched their contract with me by not offering the service they claim and by charging me for things that they never carried out.

They have lied to me over emails which i have kept when i asked where all my money has gone near £6,500 and they told me i only was cahrged £449 for the full mangement term.Which is a lie.They did not registar the tenants deposit and then told me they paid it back to me ,when they told me by email it had been registared and would be paid to me at the end,

I have been on forums amd blogg pages and they have done the same to hundreds of people,The list of complaints is endless about them yet they are still operating and ripping people off ,in an apalling way.

I have wrote to Sue Coleedge who is known to the FSA,OFT and the obudnasman for est agents.And exhausted my claims for a full refund of all my money for a disgusting service but again they declined to pay me anything back,again lieing in the letter they wrote to me.I have all the evidence in emails ,my tenant and the statements  to proove i have been ripped off and treated very unfairly.

I will fight them all the way,and want to warn anyone who is going to rent or let off them to stay away,they are cowboys.They should be closed down.I will do what ever it takes to get a full refund and to take them to court.Please look at all the blogg sites on google.You only have to type in complaints against Ludlow Thompson and there are pages of similar stories.Its about time they are exposed on a national basis,and stopped.It is crimainal how they are behaving at peoples expense.I have to take anti depresents now for all the stress they have caused me.And am unable to pay my mortgage.I hole them responsible!!!


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20058Victoria Knight [London]
Total claims:1
Victoria Knight - Ripping off clients »31/08/1006/07/20111

You may want to read this first!

I went to Victoria Knight looking for a flat last year. The lady who attended us was really lovely and helpful, they found us a flat we thought was ideal and wanted to move in there. The problem was that the flat was available immediately and, I could not move in immediately. The lady then became extremely pushy and desperate for me to sign an agreement, saying that if wanted to pull out that it would be OK, as long as I confirmed with her within 24 hours.

I confirmed with her I couldn’t agree with the landlord to let me terminate our contract earlier and so I could not take the property. She then became complete different person and said there was nothing she could do at all, that it was my responsibility and that I had agreed to the T&C’s. After lengthy (and pointless) phone calls I decided to see the branch manager. He gave me the number of the director of the company to deal with him. This person did not return my calls, until I used a website to name and shame. The ‘director’ threaten me to sue me unless I removed the post and apologised. I contacted a solicitor, who advised I was not breaking any rule and that I should contact trading standards. As soon as the solicitor contacted the ‘director’ he then said I had things mixed-up – he was only a consultant and that “Perhaps you should take a little more time in reading documentation so you are fully aware of who you are dealing with”.

When I dealt with them, this company was not registered with any association/government body. They charge exorbitant amounts of money for their poor services…


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21288Regan and Hallworth
Total claims:1
Under Value of Property / Bad service »200902/10/20111
Regan and Hallworth.

I experienced a terrible service with Regan and Hallworth.
It seems that to secure my instuction with the company and hence to make the agency look more appealing to other potential house sellers, They over valued my property to win the instruction. Then after very little response from potential purchasers or indeed from the agency. In fact after approximately 6 months i had one phone call from the ageny from a young female member of staff saying that a customer was in the agency requesting further details ??? The member of staff had no knowledge at all of the property, asking me over the phone infront of the custome how many bed rooms the property had ??
An absolute disgrace for any estate agent, never mind one of the more expensive agents in the area that portray the image of a ( in their own words)proffessional estate agent.
Then the famous PRICE DROP !!
Following no interest from buyers the company say the only way to get a sale is to drop the price by tens of thousands of pounds !!
To the more realistic valuations of the other agents in the area.
I feel Regan and Hallworth over value properties to guarantee that they get the instruction.
I would like to know how many of their properties on their sale books have been treated the same?????
Terrible service, Terrible practice.
Be warned !!

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29223International Property Success Ltd [International Property Success Ltd]
Total claims:1
Please Refund My Deposit as Promised »14 /8/201229/04/20131
I paid international property success £2700
On the understanding that they could find me a mortgage and a property.
(My credit rating was good with Experian and Equifax, 765.)
In the unlikely event that they would be unable to do so,
They would immediately refund my entire deposit.
Then, I heard absolutely nothing, for weeks.
I tried to contact IPS, no reply.
When I tried to contact their mortgage brokers who claim to be
a part of Tim Smith Associates Financial Advisors
imagine my surprise when I was put straight through to Tim Smith himself,
who said that though one of these women was known to him,
neither of them were, or ever had been, a part of his company!!!
I sent a letter Special D to IPS CEO Jon Ainge, with my concerns
And he did contact me apologising , saying that this situation should never have occurred, as my credit rating was good,that they would look for a property and mortgage for me.
And that in the New Year there would be some non status and 100pc finance
Properties in Spain available, and that they would contact me.
No one ever contacted me again, though I called and emailed constantly,
And , according to their web site, these properties did appear!
My work situation then changed, and I really really needed the deposit returned to me.
I was becoming very desperate , and had no where to live.
I considerd committing suicide because I did not know what to do.
The only thing that stopped me was that I was afraid in case it went wrong,
And things became even worse. I told them this, still no reply.
Eventually I went to The Citizens Advice beureux and they investigated the background of the company, via Companies House, and IPS LTD appear to regularly
Change company name , company address and company directors!
The name before International Property Success was International Property Secrets
And there was another name before that!!!
The CAB advisor said that he thought I have been misled,
And that the situation with the mortgage advisors was surely fraudulent.
He has advised me to send a letter before action , giving them 14 days to respond,
Sent by Special D which I have , and that if I hear nothing, which I havnt,
To apply to the County Court for a CCJ, which I will do, with damages.
The CAB have passed the details onto Trading Standards , who are taking a keen interest,
And they have asked me to keep them informed of the the outcome,
As they will to take further action.

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Total claims:5
Unreasonable and Incompetant »10/08/0718/09/20080

Can't comment on their estate agency business, but they are appalling letting agents. They fail to meet even the limited levels of competency expected in a field that is pretty bad anyway, their property managers are the worst I have come across. I would recommend scrutinising your tenancy agreement and inventory in detail, keep all documentation, get everything in writing (do not trust what they tell you over the phone or in person), and ensure you have photographs of the property at check-in and check-out. Preferably familiarise yourself with tenancy law. If they start mucking you about, initiate small claims or arbitration proceedings immediately, it is the only language they understand. Do not expect them to be reasonable or competent, they won't be.

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Total claims:5
Avoid at all costs »01/200818/09/20080

I entirely agree with the previous complaint. Avoid Hamptons at all costs. I have paid them a large commission for 8 years to renew a tenancy agreement yet when my tenant left without paying the last six weeks rent required by the tenancy agreement they were entirely unhelpful and refused to release the deposit. I now have to chase the tenant through the [] (link: court which is a slow and stressful process

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Total claims:5
Rude and very unprofessional »2007-200818/09/20080

I rented a property from the Hamptons in Richmond and had dealings with them over purchasing another property. They were the most unprofessional, rude estate agents i have ever come across - i will never go to Hamptons ever again!

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Total claims:5
Richmond office »08/200718/09/20080

I have also had a bad experience with the Hamptons in Richmond-upon-Thames. There was one man (i cant remember his name) who was extremely rude and short. They really need to get rid of him becuase my impression of Hamptons has been damaged for good!!

more details »

Total claims:5
Terrible »2006-200719/09/20080

Hamptons managed our rental last year and were absolutely terrible. The property started having problems (falling apart) from the beginning of the tenancy and none of these problems were ever put right - most crucially, the lock on the front door broke and even though Hamptons were made aware of this, it was never fixed! So we had to enter the house via the back garden everytime! 

During the tenancy the owner of the property came round without any warning several times to 'check the property' - which is totally breaking the tenancy agreement. We felt totally invaded and had no privacy - regardless of our complaints to Hamptons.

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280Knight Frank
Total claims:1
Left £5000 out of pocket »August 200818/09/20080

I found a property i was interested in for purchase and contacted Knight Frank in Richmond-upon-Thames. It was agreed that i woudl pay what the property was worth so i paid £5000 to have the property surveyed - the value came back much lower than the asking price. The agency then stated that the owner would not sell at the 'real' price!! So, i either paid £500,000 more for the property than it was worth or lose £5000 for teh survey.

Obviously, i walked away £5000 out of pocket but the staf at KnigthFrank were so rude and unhelpful. I feel totally misguided and would never ever use them as an agent again,


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