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25145Bart Zielinski/London Decor/B&M Property Maintenance [London]
Total claims:1
Dodgy shower refurb »14/05/1218/05/20121

Do not be fooled by the apparent charm and first impressions of Bart Zielinski of London Decor/B&M Property Maintenance. These guys caused me grief and worry after I selected them to overhall my shower cubicle. They have produced extremely poor work and clearly don't know what they're doing. From a large water leak during the renovation, causing damage to property downstairs (it's not clear where the fault lies but these guys were happy to absolve themselves of any responsibility, offering no help to re-seal the stopcock and walking away from the problem), to virtually all the shower tile grout cracking within the first week and having to be replaced, to a second area of cracked grout (this suggests to me that something is causing the tiles to move and therefore the grout to crack*), at which point Zielinski disappeared into thin air, failing to turn up as agreed to rectify the problem, and ignoring my subsequent calls; add to that various fairly minor but nevertheless irritating damages during the process (hole in the wall, ruined lampshades, stained carpets), I'd advise you to give their poor, sub-standard work and mysterious 'company' set-up a miss.  *it subsequently turns out I am right - the tiles have been affixed to flexible boards installed during the refurb, meaning the grout will continue to crack as the tiles move

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2627james c bryant \"jeremy\" [jacksonville]
Total claims:1
unfinished/bad quality work »may 200912/05/20090

Goes by  Jeremy Bryant. Hired this guy for painting in most of home. He told us one price then changed it once the job had started. He kept asking for more money to buy paint. We gave him half the money up front $600 so he could "get back and forth to the job" and buy materials. The next day or so he asked for another $100 so he could "pay his worker" who by the way did a horrible job .Then another day into it he was asking for money for paint and said that wasn't included in the price. So we gave him $300. He finished about half of the job. However, all the rooms he painted need a second coat of paint and of course he wants to charge us for his poor workmanship. The last day we saw him was on a friday, he was supposed to be back the next day. He never came or called. When we finally tracked him down all he had were lies. He claimed he had been with his "step-son" at the hospital. His girlfriend knew nothing of this. Then he claimed a few days after that that he was arrested because of his mom and that he had been in jail for 2 days. Then he stated" maybe I was in jail for 3 days" and this is why he couldn't call us. The last time we spoke with him he said he would finish the job- that he told us would be done in 2 1/2 days- it's been 2 1/2 weeks. He said he would be here the next day. We decided that's not a good idea for him to come back. He was going to charge us to paint the spots that he missed or screwed up. Either way if he had come back he would have finished the job in the same piss poor manner that he had started. He would have charged us again for his poor quality of work. Who knows if he ever would have really came back- he's been saying this since he started! He doesn't want to give us half our money back $500. I believe the work he did do is not worth him getting the other $500 but whatever. All he says is he'll finish the job but we are not getting our money back. If we did have him finish the job we would still have to hire someone else to come back and finish the spots he messed up. He cut in around everything, didn't take closet doors down or brackets on the wall down and only took some electrical outlets off the wall. The job he said he would not be done with until " the owners are happy" was a lie.

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5050Ruperts Home Improvement [Poughkeepsie]
Total claims:1
Contractor Failed to Do Work »5/1/0924/09/20090

I contracted with Ruperts Home Improvement, Rupert Smart, to install a new roof on my home on 5/1/09.  I gave the company half the cost for the roof, $4,372.00 plus $475 for the disposal bin. The contract stated the remaining cost would be divided in half: at mid way through repair and rest at completion.  The disposal bin was delivered by the disposal company.  However, on the day the work was to begin Mr. Smart did not show up. Mr. Smart was contacted by phone several times and I was told the work would be done. Mr. Smart reasoning why he did not do the work was that, allegedly, his father passed away, he had surgery and a few other unacceptable excuses.  A contract was signed and the work was not done.  I have tried to resolve the situation, without success.  I was left with no other alternative but to file a claim in small claims court.  During filing, I was alarmed to find that Mr. Smart has two cases still pending awaiting satisfaction.


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23020Handyman-SA Andre Wentzel [Kempton park]
Total claims:1
Money received and never pitched to deliver the service »14 jan 201214/01/20120
I engaged Handyman SA last year to do basic (not complicated work) for a handyman in my house. They not only managed not to repair the house but cause more damages. The owner Andre Wentzel, tried once to repair the damage and was unsuccessful and told me that he will be coming back to repair the damage that his worker have done in my house. After he left, i have to follow up many times and make many appointment where he just dont pitch up and not inform me on the day after i tried to call/sms him on the day. During December 2011, he asked me to enable him to continue the work he would need me to settle some balance which i did then again on the same day, he did didn't pitch up and after many calls trying to locate him, he sms me around mid day to say his supplier is closed and will continue in January 2012. I called in January and asked him for an appointment which was confirmed on 14th Jan 2012. He still didn't pitch and switch his off purposely to avoid answering my call.
I have paid the money and the house is still not done after almost a year and he will keep on lying to me and promise me that he will repair the house.

This dishonesty & avoiding issues attitude by him makes one should think twice engaging with them. He never response to his email, sms or call unless he want your money.
and not to mention the incompetent worker he had sent to damage instead of fixing up my house and the bad quality service they delivered. The most annoyed thing is they keep on not pitching up once they promised to come and appointment being made and i have to wait and wait at home and waste my time.

I am certainly very angry about this and have waited long enough for them to resolve the issues. I am writing this so everyone can know how they took advantage of me as a female. I am also a working class who earns a salary and they have charged excessively performing services ending up damaging my house and still avoid to take the ownership to fix it.

The owner want a easy way out because he think by avoiding coming to repair or answering my phone I will just go away. I am hoping he can read this and take some responsibility as a man to repair the damage they have done.
Comments South Africa Building, Construction

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