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262crop shop [norwich]
Total claims:1
bad hair cut and colour »1st aug04/09/20080

i went to the crop shop and had a cut and colour, not only did this cost me £65 but i was badly done. it was cut completly wrong with my hair wonkey and the colour was nothing like the colour i asked for. he also but th colour in the wrong place so i had a colourless patch when i stlyed my hair how i normally do. i called the boss to make a complaint but he hung up on me everytime i called, surely this is not proffesional behaviour??

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453Lora Lux [London]
Total claims:1
Hair Damaged by unqualifyed person »20/12/0820/12/20080

 11.35 came to the shop to book myself for hair colour and cut, have an appointment at 2. pm  then came bfore 2pm and met hairdresser. Before i had my hair coloured i was offered to have a highlightes, because, as she said, my plain colour not gona look good. she started to highlighting and wraped fragments of my hair to the foil. after i was asked to wait tiill she's finished  with another client. i've been waiting more than half an hour, and after i been told that is no possible to wash my hair, because tap and boiler is out of order, so she brought some water from the other room and washed my hair. after she dryed my hair with towel and as soon, as she took the towell off, i have seen that i started to loose my hair, which been highlited, i have seen how they burned. i been told that nothing it will be seen, when she's gona coluored my full head with my chousen colour. i was shocked and upset, but she quickly put the colour on. after 20 min she did washed my hair the same way as before - with water, brought from another room. soon as she seen what damage has been done, she started to cut, i couldnt stop to cry, but her colegues came and started shout that is my fault, because i came myself to theirs salon shop.

i been abused by theirs behavior, when they showed antisocial behavior. i was told the amount of money, which they told i have to pay, that was40 pound! when i said, i am not sure, should i pay or not, they ( about 5 people) stoped me by the door and star to shout that nothing is for free in this country. they put me on the phone to the guy, who told he is sharing partner of the shop, and he told me, that i MUST pay othetwise, i can get in trouble. womens in the shop start to offend me and tryed to tell me,  that i'm gona meet a trouble if i wont pay the money. i was realy scared and i pay for my coloured damaged hair 22 pounds. they told is not enaugh but i was very happy they let me out of the shop.

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1404yes hairdressers, clarkston rd, glasgow [glasgow]
Total claims:1
hair cut not straight »13/03/0919/03/20090

Got my haircut after waiting quite a while as wanted to grow it.  Wanted 1/2 an inch off max as my hair is long. The girl took about 2 and a half inches off and it was nt straight, so would need more off to fix it.  I went back and the owner to ask to fix it and she said the person who does the hair fixes it which I was nervous about. She addded a few blond highlights as it was nt as blond as I wanted it and at the end, the owner came over.  She spoke in a very cheeky and unprofessional manner.  She then said she would need to take another 1/4 inch off to fix it, but denied it was nt straight, I refused as I did nt want any more off.  During getting the haircut the girls were rude, going off round the back area and closing doors and clearly having discussions about me and attempted to be intimidating.

I have just had a baby and was getting my hair done for a wedding which I was very much looking forward to.I am unhappy with the end result and mostly I am unhappy about the intimidating way the girls, especially the owner acted.  As hairdressers are not governed by any preofessional body it is difficult to complain about such an experience.

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2107mirror mirror [scarborough north yorkshire]
Total claims:1
completely messed my hair up »05/03/0901/05/20090

went to have my hair done on 05/03/09 was told i would come out with my hair looking fantastic but came out looking nothing like what i asked for different colour,the colour coming out within 4 days went baack on 19/03/09  to be sorted but got frosty reception and not offered my money back or re-do all my hair agaain only to retouch my sides again which again came out  i am very upset and annoyed that i paid £50 for this hairdo and its a complete mess please could you help me many thanks miss trisha waldron

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16632hair & body additions [essex]
Total claims:1
glue-in hair extensions »05/02/201111/02/20110
I paid £98 for a semi permanent colour and glue-in hair extensions that weren't attatched correctly, the glue was mostly on my scalp and not my hair so this was really irritating my head. I read that heat loosens the glue so i could take them out myself when they were really aggrivating me but because most of the glue was on my scalp its left my head with bald patches and in one place ripped my hair right out from the root which will take months to grow back! This has really upset me! my hair is completely ruined.

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