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2723 The National Trade Registre [East Tilbury]
Total claims:2
The National Trade Registre »17 April 200917/05/20092

We are Craftsman Direct Ltd. company on 17 April 2008 we signed a contract with The National Trade Registre and became Registered members subscribe to and receive the following support services and benefits;
Eligibility for work, entry into our working partnership schem (more detals on [] (link: )

we paid £46.63 per mounth and they offered:
'' ...offer a subscription refund policy. You will be eligible for a refund if you have not benefited from our support services or working partnership scheme, provided your work has been up to standard and you have demonstrated reasonable efforts to procure business from the opportunities provided by My Home Connect and The National Trade Register.''
Now when we cancelled contract affetr 1 year because we didin't get any job's from them, they wrrote :''Unfortunaly we are not able to give a refund as your contract renewed on 17 April 2009 and your cancellation has been received too late.

There are nowhere exactly where in their terms and conditions or the contract it states that the time limit and cancellation clause that they are relying on.

Our solisiter asked for a response within a 7 day time limit, but unfortunately they ignore.

They are dodge company and we whant to protect other people.

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13311 The National Trade Registre [East Tilbury]
Total claims:2
refund »07/09/200812/08/20100
paid the trade register for one year, was told they would get me work for a trusted tradesman. they wanted referances so they could check that my work was up to the standard they promised there customers. my referances were never followed up. was also told if no work came my way the money i paid would be refunded. when i tryed to claim i was told i only had fourteen days to claim, but i had missed this. then to my horror they had taking out another year as they said i had paid by standing order. all together i have paid this company £693.26. they are a total rip off and need there website removed. i would like to claim the total money back. if you could help me i would like to know, my company name is alexandria designs

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30046KAPOWW T SHIRTS [Kapoww UK]
Total claims:1
No refund for returned goods »10-30/08/201114/12/20130
I purchased two T shirts from Kapoww for my partner's birthday on 10th August 2011. However, upon receipt of the two T shirts; neither of them fitted him despite ordering what I had thought was the correct size.

Having contacted Kapoww by email on, or around 30th August 2011 about the sizing issue, they requested that I return both the T shirts to them in exchange for two larger sizes. I sent them back via recorded delivery at the time, and checked the Royal Mail tracking website to see if they had been received and indeed, Kappow received both T shirts on 26-27/08/2011. I awaited for at least a week or more for the replacement T shirts to arrive, yet no signs of them coming at all.

I called Kapoww between the dates 26-30 August to inquire where the replacement order was to to receive me, yet they were dismissive of my original order. I contacted them by mail and email several times between 30th August and into September 2011 to no avail. I also contacted Consumer Action and the FSA upon realising that Kapoww was not going to send the replacement order, given their dismissive response on 26-30/11/2011.

After many weeks and months of trying to obtain a refund from them for the T shirts, I had given up all hope of pursuing them for a refund; even though I would be fully entitled under the sale of Goods Act 1979 whereupon goods paid for and returned, a consumer must be refunded.

In June-July 2013 I once again contacted Kapoww T shirts as still felt very avenged by them for never refunding me for goods returned to them. All email correspondence with them, resulted in nothing more than them intimidating me as well as refusing to acknowledge the issue at hand and stating that I had no consumer rights whatsoever for a refund, either under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 or Distance trading regulations.

I am still even now, without the money I spent on the two T - shirts, and feel so strongly about the way this company take people's money and don't deliver the goods paid for, I wish to make a claim and happy to retrieve any supporting evidence or documents I am able to get my hands on so as to receive the refund they denied me as far back two years ago. I am aware that consumer have up to six years to make a claim for a refund with a retailer, and why I am wanting to do this now having tried to get the consumer support and advice unable to at the time of purchase complaint.

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30500Poundstretcher [Aziz Tayub]
Total claims:1
Poundstretcher product caused fire damage to my home »11/201513/04/20160
The following is an email that I wrote to the sorry of a Director of this equally sorry excuse for a company that, to date, I am yet to receive any form of response or acknowledgement to:

Dear Mr Tayub,

I unfortunately have reason to involve you in a complaint that, once again, shows no signs of being responded to by your customer service staff - despite its severity in nature - and I sincerely hope that you do not pass this on for them to deal with.

"I recently bought a chimenea from one of your stores that on the very first use caused damage to the decking in my garden.

I note that there is no indication to actually place the product on any surface other than where it is going to be situated and was wondering if this could be construed as an oversight on the part of the manufacturer. I assumed that any area of which the chimenea is placed would need protection from the heat and, in the absence of anything else to hand, placed a plastic lid underneath it which then melted into the decking. I now find that I am going to have to replace a section of decking that I feel could so easily have been prevented. It stands to reason that if the heat generated from the chimenea was enough to melt plastic, then it would also be hot enough to cause damage to any other surface that it would be place upon up to and including the materials that constitute decking."

I have since carried out some online research regarding chimeneas and have come across a website that gives indepth information on their safe use, none of which was included with the one that I purchased from your store in Ebbw Vale, and as a result of which, could easily have ended up with my decking or awning catching fire.

I find it quite disturbing that not only could your store retail such an item without any form of instructions, but that when a customer is placed at risk as a result of it your staff just ignore their feedback. This is not the first time that I have had to chase your customer service department for so much as an acknowledgement of receipt of my raising an issue with them and if this is their idea of "customer services" then I would admit to finding it quite sickening particularly as the matter that in question could quite easily have had even more serious consequences than actually occurred.

In light of all of the above I would appreciate a response from your office please as opposed to from a department who clearly have no conscience or shame in treating customers, who after all is said and done are the source of the food on their tables, as appallingly as I have been.

Penny Loos

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