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343D Walton Ltd [Trafford Park]
Total claims:1
Faults we hadnt done »Julu 0811/11/20080

Our car was took into repair to have the left side resprayed and dents taken out.  They had our car for 6 weeks and gave us a courtesy car to use.

They dropped our car off and took a look round the courtesy car for damage and there was a scuff on the right side panneling which we signed for, and never got a copy.


We then recieved a bill for right wing mirror damage and a dent on the right side drivers door.  We refused to pay this as we had only signed for the scuff and they have now taken us to court.


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29475Car Medic [Leighton Buzzard]
Total claims:1
car medic con »11/06/1312/06/20130
Car medic is a scam , senior management GREG SMITH was in prison for fraud related charges, no back up or support , over priced products and the owner has no idea how the bussiness works, do not part with your money

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13609TORO CARS (Tomasz Majcher) [WOODBRIDGE]
Total claims:1
The story starts back in March 2009 when I bought a 6 month old car that needed body repairs this being reflected in the original purchase price. The seller recommended this car body repair shop to me saying he'd heard good things!

I called them and spoke with a Polish man who told me he no longer worked there and to phone an alternative number which would get me the company owner, also a Polish man (Tomasz Majcher). I did this and he came to visit to assess the car the following day. The day after this he was back to collect the car with a friend and recovered the car back to his workshop. Ideally, the car needed a new roof skin as well as some other parts which I was able to get later second hand. The roof skin however was quoted by the main dealer at a hefty price tag which I later found out to be incorrect, as I did with another item also. I discussed the issue of the price with the repair shop and the owner said he could repair it instead of replacing it to reduce the cost, he seemed extremely confident of his abilities. He then gave me his quote for the total repair bill excluding any parts, a larger than anticipated £4000 having been quoted elsewhere £2500! He must have seen the colour leave my face, so he reassured me that he knew of a company that would do a Thatcham approved inspection of the car afterwards to confirm the quality of the repairs and give me a written report and a pass certificate increasing the potential resale value of the car, this persuaded me to go ahead with the repairs.
To cut a long story short, it was nearly a year before it was, "completed" after countless broken promises. I went to collect the car, my 13 year old daughter with me, in January on a Saturday which had the worst weather of the winter and wrote off my wife's car en-route. When I eventually got there and was about to leave I asked Tomasz if he had tightened up the bolts on the front right suspension after replacing some components. He replied an emphatic, "yes".
When I got home and had put the car in the garage , having survived treacherous weather conditions, something told me to check and confirm that the suspension was okay, so I did. I was horrified to find everything loose! Why had he blatantly lied to me?
I should add at this point that Tomasz had burnt the rear carpet of the car while doing some welding and said he was waiting for a new one to arrive via his cousin in Poland. A new one at the UK dealership £220!

A month later the car was booked in for the the Thatcham inspection which I took it for. You've guessed it, it failed comprehensively! I spoke with Tomasz being understandably upset and eventually got him reluctantly to agree to put things right, might have had something to do with the threat of court action. I called the dealership again to get a quote for a new roof skin and was confused when the price was less than half the price of the previous one! So it was decided to replace it, I bought it and left Tomasz to replace it.
Later on, in August I received a letter from City of Westminster notifying me that I have a parking ticket for my car which was improperly parked on Horseferry Road in London which I must pay! The penny dropped immediately, Tomasz Majcher had been using my car to travel to London without my permission, and it gets better, he was appearing in court that day as the Polish authorities want to extradite him back to his own country. I don't know what for yet but it must be something serious.

I have never met anyone like this individual before and I hope I never do again. He is a compulsive liar he has broken so many promises I've lost count and is incapable of any glimmer of empathy toward his fellow human beings. He uses people until all their generosity is exhausted and owes people money and possessions everywhere. I have learnt that when it all starts to catch up with him he does a bunk and starts up again elsewhere to spread his misery without a care. Maybe that's why they want him back in Poland!!

The position I find myself in now is the car is still not finished although I now have it in my possession and am going to get someone reputable to complete the work with no hope of getting the carpet replaced or the money back for the parking ticket. I hope that he gets the karma he is due for the misery he has caused my family and I know, others to.

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Total claims:1
THEFT OF GAR FROM REPAIR GARAGE »16/10/201121/11/20110
i called RAC , he towd me and wife to above garage, friday 10am....
on Monday, Garage owner rang to say my car had been stolen( i hit the roof) how the hell did that happen, he said it would be ok if i told Police that my car was not on his forecourt, and was across the road, waiting ffor me to collect it? he said he wasnt insured and knew who took it. i told him i would tell the police what he suggested... and i will be holdong him responsible,,, i was livid, the garage is 25 miles away, i had no car.....
the police gave me a crime number for insurance, my insurance told me it was a Fault claim, i wouldnt get full value of my car if it was written, off... the garage owner told the police he locked it up in next doors garage, and MOT garage... he told police somebody had broken in, and stole my car, which had a faulty clutch!!
he didnt tell police he left key in ignition? well im not dumb and it dont take a genuis to work out who took the car... but how do you prove it was him? he told the police that he'd seen my car in a field, burning, but couldnt say which field.

im going to small claims court, i need advice to do this , im disabled so i will get legal-aid im told, im 5k out of pocket, i only got £2850 for my car, and my new insurance went up to 3k??? god! and lost my N.C.B.
Im really saddened that im the victim, yert i recieved no compassion, no help. just ignorant people on the phone, as if I STOLE MY OWN CAR, JESUS CHRIST....what the hell is going on? help accepted pls


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30495bell auto collision
Total claims:1
small claim »feb.24,201608/03/20160
i took my car to a body shop last week and pay the owner in advance in full amount of $700 cash, as we agreed the car will be done in couple of days so after 5days i checked the status of my car and found out its just sitting there so i talked to the owner and ask him why its not done yet he replied that i can pull out my car and he will refund my money but when i picked up my car the owner is not there so i got my car back not my money and i call him and i was surprise what he told me he say a lot of bad words to me and told me 'u want ur money'?i say yes and he goes fuck my self good thing i got control and i dont want any trouble so next day i call him he told me hes out of town so i call him again in couple of days and told me he will drop it off the money to the another shop which where i work but its been almost two weeks now the guy is trying to avoid me and give me promises up to now i call him earlier but his phone is turn off and always never been on his shop everytime i go there?

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