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12290rated people
Total claims:4
scam job site »23/03/201012/05/20102

i registered with rated people and got offered a 3 months free trial then was told i would be charge £47 every 3 months and also got sent text messages onto my phone aswell as emails and everytime i contacted the customer i either had no reply or the number did not exist

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14401rated people
Total claims:4
numerous »29/10/2010 02/11/20102

Totally ripped of by Rated People RThey assure you they have Job leads and you then purchase these leads only to find out they do not excist......

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25289rated people
Total claims:4
Cowboy/Rip Off Builders »09/201128/05/20121
My boyfriend and I used Rated People for work that we needed on a newly purchased house that required a considerable amount of renovating. Their company was approached within weeks of the house purchase going through in order to secure workmen for the work and, as a result, we were contacted by two companies. Both companies had favourable, though few, reviews but eventually one was selected over the other even though their reviews were for much smaller types of work.
And so began the nightmare which ended up in these builders fleecing us to the tune of thousands of pounds that went straight into their pockets in "wages" for agreed to hours that were not worked.
Unfortunately, our inexperience in this particular field was taken advantage of by the sorry excuses for builders (and human beings) in question which cost us dearly for the following reasons:

• Not once adhering to the arranged hours.
• Not bothering to show up at all and not considering it the decent thing to do to advise us as such which left us having to chase them to establish their movements.
• Dragging out work by two of them tackling jobs that one of them could have managed.
• Turned the financial side of things into a shambles, despite their initial claims of being transparent, by not adhering to what was agreed so that we did not find out until too late exactly what was being paid for materials as opposed to “labour”.
• Lied about being burgled and needing £100.00 for locks to be changed when in fact they had blown their wages on gambling.
• Carried out the disposal of a door in our absence that they were asked, on more than one occasion, to retain and finding it humorous when confronted about it.
• Asking for a further amount of cash as a loan and when it was refused and they were, at the same time, pulled up over the levels of work they were providing they turned on us claiming that they could get higher rates of pay in the town.
• Fiddled the figures for the central heating system we wanted put in and in the process cheating us and a central heating engineer out of £500.00 which one of them wanted to use as a bond for accommodation.
• Taking a further £195.00 for a window that they ordered on our behalf and then refusing to deliver it or reimburse us our money after we had let them go.
• Stole an electrical item, which we discovered missing some time after we had let them go and which could only have been taken by them.

Although we raised a complaint about the matter with Rated People it was clear that they were simply not interested. To add further insult to injury, we were left having to chase them for feedback about it and on more than one occasion promised emails that never seemed to materialise. If companies such as Rated People is going to exploit and, use as guinea pigs, people who turn to them for their “services”, then I don’t think that I am being unreasonable in expecting some form of system and procedures in place for when things go wrong instead of it being a case of there being no one to turn to and no one to put their hands up and admit to, or to take the blame for the misery that they are the cause of. Also, if Rated People are in business for cashing in on peoples’ reviews and experiences then it should stand to reason that these very same people are justified in expecting them to have the decency to compensate them when they end up falling prey to the criminals that they have been introduced to by them. Needless to say, we regret the day we found out about Rated People whom we feel should take responsibility for introducing us to what amounted to a couple of thieves masquerading as builders and who had no conscience about robbing us blind of our hard-earned money. We thought we could not go wrong in finding a company such as Rated People that promised so much but, to our misfortune, we found that to be the furthest from the truth. To add to our misery, the manner that Rated People dealt with our complaint has felt like our being kicked when we are already down. No one should have to go through the nightmare experience we did at the hands of such unscrupulous workmen that, after all is said and done, were sent in our direction by Rated People. You do not have to be a genius to realise that the creation of this website is not watertight and has plenty of potential for abuse and as a result of which there will always be winners and losers. However, it is unreasonable of Rated People to expect the losers, such as we are, from this situation to take it on the chin and accept and feel comfortable with others gaining from our misfortune. More than the workmen in question, our opinion is that Rated People should shoulder some, if not all, of the blame for what happened to us and it has not escaped us that our experience is in total contradiction to the reasons that Rated People came about in the first place and was the main reason that we used it. “Rated People for quality, local tradesmen?” – what a joke!

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Total claims:1
No Response after money sent »18/5/0918/05/20090

Sent off $7 for week's trial searching jobs but absolutely no response to support tickets/various emails.

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Total claims:1
Job Scam »November 200912/01/20100

After searching for jobs on this well-known jobsite, details of a company called Unique121 came up in my jobsearch as a telemarketing company. They had already been exposed as a scam by myself as I had contacted fish4jobs about them. In December and January I discovered that this company were still advertising on under a different description but the company name was the same. Are fish4jobs stupid? Or are they in on the scam? Who knows. They are all out for themselves. Beware when you search for companies and find that they want registration fees. They have a nasty sting in their tails.

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16003rated people
Total claims:4
took money without my permission »10/1/201115/01/20110
thought it might be good paying for leads on jobs but all it is realy is a bit of a scam i think some leads are made up allways when complain said they sent you a e mail wont give n me money back but will take it further be very carefull of them

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22264Sapphire Blue Consultancy UK LTD
Total claims:1
fraud »01/201129/11/20110
I paid a company to find me a job care assistent in Reading,UK
but I found they'd like to work
and refused to refund me.

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22982Agogue consultancy services, pune [Pune]
Total claims:1
fraud company »30/10/201111/01/20120
This company is a kind of knowledge center + job agency. They gave good training but when it came to providing job calls they didn't give any calls and are not even giving our money back i.e 66000.

We are more than 20 students here, out of which they have given job to 3 of them in their own company which is not acceptable as they are not even paying them good. And when it comes to me i had left my earlier job by trusting these pays.They said that after 7 months they will be providing with the calls but its 4 months past 7 and they have still not provided any calls. And when i asked to return my half amount, the director says that he will test my capability and take me in his own company which is not at all acceptable, as per what they promised, after charging 66000k they need to place us with good companies.

In one line........Agogue consultacy services had taken 66000k from us saying that after 6 months training they will place us, neither thay have places ur nor they gave our money back.

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30298Wp Service Solutions [Bremen]
Total claims:1
Cheating compamy »2014.11.1818/11/20140
Good afternoon. I hope this information is helpful. I want to warn everyone that Klaus Grundel, Natalie Frescher and his team of the company WP service solutions are cheaters, they have deceived 3 Lithuanian companies ("TRITON" "GRIDINS GROUP" and "ABS CONTRACTOR") to lure their employees. They stole profiles of employees at BARD project and cut their way in a career in this project. WP cheating their employees systematically not paying salary, taxes take WP themselves, even had a case that they took sick leave compensation for one employee.

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