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2950John Edler [Shepley ]
Total claims:2
no wedding album »31/8/0822/05/20092

John Edler photographed our wedding on 31/8/08.  9 months later we still have no album, and he now refuses to speak to us on the phone.  We had to pay upfront as a condition of contract.

He constantly lies, he is a con man, do not book anything with him

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2769A weddingless ordinary [Aberdeenshire]
Total claims:1
no one answers my calls »29/04/0918/05/20090

I ordered my wedding favors 2 months ago.The payment came out of my account straight away on the 29/03/09.To date after contacting them numerous times ( they have a complaints form online that promises to get back to you within 24 - 48 hrs)I have also written a detailed letter a month ago.No one has come back to me.My wedding is next month.I have ordered stuff from China that came quicker and at all times I had someone to ans queries yet a local supplier is dreadful.A Warning to other users do not be fooled by their pretty website I am disgusted that a company can trade in this matter.

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Total claims:1
No invitations, no refund »April - May 200918/05/20090

I ordered wedding invitations on April 14, 2009 directly from Birchcraft Oulet. They immediately took the money out of my checking account. After 2 weeks, I was told they had lost my order, and would rush it to be delivered in 1 week. 1 week later, no invitations. Promised that they were printing them as we spoke and would overnight them to be recieved thursday or friday. Of course, no invitations.  I called them and was told the production manager was in a meeting and they would call me that afternoon ("I Promise"). No Call. I called them back the next day and the customer service agent told me that she would check to see if "he" had started printing them yet. I cancelled my order at this point since my wedding was 51/2 weeks away and I had no invitations even being printed. I asked for a refund, promptly went to the local craft store and spent an additional $110.00 and a VERY STRESSFUL week making my own. Now, after not recieving my refund a week later, have been told that the company has gone out of business and that this customer service agency is contracted out by Birchcraft. They don't know anything more!!!

Illegal, I think........Mary May 18, 2009

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12001John Edler [Shepley ]
Total claims:2
Wedding Album »18.07.0809/04/20100

Me and my wife won a competition in a newspaper for free wedding photography and a Graphi studio album from John edler Photography and almost  2 years later we still have no album. We were given many false promises that our album would be with us and it never turned up and now John ignores our calls. We asked the newspaper to deal with this which they did try for a time and now even the newspaper seems to of come to a dead end. This man has ruined our wedding experience and caused great upset to my wife. This Man is a complete Cowboy.

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23747limo broker [cardiff]
Total claims:6
Awful service and no money! »Jan 201217/02/20120
I called for a claim on a fire engine limo with LimoBroker. They said that a fire engine with return would be £400. Thinking that this was quite reasonable I called again when I had my debit card handy to book with them. They then said that the fire engine wasn't £400, it was £800. I spoke to my friends about it and they said they would still pay that price so I put down a deposit for £300 ( I thought this was a bit much but I was getting the vehicle I wanted and I would be paying it all anyway.) After putting down the deposit they said that if I wanted return the price would be £1000! I told them that this was WAY too much and that I couldn't afford it. They did however offer me a normal limo (Lincoln Towncar) for a more affordable price. They said I was to pay £575. I was happy with that, until they said that the whole price didn't include my £300 deposit, so I was paying a total of £875 for a limo that I didnt want, and that I'd seen on another site for £290! They said that this wasn't their problem, and acted very rudely to me over the phone. The customer service was appalling. They said that I had to have this vehicle as it was all they had left and if I cancelled I would loose my £300! After accepting that I needed to pay this amount, I found out that someone had put a £90 deposit down for a Lincoln Towncar with LimoBroker! So I called up and told them that they could keep £90, but I wanted £210 of my money back, as this was the going rate for the car I currently have. They told me that it was impossible to refund the outrageously large deposit and that the whole thing wasn't their problem. I posted a comment on a review website, and I then got email of compliant from them and to make matters worse, I swear that they are prank calling me! I recieved 2 calls from them, where they have hung up on me as soon as I answered. I called them to ask why they were doing this, and they claim that they hadn't been calling me at all! I even saved their number into my phone to make sure it was them, and it was, and I know this because they have called me twice more, even after I called them asking for it to stop!

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13619limo broker [cardiff]
Total claims:6 »10.09.201010/09/20100

I booked through this company for the most important day of my life my wedding. They work as brokers so you pay them a desposit and they use agents all round the country. They send you through booking confirmation with the company who will be doing the booking, i decided to ring that company today who what a surprise had no recollection of the booking and my wedding is 5 weeks away, i rang back the broker company and they said they would ring me back which they did not instead they sent me an email saying it was booked with another company, so obviously i checked. I spoke to the owner and he said limobroker had just rang him trying to get him to do the job, but he could not because there was not enough money in it, but limobroker had just sent me another booking confirmation saying it was booked which was a complete lie. The £100 desposit which i paid is not really the issue, the issue is that if i had not checked this i would have had no car on my wedding day. To add insult to injury they refused to refund me, which technically is just theft. Well Mr.Randeva as a so called entrepenuer you have alot to learn about providing a good service actually a service at all would be a good start. Anyone reading this do not use these cowboys they do not care wether you have a car or not the just want a flimsey deposit, which my bank are actually refunding and my friends solicitors company is sending some interesting letters to them.

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14467limo broker [cardiff]
Total claims:6
Stolen Deposit »August 201006/11/20100
We enquired about a hummer limo in august for my wedding in september. They offered an unbelievably good price so we took them up on it and paid the deposit. Unfortunately the confirmation which we received by email stated a lincoln towncar limo in october, wrong car, wrong date!!!

we called up a number of times that day to ask for an immediate alteration or refund of the deposit. We were told they couldnt do it, and even if they did there would be a charge! In any case a manager would call us back. No one did. We emailed, no one responded. As advised by my bank we waited until the day they had quoted. Obviously no limo turned up!

When we phoned up, they said that we had cancelled the order that they originally messed up!! and that they werent gonna give us our money back as per their non refund for cancellations policy!! Obviously we were livid and will be seeking legal advice.

This appears to be a very underhanded way of getting our deposit, tantamount to theft.

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20220limo broker [cardiff]
Total claims:6
cancellation breach of conditions034-998 »30 June 201119/07/20110
I booked a pink limo almost a year in advance for my daughter and her friends for their prom on 30th June 2011. Four hours before it was due to arrive I recieved a call from Jessica telling me that Limo broker had issues with the drivers of that company and told me they were cancelling it. I was then told I was 'lucky' as they could get another vehicle but I would have to pay another £80. I asked if they would meet me half way with the additional costs. The reply was no, I was lucky they had this for me. If I didn't want to pay the extra, the call was to simply cancel the agreement. I have sent numerous emails to and to explaining in length my disappointment and how if I had cancelled that late, I would have had to pay the whole amount but have never had any reply at all.

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29326limo broker [cardiff]
Total claims:6
Refund for limosuine »11/05/201315/05/20130
I phoned Limobrokers to book a pink limo, the colour was my only stipulation. They informed me that a pink limo is more expensive than a white one. I understood, so I paid the extra. I spoke with their sale representative ‘Liam’ and he assured me that this was no problem.
There were a few phone calls to negotiate price, but I never faltered on requiring the pink limo.
I eventually booked and received my e-mail confirmation. There was no mention of colour, so I called them back. They told me not to worry, there is just no place to add colour choice on the confirmation e-mail, but I would definitely receive a pink limo. They had been very helpful and transparent, so I trusted them. Big mistake!
The limo that turned up was white. The driver was rally apologetic and informed me that his company was hired by Limobrokers, he didn’t work directly for him. He didn’t appear shocked by this screw-up, it must happen a lot and actively encouraged me to take it further, giving me all his details.
When I called to complain and asked for a partial refund I was spoken to rather rudely and informed that they have no record of me requesting a pink limo and that I was not entitled to any refund. I asked them to speak to Liam, the sales rep, as he will confirm my request, the refused. I also asked to speak with him, but they refused to get him on the line and told me to e-mail my complaint in.
I e-mailed the complaints department and was met with the same response.
I will now try and raise awareness of these con-artists and see what legal groundings I have.
At the end of the day, nothing will change the fact that my ‘pink themed’ party was ruined. They juts simply don’t care.

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29474limo broker [cardiff]
Total claims:6
Took Deposit for Services Unable to Deliver »11th May 201311/06/20130
I phoned these people on a Saturday morning looking for a Hummer for my daughter's Prom which was in 2 weeks time.

They promised me that they could supply the vehicle and I even had a choice of Pink, White or Silver.

After getting a quote, I continued looking around some other companies and eventually came back, purely because they were offering a Pink Hummer, which I was having difficulty finding available at short notice elsewhere, so if paid the "deposit" for a Pink Hummer.

The very next day they emailed me a confirmation showing that I'd booked a White "Jeep Style" Limo, and my deposit had been taken already.

This was not what I requested AT ALL, and when I phoned them about this, they told me there were categorically no Hummers available to hire in my area, and that I must have mis heard their sales person. I heard perfectly clearly and had repeated the request specifically for that vehicle type and colour.

After several phone calls and emails. I finally got through to Rachel in their "Customer Care" team, . She refused to do anything about it and would not refund my deposit even though the booking was just made and they couldn't deliver what I'd asked for. She even lied to me and said that she'd talked to me the previous day and explained it all and I'd accepted it. This was patently a bare faced lie, as we had no such conversation.

All very friendly when promising things they cannot deliver, and all very friendly when taking your money. Totally unfriendly when you try to complain or ask for a refund.

I have found this company completely unprofessional, untrustworthy, disingenuous and deceptive.

Note they use many trading names and websites:
Transport Broker Group
* limobroker
* carsforstars
* coachbroker
* Regency

I will never ever deal with this company again and would stringly advise nobody to deal with them, but rather go direct elsewhere.

I subsequently found (with a little more effort) a local company offering exactly what I wanted. I suggest everyone else does the same.

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23116limo hire services [london]
Total claims:1 »19.1.201219/01/20120
Have you been thinking about getting a limo hire service? If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should hire a limousine service for your next special event, then you need to realize that riding in style in a limo can really be a one-in-a-lifetime experience. There are multitudes of limo hire companies all over the country that can let you really stand out from the crowd when you show up in your own limousine. Below is some information about why you should hire a limo service, what to look for in a company, and the best way to go about finding that company.

To begin with, why should you consider a limo hire company or service? The most obvious reason is that it will really make you the talk of the party when you show up in style! Stepping out of a professional limo really makes a statement about you, and everyone will stop and stare as you get out! Especially if you have an individual or group of people that you’re trying to impress, a limo hire company will definitely be a step in the right direction.

Not only will a limousine make a statement about you and your refined taste, but it will also be a unique experience for you personally. If you don’t ride in limos on a regular basis (and who really does?), then it can prove to be a memorable time that you’ll keep with you the rest of your life. You’ll certainly be taking plenty of pictures of the inside, and throughout the whole time you’re riding. If you’re thinking about a limo hire service for a special event, like a birthday, anniversary, or a certain type of party, then cruising in a limousine will be the cherry on top of the whole experience.

What should you look for in a limo hire company? You already know that there are plenty of organizations out there that will let you rent a limo, but how can you be sure that you’re getting the right one? The first thing to look for in such a company is their reputation, or what other people think about them. You should know that you can’t rely solely on what a business says about itself — after all, they’re only going to tell you the good parts, and hide the bad! You need an objective opinion from someone who has used that company before, so you can get an accurate picture of what to expect. You can even go online to read the reviews that people have written about that organization on the internet.

While a company’s reputation should be the main factor in your purchase decision, we also know that you’re taking the price into consideration as well. Even though you should be willing to spend a little more on a company that you know is reputable, you should also make sure that you’re not being ripped off! As you research limo hire services, you’ll get a feel for what the typical price range is for renting a limo. So, if you come across a place whose price is significantly higher or lower than that, a red flag should go up, and you should proceed with caution. A low price could be a sign of a place that’s just trying to entice you with a good deal, and then provide a lackluster experience; an outrageously high price, though, usually just indicates a company that’s greedy and only cares about your money.

One important tip to remember as you’re shopping around for limo hire service is that you should always go and visit the place in person before you commit to any kind of purchase or money agreement. Let’s face the facts: A company representative can say whatever they think you want to hear over the phone, and their website can look great on your computer screen, but it always comes down to the feeling you get when you visit them in person. Does the place look legitimate? Are the people friendly? Do the limousines look like they’re in good condition, and are they what you’ve been expecting? You should make sure of all these things by going to visit the company in person before you commit.

With these suggestions in mind, where is the best place to find a reliable limo hire company? You could look in lots of places for such a company, but we believe that there are three main resources to consult as you’re trying to find a limo hire service. The first and most obvious place is the phone book, where you can get the phone number for all of the companies in your local area. This is convenient because all of the companies are listed in the same place, with their contact information right there in front of you. The downside of the phonebook, though, is that you don’t have any information about the organization’s service, what their prices are, and so on. You have to spend hours of your time calling up all the different places just to find this information.

A better alternative for finding a limo hire company is actually the internet. You might be a little apprehensive about companies that you find online, because you may have heard about all the scams that happen on the internet. What you may not know, however, is that the amount of companies that are scams are actually a very small percentage; the majority of places you’ll find online are completely legitimate. The internet can be a helpful resource for you because it’s much faster than thumbing through the phonebook, since all you have to do is type a few words into a search engine, and all the limo hire companies in your area are listed before you in a matter of seconds.

So when the time comes to hire a limo, look no further then Limo Hire Services we have an extensive selection of Limos available for information about our Limo Hire Service please call us at +44 (0) 208 123 9524 or send an email to: info (at)

We Guarantee To Give You The Ride Of Your Life!

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25190Cameo Favours [Louise]
Total claims:2
Non Delivery of Goods »01/04/201222/05/20120
I ordered sugar balls for my wedding before the 1st of April 2012 and never received them.

Despite various emails to this supplier, they offered NO resolution and did not even bother to respond to my last email.

When i tweeted them, they deleted it.

NEVER EVER use this company, i never received my sugar balls that I paid for at my wedding and had to do without!

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25590Cameo Favours [Louise]
Total claims:2
undelivered order »4th June 201215/06/20120
This order was placed and paid for on 4th June despite 2 e-mails to the company i have had no reponse, these items are required for my daughters wedding on 22nd of June 2012, if they are not delivered within next few days they are no use, its not the money but the principle of no contact

more details » [Braintree]
Total claims:1
Be Careful of Your Vegas Wedding »06/03/201308/03/20130

Do not trust Your Vegas Wedding. I have found out they are not even ATOL or ABTA bonded so booking a wedding with them is extremely risky and you could lose all your money. They are being investigated by the Civil Aviation Authority who have been unable to track them far. Asked about the safeguards for the wedding and was told it was all fine but read an article on travelmole about this company being investigated by the not touch with a barge pole. Needless to say I will not be booking my wedding with them!!!

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28714Your Vegas Wedding [Braintree]
Total claims:1
Aggressive Money Grabber »12/03/201317/03/20130
I was interested in booking a wedding with Your Vegas Wedding but as we went through the process I became uncomfortable with this them and decided on going with another company (The Wedding Travel Company) - The guy at Your Vegas Wedding became downright aggressive and angry on hearing this and was abusive on the phone. A lucky escape I think! Don't use these money grabbers who have no interest in making your wedding special.

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30022Peach Leisure Ltd [burton on trent]
Total claims:1
wedding reception/dinner deposit »06/02/201305/12/20130
hello I booked a wedding reception at the craythorne golf club owned by peach leisure ltd for july 6th 2013 back at the start of 2012 and paid 3 deposits being 2x £250 and 1x £300 for this service the remainder was due to be paid 1 month prior to the reception date in the local paper dated 06/02/2013 I read that the venue that we had booked had gone it to liquidation I have tried numerous times by email and phone to get this deposit back with nothing forth coming from them not even as much as a reply back

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