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270John Lewis [London]
Total claims:3
John Lewis TV and Video »August 2nd 200805/09/20081

On August 17th 2003, I bought a Phillips LCD TV.  It comes with a John Lewis 5 year Warranty.  In late July 2008, the volume control button on the top of the TV snapped so that it fell into the TV case.  I contacted the John Lewis store, told them what had happened confirmed and was told to return it to the store.  I took it back to the store on August 2nd, they accepted it for repair and that it was a 'mechanical' fault and was covered under the Warranty.  They provided a receipt for it which stated that it could take 3 to 5 weeks to repair.

By this week (the fifth week) I'd heard nothing from them and called them.  Apparently, the person who was dealing with it was on holiday so they arranged for a call-back the following day.  They returned the call and left a rather abrupt message claiming to have called some weeks earlier (August 8th) and left a message - I had no answering service at the time so I'm not quite sure who they left a message for.

On finally managing to make contact with the Manager, their stated opinion is that the damage was 'Accidental' - based on the opinion of "Their Agent" and not covered under the Warranty.  However, they went on to state that they would like to offer me £50 off the cost of a new one if I bought a new one from them.

So, they seem to have concluded that I am somehow to blame for the damage so that it falls outside the warranty but offer absolutely no basis for that decision other than "Their agent said so".  There is no other damage to the Television, it's sat on the worktop since the day it was bought.  It's just one of those unfortunate things that it broke just before the Warranty expired.

I'm beyond arguing with them, I've shopped there for years and spent thousands there.  I'm NOT asking for a new TV, I simply want them to repair the one I've got.  As for offering me £50, which they later amended to included that they would contribute that towards the cost of repair, either they think I am somehow responsible or they don't ?!  This just smacks of them 'trying to wriggle out of it'.

So let the public decide what they think.  But, as far as I am concerned, their warranty isn't worth the paper it is written on.

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1902Debenhams [Exeter]
Total claims:5
Poor & Slow Customer Service »20/04/200920/04/20091

I placed an online order with Debenhams on the 08/04/09 for £136.00. I then changed my mind and cancelled it by emailing them the next working day. I got an auto response on the same day saying someone will contact me within 2 workings. I have not heard anything from Debenhams since the 09/04/09 and then my order is delivered to my neighbour on 20/04/09.

I contacted Debenhams Customer Services and explained to the lady that I cancelled within 7 days, apparently she said to me that's not the case and I needed to do it within 1 hour. She put me on hold to try and transfer me to the courier department and when she finally returned to the call I confirmed with her the confirmation email I received when I placed my order states:

If you wish to cancel your order, you have 7 working days after you receive your goods to give us written notice of cancellation. If your cancellation is received after the items have been despatched, our Customer Services department can arrange for a courier to collect them at no additional charge to yourself. Please contact them at quoting the Order Number above, your house number and postcode.

Not very happy at all. This has been charged onto my credit card with interest. Obviously she didn't know what she was talking about, she told me to call back tomorrow and ask for the supervisor or manager.

Now I have to watse my time and arrange for a courier collection.

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2283John Lewis [London]
Total claims:3
never knowingly undersold!! »24.04.0905/05/20090

I was considering a Panasonic camera at John Lewis Brent Cross which i had seen at a local shop for £40 less. The sales person assured me that they would reimburse me the difference under their 'never knowingly undersold' policy so i went ahead with the purchase. John Lewis have since three times rejected the claim due to small print which they claim is in terms and conditions not provided in the store, despite my requests at the time of purchase, and despite incorrect point of sale procedures which they dismiss as unimportant to my valid claim. They say the part time sales person had no authority to commit the store.

From discussion with staff and from the net, I realise now that the store employs people specifically to reject claims and reduce payouts, and that the policy is so corrupted as to be worthless. They will only match prices with stores they decide to match, not local shops who might be cheaper. Every customer needs to be aware that customer satisfaction is dead at this store. 

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13630John Lewis [London]
Total claims:3
Waited in all day for delivery that never came »10 September 201011/09/20100

I was informed by John Lewis that a Miele Fridge Freezer, they sent an email to say it had been dispatched and Sprint couriers would be in touch to arrange delivery. I received a letter from Sprint and called them to agree deivery for Friday the 10 September. By 5.30 nothing had arrived so I called John and told them the situation only to be told that they did not know the couriers details?? I waited another hour and called John again, this time they told me the couriers phone number, , even today no one answers.however this just goes to answer phone.I have lost a days pay £120 and the cost of my freezer food, around £70, as I unplugged my freezer to allow room for the delivery. Now I do not know what is happening at all!

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741Debenhams [Exeter]
Total claims:5
Mispriced Goods »29/1/0929/01/20090

This morning I picked up a briefcase with a marked price of £19.99. Taking it to the till I asked for it to be sold to me at the marked price. The till girl went to fetch a supervisor, who then went to fetch a manager. The manager removed the label and said it was incorrectly labelled and suggested that I may have labelled it myself so as to gain a cash benefit. She then 'removed the goods from sale' as she put it.

I'm not sure that here actions were legal and the suggestion that I labelled it myself must be libelous.

It is a fact that I had not touched the briefcase but I did suspect an incorrect price.

Of significance is the attitude of the staff which was extremely rude, very offhand, not all customer interested and very brusque. They may have saved £50 but I'll never shop there again.

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2693Debenhams [Exeter]
Total claims:5
refund »15/05/200916/05/20090

I purchased a jacket from the Minuet Department in Debenhams Metro Centre Gateshead. It had no price ticket on it, when I took it to the till it came up as £70.00 so I purchased it and the assistant put the receipt in the bag. Five days later I returned the jacket as itdid not fit properly along with the receipt of purchase, I was informed that the jacket had been reduced by 50% and no refund could be made only a credit as this was company policy which could be found on the back of the receipt. I pointed out that I was not aware of this reduction and also that the jacket did not have a purchase price attached so I did not know it had been reduced. I aslo explained that I did not get a chance to read the back of the receipt as the assistant had put it into the bag on purchase, I also stated that the assistant should have made me verbaly aware of the reduction and of this Company policy before purchase and she did not.

Debenhams do not make it clear to the public with regards to the returns policy on reduced items and I have since made enquiries and I am only one of many shoppers who have been caught out by this. I have decided not to purchase any other items from this department store as most of the consessions can be found in the likes of House of Fraser who do not have this refund policy.

I would like a reply to my complaint,


Yours faithfully


Helen Alderson Russo


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11965Debenhams [Exeter]
Total claims:5
Overcharge »December 200906/04/20100
Firstly I know it's only £8 but it's my £8 and am fed up with these bigger stores taking advantage.
Just before Christmas 2009 I purchased a couple of items that was clearly marked as being in their half price sale there was stickers on both items indicating that they were £4 each instead of £8. When I took them to the till I was charged £8 each but did not realise this until I got home and decided not to go back to the store until after Christmas.
As these items were both gifts for someone the labels were removed.
When I went back to Debenhams they said that the sale didn't start until after Christmas and that I had got it wrong. I left empty handed. I then emailed them about 3 times and eventually got a reply saying that my email got lost and could I resubmit it. I did that and was then told to write to Debenhams.
I have written twice now and the best I got from them was a £10 voucher. Not bad I hear you say but I don't see why I just can't have my money back and I do not want to step foot in a Debenhams store ever again.
There is more to this story but I feel I have gone on long enough already.

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26098Debenhams [Exeter]
Total claims:5
Refusing to pay back PPI »200020/07/20120
Having tried and failed to get any PPI monies back from Debenhams store card i am at a loss to understand how they can refuse when other banks/companies are paying. I have a long term condition and never was it mentioned that i could not claim a second time for the same condition. They say i had 30days to cancel and therefore it was my fault.

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Total claims:1
Rip-off con merchant »20/03/200924/03/20090

Due to a faulty item that was sent, I noticed that the company's refund/exchange policy was only 7 days. 

The first couple of e-mails I got a reply to but still the return address was not given.  On several occasions after, they have not replied.

To date they have still not replied and therefore I am now left out of pocket and have to pay £100 for air.


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Total claims:5
reposted same check »04/10/0903/05/20090

On 4/7/09 a check #1006 was cashed for $63.74 and on 4/8/09 this check was credited.  Wal-Mart stores reposted check #1006 again on 4/13/09 for $63.74 which was tagged for insufficent funds plus a $35.00 overdraft fee was included in the 2nd transaction.  Walmart owes me $98.74.  I expect to be sent a check for this amount in the near future.  It is not the banks fault.  We have been in contact with James Erksrud at Associated Bank where this account was started.  He claims it is Wal-Marts fault for reposting the same check after it was credited to them.  Items were pursched in Shakopee.  The bank we dealt with is in Inver Grove Heights, MN. 

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Total claims:5
sexual harrisment »4-29-0904/05/20090

I have several times been in this store on Gilmer Rd. in Longview, TX.,

and the same woman? , has said very graphic & disgusting things to me (it's like she's flirting, but worse) I am very atheletic, but in NO way am I a lesbian. This was the last straw, when my 12 year old son overheard her. He was very upset, and I just left the store. I like going to that location because it's close to my job. But now, I'm too afraid to go back. The last couple of times, I got her first name, Her name is Stacey, and she's usually in the meat department, all though it's only been for a little while that she has been ther, I've gone to this store for several years and didn't see her there until here recently. I uasally try to ignore things like this but my son is very upset and afraid.

Please put a leash on that one, so I don't have to go to Brookshires


Concerned & afraid customer

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Total claims:5
WalmartMoney card »May 7, 200907/05/20090

The card was easy to buy as a gift card that was marketed as usuable anywhere Visa is accepted   To activate this card was a big pain and took almost two hours of repeating and repeating and repeating the information requested.  I tried both the computer and the phone number listed and neither worked.  I finally got it registered by phone on the fourth try.  I also was told that the first deduction of the monthly fee would be made May 17, just 10 days  after activation.  There was a fee of $3.00 just to buy the darn thing.

There are many fees listed for the use of this card that are not usual on a gift card.  I will never, never purchase a Visa gift card through Walmart and  I will also tell everybody within hearing distance.

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Total claims:5
lost receipt »8/200811/05/20090

bought prepaid card for college student.  student misplaced store receipt with the activation number on it.  tried many times to call the customer service dept. @ Walmartprepaid card. for assistance with this problem.  customer service is in another country which do not have a good understanding of the English language.  I find it very difficult to communicate with the service department, when their responce to my inquirey are being read from script.  I have been instructed to contact the customer service Dept for additional assistance.  The problem is I called the customer service number initally.


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Total claims:5
prepaid visa card »7-27-200926/07/20090

Approximately 1 week ago I purchased a $50.00 prepaid Visa card from the Walmart in Purcell Oklahoma. I attempted to use the card on 7-27-09 to purchase gasoline at Murphys at the Purcell Walmart, the card was rejected at the pump. I took the card to the Walmart in Purcell and found out that I needed to activate the card that I had alredy spent the money on. After spending over an hour finding the receipt code to activate the Visa card. The prepaid Visa card's websight is asking to much personal information like my SSN number that I am not willing to disclose to people that I do not know or trust. I am at a loss now at what to do to recoup my $57.00 that I have spent on this worthless card. In the past I have always been happy with the sevice from Walmart but now I feel as if I have been robbed by Walmart.

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Total claims:1



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11309sams club [columbus]
Total claims:1
sams club broke my window on car..and claim no responsiblity »2-15-201016/02/20100

On february 15 2010, i took my toyota camry to the sams club on morse rd. in columbus ohio. This was an appointment to check my tires. upon arrival we checked the car in and went shopping in the store..a whole hour later i was called back to discover my car on the lift with all 4 tires off and the passenger window shattered out!!! i was in complete shock and asked what they were going to do about it. the man looked at me and said what do you want me to do about it, our men didnt do it so u must have had a defective window! which the car had nothing wrong with the window whatsoever! basically they were not doing anything to help me out in the matter...we were also in a level 2 category snow storm and then sent me off with white plastic on my window which i could not see out of! making it very dangerous to travel. i ended up having to file a claim with my insurance company to have the window repaired. i feel sams club is responsible for this and should have done whatever they could to help me in the situation! i am very disapointed in such a big company as this!

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