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3919michele peluchette [pittsburgh area]
Total claims:1
Empolyee Theift »01/01/0930/07/20092

Michele Peluchette works as a CNA at the state VA hospital (for disabled veterans) . She works at night and through out her shift she stealing hospital supplies and from patient rooms. I am personally returning many items that she stole and gave to my husband.My husband is a tattoo artist. her husband Dave Peluchette is "learning" to tattoo. She's stolen a hugh amount of supplies from the hospital and laughs about it. Im returning the items my husband and i have and im also giving the hospital authorities a complete notarized statement of my knowledge of this theift. She will be terminsated from her employment and will not be able to gain employment in this feild again thank god for that. if you hear of her gaining employment in this feild please inform the facility to comtact the pennsylvania state VA hospital directly at 412-665-6707 so that they can get first hand information regarding the kind of person/employee she is. What kind of person steals from our disabled american veterans. whats next she's robbing churchs and from children. on the items she's stolen are LOT #'s these numbers are on the bills of lading in shipments. if you have any items please return them to the hospital. it can be proven where these supplies were stole from by the LOT # because the LOT #'s are on the bills of lading which both the supplier (kimberly-clasrk) and the hospital both have copies of the bills of lading. this woman is DEFINETLY CAUGHT WITH HER HAND IN THE COOKIE JAR. BEWARE of this CNA. Spread the word.

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2803Richard Owen Nursery \"Gardens\" [Bloomington]
Total claims:1
Never received merchandise »4/13/0919/05/20090

On April 13th, 2009 my father, William Fortune placed an order by catalog for several different kinds of flowers. On April 28th, 2009 I (Susan Marker, his daughter) called for the status of his order. I was told they hadn't received his order yet. (Now this is 2 weeks after he mailed it). My dad went to the bank to find out if his check had been cashed and sure enough it was cashed on April 21st, 2009. So they did receive his order and they couldn't tell me any shipping date they would send the merchandise. So we patiently waited a couple more weeks and called again. Still couldn't give us a shipping date. I just called again May 18th, 2009 and they tell us it shipped out on May 17th, 2009. And we won't receive anything until June 1st. This has taken too long, these flowers should have already been planted. A catalog order should not take 2 months to receive, especially since they had cashed the check a month ago.

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