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Total claims:3
fraud »Sept 201015/05/201117
We agreed to buy a property as advertised on e bay from this outfit Samax for the sum of £4784 that cost includes the property ,tax, company formation (as required under Bulgarian law ) we transferred (foolishly I know ) the money on the 07/08/2010.
Samax were very good at answering all our questions except one should we have a legal representative with us at our pre arranged meeting of 28/08/2010 at the Samax office. This question they simply ignored. With this in mind we took a Bulgarian friend with us to the meeting because he has 10 years experience in real estate & would be able to represent us as the paperwork was processed.
This is where things went wrong our representative quickly pointed out WE WHERE NOT BUYING FROM SAMAX as advertised we were buying from a company called AA CONTINTIOL which has had 3 different owner set ups in 18 months the name Mintcho Pentchev has links to both companies & is the man I would now be dealing with. Also at this meeting (Mintcho Pentchev left the meeting very quickly when awkward questions were asked) a guy called Alexandria seemed to be left to sort this out he just kept saying sign the paper work we have to go. Our representative pointed out that nowhere in the paperwork & contracts did it actually say what we were purchasing it was just a code that could have represented anything including agricultural land etc we asked Alexandria to write on the paperwork what we were purchasing house land etc this he refused to do he also did not appear to know where the house was when we asked for gps coordinates & said the guy who knew was on holiday & could not be contacted our rep advised us that the contracts were not as they should be & warned us to think carefully before signing. At this point with obvious great concerns we said we would not sign the contracts until they had been altered to say what we were purchasing and the exact location. We arranged a meeting for the following week no one from Samax attended & the so called office was locked we contacted Mr Mintcho Pentchev by phone he said we had arranged the meeting for the previous day & he had 2 people waiting all day for us this is little more than a Mintcho Pentchev fantasy.
At this point we decided that we were unable to proceed as this company did not appear to do business in an honest & straight forward way & we asked for the return of our money.
After several e mails Mintcho Pentchev offered a paltry & insulting offer of £2500 half of what we gave him I told him this was unacceptable I would sue him if he did not return the full amount minus reasonable expenses.
Since then he has resold the house on E Bay which we probably had legal title to and has told my lawyers in Sofia that I owe Him money but gives no explanation as to what I owe him money for & no explanation as to what I paid £4784 because as yet I have received nothing. We tried to serve notice to sue through a notary in Sofia he arranged a meeting & guess what our Mintcho Pentchev did not turn up (a pattern forming here) I guess in the world of Mintcho Pentchev the notary will have attended on the wrong day.
In my lawyers research into Samax they point out that from a legal point of view our relationship is with AA CONTINTIOL & not SAMAX although AA CONTINTIOL was founded by the company SAMAX .The Company SAMAX is still not re registered in the public & electronically available register as are the requirements by law thus we had difficulty to track its history & management decisions all reputable companies that are operative and carrying out sound business in Bulgaria re registered a long time ago.
This man Mintcho Pentchev has made it abundantly clear he has no intention of repaying the money so pleased be warned before you hand over money to this guy or any company he is involved with it could be your loss.
We are also in discussions with my local Member of Parliament to get his counterpart in Bulgaria to push the Bulgarian authorities to have a closer look at this guy & his company’s business practices to try and stop other people from being robbed .

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Total claims:3
land »30 JFebruary 201002/10/201114
I bought 2 pieces of land through ebay and 2 small forests outwith ebay. I arranged to met up with Alexander Dobrinov (Samax)in June 2010 while I was on holiday in Bulgaria.I was under the impression that all I had to do was sign up for a company of my choosing and Samax would transfer my land via a notary public.
Alexander Dobrinov and 1 other man came to my hotel and ushered be into a taxi not allowing me time to wait for my daughter. Instead of going to a notary they took me to a cafe and produced documents which they wanted me to sign there and then, one of which was only in Bulgarian.Alexander Dovrinov said my company would be called "whatever" and I said no I wanted to name my own company and not an off the shelf one. I suggested we go to a lawyer to translate the Bulgarian document, and he said NO. I refused to sign the documents. On my journry through all this I learned that Samax was not the owner of the land but a company called Sederka Assets was the owner namly Mintcho Pentchev who has links to both companies. I contacted ebay and they suggested I go to the uk police, which I might still do.
Since then I set up my own company and asked him to transfer my land via my Sofia lawyer all to no avail, they now do not contact my lawyer at all. I am in the process of taking it to a criminal court. BE WARNED.

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22581Allsopp and Allsopp, Dubai [Dubai]
Total claims:1
Defrauding of commissions »200716/12/20111
Passed over a client to Samantha Liborwich, she sold to the client, then asked the client to say that he had not brought. Thus negating the need to pay commission.

The agency Allsopp and Allsopp recognised the client came from my company but said the paperwork was not correct, so they can not pay.

My grievences are 2.
1. Not being paid for a lead that was converted into a sale.
2. The deliberate lying and deceit from Samantha and asking a client to lie on her behalf so she did not have to split the commission.

I spoke to the regulator in Dubai, they did nothing. The company did not pay. So not a very good experience with Samantha Liborwich and Allsopp and Allsopp.

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27234samax espana
Total claims:1
PROPERTY »12/3/201204/11/20121
please see more details of this company under other heading of SAMAX,

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2856tom murphy realty [birmingham]
Total claims:1
refund »05/20/0920/05/20090

we were to purchase a foreclosed house from this company. the earnest money to hold the house with a contract was a 1000.00 dollars. the contract that we signed had the stipulation that if were not happy with the inspection that we could back out of the deal. the house had mold (500), outside had to be sealed (7500), the retaining wall had to be replaced (1000), the deck had to be taken down and replaced it was rotten because of the drainage problem (1500), door frame and floor by the door rotten (800), replace insulation that had been taken down to stop the smell from the mold from being overwhelming (300), and termites (600), and the drainage problem had to be fixed (400). we resumitted an offer asking for 10000. off the house to help offset the money that we would to put into the house on top of the 8000 we were already putting into. they said they would pay 2500 only. we took a few days to think about and said no. we had the feeling that the realtor already knew about the problems from the cover up of the mold problem.  now that we are trying to buy another house, tom murphy realtor is refusing to give our money back saying that we waited to long. which i don't understand because they can not put the house on the market until they fix the problems for health it looks like i can not buy the other house because i don't have an extra 1000. dollars to hold this other house..i gave them money orders for the deposit and they cashed 3days after i gave it to them..i am digusted and pissed because how can this be legal...this company has been shady and untrustworthy from the beginning... i have lost all faith in the real estate business..i wish nothing but the worst for this company..i wish i knew who i could report them to so that could be disciplined.



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3884Shore & Country Real Estate [South Lyme]
Total claims:1
Deposit return »06/08/200927/07/20090

March 16, 2009 I sent a deposit for rental of cottage in Old Lyme. My deposit check #6065 in the amount of $660.00 was posted to Shore & Country Real Estate 4/03/2009 and cleared my bank on 4/06/2009. My husband was rushed to Glens Falls Hospital, (NY) 4/28/2009. When I learned that he would be hospitalized 3-4 months, I called Peter and advised him of my situation. He told me that I had to write a letter and only if the week we rented was taken by someone else, he could return our deposit.  I sent the letter, June 8th. I went on line later that week and saw that the week was marked "available"  The next week I saw that the week was "rented". I waited a few days, expecting my deposit, to no avail. I phoned the office a week later and was told that they were waiting for the renter's check to clear. Two weeks later, no deposit return. When I called again, I was told the same story. When I said that with clearing houses, checks are cleared within 3-5 days, I was given the brush off. I called again the next week and told Harry Deevall that my check had cleard our bank in three days and explained that with Richard still hospitalized, our medical bills are mounting and I would like a check. No check. Last Wednesday, 7/22/09, I called again and was told checks were going out sometime that week. No check in today's mail. I have enough stress, here, without this problem.  All of our children live in the Greater Hartford area and advised me to write to you.

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4927Windermere Real estate [Seattle and the West]
Total claims:2
Windermere Real Estate Fraud »2000-200918/09/20090

Windermere is the [Dark Clause] (link:"  The Dark Clause strips the customers of free speech rights and keeps Windermere's business practices secret.

Should a customer persevere and win in trial court, Windermere goes to the Appeals Court and often to the Supreme Court, trying to have the case thrown out on a legal technicality. 

Is this "The highest ethical standards … Uncompromising ethics and integrity" as touted by Windermere Marketing? 

Windermere agents know that anything goes as long as they keep Windermere rolling in money.  Sponsoring "good corporate citizen" programs costs comparatively little and provides a wonderful cover.

For all the harm they do society, these business practices require criminal prosecution.  Surely the Jacobi beneficiaries, the Demco lawyers, and the marauding real estate agents should face prison terms.  Windermere has no fear of the government, however.  Through some magic of politics known to the rich and powerful, Windermere predators have little to fear from the Washington Department of Licensing, the Real Estate Commission, or the Attorney General.  

Please read about what this criminal enterprise had done to MANY innocent and unsuspecting real estate consumers:

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21855Windermere Real estate [Seattle and the West]
Total claims:2
money taken from bank »4/11/201104/11/20110
They have taken money from my account without me knowing who they are or without comformation. I,m a single person on dla and it has made me skint for next week. I now want my money back as soon as possible. How do i go about doin that

more details » [Burgas]
Total claims:1
Defrauded with 15,000Euro »10/03/201011/04/20100

I paid the company for one of their apartments on
When i was supposed to receive the deed to my property, the real estate company headed by Nedyalko Nedelchev and Ivan Kemanov disappeared.(scam)

Interpol and the police is looking for them as a result of a number of similar scams and money laundering.


Once someone starts suing them, the MAX amount, they can get is the starting capital of scamming company, which has a limited liability.
After the company goes bust, they open a new one under the noses of the incompetent Bulgarian authorities and under the name of their relatives employees etc. The police are running around like headless chickens trying to do everything else but shut their websites down and arrest them.

Nedyalko Nedelchev and Ivan Kemanov are scammers and so are their flashy websites. IF THERE ARE ANY COMPETENT AUTHORITIES IN BULGARIA, THEY SHOULD PUT THEM BOTH IN JAIL!

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14664HBC reality Czech Republic [Ostrava]
Total claims:1
Coll for HBC reality Ostrava »12.4.201019/11/20100

He complains of HBC branch Czech Republic in Ostrava. I have a contract. I got 44 clients on HBC and spent their 1100 CZK per phone. I did not respond to complaints or Prague. I am retired. Papers I - I submit. Shame on you HBC.
On March 8, 2010 we interviewed some 20 people, young people themselves, students, mothers on maternity and me. I do not know how others fared. In Prague, I sent a letter by mail, posting ticket.Answer I have not received today.

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16296National Realty Group [Rancho Cucamonga]
Total claims:1
Complaint on Rod Robert, National Realty Group »1/27/201128/01/20110
The owner/broker with license #00961531of the above-named real estate company is Rod Robert, who exhibited the most explosive and toxic conduct that any homeowners or real estate agents should stay away from:

1. This broker would fabricate any story to terrify the listing homeowners or agents.

2. This broker extended his out of control behavior to instantly cancel homeowners' listings without warning if the homeowners refuse to tolerate his abuse and rage.

3. This broker also displayed his uncontrollable conduct to terminate his agent/broker relationship if his agents support the victimized homeowners.

4. This broker's inflammatory language towards the homeowners or agents is unethical and immoral. Homeowners would risk loosing sales listing with this mad man; and agents would suffer intimidation and threat working for this wild dog. I would not recommend this broker to anyone! He is an eye-opener. Beware of his violence!

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Total claims:3
Property Fraud »Jan 201306/06/20140
Following viewing properties for sale with these scammers they advertised on ebay, I registered and interest with them and they then sent me properties they had for sale via their website.
I entered into negotiations with them and paid a £500 holding deposit and was given two years to complete the deal.
I have been unsuccessful in contacting them by phone or via email. They simply do not reply.
They were very helpful when they wanted my deposit but have not bothered since

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26238604 mellon street southeast Apartments [604 mellon street southeast Apartments Wash DC]
Total claims:2
604 mellon street southeast least trusted Landlord »4/1/200903/08/20120
Leased bad apartment from Landlord i was getting problems with the apartment the apartment floors and walls were paper thin in all the apartments and were not sound proof i could'nt get any peace nor quite from other tenants and harassing Landlord keeping me up, complaints and disputes between tenants and the landlord went on i did nothing wrong to deserve this the landlord unfairly raised my rent,took me to court and billed me for court expenses for a cheap apartment, i couldnt take it anymore the apartment was a complete scam so i moved out the landlord kept my security deposit and had my wages garnished for increased rent and fees! there was no mention of garnishment from the landlord or in the rent lease i got ripped off

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26239604 mellon street southeast Apartments [604 mellon street southeast Apartments Wash DC]
Total claims:2
604 mellon street southeast Landlord not tobe trusted »10/1/200903/08/20120
Leased bad apartment from Landlord i was getting problems with the apartment the apartment floors and walls were paper thin in all the apartments and were not sound proof i could'nt get any peace nor quite from other tenants and harassing Landlord keeping me up, complaints and disputes between tenants and the landlord went on i did nothing wrong to deserve this the landlord unfairly raised my rent,took me to court and billed me for court expenses for a cheap apartment, i couldnt take it anymore the apartment was a complete scam so i moved out the landlord kept my security deposit and had my wages garnished for increased rent and fees! there was no mention of garnishment from the landlord or in the rent lease i got ripped off

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30480The Peterson Group Building & Development [North Dakota]
Total claims:1
Angry Homes Owners Use Social Media to Voice Complaints against TPG Developer »Dec 20, 201506/01/20160
Holes in the wall, cracks and peelings on the wall and broken tiles are just some of the problems that an anonymous homeowner is facing in his newly purchased home for $500,000 through the Petersen Group Building and Development.

A couple with three children was also infuriated to see the glass walls of the upper bathroom easily shattering after being hit accidentally by a towel after the husband showered. The family was just back from a vacation from Jakarta, Indonesia and left the house to be redesigned under The Petersen Group custom home builders only to find out that the walls and the fixtures can easily be damaged after few usage.

A landlord also rushed over after he hears complaints from his townhouses’ tenants that the window panes were easily broken and the ceilings were easily cracking. The building was just renovated and converted to a housing rental by none other than The Petersen Group Building and Development.

These kinds of frustrations were directed towards the company which claims more than two decades of high quality service, thoughtful designs and lasting value. The social networking accounts under TPG’s name were flooded with complaints of similar stories of substandard quality of services and materials used to develop or build a home.

Led by a certain Leroy Turner, lawyer and also claims to be a victim of TPG ‘fraudulence’, the group of about 20 complainants formed a Facebook community group to voice out their displeasure and frustrations. To make matters worse, the group is also now exploring and reviewing legal options after a protest was done in the head office of The Petersen Group’s head office in Anchorage, Alaska.

Angry home buyers are no longer hiding or afraid to take on the might of developers for delaying the delivery of apartments and villas and changing building plans. They are banding together to fight for their homes using all the means at their disposal, including staging unique protests at project sites and going to court.

They use social media actively to form groups, discuss problems and publicize their efforts. Their litany of complaints includes delayed possession, extra charges and changes in apartment sizes or building plans without their consent. "This is my first house and I continue to stay on rent even as this project is terribly delayed," says Turner through phone patch.

We are still waiting for a reply from The Petersen Group.

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