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966PVR Empire [Birmingham]
Total claims:1
Faulty TV »31/01/200920/02/20092

Bought a technika tv for 100 pounds...Got the TV in next 5 days but the tv is neither new as promised nor working in the perfect condition...It switches off after some time and then wont turn on at all.

Have tried getting in touch with them. Have sent at least 5 emails and have tried calling them on their number 0121 773 6514. But its always busy. Must have wasted at least 5-10 hours doing this but to no use...

Seriously need some help so that I can retreive my money back.

Paid the money through Paypal and they say they cant deal with it because it wasnt bought from eBay and credit card company has given me a solution that will cost me 100 pounds more to get back my 100 pounds. Cant believe they can be so unreaslistic.

Any help will be appreciated.



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1669Niya Electronics World Trade Corporation [Beijing]
Total claims:2
No Unit after payment send to »03/31/200903/04/20091

i wrote this article to preserve all persons not to order at and to suffer a total loss.
This company is a BIG FRAUD!!! Sorry for my bad english language, i am from Germany.
Before i made an order i googled this company and i don`t find any negativ informations.
Now i know the reason. is online since 2009-03-06, just a few days.

A Please to all. Do NOT make an order to

Here a 2nd link

[] (link:

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Total claims:1 - Serial-scammer resurfaces »09/10/0909/10/20091

I ordered electronic goods from AudioHubUK, they were offered at the best 'new' online price but were not outrageously discounted. I paid with my debit card but got suspicious when I didn't get a card verification check upon checking out. I also received an odd looking confirmation email from "" Don't know why I thought it was odd, it just didn't look right... I decided to try to call the company on the 'sales' contact number first and then 'customer services' number - in both cases I was told to call back during normal business hours (at 1445hrs on a Friday afternoon).

Then I found a thread on HotUKDeals...

[] (link:

Seems this is the same guy behind featured in

I contacted my bank immediately who cancelled my debit card and assured me no money could leave my account.





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11102Niya Electronics World Trade Corporation [Beijing]
Total claims:2
Nuskin scam »8/2/1008/02/20100

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2864Georgia Power [Lawrenceville]
Total claims:1
late charge from automatic bank draft »April 16, 200920/05/20090

i had set up a automatic bank draft for more than five years for my service charge. Never had i any problems with this company, until last month. Georgia power had sent me a letter stating that they were charging me 30$ late charge without any warning or alert. I had personally contacted them and they said that they couldn't get any money from my bank. So i went to my bank and they told me that there were no errors or problems and that i had outstanding finance.  then the bank provided a letter of proof. I then emailed it to Georgia power, but they said that they didn't accept attatchment from emails even though they can still email me and tell me that they can't get the letter i so many times continually send them over and over again by mail and by driving all the way to one of their local offices, which aren't even "locally" close by, and personally hand to them. And then one time when I had sent them a letter, they sent it back with NO reason whatsoever without my voided check that i had placed in there and made sure was in there. Of course they kept complaining to me that I had not sent in a letter and all that stuff. So, of course I had to continue sending in the letters one after another and now I'm just sick and tired of it all.

My Bill [#1217529]

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