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Total claims:1
phone service »phone won't work22/05/20091

I bought this magicjack phone service 8 months ago and it hasen't worked. they gave a 30 day return but the phone worked off and on by using their support group constantly. I have been on line with them for hours tring to solve this problems. they won't give a phone number to contact them. I don't want them to rip off anyone else.

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2449ESBI [Rawlins ]
Total claims:1
fraud on phone Bill did not oder »!- 3 - 09 to 5= 3 -0908/05/20090

This has been put on the compony phone. I have been sick for 4 mths and had hart surgery and am now coherent again . This has been going on my compony phone for a while . How are componys allowed to do this we are a very small. The extra money right now can make or brake our compony,with this ression we are barely holding on help.

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2574union telcom usa [maimi beach]
Total claims:1
Rip-off and scam by union telcom usa »2/200911/05/20090

union telcom usa marketing proson contact me and promised a greart service $0.10/min and $39.5 security will be used to cover my first few statments, none of that was true they charge me over than $0.13/min and the $39.00 will be hold for a year and half!! and when i mentioned my intial agreement they said that they dont know anything about it and i dont have no choice but to pay and the quality of the phone line is very bad too  ..shame shame  ..

stay away from them


santa Clara, california

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2870Cricket Communications Inc
Total claims:2
computer modem »120/05/20090

I purchased a computer modem from Cricket.  After it arrived I spent yhree days trying to activate it.  This entailed talking to reps over the phone and running around town to three different retail stores to try and activate the modem.  I finally gave up and called the company to return the modem.  They gave me an RMA number to return the product, which I used.  I also sent it back via US postal service with a receipt required mailing.  The company received and receipted for the equipment.  I did not receive my refund after waiting the subscribed 30 days.  I called and Cricket said they had no records of the equipment being returned.  I supplied there rep with the postal tracking number which showed the day, time and person recipting for the modem.  I keep getting the run around about them not being able to fine the euipment in there system.  I want my refund it's been five months.

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2938Cricket Communications Inc
Total claims:2
not getting a refund »05/22/200922/05/20090

I place an order for a cell phone and a broadband on monday the 18th of May and I paid 375.00 for everything and I was promised to received my products in 3-5 business days and the next day I received and e-mail confirming that too. But I also was told that I am going to received another e-mail when my order is ship but because that never happened I called Cricket to find out the status of my order I they gave me another phone number to place a complain but that number it's only give options for sale or technical support and I was never able to talk to somebody so I called back to the number where I placed the order and I explain the situation to a lady and she said that kind of phone is not going to take 3-5 days to be deliver but like a 2 weeks and then 5-7 to received so in total we are talking about 2-3 weeks instead of 3-5 days so I said that I want to put a complain because whoever took my order just simply lied to me and then she got mad and said that nobody lied so I ask to talk to a Supervisor and she said NO and she said you know sir I am going to hang up now because you don't want to understand what happened here and I said that for me that was really easy it is just a simply lie that I was told so she hang up. Then I called back again to the same number and I ask for a Supervisor again and I talk to a guy and he said that he was sorry but I am going to have to wait for 2-3 weeks to get my phone so I said to him that I want to cancel my order and he said that is not possible because you are not in the system and I have to wait until my cell phone arrive and then returned and then wait for another 2-3 weeks to get a partial refund and I am going to have to paid the returned shipping to the company, so here I am wasting my time calling to a company who don't believe in customer satisfaction and don't believe in the golden rule that customer is always right because for them I was lying and my e-mail was wrong and is an automatic e-mail who is just not accurate, so my recommendation for anybody who reads this is don't get rip for this kind of company and that is why I am placing this complain so hopefully others don't get rip off for scam like this with companies like CRICKET.

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5512Maxim solutions Ltd [London]
Total claims:1
Scam - beware »2008-200913/10/20090

You should steer clear of Maxim Solutions Ltd (limited) as there is evidence to suggest that they do not always pay for products and/or services even though they have been delivered correctly and without any defects.  Other operations that their director, Mr Peter John Smith, is associated with have a track record of non-payment - they have official County Court Judgements (CCJs) against them, precisely because they took services and decided not to pay for them.

They registered to use our service and agreed to make regular payments on set dates AFTER we had delivered our service.  We delivered our service as promised. Shortly after taking delivery, Peter John Smith on behalf of Maxim Solutions Limited proceeded to highlight a long list of "problems". We clearly demonstrated that these were not related to our service.  Months went by and although we had explained and demonstrated that we had delivered the service correctly, he just refused to make payments.  He finally declared that they would not be paying us a penny...ever.  Unfortunately, this type of behaviour is what puts thousands of small businesses out of business.

This all happened at the height of the recession when businesses were going into administration and all businesses, no matter how large, were at risk.  Peter John Smith has been a director of 5 companies, 3 of which have been dissolved and/or have County Court Judgements (CCJs) against him.

His companies include Wish Solutions Ltd, Voice and Data Intelligence Ltd and Media Networks - they have CCJs and/or are now dissolved, after leaving a trail of debt and destruction behind. 

It is unfortunate that there are companies like this - they often start off by not paying their suppliers on time and subsequently decide not to pay them at all.  I had to do some investigating to find this information and I hope it will help protect other suppliers.

I really do hope that this notice will help others avoid being scammed.  The other great hope is that Mr Paul John Smith will finally understand that he needs to pay for services that he purchases for his company.  There are always going to be those companies that never intended to pay.  A simple credit check should expose the main culprits, but sometimes you need to dig a little deeper into the associations between companies and their directors.  Our mistake was not to look deeply enough at the other companies that Peter John Smith was associated with - as mentioned already, many are now out of business and/or with CCJs, having left behind debts that are owed to suppliers.

If you are a supplier of any service, you should beware of Maxim Solutions Limited and companies that are associated with their Director, Peter John Smith.  As highlighted, their payment track record is not good and they continue to leave unpaid debts behind them.  It is hard and expensive to get them for small companies to force them to pay their debts and they feel that they can just walk without any regard for the consequences on others. They ignore the very serious damage that their poor payment practices do to small businesses.  If you are a buyer, please spare a thought for hundreds or thousands of small businesses and their dependent families across the UK and avoid companies that thrive only by scamming others.

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10472Mobile Phones - Bad Experience? Tv Company Wants You !!
Total claims:1
TV Company Wants You To Tell Your Story »Past and Present11/01/20100



Here at CanYouTrustThem, we have been approached by a prominent Tv Channel who is producing a programme on bad consumer experiences and about the fact that consumers do not complain effectively to get the desired results.

The Producer has asked me to invite people to tell their story of complaints against mobile phone and mobile broadband companies.

It may be that because of their poor service or faulty equipment, you wanted to cancel your contract but they refused and threatened you with debt collection companies and solicitors.

Some of you may even have had the letters from these debt collection companies or even knocking on your door as one of my clients had experienced.

I have already successfully sued a mobile phone/broadband company, on behalf of a client, had his contract cancelled and an amount in damages paid to him

If you would like to tell your story, and and possibly appear on the programme (expenses paid), then contact me here on my email:

Write a brief story on your bad experience and leave a contact number. I will be in touch.

These companies should not get away with it !!

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21428Orange Mobile
Total claims:3
Credit report »21/08/201109/10/20110
I applied for a loan with a car finance company and was unsuccessful in my claim as was informed I had an outstanding bill with orange communications, I had to subscribe with experian to find out was affecting my rating on this I had an outstanding bill of �£175 from Orange I contacted them and wass told it would be deleted in 6 to 7 days, I applied for another loan was refused again, phoned orange again only got apology was told it would take 1 month to be deleted,again lefgt it till then applied for another loan refused again as it was still there after a month my credit rating is terrible now as everytime I applied my credit score went down I want everyone to know about this. I have now had a bill for �£192 contract phone bill from them I am not paying this as they have already affected my credit rating now they can do it again now I know what my poor credit is for. Not 1 offer of compensation have I recieved for this only apologies this does not help me any.l

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28406Orange Mobile
Total claims:3
Samasung Galaxy S3 phone »16/02/201316/02/20130
I boarded a bus from Brownlow Road to Dalston market and i when i checked my pocket for my phone , i couldn't find it there.

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29110Orange Mobile
Total claims:3
broken phone-no help »30.03.1315/04/20130
My phone broke one month before my phone could be upgraded. I called orange who sent me to apple. I had to pay apple before I could speak to a human. I am appaeld at the lack of help and the fact I have had no phone for two months.

The customer staff people were rude and basicaly sounded like they didn't care about my problem. If I had the money inwould have got my my phine fixed. I have lost my faith in orange and am sure my friends and family wont join orange.

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Total claims:1
I want to complaints the guards and the person giving the forms in sss malabon branch of not giving the right treatment of all the applicants whom are inquiring assistance. Hope you give further actions on this asap

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