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IDCompany / PersonClaim TitleIncident DateAddedPostsAdd commentDetails
Total claims:15
Websaver scam »05/20/200926/05/20093

Somehow this company got ahold of my card number and is charging me for some service hard to say for what because the number 1-888-808-8582 that apears on my card statement just says "you have reached voicebox 2" or beeps as a fax. I looked up the company name and sent an email to no avail.

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9811Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione [Queanbeyan]
Total claims:1
Andrew Phillip Scipione pays criminal cop »17/04/200215/12/20091
Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione helps criminals
Leslie Charles Gilroy NSW Police Officer
a criminal NSW cop (employee of Andrew Phillip Scipione the Commissioner of the New South Wales Police Force) armed with a pistol, in company with other criminals
Lloyd Stephen Ganzerla NSW
Belinda Jane Ganzerla (nee Keuning) NSW
Eugene Cleveland Ganzerla NSW
Tracy Anne Ganzerla (nee Payne) NSW
Joan Margaret Ganzerla (nee Newman) NSW
Ronald John and Barry Smith (ex Harden NSW area)
Gemma Reid-Newman-Hunter-McManus (she is always using different names)
ALL the above criminals robbed my wife and I
see the whole story here

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1872WFP, World Food Program [Addis Ababa, Ethiopia]
Total claims:1
salary »June 200718/04/20091

I have been with my husband for 15years and married for the last 7years. We were married in the U.K. We have been living in Ethiopia since April 2001.

My husband Dr Gideon Cohen, works for WFP (World Food Program) [] (link:, for the past 5 years. Earning a salary of 12,000 USD per month.

In July 2007 I was physically thrown out of my home and had my two children kidnapped from me and have had no contact with them since.

My husband had notified the immagration services that I was illegal in the country and had them remove me from the country. My husband informed me that he has acted on the instuctions of WFP and I am not entitled to any finanancial compensation. WFP Mr Mohamed Diab (WFP Country Director), also notified me of the same and said they will continue to employ my husband and I am not entitled to any compensation. Even though I am his wife, and have been a housewife for the seven years of living there and gave birth to our last child in Addis Ababa, he has sucessfully removed me from the country so WFP is under no obligation to help me.


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Total claims:15
websaver »5\11 6/0915/06/20091

I dont even knaow how they got my account information. Istop governments grant 2 months.then websaver showed on my account summary.

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22199Ontario Judicial Council [Toronto]
Total claims:1
Complaint re: Judge Zisman-Milton Court »June 7,201124/11/20111
During a civil claim in the Milton Court I was dianoised with cancer. My Oncologist and my family doctor wrote letters to the court for me to be excused fr a period of three months.

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1440ESTA US Travel authorization service [Not listed]
Total claims:1
US VIsa Waiver Charge »22/03/0922/03/20090

Claims to be the US Visa Waiver programme and requests payment of $45 for a visa waiver from countries like the UK for which the US makes no charge for entry. A complete ripp-off, but not the only one arround

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1573DVLA [Swansea]
Total claims:4
Wheel Clamping »26th March 200927/03/20090

Notified DVLA that I would be abroad for 12 months and the vehicle would be parked off road and not taxed, today I was clamped by the DoT and threatened with destruction of my vehicle. This is the best money making scam ever coz guess what its completely legal !!!!!!!! if anyone else tried to do this it would be extortion and in itself a criminal act. When you call them to try and sort it out the only phone that they will answer is a premium rate line. I am told that writing to them is not good enough that I should fill in the form but its not their problem to respond to my letter and tell me thats what I have to do. What a scam keep the rules secret then penalise you because you dont follow them! I am also told that I should never write to them unless I send it recorded delivery because they will lose the letter, although they cant claim that in my case because they actually sent me a refund on the tax disc I had when I left. RIP OFF BRITAIN AGAIN

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3817DVLA [Swansea]
Total claims:4
wrong license »may 200923/07/20090

Having my wallet x license stolen in may,I applied for a replacement photo x paper license. On receipt I had a full motorcycle license,but only a provisional car license,despite passing my car test in 1962. I tried to sort the problem by email over a 3 week period,no luck. I phoned DVLA x the lady told me I didnt hold a full license, x to return them. I was then informed I couldnt drive a car until the problem is sorted, 2/3 weeks,that was 12 days ago. I emailed details of my license from 1962,also my IAM test pass in 1989,to expediate my having my full license returned.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I need my license ASP





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4090DVLA [Swansea]
Total claims:4
DVLA rippoff »20 - 3 - 0908/08/20090

Don't be fooled when you register your car as sorn that you wont still get fined, you probably will.

These F@*#pigs are totaly incompetent and at worst theives, like every other government body in this totalitarian state.

I've twice tried to  post my full story on this site to hopfully stop any other poor bugger geting stung by these swine but as allways COMPUTER SAYS NO!!. It's probably to long so I'll make it short my advise is keep every scrap of correspondence on paper from the DVLA for a minimum of 10 years especially if you don't own the car anymore, and DON'T phone it's futile, theres no proof of your correspondence and thay will try and make out it's you that is at fault not them don't trust anyone send copies of any letters thay claim thay did not send and be strong and stand your ground."SPEAKING THE TRUTH IN TIMES OF UNIVERSAL DECEIT IS REVOLUTIONARY" question authority and dont pay unless you are absolutely sure that you are in the wrong and thay are in the right. Don't pay for their mistakes. THAY ARE THE REAL CRIMANALS!!!.

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12584DVLA [Swansea]
Total claims:4
Complaint/Compensation - Theory Test@Watford »22.05.201007/06/20100
Complaint mail copy -


I have booked theory test for 22nd, May 11:30am at Watford Pearson centre. Literally, I had spent the whole Friday night for theory test preparation in my busy office schedule. I reached Pearson test center in time and took all the documents which you mentioned in the attached html page. This page is taken from your OFFICIAL WEBSITE:

I took the attached page as a confirmation that I have booked the theory test as I've not received the Appointment Confirmation letter. But because of your extremely pathetic service I was not allowed to sit for the test giving an excuse that I have not produced the 'Appointment Confirmation letter'.

The above html page clearly saying that what I need to bring down for the exam. I made sure I brought everything down [Copy from that page - Remember to bring your driving licence, suitable photographic ID, and to arrive at the test centre 15 minutes before your appointment.] except the Appointment letter.

I'm very much fussed about the whole incident and I recommend you to change the message you displayed in the above page and ensure when you are publishing your requirements it should be unique in all places so that new test takers will not be misguided hereafter.

And not the least I do want to claim for the entire pain I've taken -
I want to claim compensation from you for my loss of pay on Saturday £15ph*8hrs= 120, travelling charges £5.00 and examination fee which I paid: £31.00. Total of £156.00

I coincidentally seen my cousines' "Theory Test - Appointment Confirmation letter" today and found NOWHERE you mentioned to produce the Appointment Confirmation letter as a source of document to bring for the exam. And why did the Pearson insisted me to produce this document as a proof for the exam.


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Total claims:1
Rude behaviour »04/04/0904/05/20090

I am a Broker, representing a client.    My client, an Egyptian, worth many millions, injured himself whilst walking in Hyde Park.  He has had to undergo extensive remedial treatment in England, to help manage pain and to put right the injury to his leg and back.   He has never claimed a penny from this country.   He pays for his treatment by a private doctor.   The treatment is very expensive.   He lives in a rented apartment.

My client's solicitor has made an application for a tourist visa to enable my client to remain in the UK during his treatment, his own tourist visa having expired last year.    I sent a letter to the Home Office Agency trying to change the visa to an open-ended business visa, because I was trying to do some business with this man. worth some hundreds of millions of pounds!     During my first attempt to speak with the Agency, to try to advise them of my requirements, I was fobbed off and then cut off !


My second attempt to speak to someone about his case was brusquely brushed off by 'Harriet', saying that it could not be discussed/'chased' until 14 weeks have elapsed since the first application was made.   No discussion, about any aspect of his application could be entered into!

I said that the original application for a tourist visa could stand, but could it be expedited?    No discussion permitted.

I said that my client COST THE COUNTRY NOTHING!    He was worth a small fortune to me and, therefore, the country whilst he was prepared to do business here.   No response!   Nothing I said would dent the brain of this automaton!


I will  lose a fortune if this client departs, as he plans to do, because these government automatons cannot adjust their systems to accommodate somebody who is actually useful to this country, as opposed to dealing with the majority of their 'clients' - free-loading scum who see this country as a free ride!     Instead of fast-tracking someone who could be of benefit to the country, they prefer to stick to the 'rules' and waste their time and our money dealing with  people they would rather see here; people who vote for this derelict government and keep them in power, with their snouts stuck in the public trough, hoovering up our money and ensuring that they keep the rules advantageous to them, let they are booted out!   Immigrants who are kept sweet by this government will vote for them in the coming election, should Brown ever dare to go to the country!. 

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2552West LIndsey District Council
Total claims:1
Mendacious chief executive »18th December 200811/05/20090

The chief executive of this morally corrupt council, D Sharkey, when asked on 18th December 2008 how many persons he had sentenced to 'single point of contact' treatment answered 'One'.  This was false as I personally knew of several others.


So far, after more than three months, he has refused to acknowledge or apologise for his untruthfulness.  LIttle wonder that the council he presides over has a culture of deceit and dishonesty.





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2594Rural Payments Agency
Total claims:1
Ripped off by Rural Payments Agency »August 200812/05/20090

I made a claim for a single farm payment from the Rural Payments Agency which I was entitled to. In accompanying liturature from the RPA I was informed that prior to the claim being processed I would be informed before the deadline that I would be advised of any errors in the completion of the form.  I was subsequently informed after the the deadline that because of a de minimus error I would not be entitled to the money.  I appealed the RPA's decision but no response was received.

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Total claims:2
RIPPED OFF »5/11/200912/05/20090





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Total claims:2
Hidden Charges »October 11, 200915/10/20090

In searching online for scholarship possibilities for my child, I found a link to this company on a perfectly reputable site.  I went to EZ Grant's site, read through their information, then spent $2.95 for their "kit."  Nowhere on the site was there an indication of additional charges.  Having had a similar experience with another company, I called on Oct. 13 to cancel my membership.  Today I was contacted by my bank that the company attempted to collect for the kit - $79.00!  I even have a cancellation confirmation from the company from the day I called to cancel.

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2893websaverclub [unknown]
Total claims:1
fraudulant withdrawel of funds »0427200921/05/20090

websaver club claims I signed up for their services. I have no idea how they got my checking account information. websaverclub states I was on some sort of trial basis and didnt cancel in time to stop further funds being withdrawn from my checking account. Truly this is some sort of scam. websaverclub's telephone number is 1-888-808-8582.

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2989passport office [durham]
Total claims:1
wrong advice »22 may 200923/05/20090

my partner is in germany at the moment and his passport has run out he is british/liverpool, i rang the british passport office the end of april to find out best way to get it renewed, they told me to send him the form, get him to sign it, send it back to me with his out of date passport and new photos, and for me to just send this back to them, that it was ok as long as my address was the one he lives at, i rang my partner in germany told him this, he wasnt sure, told me to ring back and check it was ok, i did this spoke to another man, he told me yes people do it all the time, so we went ahead and did it, the money came out of my account on the 16th may, i am moving on wed so rang them yesterday as i wont be coming back to this address and to let them the new one, spoke to someone in uk, explained situation, he transferred me to dublin, who then took all info, said they would ring me back,  5 mins later phone call, passport stopped, no you cant get your money back, false decleration, he has to get it renewed in germany, well we are now back at square one, old passport turned up ths morning in bits, so he now has to report it lost in germany, go to british consulet in dusssledorff, pay 145 euros for one there, we are out of pocket £72,  im disabled and was assaulted by a male neighbour at the begining of the month, (reason for moving) if they had told us to do that right at the begining he would be here now supporting me,

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2999City of Kansas City Missouri [Kansas City]
Total claims:1
Reverse discrimination »2004-200723/05/20090


My wife and I were treated different from other people at work. We were harassed and badgered by the department head and supervisors. We had a right to sue from EEOC and Missouri Human Rights Commission and were unable to find an attorney to take our case. This was at Kansas City International Airport. We have full records.

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Total claims:15
WEBSAVER CHARGE »5/14/0903/06/20090

I was balancing my checking account online when I noticed a charge for $34.95 from WEBSAVER in Grapevine, TX. I had had no dealings with such a company. The company phone number was cut off on my bank statement, but it began with 888-808-85...

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Total claims:15
incorrect charges »6/24/200924/06/20090

I asked a website to send me a free cd (shippin $3 or $4), then i get charges for $39.99 on my credit card for 3 months and then get another charge for $35.95 for a seperate website that i did not even sign up for.

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