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13550MARK GROUP COMPLAINT [leicester]
Total claims:3
MARK GROUP COMPLAINT »200905/09/201010

We would now really recommend Mark Group. They accidentally caused some damage but have resolved everything, we are so pleased they have looked after us.

Last year we arranged to have Mark Group install some insulation in our house, but during our installation there was a problem with the drill bit which caused some damage to our brickwork.

We realise that sometimes things can go wrong and unfortunately it happened to our house. At that point we just wanted things to be put right but I had started to wonder if things would be resolved for us by Mark Group.

However, Mark Group have recently visited us to discuss our situation and I have to say that we have been impressed that they have taken their responsibility seriously and have taken the time to listen to us.

We talked about how we could sort the situation out and they have been very good about things. Despite what has happened before, the way Mark Group have dealt with the situation has left us with more confidence in their business.

I’m really pleased to say that the situation has now been resolved.

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12738mark group
Total claims:9
Data Protection! »22 June 201022/06/20103
I just had a call at the door from a young man who said he was from Mark Group. I told him I'd never heard of them, and he explained that people claiming certain benefits were entitled to cavity wall insulation entirely free.

I expressed scepticism and lack of interest, and in an attempt to persuade me he opened up his folder to show me appointments that had been made with other people in the area.

Altogether he showed me about six appointment sheets, each one clearly showing someone's name and address; some showed bank details and some showed the qualifying benefit the person was on! At this point I told him that no way was I giving him any of my details to show around my neighbours. He didn't seem to understand the point.

Then I came indoors and did some googling, and here I am. I have no claim to make, but I thought perhaps I should add this incident to the public domain.

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2605The MARK GROUP [Exeter]
Total claims:2
BT BILL »31ST MARCH 200912/05/20091

I was having my walls insulated when the worker drilled through the BT line. He rang up his office and informed me that they would pay for any damage and repairs. When I recieved the bill from BT I posted a copy of to them and a Mr Alan Adams rang me to inform me that they would sort out the bill in a couple of days.

3 weeks later, and with BT breathing down my neck with a view to disconnecting me, I have still not received any form of payment. I emailed their office as my phone line was restricted and I could not call out. In their answering email they told me the cheque would be with me at the end of the week, around the end of April ... nothing came!. I have managed to ring them and was told that the accounts department was signing the cheque and that it would be with me mid week, around the 6th May. Nothing came!. I have now just called them and have been told that the cheque has not been signed yet!, but it will be sent out today. Hardly surprising that I have little faith in that happening....I need help!!!!!

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20519Mark Group Ltd [Leicester]
Total claims:5
Refusal to pay for damage to property »09/03/201107/08/20111
Late last year I had the Mark Group survey my home in order to assess it's suitability for cavity wall insulation. The survey confirmed that the wall was suitable and I agreed to go ahead with the work.

A few weeks later I received a call to confirm a time to carry the work and the job was booked in for just after Christmas. Shortly before the work was due to start I received another call informing me that the job was cancelled and that they would have to reschedule. Another date was provided a few weeks later and we were told that someone would be there first thing in the morning. By mid morning when no one arrived my wife called the helpline and was told that ‘someone’ had cancelled the job but that from their system they were unable to determine who or why it was deleted. Unhelpfully the operator suggested that it may have been the ‘customer’.

Another date was scheduled for the work and on the 9th of March 2011 they finally came to install cavity wall insulation to my property. They parked on my driveway and when leaving the property the vehicle hit the pillar of my garden wall damaging it badly.

The technician offered to repair the damage with the materials he had however my wife pointed out that many of the bricks were broken. She said she would contact the builder who did the original work to give a quote to repair the damage. The technician reported the damage to his office whilst still on site.

The wall like the rest of the brickwork in the house is constructed using mortar made from local sand and the bricks are also made locally. We have had great difficulty in finding a contractor who was willing to undertake this small job or who could get the mortar as the quarry will only sell large quantities of the sand.

Our builder put us in touch with their bricklayer who says that he could match the mortar and he has quoted us £250 to complete the work. However when he went to get the sand he was unable to get hold of it. The Mark Group agreed to pay for the bricklayer and to buy the sand if we disposed of it.

However before the sand was delivered we were contacted by the Mark Group to say that they would be doing that they work themselves. My wife asked what materials they were going to use and was told that they would pick up a few from a local builders merchants. She asked if the person was a bricklayer and she was told that he had 30 years experience in the building trade. As the Mark Groups proposal was for an unqualified person to carry out the repair using bricks which would not match the rest of the wall and that we would have to dispose of the best part of a ton of sand - we declined this proposal.

They then informed us that if we wanted to use a qualified bricklayer they would only pay £50 towards the work. Again we refused.

We have asked for details of their insurance details (motor or public liability insurance) which they have refused to provide because it will cost them too much to deal with it in the way.
I was informed that the reason the matter was not resolved was wife's unreasonable insistance that a bricklayer carry out the work.

We have asked for the matter to be escalated within the company by we end us dealing with the same person who is committed to carrying out the repair at minimum cost to themselves.

Five months later, having spent a great deal of time and effort trying to get this matter resolved, we are no nearer a resolution.

Needless to say I would not recommend the Mark Group to anyone and this is a reminder never to let anyone do work on your property without you having a copy of their insurance details.

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16962MARK GROUP COMPLAINT [leicester]
Total claims:3
Damage to Conservatory »January 201126/02/20111
They came to insulate my property, had no equipment to do over the conservatory but they said it was weekend so the managers were not there so no health and safety checks.
They damaged conservatory, when surveyor came out he said it was old damage – it is not – it was clearly cleaned, by their wood planks.
They said that was it for them. I am now pursuing through small claims court.
They are unprofessional do not have correct paperwork or equipment.
As a side they also drilled my garage then never filled in the holes. This had to be rectified later one night after 7pm in the dark.
They told us they get paid per job so have to do as many as possible in a day.
Also – surveyor said the could insulate the whole house as soon as the workmen came they said the couldn’t because of the garage – surveyor never told me this – gain not professional – DONT USE THEM.

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17055The MARK GROUP [Exeter]
Total claims:2
wall insulation caused damage to my home / wall »23/02/201102/03/20110
The workman arrived, carried out the cavity wall insulation however he drilled too far through the wall upstairs and as a result i have a large hole through the wall which looks very unsightly from the inside of my bedroom. The paint and plaster has fallen off the wall and it is shocking! I have called and emailed in to the mark group several times and have been either ignored or fobbed off. The latest explanation is that the manager is compassionate leave so they are behind and i have been told someone MIGHT visit to inspect the damage, but i hold out no hope as this is only a MIGHT! Disgusting really how someone is trusted to carry out work and they end up causing serious damage. The worst part of it all is i have not once even received an apology from the lady who takes the calls at the call center, from the way i was spoken to you would have thought it was me who did the damage.

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5867mark group
Total claims:9
loft insulation/damage »21 October 200926/10/20090

On 21 October 2009,Mark Group arrived to carry out loft insulation and cavity wall insulation.The cavity wall was not allowed to take place because of misinformation supplied by the surveyor-ie that they would provide equipment to bridge the conservatory at rear of premises which they did not have,and wanted to walk on the conservatory roof to insulate the rear wall above it. I did allow the loft insulation to be completed, only to find when setting the household alarm 2 days later when leaving the house for shopping that damage had been caused to the wiring in the loft area which activated the alarm system. As our maintainance contract did not cover call out for 3rd party damage to system, we incurred an estimate of £150 to rectify the problem. I informed Mark group Head Office of the problem who said that they would contact the persons who did the loft insulation, which I declined, as this requires an experienced security engineer. What a shambles of a company to employ such inept proplr to carry out such important work to peoples properties. How glad I am that I did not allow this company to proceed with the cavity wall insulation with the probable damage this would have caused also.

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20153mark group
Total claims:9
Engineers turning up without equipment »13/07/201113/07/20110
I have signed the paperwork on 21 of June 2011 for the Cavity Wall insulation to be installed at my property by the Mark Group and they gave me an appointment for the 13th of July 2011.
On the 21 of June their surveyors had a look at the property and said everything is OK and the job would be a piece of cake.
On the 13th of July two engineers turned up 2 hours before time and they asked me whether I had extension leads to loan them so they can do their job!!!!!!
I explained to them that I do not have any equipment at all and that I was expecting the Mark Group to supply the equipment not me.
They said , oh sorry if you don't have an extension lead we can't help you. You will need to reschedule.Bye!
I rang up their complaints department and they said OK, we will give you another booking after 16 days.
I explained to them that I need this to be done within this week otherwise I won't be able to do this at all with them, they said : Sorry, Bye.

Long story short, Mark Group is an utterly unreliable bunch of people and everyone should steer well clear of them.

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24410mark group
Total claims:9
Dodgy sales tactics »March 201202/04/20120
Since moving in to my new house last year I had been intending to imrpove the insullation in our loft. So when the guy from Mark Group called to my door saying that they were in the area and giving quotes for insulation I invited him in. He was particulary keen to see if we qualified for a grant, as he said that these were being withdrawn very soon. The guy was very nice and helpful and gave what seemed a reasonable price for the job, but the whole time he made it sound like we would be getting a grant towards the costs, making it seem like a very good deal indeed. He even got me to sign a form that he suggested would be used to complete the claim. I got suspicious however, when he explained that the loft would need to be completely clear and said how quick the job would be. This made me realise that I would still have to do most of the work and I wondered what I was paying them for. I went to B&Q to check out the cost of the insullation that they would use. Needless to say, they were going to use rockwool, by far the cheapest. I worked out that I could do the job myself much cheaper and only for little extra work. I have since called them and cancelled the installation. Looking back I think the sales tactics were very dodgy and I would loved to hear again exactly what the sale person said, but I am sure other will have been made to believe that they were getting a grant - one for watchdog prehaps.

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25592mark group
Total claims:9
Company Unreliable »15.06.1215/06/20120
This is just a warning for anyone considering using this company.
I was persuaded to use this group under pressure as i was very busy having literally just got in the door from work when they called late one evening saying it would only take 10mins of my time! It actaully took 25mins out of the 45mins that i told them i had before i had to go out. However at this point i knew a neighbour had used them and was seriously thinking about having the work done so thought they would be ok to use. Mistake!! The job was arranged for 11.05.12 in the morning. I got up early and waited. 10am came but no sign so rang the company to see if they had an estimate time of arrival. Was put through to Cardiff office and was told they would contact the contractor and find out where they were because i was supposed to have been the first job at 8am. Nobody rang me back till after 2pm whilst i was at work. No explanation about why they hadn't turned up just told me they couldn't come that day and rearranged for 15.06.12 again promised i was down for the first slot of the day at 8am. I explained that it had to be then as i had to leave for work at 1pm and only agreed to the date under this condition. Got up early again 7am(didn't get home from work until 11pm the night before)but yet again no contractors at 10am. Rang again and was put through the same process as previous. My advice to anyone considering using this company is steer well clear unless you have lots of time to waste waiting in for contractors who don't bother to turn up as agreed and no explanation or apology for this failure. Going to search for a more reliable company to carry out the work for me.

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27534mark group
Total claims:9
Bad Work »21/11/201228/11/20120
They turned up and told me that i was already insulated so to test this they drilled more holes. They agreed i had no insulation and told me that i would need to supply power to their drills and machines for 3 hours. The work was done and they left,the mess left behind was unreal,windows covered in brick dust,foam on the drive and a mis match of cement where the holes where drilled. My first call was answered by well it was raining that day and it will go away soon if not then ring us back. The second call was to complain and i was told we will get a manager to call you back, they never did. My third call resulted in a call back and a specialist team would come out and repair anything to my satisfaction and we be arriving between 12 and 2. At 3.45 they turned up and what a surprize it was the same people who did the original job not a specialist team as they claimed. They looked at the bullet holes with the mis match of cement and told me thats the best its going to be,laughted and then i ask them to leave as they said they would take pictures and send them to head office. I rang again and was told a manager was going to study the pictures in great detail and call me. I ask another building firm to come and have a look and they told me that the cement can be match so my advice to anyone using this company is don't unless you want your brickwork to look odd and spend two days clearing up after them and have phone chats with people who lie all the time. I have now started a case against them as i know they will claim it can't be fixed. As to having my walls and loft insulated it has made no difference what so ever.

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27917mark group
Total claims:9
Disgraceful Sales tactics »2/1/1302/01/20130
You cannot trust the Mark Group. Please do not use the Mark Group!

The Mark Group reps knocked on my mother's door who is 85 years old claiming she qualified for free loft insulation. it was a man and a woman. They made an appointment for a 'so called surveyor' from the Council to call by at a later date.

When the Mark Group surveyor came, he asked her for money for the parking meter! As he said the local Council did not pay for his parking! Only the meter doesn't take cash, just credit cards! When she declined to give him her credit card details the Mark Group surveyor asked her to wait at the front door and watch his car while she went into her loft to measure-up. During this time he had full access to the house totally unsupervised while she was at the front door watching the Mark Group car! He then came down and said he would be back again another day, but made no appointment.

The Mark Group surveyor called my mother one morning on the phone un-booked and said he was in the area and could he come in 30mins! He arrived and again he said the council did not pay his parking and could she pay for his parking. He called the parking office from his mobile and said he couldn't understand what they were asking him to do, but asked for her credit card details! when she said no but she can call from her house phone he declined the offer!

The Mark Group surveyor, who was only supposed to be there for a FREE loft insulation consultation, then tried to talk my mother into buying a new boiler and double glazing, even though she already has secondary glazing! He said new green government legislation would come into effect in Oct 2013 and she would need to replace her boiler! It was at this point she asked him to call back later and and proceeded to call me.

I called the Mark Group office and they are not to connected to any Councils in any way and they still wanted to sell my mother a boiler and double glazing! They could not account for why the Mark Group surveyor asked for my mother's credit card details.
The sales tactics of the Mark Group are dreadful and having read all the other many, many complaints you will find on this site about them, I think my mother and I got away lightly!

I would never recommend using the Mark Group! DO NOT USE THE MARK GROUP!

There is a comment on this site that starts: "We would now really recommend Mark Group. They accidentally caused some damage but have resolved everything, we are so pleased they have looked after us." This is a fake comment as they never say what damage the Mark Group created and how exactly this was resolved! Please do not be deluded by this fake comment.

If a company caused you damage, then took ages to fix it, why would you go on the Internet to post a comment to then recommend them!!??!

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27979mark group
Total claims:9
HOME INSULATION »08 JAN 201308/01/20130

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29786mark group
Total claims:9
Messy worker's »21/8/201323/08/20130
I writing to complain about a company called "mark group" they came out and done the my neighbours wall cavity they left the whole front of my house thick with brick dust also the back of the house as well. Inside my house was thick with dust as well leaving me to clean all 3 of my young children's beddings, televisions, walls and floors. My eldest son had a swollen eye due to the dust. I have call the company and sent pictures to them and nothing have been about it. My family was very upset about this matter as we had to stay In all day sorting out the problem when we had plans to go to the beach. Now it is Friday and my new born baby has a bad cough maybe it due to the dust in the house. But thanks mark group for putting my family's health at risk hope your happy with your selfs.

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22546Mark Group Ltd [Leicester]
Total claims:5
Pushy sales tactics »14.12.210014/12/20110
This is not a major problem as I did not take up any service offered by the Mark Group, but I wanted to add my voice to the existing reports on here of negative experiences with them.

Shortly before 6pm, a man appeared on my doorstep showing the a bdge from the 'Mark Group' which I had never heard of. His first sentence was 'Don't worry I'm not here to sell you anything', which I would consider misleading. He introduced himself as 'an inspector', obscuring the essential nature of his visit, which was to make a sale for his company. When I asked who the Mark Group are, he evaded the question by saying, "I'll come to that later." He then proceeded to ask me questions about my home which I did not really feel like answering to a stranger, but he was quite pushy. Basically, I quickly told him that I had had the loft insulation done and was therefore not interested in a government grant or whatever, but he kept asking me details about it, which I found inappropriate and pushy. When I just repeated I was not interested and asked him to move on to the next address, he became quite annoyed and slightly aggressive. I then had to defuse the situation by pointing out that I was not well and just wanted to go back into the house, after which he gave up.

An unpleasant experience and I would not recommend using a company resorting to such sales methods (although I am aware that many others are too, because I have fallen for them in the past. I would recommend NEVER to buy on the doorstep, as it puts you under pressure and makes it impossible to objectively compare prices and judge the deal offered. If these methods become less successful companies may eventually desist from them.

My approach next time will not be to become irritated and antagonise the sales person, but to just lie through my teeth and tell them a sob story to make them move on. As someone else has pointed out, who was able to read neighbours' financial/personal details off the salesperson's clipboard, it doesn't seem a good idea to provide companies with your personal details - what right have they to pressure people in this way.

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25640Mark Group Ltd [Leicester]
Total claims:5
Disgusting sales technique »16-6-1219/06/20120
A representative of this company called at my parents' home, who are in their 80's. On receiving no reply he opened the (unlocked) door, let himself in and proceeded to pesuade my father - who has dementia - to sign up for some work. When my mother arrived home, he ignored her even though she repeatedly said that they didn't want any work.
Needless to say the work has been cancelled, and I wouldn't touch this company with a very long barge pole - they are disgusting and underhand, to prey on the elderly like that. And on reading the numerous negative comments about their quality of work, it doesn't surprise me that they have to resort to these tactics to get work - any reputable company would not need to.

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27029Mark Group Ltd [Leicester]
Total claims:5
We had Mark Group to install cavity wall insulation, as they advised us that the house was suitable for the insulation and that it would be effective.
6-9 months after the insulation was put in, damp appeared all down stairs, including by our stairs, front door, front room and kitchen.
I had 3 independent building inspectors out, which specialized in damp problems, all 3 advised us tat it was due to the recent wall insulation, done by mark group, as they feel the house was not suitable for the insulation, and that Mark Group should of never installed it in the first place.

I contacted and wrote to the Mark Group on numerous occasions and never received a response the customer service was terrible, eventually i complained to their regulators CIGA - only then did Mark Group visit my property, they accepted the vents were not sealed correctly and sent out 4 men to do the job.
The problem still existed and the damp was spreading, again an area manager came to the property and said they would remove the installation, this was done, but not very effectively.

We recently had new windows and the amount of insulation that was left in the brick work was appalling, my partner pulled the insulation out and was easily able to squeeze an enormous amount of water from the insulation. Therefore proving the insulation was bridging the gap from the external and internal wall skin.

3 years on and the damp is at its worst, we are still chasing Mark Group for compensation. As i have a toddler and i am pregnant, i fear the spores from the damp, is causing the whole family breathing problems and we are desperate to get the house back to the pre-existing condition.

Please do not use Mark Group - you will regret it!!!!

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27758Mark Group Ltd [Leicester]
Total claims:5
Fraudulent selling »18th December 201218/12/20120
On 22nd November 2012 a person came to the door saying he was from The Mark Group and were we interested in free loft installation. He claimed the government fund assisted scheme was about to stop and they had a lot of money left to disperse. He then spent a couple of hours measuring our loft and asking us questions. He finally left us with paperwork on Mark Group printed order form stating that we would get 96 square meters of loft installation FREE. He then said an engineer would call and arrange an EPC and instruct the installation to proceed. If it was not completed before Christmas we would be entitled to a £50.00 gift voucher. So we signed and waited. As promised we received a couple of texts and phone calls to say they would be at our house on the 18th December. A representative from Mark Group arrived and re-inspected the loft and told us that we did NOT qualify for free loft installation as the previous surveyor had got it wrong!!!! Very poor service...Very poor company...STAY WELL CLEAR OF THEM

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13345mark group energy savings [leicester]
Total claims:2
shoddy workmanship »05/08/201015/08/20100
didnt park outside the front of the house as asked but parked outside the back and proceeded to drag all their equipment thtough the etire house to get to the loft thus leaving a trail of dust and loft insulation fibres all over the carpets in every room also the job was not finished properly and no offer was made to clean up the mess.ater the work was done i contacted the mark group who agreed to come out and check the work but so far i am still waiting.

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16652mark group energy savings [leicester]
Total claims:2
Unreliable / poor service »7th Feb 1012/02/20110
Chose this company for our loft insulation as they had telephoned several times offering their services. They asked if they could come on morning of Mon 7th Feb. We spent best part of a day clearing our loft and also time away from work for the the fitting.

Called the company late morning to advise no-one had showed. I was informed I had got the time wrong and they would be out in the afternoon. Called again late afternoon to ask if the fitter would be on his way and was told rather abruptly that it was still within the time frame for him to show. Called in the evening and was told someone would ring back to let me know what had happened.

To cut a long story short, I have called this company at least 10 times since to try and arrange another date/find out what happened and they never return my calls despite repeated promises to do so. I can only assume they don't want this job which begs the question - why did they make lots of calls and come to my home to provide a quote in the first place??

I would not recommend them to any potential customer as we have been left high and dry.

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