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12394Carpenters of York [Yorkshire]
Total claims:9
Refunds »30 March 201021/05/20103

On 30th of March i placed an order for wood flooring and some accessories making a total of £1276.56 with the above company. On 6th of April i amended my order and was told that the refund of £406.99 will be made to me. This did not happened, i placed a call to them two weeks later and was told that they are still processing my refunds. On 10th of May i emailed them, threatened legal action should the amount not be refunded within seven days. On 14th of May instead of them refunding the money i received an email from them that they have cancelled my full order and that a full refund of £1276.56 will be made to me. I still have not receive my money from them and now they have stopped responding to my emails.

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Total claims:1
poor customer services »30/09/1030/09/20101

3 weeks ago saw an ad for flooring adhesive but needed some answers to questions before i purchased at £ day telephoned them to ask advise.but a young woman aswered and said that she was the only one in the office but that she would get someone asap to call me back to answer my questions.nobody called so i eventually called them again.the product was now no longer available and an alternative would cost me at least £40 more.sent an email to complain but got no responce.foolishly bought some oak plugs off them over the internet.the picture shows individual plus with a nice smooth face for doing the job of plugging oak reality the plugs came as a joined 4 piece plug to use singularly and then breaking off the other 3 pieces and so on until all 4 are used.the quality is poor and the chances of a smooth finish when placed are almost certainly zero.
expressed my concerns today to a female manager about both items and she just wasn't interested saying that if an item goes up in price then they naturally pass this on .
had they answered my queries then i would have bought the item for £230 so their lack of back up and customer service failed me and is now going to cost me more money and the quality of the plugs is so poor that i expect to return them but whether i get my money back is doubtful.
don't use them their customer service doesn't exist

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2911D&C All Floors [Evansdale]
Total claims:1
Shoddy Work »May 19, 200921/05/20090

I contracted with D&C All Floors to install laminate flooring in my family room (basement), including the stairs. The stairs were to be the show piece of the room. The project was completed last week and the quality of workmanship is shoddy. Examples: improper cuts, the cutting and improper joining of stair-nose in the center of a stair, gaps filled in with scrap pieces of laminate flooring in an attempt to conceal poor craftsmanship. I complained but was assured that their sub-contractor was the best in the business. They offered to send the sub-contractor back to repair flooring that he lacked the skill to install in the first place. The solution, D&C All Floors should return at least half of my money.

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12452Carpenters of York [Yorkshire]
Total claims:9
No Refund »28th April 201027/05/20100
I placed my order on 16/03/2010 and money taken next day. I contacted them to clarify items and subsequently amended order as recommended by very helpful staff.

After numerous phonecalls as hadn't received any info on delivery, apparently container stuck at dock, I could no longer wait and cancelled my order on the 28/04/2010. I still have not received a refund after 7/8 phonecalls and emails keep being fobbed off that it is with my card issuer?? they know nothing about it not stuck their end. The maximum 30 day refund policy is up and still nothing.

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12475Carpenters of York [Yorkshire]
Total claims:9
Real wood floor »March to May29/05/20100

I ordered my wood in March and was told it would arrive in April as it needed staining. The end of April arrived and no contact from them. The first week after that I called and they told me the wood was drying and would be ready next week. The week after they told me they had a sickness bug in the warehouse so my order was not completed. Then it was they had had a staff injury and my order was not completed. Then it was that the wood had not taken the stain (when they had already said it was drying and fine). They then offered me a change of wood and when the sample arrived it was light wood total opposite to what I had ordered. At that point I asked them to refund our money as they could not deliver what we had paid for. After two weeks still no refund. Call after call and still no refund. I then receive a email telling me they were refunding 35 pound not the 1316 pounds we had paid. I then threatened them with trading standards and that I would sit in there shop for a week until I got a refund. They finally refunded my money. NEVER AGAIN

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12936Carpenters of York [Yorkshire]
Total claims:9
Non delivery of flooring »29 April 201013/07/20100

On 28th April I ordered flooring to the value of £455-75, for delivery in June.In that month I received an email saying it would be landed on 17th June and be ready for onward delivery after inspection and transfer to the warehouse.I rand on 28th June, to be told that the container was delayed in Customs.On 13th July, I rang and was told the container was split and the wood unsuitable for delivery.
Meanwhile, on 25th may, I contacted the firm via their website, to order some special screws, which the website advised would go into the substrate (I quote) and save using adhesive.During my call on 28th June, I was informed that these screws will only go through wood, so the purchase was useless and I had to spend £120 on adhesive, naively preparing for delivery. The house has now been in chaos for a month, waiting for a delivery that never came.The carpenter has had to be put off twice and now we have to find a reliable supplier.I am very angry and will never use Carpenters again.I had used them once before and, again, the delivery was much later than stated. I wish I had learned my lesson from that. Their only efficiency was in taking my money very quickly indeed;reputable ones take it when goods are dispatched

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13321Carpenters of York [Yorkshire]
Total claims:9
product never arrived »1008/201013/08/20100

our story is the same as everbody elses on this forum.
Having placed an order in May we were put off on numerous occasions and given the story about stuck in customs, faulty product etc.
the latest was that the wood flooring was still in the docks and that it would be in next week. When i asked for a specific date for availability( were were collecting ourselves) they couldnts/wouldnt give me one. After this i requested a refund. The lady called Diane said she wasnt authorised to give refunds. I told her that either she got authorisation or i would be out to the office/show room and would discuss their customer service etc with potential customers etc. She rang back to say that she had been given authorisation to complete the refund and that i could have it done right away over the phone. After reading other peoples stories i told her that i would be visiting the shop to have the refund done and to be given a receipt for it. when i arrived at the shop Diane had gone on lunch so Bob was left in charge of the refund. After two attempts to put the money onto a debit card which for some reason wouldnt complete the transation, i requested the refund in cash. After I had made this request, the transation suddenly worked onto the debit card... I have since then checked my account and the money is in my account.
I will never deal with this company again.

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13470Carpenters of York [Yorkshire]
Total claims:9
000004069 »April 07 201028/08/20100
I am at present trying to get this dealt with through my bank ..

I patiently waited for flooring 2 months to arrive only to find out after chasing up the company that the goods were substandard & sent back to their suppliers .

I was not notified before hand despite the long wait. York offered other flooring at a higher price discounts for the delay ..(very bad customer service).

AS I did not accept this the next advice was to cancel the order ( Shocking Advice ).

I went ahead with cancellation which was confirmed 7/7/10 via email & to date despite chasing up no repayment was made. Following further calls they advised me to chase it up through my bank.

This is theft to take money ..not supply goods & expect the customer to find other means of getting money returned.

I had to spend more money getting flooring from another souce. They are supposed to be a family business but don't represent any good family I know.

Regards M.Thompson

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13528Carpenters of York [Yorkshire]
Total claims:9
Undelivered Flooring »20 August02/09/20100
I place an order on 3rd June 2010 for solid oak flooring and paid a 50% deposit amounting to nearly £2000. I was promised deliveryy in 4 - 6 weeks. After 6 weeks had elapsed I phoned the sales staff and was given a new delivery date within 10 working days. After a further 2 weeks I phoned again only to be told that the lady that organises production was ill and they would call me back when she returned to work. They never called. After 11 weeks since my order was placed I phoned again and was told that they could not give me a firm delivery date for a further 2 weeks because they were re-organising their warehouse. The following day I visited their store and asked for a refund. Although my money was refunded in full I have incurred additional costs and inconvenience while waiting for the flooring. What a waste of time!

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13537Carpenters of York [Yorkshire]
Total claims:9
ceased trading »10/07/201003/09/20100
I placed a order in july for august delivery,i had to pay in full to secure the order.On the 25th of august i rang the company to se where it was and they said that only part of the shipment had been released and mine would be about 2 weeks. Today (03/09/10) i recieved a letter saying they have ceased trading. they state on the letter that any payments made by credit card can be reclaimed, but the company has to be in full liquidation.All i can do now is wait.

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13671Carpenters of York [Yorkshire]
Total claims:9
Theives of York »June 3rd 201014/09/20100

I ordered oak flooring and paid with a Debit card on June 3rd, I requested that the flooring be held with themselves till the second week in August, I phoned at the start of August to ask for delivery and was fobbed of with a "the boat has an engine problem and is not at the docks yet" story and was told to ring back the following week, I phoned the following week to be told they would phone back, They never and that started alarm bells ringing, typing there name and complaints after it bought me to this site.
my biggest fear was having paid by Debit card I would not get my money back, but using the "Moneyback" facility my bank has informed me that they have today credited my account with the money stolen from me!...I use the word stolen as this company was taking peoples money as early as March this year and continued to do so for 6 months. I just feel sorry for anyone who paid cash...

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17380CK building Contractors [colchester/Ipswich]
Total claims:1
CK Building Contractors sued in court »February 201117/03/20110

I was so unhappy with the quality and standard of workmanship of CK BUILDING CONTRACTORS (Chris and Kevin HILES) of Ipswich/Colchester, and their attitude when I approached them to try to remedy the problems, that I sued them in Court. CK BUILDING CONTRACTORS lost the Court case and were ordered by the Court to repay all original costs plus Court costs.  The Court found that CK Building Contractors had used an inappropriate installation method when fitting solid oak floor (they use a 'floating' method, putting the wood on an underlay rather than gluing or nailing to the sub floor - a method they claimed to have used in 'literally hundreds of homes'); they also failed on a range of issues in relation to the installation (failing to leave any perimeter expansion in places; using incorrect threshhold joins etc). The floor in question is severely warped and is a danger to safety. Chris and Kevin HILES still insist there is nothing wrong with their workmanship and are trying to blame the wood supplier, Howdens, stating that they will take legal 'advise' (sic) against Howdens. Right up to the final court hearing, they insisted that they did not accept any responsibility for the floor in question. I have now engaged a professional contractor to lay my floor. I was awarded full financial reimbursement plus costs of bringing this case. The Expert Witness Report ended with the comment 'This is installer error' . As a result of my experience of them I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND CK BUILDING CONTRACTORS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. They are without doubt the worst tradesmen I have EVER come across in my life. I hope never to repeat this horrendous experience.

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Total claims:1
bad ordering system »june 201103/07/20110
ordered flooring and was told it be in within 5 days it took 3 weeks and constant nagging to get it. The salesman took measurements for me and said i nedd 16 packs, i asked then can any unopened packs be returned for refund and was told thats no problem, when i tried to return 4 i was then told they only take back 10% of total order ie 1.6 packs, He then says i told you this which he did not. After this he pointed to a small sign stating we only take bcak 10% company policy and thta he showed me this sign when i bought the packs. Anyway after more arguing and having told him that we agreed to return unused packs and what he told me counts as a verbal contract by law he says, I not allowed to show you the return sign , so i said hold on they buddy your lieing now as two minutes ago you stated that you showed me this sign , now your saying your not allowed to show me the sign, make ya mind up. In the end i needed more stuff and arranged a swap. so be carefull with this firm peoplw.

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