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21680Pro-Sec Fire & Security Ltd [Wembly, Greater London]
Total claims:1
Problems with Pro-Sec Fire & Security Ltd »July 201125/10/20112
Awful. They billed my card before the job was done. When I objected to this, and cancelled the maintenance visit for my burglar alarm, it took me over two months to get my money back despite assurances given by phone that the £160 would be returned. I eventually had to get the money back via the credit card company under the Consumer Credit Act. A week after getting this money back my credit card was used fraudulently to purchase £1500 worth of goods online.

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3743SAI/CastleRock Alarm [Arlington Heights]
Total claims:3
Crimials running alarm service co. »5/26/0916/07/20090

I purchased my home security system May 6th 2006 from APX alarm. I should have know right of the bat this was a bad idea. The sales people were very pushy and required a signed agreement that day with insulation that day. We were in need of a security system due to a new swimming pool we just had installed so we went against our better judgment and signed the three year contract.

Finally, after three long years we completed our contract obligations. I call on May 26th 2009 to cancel my subscription. To my surprise I was told I've already been enrolled in an additional 1 year contract since I didn't send a written letter 30 days prior to my original contract termination date.

How in the world was I supposed to remember three years later to send a written letter to terminate my contract 30 days prior! Who does business like this? I know who, CRIMINALS!!! My contract has changed hands or names with companies three times in the three year commitment I signed up for. My original contract was with APX alarms, who then sold my contract to SAI. I just found out that SAI now goes by Castle Rock. This is all signs of a company trying to avoid bad PR for terrible customer service practices. It appears the only way they can get customers is by strong arming them into renewal contracts.

Why would anyone want to entrust the security of their family and home to a company with such poor business practices?? I'm willing to take any legal action to bring this company down and see to it no others are taken by their scam. I fully intend to send letters to all of the companies VP's and large media outlets to share my story. I know there are probably hundreds if not thousands of people who are dealing with the same situation. If we all stick together maybe we can win justice against them. I'm tied into another year at $39.99 a month.

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2958SAI/CastleRock Alarm [Arlington Heights]
Total claims:3
Installation of Defective Equipment »05/22/0922/05/20090

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I received notice today that Castle Rock is sending me to collections for the entire term of the contract, plus the equipment, installation and other fees.  I have had the system on bypass since then because the sensors have ceased to work.  Castle Rock is not claiming any responsibility for the faulty parts, and a system that no other licensed Electrician will repair.  It cannot be repaired it can only be replaced, that is why each time I tried to contact them and tell them of the issue with the system, they would claim that the repair office would contact me within 1-5 business days, but the calls never came.  When I told them partially functioned they then proceeded to tell me that there system only has to work for 3 months, after that it is up to me to have it repaired or replaced.  The company's collection agency also threatened that if I did not allow them to go into my credit file, then they would report me to the Credit Bureau, as refusing to pay, and ruin me financially.  I was told by a representative from the collection agency that they would search my credit history and see what credit cards that would allow me to put the remaining balance of the contract on one of my cards.  I then called the company and asked what was this that they were talking about only to learn that they can recall an account out of collection, but were not going to.  This is not the first time that I have had problems with SAI Systems, i.e., APX Alarm. I filed a consumer report with the BBB, with the resolution being that the owner of the company refunded me the payments made as reconciliation.  When the account was transferred to SAI, they made me pay back the money that APX refunded me.  The first incident involved me refusing to allow them access to my checking account which would allow them to take out the payments.    I have had excellent credit until now, because the company is trying to collect for equipment they know is faulty and inferior.  They also claim to send out a technician but at a significant cost.  I also had a credit for $80.00 because my account was transferred and I had made overpayments, and they refused to add the amount to the bill they claim was 3 months behind.  The $80.00 would have covered the cost however; customer service told me that they would apply it to any repairs.  When the technician did not come out to repair the system, what happened to my credit? SAI/Castle Rock knowingly installed equipment that would fail before the contract ends.

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3976SAI/CastleRock Alarm [Arlington Heights]
Total claims:3
Poor Customer Service »200901/08/20090

I see I am not the only one having so many issues with Castle Rock/SAI/APEX. I initially signed-up with APEX paying $39.99 per month. They sold to SAI and I did not receive their notice so my payments kept going to APEX account from my bill pay bank account.Some months later I receive a bill for over $300.00 and the unfriendly service Reps would not resolve my issue that I have been paying to the original company and if they sold the money should be transferred.My contract amount was $39.99 & I had to pay an additional $2.99 because the company operates in a different State? I was told a Supervisor would call back but I am yet to receive that call. Eventually, I got one decent Rep who took the time to listen and research my issue only to find out they were posting my payments to another customer's account. Name and address completely different!!! I am sure glad I did not have an emergency requiring police dispatch!!! This alarm company is the pits and should be in the Hall of SHAME!!!!


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3857USA Alarm [Tucker, GA]
Total claims:1
Monitoring Contract »200826/07/20090

They sign you up for a three year contract. After it expires it is impossible to cancel. They charge you $500.00 to get out of it. I had cancelled in writing 6 months before it expired. They claimed they never received notice, sued for $500.00 plus legal fees of $500.00.

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17251Defence Security Systems Ltd [Birmingham]
Total claims:1
Alarm company fails to monitor »2006 - 201011/03/20110
Mr Peter Swain
Managing Director
Defence Security Systems Ltd
Robecc House
Kelvin Way
West Bromwich
B70 7LB
RE: Notice of Intended Legal Action.
Dear Mr Swain,
In December 2006, I had an alarm installed at my address; ***************.
I am disappointed because the service you provided, was unsatisfactory, because you a) failed to find the fault on numerous visits, b) repair the existing issues (Smoke alarm, control panel), c) accuse me of tampering with goods even though your own engineers left me the batteries to install and have done since the contract started, d) The only monitoring of the system was supplied by myself, my wife, e) failed to install the required PIR and Door sensor on the said Annexe when requested. We were told initially that the engineer had set the system to call our mobiles and then it would be put through to the monitoring station in a few weeks. Your company failed to do this and for the term of the initial agreement all calls from the Alarms came through to our phones and at no time did any monitoring service contact us. After this was put right earlier in 2010 we did receive a number of calls from the monitoring station.
I can also state that the issue with the non-monitoring of system was also apparent on my other system at *********. Again the engineer went out earlier this year (2010) to set up the connection with the Monitoring Station, none was present as it was still going to my parents mobiles.
This is in breach of our contract as laid down by the law.
To resolve the problem I require you to refund the costs of a replacement system, whilst reserving my right to claim against you..
I look forward to hearing from you and to a resolution of this problem. As I have waited for 21 days since my initial contact with you, and as you have previously refused, I have lost all faith in your company to resolve the issues I am experiencing, therefore I have arranged for the matter to be corrected by a third party at a cost of £386 to replace the faulty system and also seeking help from my solicitor and the County Courts. Please contact me at the above address or by phone ***********. I request that if no payment or acceptable offer is received within 14 days, I shall pursue the matter with the County Court for the full amount plus costs
Yours sincerely

I had given him a number of chances to rectify the situation which they failed to do. He put all the blame at my door even though his own engineer said that a) I wasn't connected to a monitoring station, and b) The handset or control panel were faulty.

I have received further information and I have mediation on Tuesday 15th March. Unfortunately I want to change the amount of monies claimed as I now have prrof that there was Breach of Contract.

We'll just see how Tuesday goes. But beware of this company

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26146First Choice Facilities PLC [Isleworth]
Total claims:1
Charging for Services Not Received and Setting Up Unauthorised Direct Debits »25/04/201226/07/20120
We had an alarm installed via a company with which we were happy. Unfortunately this company sold their business to FCF PLC. When FCF PLC took over the management of the Alarm, they increased the price by almost double. We advised that we were not happy with this and couldn't afford the service.

We called them by telephone to cancel our alarm service and were told to email them. We promptly did this on 25th April and asked for return confirmation of the cancellation of our service. This was not forthcoming. On 27th April our alarm service was transferred to another company, however FCF PLC continued to send us invoices which we have not paid. In May 2012, we cancelled our Direct Debit to FCF PLC. We received a further 2 invoices from FCF PLC requesting payment for services we were no longer receiving.

On 26th July we wrote a further letter to FCF PLC requesting they cancel their invoices, we enclosed a copy of our initial email cancelling their services and also enclosed a copy of the Engineer's Report from the alternative service provider to prove that FCF PLC were no longer monitoring our alarm.

We then found out that FCF PLC had set up a new direct debit and taken £48 from our account. This was unauthorised and totally unacceptable. We cancelled this immediately with our bank.

We have now written a further letter of complaint to FCF PLC. We would strongly caution other people against using this company. Whilst they monitored our alarm, it frequently went off and we didn't receive any telephone calls from them to find out if the alarm had gone off genuinely or not. They were also very expensive in comparison to our former alarm company.

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