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25038Be2 [Dr. Robert Wuttke]
Total claims:7
Money taken from account when not asked »11/05/201212/05/20121
I was on a website called wgt (world golf tour) which is full of legitimate adverts , that when you watch them you are rewarded by getting points which allows you to by new clubs and other things. I also noticed they had surveys and other various websites like gambling and dating sites which gave you more points when you signed up. I noticed this one in question (Be2) had a ten day FREE trial premium membership that you could cancel at any time so I signed up to gain the free credits in wgt.
As soon as i signed up for a so called free trial be2 took almost ninety pounds from my bank of Scotland account. I received a phone call at 10:38 12/05/2012 from the bank saying they noticed something strange had happened. After discovering this I have tried all day to no avail to get anywhere with these scammers. I have sent a message to wgt warning them about this company but i feel like be2 have no intention on giving me my money back. Please can you help?

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26381Be2 [Dr. Robert Wuttke]
Total claims:7
They have taken £149.94 out of my account so far »14th August 201218/08/20121
I had a trial membership of £5.00 with be2 and had tried to cancel but the have taken out £149.94 out of my account now and I have written them a letter of cancelation but they said they are going to cancel my membership in February 2013 and until then I will have to pay. There has never been any payment details which stated what the payment would be. I have tried emailing but they say I can take myself of the site but the payment still stands until 2012. I am very angry! Is it legal to cancel them from taking money from my bank?

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Total claims:2
Fake Site »10/04/201023/04/20100
Having joined this site to see if there was any potential suiters on there I created my profile and put up a photograph.
The next day I had 32 messages which I could only access by upgrading my membership to Premium membership by paying one of three different membership packages.
Once I had paid for just one month at a cost of £21.99 I opened my mail with high hopes only to find most of the messages with Hotlist adds which means the men had added me to thier Hotlist(favorites)without actually messaging me.
Out of the 32 only 9 had messaged me and most were the same guys that had been on the site 2 years ago when I was a mamber for a month.
The same thing happened two years ago these guys message you you reply and then you never hear from them again.
I beleive they are used as bait to get you to join and pay the membership fees.
Since that initial 32 men I have had nothing which leads me to believe its a con and that once you have paid your money there is no men to contact you.

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Total claims:2
Failure to forward new password »18/10/201018/10/20100

I've filled in the details numerous times as I've lost my password.They fail to send a new one.I've paid my subscripton,yet I am unable to use the site.

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2964Eharmony [Unknown]
Total claims:1
Would not honor promotional discount »04/16/200922/05/20090

Online it showed a 52% discount on membership but it woudn't enter it - I emailed eharmony and never heard back from them.  I had to wait until I got my bill to call them.  I write to them and write and once in a while they may respond back.  I have requested a physical address from them but they seem to not want to give it out.  They won't credit my account either.

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3213Mingle2 [Unknown]
Total claims:1
Religious Discrimination »February 14th, 200906/06/20090


I was permanently banned from this website without warning. I believe this occurred due to my religious beliefs and constitutes religious discrimination. Do I have any possible recourse and do anti-discrimination laws extend into cyberspace? Thanks.

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4406Guys and Girls
Total claims:1
Fees to join »May 200923/08/20090


I joined the above agency as I had just become a single mum and needed to make some money quick.  Yiu could choose which package you wanted and didn't have to pay any money until you had a date.  I was called on my mobile by my agent and was told that I had been picked to accompany a gentleman out for a meal, but I had to pay my fees for the date to be accepted.  Stupidly I paid the money and was told that everything was going ahead.  A couple of hours before the event was due to take place, I  was called and told that the gentleman had cancelled and that I was put on high priorty.  Numerous of occassions I called to speak to my agent as she was either not working or was on a call and would call me back.  I have never heard anything back from her.

Finally I called and said that I wasn't happy with the service they were providing and would like a full refund of my money.  I was told to go onto their website and fill in the form and someone would either call me back or reply within 24 hours.

To this day I have never heard anything back from them.#

Unfortunately with it being an internet site there is no address, all I have it a phone number 08712464857.

Could you please help.

Many Thanks

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16096amorex ltd
Total claims:1
fees »29 dec 30 dec 24dec18/01/20110
stolen from my account cant get to talk to any one if u email it comes bk

more details » [Auckland]
Total claims:1
Watch up for online dating sites! »16/12/201119/12/20110
I decided to check out this dating online website called, first time ever. After registering, it then went to the credit card details screen, i entered my credit card details, then a different screen popped up with the price. I didn't like what i was seeing so i cancelled everything straight away. i then received confirmation that it had been cancelled.

A few days later I received my Credit Card statement and was astounded to find that my card had been debited with US$29.00 with a name saying NETHOSTASSN.COM and looked it up. I contacted and they said that it wasn't them who had taken my funds, but they were the only company i had furnished my credit card details. The name, i wandered if they had used this name to disguise them taking my funds out or somehow managed to get my credit card details from the website!!

It is mind boggling!!!

I dont trust nor NETHOSTASSN.COM but you see, i never went through NETHOSTASSN.COM.

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24101Be2 [Dr. Robert Wuttke]
Total claims:7
Scam Sight »6/03/201212/03/20120
Hi, I would like to put my story across to other's,i had fraud on my bank account on tuesday 6/3/2012 from a dating site called but are based in luxemburg please do not sign up for this as it is a complete scam,i'm not even a member and somehow they got my details and took £149.94 out of my account,the issue i have is with fraud department as they contacted me on the 26/2/2012 saying someone in luxemburg and zurich tried to take this amount but it got declined,hence on the 6/3/2012 this company tried again and succeeded on taking this amount, even fraud were suppose to be watching my account on a daily basis,i have had so much trouble with Lloyds tsb fraud department trying to get my money back,it should be back in my account some time this week but this is only because i ranted at them and telling them that i emailed jeremy vine on radio 2 to get my story across,this has left me fuming if i can't trust my bank to look after my money then who can i? i urge other's not to go on this site i have done a lot of research over the week end and if you google be2 scam then there is hundreds of people on there who has had the same happen to them this site needs to be shut down.

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27175Be2 [Dr. Robert Wuttke]
Total claims:7

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27506Be2 [Dr. Robert Wuttke]
Total claims:7
scam »11.21.1226/11/20120
be2 S.����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������ .r.l.
291, Route d'Arlon
L-1150 Luxemburg

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28535Be2 [Dr. Robert Wuttke]
Total claims:7
payment opportunity notice »1/3/201301/03/20130
This company sent me a email saying that they are from c, and saying that i owe them the amount of 184.63 euros, yet i am in Australia.

I have not been a member of be2 for over 6 plus months,as i cancelled my membership,due to not meeting anyone as majority of the women where situated overseas which is no use to me.

I have tried repeadly to email cscollections@be2,but to no avail, and if this keeps up i will have no hesitation in contacting Australian Federal Police, Internet Fraud Division.

I have cancelled my credit card, and now got a new one with a new account number.And i am not paying be2 any monies that they ask for, as they provide a SHITTY SERVICE and DO NOTHING BUT RIP PEOPLE OFF.

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28736Be2 [Dr. Robert Wuttke]
Total claims:7
Debt collection »19-3-201319/03/20130
Be 2 have issued me with a claim that I owe them 183.34 EUR.
I have never been a member of their web site.
Somehow they were able to deduct from my credit card, and when I contacted my bank about it they lodged a fraud claim and got full refunds. This happens 3 times.
To stop this happening I had to get a new credit card.
I also went to the Australian Federal Police about this.
They are now claiming a debt collection.
I have tried to get in contact with them a number of times, but the email address is a fake as well
I just want this to stop

more details » [Dr. Robert Wuttke]
Total claims:1
expencive and doesn't deliver what promised before paying the fees »14.12.201220/12/20120
Lured me in to bying 6 mth of datingservice online. After two days I realized the service was not at all what they had promised. Answers from matches were not availible, pictures were ubscured (it was not enough afterall buying in, members had to unlock pictures in addition, contrary to advertized), unable to log in due to unrecognized username etc etc. Lots of small faults and with no coherent answers from support.

Trying to end membership turned out to be a long and tiring chain of autogenerated e-mails, stating they would come back to me in 3 days. Also, it was impossible to do what they suggested in the e-mails. I could not end subscription from website/my account/. That option was closed while they withdrew money from my account.

Lookin back I was a fool to subscribe for 6 mth, but seeing the advertisment on facebook lulled me in to believing they were what they stated: A high quality dating service.

Beware, They are NOT!!

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28737UK Premium WWW.BE2.Co. ZURICH
Total claims:1
Premium subscription »30.01.201319/03/20130
Early January 2013 I accepted an offer for 1 months full membership at a subscription fee of £5
On 30 January the sum of £149.94 was taken from my bank account.
On complaining to my bank this amount was credited to my account - however, I today note that the same amount was re-debited from my account yesterday.
I have sent an e-mail to my bank requesting that they credit the sum involved as I made it very clear to BE2Co that I did not want a 'premium membership' and I do not in fact use the site.
this £5 offer is a scam to claim larger amounts and I just logged on to the site and find that they are still trying to lure potential victims

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29703Twats [Dr. Robert Wuttke]
Total claims:1
No claim just a complaint. »29/06/201330/07/20130
There is a bogus online dating agency called that is apparently situated in Luxembourg or the USA cannot tell which after searching for the company. My complaint is that they are bogus and are fake and steal money from your account as it is almost impossible to deactivate or delete your account online the normal way, it seems to go around and around in circles to the same point and after a multitude of emails and request on the Be2 website to cancel my membership the outcome is always the same. Here is the way to cancel your membership - Via fax or written confirmation to Luxembourg or a cancellation form via email. They state that they will take money out your account if you have not cancelled within these three stages or before your membership ends. I have read online about this site and they are corrupt and fake and luckily for me I got wise to it after a few days and cancelled my card and got a different one before any bogus transactions could be made. I would recommend nobody to try this website they are not real and prey on people that are genuine. I beat them before they screwed me over.

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