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IDCompany / PersonClaim TitleIncident DateAddedPostsAdd commentDetails [London]
Total claims:6
Black Keys tickets London O2 12/12/12 »01/09/201221/11/20124
Bought tickets off of Gumtree through this so called company that said they had 8 tickets they had been given through work as like a bonuse or a thank you and no one wanted to use them and so they were selling them.
So discussed the price and how many i wanted, i asked for 4 at the price of £25 each so equalling £100.
They sent me a sheet from see tickets to prove that they were real and silly me thought they were. So i sent the money over to the company to which an invoice was sent back and all was well until this week when i've been trying to get hold of them and nothing can't send emails to them and can't find a phone number or anything.
Then googled scams and and now i'm here.

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3636smart [london]
Total claims:5
Ripped off for 2 tickets Madonna »19-02-200907/07/20093

ordered 2 tickets Madonna, Werchter Belgium 11-07-09

Never saw the tickets, they don't answer mails and their e-mail address isn't working anymore!

Website is gone!

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Total claims:5
Totally ruined my summer »01/10/0831/10/20082

I booked Reading Festival tickets and never received them. I emailed asking for a refund and never received any reply. I called about 20 times chasing fisrt my tickes and then my refund and either there was no answer or they just hung up on me. I have contacted watchdog who are very interested in my story and every else who has been ripped off by the incompetent touts. Finally I contacted my credit card issuer who has now issued me with a refund on the basis of "goods not received". However thats besides the point. My summer was totally ruined because of them and i spent hours worrying and chasing. What goes around comes around in this life and i sincerely hope they get what they deserve

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910London Ticket Express [London]
Total claims:3
15 01 09 »15 01 0916/02/20092


Where do i begin to tell you how disappointed and upset to the extent my friend and I have been crying our eyes out.with your so called company.


I cannot believe the money this has cost me for Nothing!!!!.
My friend and I took 2 days holiday off work Tuesday & Wednesday, stayed overnight in a hotel in Glasgow costing £120, transport costing £50. ALL FOR NOTHING!!!!!!

We did not recieved our tickets from you dispite you having my money since the 8th December, I paid £89.45 for 2x£35 tickets this included postage.
We went to the secc to be told they were no tickets for me, I asked to speak to the manager of the secc, showed her all my documentation, emails, bank statement.
The manager of the secc told me she has never heard of your company before and that the secc dont deal with you and never have.!!!!!she has told me to contact the police because this is fraud company!!!!

I thought i would email you before going to the police to give you the chance to explain why I never recieved my tickets and why the managment of the secc have never heard of your company.
Why is there people like you whoever you may be,that can put two girls through this. the money this has cost us, the hurt it has cause us, you will never know.
Hope to hear from you ASAP. before I take further action.
Ps why have we never heard from you ,you must have known there was no tickets for me!!!!

We are very sorry this happened and are currently mounting an investigation into the circumstances surrounding this. Please be aware you will be refunded in full, it may take up to 28 days to be finalised.


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Total claims:2
I used Viagogo to sell 2 tickets I had for an event on the 2nd June 2012. When requested by Viagogo,I sent the tickets by special delivery to the address suggested by them. i was infromed i would be paid 3-5 days after the event into my default bank account i'd set up with my Viagogo customer account. On around the 8th June 2012 I received an e-mail saying there had been a problem and I had to ensure my details were correct. So,I re-entered my details which were all correct anyway and telephoned to inform Viagogo this had been done. I then received an e-mail confirming my payment had been successfully processed on the 15th June 2012 and again would be paid within 3-5 days. It is now 11th July and still no payment. I have informed Viagogo of this on several occasions which involved e-mails which were unanswered and phone calls which were unhelpful. On the 6th May I spoke to a Customer service rep and again had to explain my predicament despite the countless e-mails and calls,she asked me to e-mail a bank statement as proof i'd not been paid,which I did whilst she held on the phone-confirming receipt and also stating i would be paid within the next few days. I then phoned on the 10th July and again explained the situation after holding for 20 minutes! The service rep didnt have a clue and insisted i would not be paid,but that my case was being investigated!! She could not answer any of my queries and I feel I have simply been ripped off. Not just because I have not been paid but also because,there has been no effort on their part to resolve this situation. I left a final e-mail today stating I would be contacting trading standards and making complaints about them. Unsurprisingly-NO REPLY!

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Total claims:6
Scammed for The XX tickets »14/10/1230/10/20122
I answered a Gumtree ad advertising 6 tickets to see the XX at the Brixton Academy in December and was told to contact Luke directly at After a few emails over and back discussing the tickets, delivery options, and payment I transferred £210 to the company account on the 14th October. Following this, I have received only one email saying they would be in touch the following day to provide an invoice and arrange delivery.
Despite repeated emails since then, I have had no response.

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Total claims:6
The Killers Tickets Scam »20.09.201208/11/20122
Following a Gumtree Ad selling 8 tickets to see The Killers at the O2 on 16th November.

I was referred to the website and got a reply from them immediately.
I ordered two tickets after they sent me a confirmation from See Tickets that they really have tickets (well, fake confirmation as I know now).

Still waiting for the tickets I tried to contact them but could not find any address on the website anymore, neither did the email address work.

After a search on Google I found another claim here for a different concert.

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Total claims:6
tickets scam »02/09/201205/12/20122
I bought 4 black keys, standing, 02 arena, London tickets off of Gumtree through glory media, they said they had 8 tickets they had been given through work by as a bonus from see tickets.
So discussed the price and how many i wanted, i asked for 4 at the price of £25 each so equalling £100.
I sent the money over to:

payee: glorymedia
sort code: 08-71-99
account number:14414393
amount: £100

I thought everything was done and the tickets would come, then i tried to email them to see when they would be sending them and my emails would not send. I tried to find a contact number but there was nothing on the website, so i googled the tickets and the site and eventually got to here to find out others have been scammed like me.

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Total claims:6
The Black Keys Tickets »04/10/2012 for 15/12/201208/12/20122
I found an offer on gumtree for 8 Black Keys tickets to see them this December. I emailed to enquire. Proceeded to ask for the confirmation email from the ticket company (received this - looked like every other one I've seen from see tickets, obviously now I realise it
must've been bogus). I have several emails to and from this email about enquiries I've made. I then transferred the money to their bank account for 4 tickets at £25 each. I was just emailing to check that they would arrive soon, as see tickets usually say if they have not arrived within 48 hours of the concert then to contact them. My email bounced. I was checking the Internet for their website, couldn't find it. Googled the email an came across other who have also been scammed. Me and my friends were so excited about this concert and now I have to break the news to them.

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Total claims:5
Ridiculous »12/10/0831/10/20081

Ha! This is a joke! I am still waiting for my Kings Of Leon tickets for their gig at the O2 Arena and I know for a fact that they have already been released as my friend who booked directly from Ticketmaster has already received his tickets in hand. So I try to call their "hotline" continuously but there is no answer at all. After about 20 unsuccessfull attempts I finally get through this extremely rude obnoxious little girl who had absolutely no information about my tickets and ended up hanging up the phone on me! If you check their website they have a "beware" section warning people against touts however it is obviously window dressing as they go on sc*mming people. I have contacted me credit card issuer (Natwest) who have told me that if the tickets do not arrive until after the concert then i can claim my money back. However what good is that going to be if I miss my favourite band? This situation is ridiculous and I am seeking legal advice.

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Total claims:5
Fraudsters »28/09/0831/10/20081

My Madonna tickets were fake and I had to buy alternatives from the touts outside. Trading standards have been notified as well as watchdog who are running a special segment just on these fraudsters

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Total claims:5
Tickets »29/10/200908/05/20101

I ordered 2 tickets to see Michael Buble on 14th May 2010 from The Double8 Ticket website.

This was to be a big surprise for my wife.

Two weeks before the event Double8 say they cannot supply the tickets.

I feel they have sold tickets they never had in the first place.

What a rip off - I now know there are many many complaints against this company but they still keep selling tickets.

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876EASYGPT UK [Brentford Middlesex]
Total claims:1
Where is my ticket »26/06/200811/02/20091

This company is a fraudulent company. I bought an F1 ticket & paid by bank transfer the sum of £319 for a Silverstone F1 ticket which i never received. All my calls & emails to them were mostly unanswered. They sent me a dodgy email with what looked like a scanned receipt for a refund to my bank account. The money was never received. Till date i haven't received my money. My registered letters to them came back to me saying "address not found." This is to let people know that they MUST not buy anything from this hoax of a company

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3101ALL UK Tickets [London]
Total claims:2
Fraud - fake site »01/05/200931/05/20091

I purchased 2 tickets to the FA cup final - Everton Vs Chelsea at £1,250. Firstly I was over charged when the bill went through twice, but even worse the tickets NEVER TURNED UP. Despite numerous calls and emails. Their website is not down, phone line not working and no reply to emails so the only conclusion is that they are a fake website and i have been totally ripped off - either that or they have gone bust. DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE as you will not receive tickets or a refund.... :(

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3523Book Me Tickets
Total claims:2
No Tickets »17/03/200930/06/20091

Purchased tickets from Book Me Tickets on 17 March 09 to see Bruce Springsteen on 28th June 09, on confirmation slip it said'if you do not received your tickets 3-5 working days before the concert please email, I did this 4 times, no tickets.

On credit card slip the money had been exchanged in Budapest, I was charged postage, and for the exchange rate.  They don't reply to any e-mails or answer any telephone calls.



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3553smart [london]
Total claims:5
un received tickets. »2nd February 200901/07/20091

We purchased Take That tickets on 2nd Feb 09 for this comming friday 3rd July, but have not received tickets, have emailed but no response not any reply to phone numbers. looking at other's comments, we aint gonna get them! were absolutely gutted.

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3585smart [london]
Total claims:5
Tickets not received »03.07.0903/07/20091

I have bought few months ago tickets for a Springsteen concert in Viena. Concert is on Sunday (05.07.09) but tickets did not arrived ! I do not know what can I do and can I take a law suit ?

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13827World Wide Ticket Store [London]
Total claims:6
U2 Coimbra/Portugal tickets »17/10/200924/09/20101

My husband booked 4 tickets for the U2 tour concert in Coimbra, Portugal
at Euros.65,00 each plus shipping, total of Euros. 280,00 through World Wide ticket shop in th U.K.
I received order confirmation with amount to be paid. Payment was made by Visa on 20.10.2009.
As concert was scheduled to sell out quickly, payment must be made well in advance to guareentee tickets.
These tickets were suppose to arrive by post within 2 to 3 weeks before the concert on 02/10/2010.
As tickets haven't arrived til now 24/10/2010, I have tried to contact them by email(no reply) and telephone (disconnected) and now several complains and warnings are posted on differents websites. This is a criminal offence
and I will be filing a police complaints after the U2 concert date.
Regards, Ligia Malta

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Total claims:1
DON'T TRUST EUROTEAM »2/10/201017/11/20101
Buy/Sell Tickets


This company characterizes itself as: "one of the largest company in Europe in the field of re-sale tickets to the most popular and sold-out arrangements in Europe and other locations worldwide. No other company in Europe offers tickets online to such a wide variety of arrangements as Euroteam."

This is not true. In fact, they get your money, they don't provide the tickets and they do not refund you. They have been using my money since 2/11/2009, for tickets they should have delivered in 2/10/2010.


more details » [London]
Total claims:1 DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY »27 June 201103/01/20121
Bought "Take That" tickets as a gift for my sister in October 2010. The Concert was on 27th June 2011. took my money and then avoided any form of contact. I rang them, emailed them and I even got the hairdresser who worked next door to go into there office and ask them to ring me.... Nothing. Tickets never ever arrived. I lost money on Hotel rooms that were booked for the concert. Luckily ticketuk weren't big enough to argue with Barclaycard and I got my money back for the tickets. However they never compensated me for the Hotel rooms I had to pay for or the disappointment of everyone thinking they had tickets to a sold out Concert. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS. THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY AND THEN HIDE. I have googled them and other people have had similar experiences.

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