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3036money worries debt management
Total claims:26
Totally scammed »21/05/09 - 22/05/0926/05/200917

Applied for a loan through Yes Loans Ltd, told we definitely had loan.  They took a payment of £69.50.  When we phoned up about the status of our application they ignored us and put us through to Money Worries Ltd, which decided that we could not get the loan we were definitely told we had by Yes Loans Ltd.  Money Worries then continue to pressure us into a debt management program, as this was meant to be the answer to all our problems.  On the 21/05/09 foolishly I gave them my debit card details, but told them that they couldn't take money out until we knew that we could set up another bank account.  My husband and I had a long discussion the same night about it and decided to cancel the management program.  On 22/05/09 at 7.37am an email was sent to them stating that we wanted to cancel and that the payment was not to be taken out as it would cause problems for our overdraft.  The response from them was supportive of our decision and we thought we would not hear any more about it.  Unfortunately they decided to take the payment out anyway.  When I rang them today (26/05/09) to ask for a refund the pressure was still there to enter the debt management program.  I had to argue with them to get a refund, because they would not listen.  I still have to contact them in writing to get a refund. It has caused us much stress and anxiety.  We shouldn't have to be pressured or conned by companies like this.  We are going to make a stand and be heard.  STAY AWAY PEOPLE!!!

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639Harrington Brooks [Timperley]
Total claims:35
the wost company on earth, Harrington brooks, miles grady, nick holmes »200814/01/200914


Sorry if that was a bit in your face but I was trying to grab your attention. They will take a big fat chunk of your monthly payment to line their own pockets.

Speak to the [CCCS] (link: They are a registered charity who won't ever charge you a penny.

Official DFW Nerd Club - Member no. 001 - Proud to be dealing with my debts
Debt at lightbulb moment (September 2005) - £38,705.00
Debt now (January 2009) - £6,155.87
Debt free date - October 2010 May 2010

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6417one debt solution [halesowen]
Total claims:12
standing order »30th October09/11/200910

Hi, After a disasterous relationship with the debt management company Money Worries, i was contacted by One debt solution, different spiel but , same result. They asked me to set up a standing order for £250 which was to go out on the 2nd November, this i did, i was then informed by my personal management assistant Heather Downes that as it was the end of October the standing order would not be in place in time, she then requested a direct payment of £250, this i also did, on the 2nd of November the standing order went through, so now they have £500 of my money. I rang and spoke to miss Downes and was told that it was the banks fault, i informed her that as i had not sent any paperwork back that i wanted my money back & i did not want their help, she said she would talk to the financial department & get back to me. Still waiting 09/11 everytime i ring shes not at her desk & never rings me back, so i asked the not so helpful secretary if there was a complaints department or HR, she has not a clue if there is or is not. I am at my wits end, short of driving down there and knocking on their door, what can i do?


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29134Miles Grady [Timperley]
Total claims:46
Miles Grady Paymatters Tax Fraud! »201317/04/20139
Miles Grady is a thief and a lier! I am now having a Tax investigation even though he took a fortune in fees. I have launched a criminal investigation, my brother is in the CID. Bet he didn't bank on that like he did his fees!

Miles Grady Founder of PayMatters. Qualified Chartered Accountant. Qualified at KPMG. Also worked at CIS, Mazars and Lloyds TSB.
Macclesfield ·


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28942Miles Grady [Timperley]
Total claims:46
Miles Grady »2006 - 201301/04/20136

Hello My name is Ian Griffin. I want to tell you a true story about Miles Grady From: School lane, Marton, Macclesfield/Wilmslow, Cheshire who I employed to run my company (Harrington Brooks/All Clear finance) some years ago. And most importantly what sort of a person he is, just in case you ever find yourself having to trust him. He currently runs; PayMatters Umbrella Company PayMatters PSC Accountant PayMatters CIS Barons Court Manchester Road Wilmslow Cheshire England SK9 1BQ Short name - Miles Grady Director ID : 915611724 Year of Birth: 1967 Last know private address : School house farm School house lane morton SK

I set up/founded Griffin finance which I later changed to Harrington Brooks/All clear finance a few months later due to making Miles Grady a partner as he threatened to leave after he decided he could set up himself leaving me in the lurch as I would not be able to manage all my other business at the same time. So I gave Miles 33.3 percent, including making him managing Director as he was obsessed with looking like the boss, hence the company name change from Griffin Finance to Harrington Brooks/All clear finance. So I couldn't do much more to make him happy. Considering when I took Miles on he was working in manchester at a firm of accountants earning around 30k per year and living in a tiny bed sit flat and couldn't a car, compared to the 50k plus car... I gave him on top of the 33.3 percent profit share.On top of the fact he was my neighbour and a close friend I really didn't think for a second he would turn out to be the most hurtful and dishonest person in my life to date.

In simple terms Miles Grady went about deceiving me over the coming years, from the christmas party to the company accounts he lied as much as he ate. His plot was to make sure I didn't speak to any of the key sales staff which would of put an end to his deception very quickly! One particular day Miles Called me and said (and I quote) "I can raise some money if you would like to sell your shares to finish off your building project in the USA" Miles knew I was looking to raise a couple of million to finish of a building project in the USA and more than my return from Harrington Brooks/All clear Finance. Or at least what I was told the company was making. What was really happening, a 3rd party had offered around £15,000,000++ and many more companies which I had never even heard of untill I saw the press. Used to defer profits from the main company. Miles Grady had been in talks with these people behind my back, not even a shareholders meeting was held which is fraud as well as civil damages... So based on his word of " I just want to keep it small as my little baby, I dont wont to make it a household name like you Ian, I can't deal with the pressure you can. I even sought advice from Paul Nicholson (accountant) whom is a partner of my very good friend who owns Baines & Ernst. He said " it's all a bit sudden, but if there was something going on it would be fraud and he would go to prison, so I doubt he would risk that as he has such a good deal anyway. Ask him to sign an embarrassment clause which will cover you even more if he is up to anything like that" I asked miles and he swore on his familes life he would never do such a thing. I felt guilty accusing him of such a thing so I didn't push it. I accepted the £1,350,000 share buy out but only based on the accounts he provided.

A few weeks later the company that I spent so much time and effort, not to mention the financial risk was in the newspaper, it had been sold for around £15,000,000++ including many other companies... Miles Grady had been planning this for a very long time.I have never since spoke to Miles Grady as he would not take my calls then moved...

I am now suing miles for the full amount plus damages. I am also making a fraud complaint to the cheshire police, which is an extremely serious criminal charge which carries a long prison sentence! will also help me get justice in other ways. This site will follow Miles Grady around where ever he goes and whatever he does, collating complaints along the way which he will inevitably commit, leopards don't change there spots! Miles has already emailed Www.CanYouTrustThem.Com begging to remove the complaints against him and his company's, there are over 30 individual complaints against him already!!!

Thank your lucky stars Miles i'm not making a deal out of your personal life and what you got up to behind your wife's back. Maybe I will, who knows??? (Marbella, that would be a shocker for the wife)

There are people like this are everywhere these days, they have no morals what so ever! How can you steel from a friend who did nothing but help you, giving you everything you have today. If a person can steel from a friend he can certainly steel from someone he does not know!

CanYouTrustThem.Com helps stop these people in the future, if you know who your dealing with your less likely to be ripped off. If I had know who Miles Grady really was I would of NEVER taken him on in the first place. If only this site was available then.  

A huge thx to CanYouTrustThem for not being bullied by Miles Grady after he thretened them with legal action and standing by me (after reading my evidence).


Ps. Buying propery in Switzerland and Spain... does not change a thing as to your sezieable assets. I also have the location of your little boat. I will not stop untill you are in PRISON. The money is just a bonus! I would love to know if you like yourself, maybe your just such a bad person you don't feel any remorse for anything you do, inc your shocking antics behind the mother of your childrens back.


See you in court!

Ian Griffin

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11815chase saunders [manchester]
Total claims:10
unpaid creditors »march 201025/03/20105

I started up with this company in October 2009. I've been paying £200 per month, of which they take £35.26, (they also took a hefty fee for themselves up front as 'set up costs').
This weekend I received 2 letters from creditors who had not been paid, one telling me that despite letter to Chase Saunders, NO satisfactory response had been received. I had to pay them immediately to avoid further action.
On monday morning, another creditor told me that NO arrangement had been made, despite Chase Saunders leading me to believe that there was and that they were paying them.
This morning, 2 more letters from creditors who hadn't been paid arrived, so yet again I had to take immediate 'damage limitation' action.
All this time I've received email statements from Chase Saunders listing these supposed payments.
When I contacted Chase Saunders on Monday morning, they said that it was a BACS system failure, (in which case why the statements confirming payments). I asked then whether anyone else had not been paid, and they said everyone else had been. (Another fabrication because as already stated, I received 2 letters of non-payment today).
I have asked them to send me all my details back to me including a list of all transactions to date. This has not been forthcoming. I phoned them today and they promised someone would call back....guess what?
I trusted this company, if only I'd bothered to look for reviews on them on consumer websites. Also looked them up on the OFT public register....shudder!
I want my money back...all of it! I've been in tears so much this week, i can't eat or sleep at all for the extra worry and damage they have done to me. Don't take my word for it..try googling this campany for yourselves under Chase Saunders reviews!
My bank are astonished and other companies are advising me to take further action as I have indisputable proof against them.

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618Harrington Brooks [Timperley]
Total claims:35
All Clear Finance HELP! »2004-200813/01/20094

Me and my partner signed up to Harrington Brooks, (now Allclear finance) approx. 4 years ago and have been paying £178.00 a month to them.
We weren't particulary happy about this but we were desperate and they sounded so helpful over the phone and promised to take all of the stress off us. We just paid them a monthly payment of £178.00 per month and they then dealt with all our creditors.
However, we have recently received a letter from Capital 1 regarding a credit card which had a debt of £300.00 - the money we owe to Capital 1 is £298.00 !!! Where has our money been going.
We have also just received a letter from Natwest regarding another of our loans and this does not seem to have come down either. We thought our debts had nearly been paid up but are now just shocked !!! Harrington Brooks have all our paper work for our debts, I have asked numerous times for details of what we owe so that I can keep a check on things but nothing has been sent to us. We are just so bewildered we don't know what to do !!!! We feel like we are now back at square 1. PLEASE PLEASE HELP.

We are new to this site and so apologise in advance if where I'm posting this is wrong.

more details » [Fuengirola]
Total claims:2
SCAM »01/10/201015/10/20104 are a scamming company working with Evolution Business Associates Ltd. They promise they can clear your debts but charge you a fortune to do nothing. was reformed from are based in Spain in the same offices that use to be.

Do not pay any money. They are a scam.

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6418money worries debt management
Total claims:26
Fraud »August09/11/20093

Hi, Money worries fleeced me to, went through Yes loans at a fee & ended up with Money Worries, sounded great, they took my £250 for 3 months & paid no one, Dennis my debt mangement advisor has never been heard from since, no updates, no statements only a reference number and a huge phone bill, they were taking money from my debit card so i stopped it, stupidly thought they would ring me & i could find out what was going on, no such luck, who are these people? i have no idea how to claim back any of my money back can anybody help me?

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11914money worries debt management
Total claims:26
Thieves »25/03/201031/03/20103
I made the mistake of enquiring about Yes Loans and they decided Debt Management would be a more suitable route for me, so passed me on to their Sister Company "Money Worries".

They gave me the usual speel and promised to help me manage my debt, by contacting my Creditors on my behalf, promising once they were dealing with my Creditors, I would not be contacted by them. (I receive letters and phone calls practically everyday)

They quickly took money from me, even taking money from my Bank Account, as they wanted to take their fee of £1450 as quickly as possible, even causing me to incur bank charges, eventually I stopped this with my Bank.

I continued paying them around £350 per month after they'd taken their full fee, then last week decided to call them as they never ever sent me statements or letters confirming what my Creditors had agreed. The evasive Moron I spoke to, who should be ashamed to work for this company, had no information to offer me, had no idea who payments had been made to or why I'd never received a statement. I asked for his manager's name and he said her name was "sam". When I asked for her surname he refused point blank, this is when I asked him if the company he worked for was legitimate and again, he seemed vague.

I contacted all my Creditors myself yesterday and most said they had never received any correspondence or payments from Money Worries. I must, therefore, assume Money Worries has been stealing the money I've been paying them. I am so angry with myself for throwing my money away with these Charlatons, when I now realise I could have received free, imaprtial advice from a Company like Payplan.

I urge anyone in financial difficulty to seek free advice from an organisation that does not charge, like the CAB or Payplan. Do not waste your time and money and end up in further financial difficulty by giving a single penny to Money Worries or other similar companies. They are thieves, who's main interest is their comapny profits and not their clients.

Even their address sounds suspect, almost like it's a residential address. When you phone them, you can be guaranteed to be kept on hold for a minimum of 20 minutes. Perhaps they work from a flat with only 3 telephone operatives.

My next gripe will be with Money Worries other Sister Company, "Beneficial Claims" another bunch of money grabbing thieves. Incidentally, does anyone know if their are any regulators who I can receive advice from, in a hopeless attempt at recovering my money from these thieves.

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11351Churchwood Financial Limited [Stockport]
Total claims:10
refund of admin fees and further payments. »jan 200918/02/20103

I contacted churchwood in august 2009 sent all my details and paid £250 fee to set up all was going well i was forwarding creditors letters and they said that they were tranfering me to another company called kingsgate who i would then need to pay 160 a month which i believe was going to creditors but come january i recieved a ccj so i phoned them and they said they still needed more info but i said why has it took you 6 months to request them i had info available i then realised i was bieng conned i then requested a refund as i sought help somewhere else they approved the refund on the 4th of feb and took my card details to send payment it has been 3 weeks and still no money in my account i have phoned them with great difficulty and keep getting passed on when i do get to my original advisor all i get is it was put through on the 12th feb and we don't understand why it is happening you will have your money in two installments because of how i originally paid i am now going to take legal action against churchwood as they have not fullfilled there role and have been far to late with refund i have incurred alot more interest from creditors the cost of all the phone calls and all the stress it has caused they are ruining peoples lives and giving people a false sense of security which is dispicable.

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16662one debt solution [halesowen]
Total claims:12
incompetent service »5/2/1112/02/20113
I was struggling with money problems and thought they could help me,they said the interest would be halted(lies as im about £2K worse off now than when i started.).I went months and the only letter they sent me was that they had requested my credit agreements with the creditors.I phoned them on 29th December to find out how things were progressing,and i began to worry when the lady told me that 1 of my accounts was for a different bank,not the bank i had the account with,eventhough i had sent them all the paper work.I asked her how long to go until any settlement would be agreed,and she said within the next two weeks.She also informed me that i would recieve paper work about my account and somebody would phone me,neither of which happened.I also said about my concerns that they were contacting the wrong bank and i was considering cancelling with them(in the hope of them getting their finger out and actually doing something for me.).So i phoned them again on the 4/2/11 to find out that nothing had changed and everything was as when i phoned in December.I cancelled my account with them right away and the woman told me the money i've already paid does'nt cover the costs.SO for a letter to tell me they've asked for my credit agreements costs more than £1250.Please believe me and avoid like the plague,cause this company will seriously damage your wealth.

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20925Harrington Brooks [Timperley]
Total claims:35
For me, Harrington Brooks have been fantastic »2006-201109/09/20112
I’m about 6 months away from finishing an IVA with Harrington Brooks.

For me, they’ve been fantastic. It was in a world of debt owning £58,000 in total.

Once my IVA is completed, I’ll debt free having paid back about £21,000 of the original debt.

They have been very supportive over the past 5 years, especially when of two separate occasions I needed to miss a payment.

Over the past 5 years my attitude to money has completely change and i can’t see myself getting into this type of debt ever again.

I know this is a nane and shame website - but i just wanted to offer my views.

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3165money worries debt management
Total claims:26
refund »15 feb 0903/06/20092

I contacted yes credit for a loan they took a first of payment then hearing nothing from them i contacted them to be put onto money worries. I was allocated an agent called chris king who gave me his pitch over the phone how he could help me. I asked him to send info out to me and i would look it over during this phone call he told me i would have to change bank account and needed my present bank account details to deter i am who i said i am, say nothing will be taken out of that account because there was nothing in it at present within the week i contacted the agents mobile numerous times to cancel the info and anything he had on me to take of his database i no longer required his help. I could nt get in contact with him and called many times also left messages, however when my wage went in they took £350 pounds.

  I have called asking for a refund only to be told the the agent had left the company and was allocated another agent after 3 weeks i contacted them again as i heard nothing the new agent i was given had also left the company they informed me they would need to go back and listen to the initial call. I asked for the accounts and admin manager to be told no one of that name ever worked there, and i have a letter with her name on it.

2 mths on i have contacted the finacial ombudsman to look into there scam and get a refund for me. I ADVISE DONT EVEN HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH MONEY WORRIES LTD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will keep udating

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6366money worries debt management
Total claims:26
Misled »25th September 200907/11/20092

I made an initial enquiry to yes loans for a loan of 15000, I was accepted and told I had to pay an admin fee of £69.50 which was refundable if I decided not to go ahead with the loan. After foolishly giving my card details I was then put through to Ben Price From money worries who told me that I wasnt eligable for a loan but could have a debt management plan. He was very persuasive and I told him several times I would have to speak to my husband before agreeing to any plan. He told me that there was no problem with that.

The next day a pack arrived from money worries asking me to sign an AUTHORISATION FORM stating clearly at the bottom that without our signatures they were unable to act. I didnt sign the pack and did NOT give any permission to act on my behalf. After several unsussessful attempts contacting them to ask for my £69.50 back I decided to cut my losses and leave it at that. I then received a letter to say it was non refundable anyway.

On the 30th October I noticed that money worries had taken £165.20 from my bank account without my permission. I rang money worries and was once again put through to Ben Price who was extremely rude, unprofessional, and very aggressive towards me, claiming I had given him verbal confirmation. When I asked why he was taking my money he told me it was paying his wages and running costs of the business and even accused me of being a time waster!

This has caused financial hardship for us and we have incured bank charges as a result of money worries taking this money from us. I am so streesed and angry at how this company can justify taking money from families in need.

I have since wrote a letter demanding a refund and also letter of complaint about Ben.

PLEASE keep away from this company!!

If anyone has had any luck reclaiming money please get in touch.

Ps I have also emailed  and If anyone else has had the same experience with this company maybe you could do the same and together we can fight to get back money that is rightfully ours

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13206money worries debt management
Total claims:26
Money taken without consent »03/08/201003/08/20102

Hi like all the other stories phone yes loans was passed to money worries, they sent paper qwork I did not sign or agree to money being taken and was assured my Shaun the agent that NO money would be taken and they now have taken the money.
£165 which will new cause me debts as i called them for a refund to be treated like a animal and bullied to the point of tears. I have writen to them for a refund like they eventuall y said. I have called my bank who are going to dispute the payment with Visa as i did not agree to the plan or payment.
Please!!!! can you help me.

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1679Churchwood Financial Limited [Stockport]
Total claims:10
Admin Fee »16 February 200905/04/20092

Due to the recent credit crunch my wife and I are experiencing financial difficulties and we found Churchwood Financial Limited on the internet.  We rang them and they took our details and sent us out an application form which we completed and telephoned them when this had been done. They then advised us that a gentleman would call on Thursday evening and collect all the papework, which he did.  We were then told to pay the £550 and we would then be assigned our own financial advisor.  I paid the money by debit card on the 2 March 2009,  this was duly taken from my account.  Since the money has been paid we have heard nothing from Churchwood about our case.  We had phone calls from about six or seven different people who knew nothing about our account i.e who our advisor was.  I have given my mobile details three times but they never had it when I did speak to anyone.  The people we spoke to have said we haven't received your information or some have said yes but that nothing has been done.  We even had a call from one member of staff saying congratulations you have been accepted for a loan, which we have never even applied for.  I have tried to ring them on numerous occasions but I am put on hold and them cut off.  My wife both faxed and wrote to them on the 6 March stating that due to the poor service we wished to cancel the contract and have our money returned but we have never heard from anyone.  My wife has written two letters to their complaints department but yet again have received no reply.  This company is a total waste of space and I would advise anyone never to use them as they just take your money and they never contact you again afterwards.

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10655Churchwood Financial Limited [Stockport]
Total claims:10
fee not returned »15 jan 201021/01/20102

Received cold call from churchwood in Nov 2009, explaining DMP, I then asked them to send on details. Completed forms prior to xmas and returned them. Heard nothing for a couple of weeks rang them and they explained they did nothing until they received their fee. As I was keen to get something started with my creditors. I paid them £300 with my debit card. Next day I got my internet reconnected and typed in Churchwood scam, and low and behold, the internet was full off irrate clients. Rang CW the next day to cancel (7 day cool off), had to put it in writing etc. did that, and sent off letter. Rang previously available staff, now couldn't comment on cancellations/refunds procedure, only way to discuss was via email. Guess what, fee not refundable, seemingly my contract started the day of the cold call, ie Nov. Spoke to my creditors and CW had done nothing apart from a letter saying they would be acting on my behalf. Does this cost £300?, you can have a much better service from the CCCS free. I have not given up and have contacted the Debt Resolution Forum people, whom CW is a member. Seemingly this practice of fee taking is against their code of conduct, they are now trying to extract the money out of CW!. I will not give up, these people are unscrupulous and their license should be revoked. I am so glad I cancelled seemingly your problems only get worse when they start controlling/managing a debt management plan.

The story continues 20/02/2010, CW have sent numerous rude e-mails to me stating that they had carried out lots of work on my file, and under no circumstances would I get my money back.  The work story is untrue, checked with all creditors, the only work they had carried out was to send a pro forma letter of authority.  I have contacted the Financial Ombudsman they have just recorded the dates without the details and have been in contact with CW.  CW have 28 days to respond.  I will update this site when I receive their outcome.  I will not give up.  This is what CW want!.  Don't give up!.  I won't.

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11906chase saunders [manchester]
Total claims:10
Ripped off! »Feb & March 201031/03/20102

I first began my agreement with Chase Saunders in March 2009; if I had known then what I know now…

Since beginning with Chase Saunders to start up my agreement with them I had to pay £500.00 set up fee via debit card for them to have funds to enable them to liaise with my creditors and come to an agreement of reduced repayments on my outstanding debt. Having sent all requested paperwork in a timely fashion resigned to let them get on with what I was paying them to do. Until in August 2009 I started to get arrears reminders from my creditors as they were not receiving their agreed payments, hence I wrote to Chase Saunders to sort this out; things settled for a small period of time. Then in October 2009 I had to write to Chase Saunders again as I was receiving more arrears demands with the threat of further action, again I urged the company to do what I was paying for. I received a letter back blaming the backlog of payments on their BACS system, NOT my problem! However, I have paid and am paying dearly for their errors!

More recently in February 2010 again the arrears reminders began to arrive through the letter box, after trying several times to discuss this with someone on the telephone sadly to no avail until today 31st March 2010. I have spoken to someone within the company who assures me that things will get sorted as they are currently dealing with a 3-4 week backlog meanwhile happily collecting funds from my account that are sitting in their holding account (gaining interest for them I dare add!) to be forwarded to my creditors once their backlog clears…not good enough!!! I am in the process of writing to Chase Saunders to request a full statement of may account with them since July 2009 (might I add this will be the first statement as to date I have never received anything of this nature about my account with Chase Saunders!) along with the refunded values of the full management fee cost since July 2009 to current date and the initial administration fee of £500.00 as I have not received a service that I had agreed to from the start! I am also requesting a termination of service with this company and hoping to find much better support of this nature elsewhere!

I am greatly frustrated and upset as my creditors will now think the worst of me due to Chase Saunders continually breeching agreement and letting them down and much to my detriment as this doesn’t affect Chase Saunders but severely affects my CREDIT SCORE!!!!

If anyone else has had this similar problem with Chase Saunders, please add comments to enlighten me about how your situation is being resolved.

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12782debt line
Total claims:3
COMPLAIINT »28/05/201028/06/20102

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