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Total claims:3
free download of AVG Free »04-26-0923/05/20092

I had subscribed to help me down load for $11 a year for 3 years, in turn they were suppose to help me download the AVG Free antvi software. They did not do anything but take my money( more than was agreed to ), and leave me for dead. This is a scam, as I found out, there are many more complaints of this helpmedownload sight. All I want is my money back, and for others not to fall into this scamm trap.Than you for your time.

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Total claims:3
Miss Archer »18th June 200919/06/20091

I tried to download a free trial of McAfee, gave bank details with no request of any payment.  Recieved no software, nothing.  Downloaded another security protection from another company.  However noticed a charge on my bank statement for the above amount.  I have a family to look after and desperately require this money paying back into my account asap.  I have already incurred a £10 fee from the bank due to this payment being taken, resulting in an unauthorised overdraft and have had to cancel my current bank card.  This fraud has left me with no money to buy food for the next 5 days, I am at aloss for words (as well as money).  Pls help me to gain a repayment VERY SOON.

 I also have to be careful to protect my identity from a previous partner. V. imp pls.

Thank you. Kind Regards,

M. Archer

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22841agogue consultancy services [pune]
Total claims:1
cheated by agogue »14/10/201104/01/20121
Previously I was in job. But I did leave my job. Because agogue consultancy services taken 66180/- from me and give me offer letter of software trainee. After completing training they will place me in MNC or provide a job in own company. Now I did complete my training but they are not providing me job. What should I do?

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2380Driver Detective
Total claims:1
#1009139 »March 31 200907/05/20090

So far Have asked foar refund 3 times,,,nothing,,I did tary and use the program,,,perhaps my machine is just kinda old,,,but most if not all the updated drivers crashed my machine and caused me to reformatt,,what a mess.  I phoneded the company and got the same jargon as the web site,,,iof you need a refund use the program and request form.  I did so and still nothing,,,useless.  Anything else I can do?  Its not so much the money its the lack of care, no return emails,,,blah,,,not good folks to deal with!  Thanks  Lisa

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Total claims:3
unautherised debit card withdrawal »9 feb 201204/03/20120
at least 2 withdralls of cash from my account no knowlage of this being a valid transaction

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3469Diasoft [New York]
Total claims:1
Unpaid salary »06/11/200926/06/20090

Diasoft ( is a software company which provides a software named "File Replication Pro".

I was hired on April 28th to work as a senior developer to improve the user interface of the File Replication Pro software.

Initially I would work for a month on trial, with a rate of 2000 USD in a 8 hours per day basis.

After one month, I would take my normal rate of 3200 USD (same hours as in trial mode)

I sent my invoice on June 10th, and the last answer I did recieve was on May 11th, from manager Kuty Shalev ( telling me they were "setting the wire transfer").

I did continue sending emails asking for the tranfer status, but nothing happened.

I sent an email to Jacob Shalev (, which is the company owner, on May 24th.

Obviously, this company is a fraud. They not only swindled me with my work, but they also made me to loose money which I would make if I would work in other job.

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6119Adware Professional
Total claims:1
Fraudulent software »26 8 0902/11/20090

Browser hijacked and directed to Adwre site [don;t confuse with the legit site Adaware; note different spelling]. Thinking it was Adaware site, downloaded antivirus software from Adware that stopped PC.

 Later virus removal found 912 tracking cookies fron Adware AdwareMyWeb Search,Adware Family products etc.  Adware is known virus on Norton list. Contacted [] (link:, email returned address unknown. Cost $A190 on Norton Antivirus service [a good service] to remove over 2 to 3 hours.


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Total claims:1
Refund »2/1/1006/01/20110

I wished to buy a web address and hosting from Fasthosts, but in their publicity material they gave me to understand I would pay £12 for 6 months for the address, plus £5 per month for hosting. I signed the terms and conditions, ill advisedly, in which it was stated in the small print that I would have to pay for at least a year. I was unaware of this commitment. After two months I no longer wanted the product so I cancelled my paypal agreement. I then got reminder emails from fasthosts from a noreply address, saying that if I did not pay I would experience interruptions of the web hosting service. Since I didn't mind this I ignored them. I then received a letter from Matt Widdicombe, debt collection specialist, who said I needed to pay £79 to close the account. I paid this to avoid further unforeseen charges, however I feel I was cheated by this amount, it was completely unexpected.

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20453avg technologies [nottingham]
Total claims:1
AVG ANTI VIRUS NO REFUND »09/04/1103/08/20110
Thank you for e mail on 02/08/11 informing me that you can not pay my refund into paypal.Could you please let me know what other arangements you are making to resolve this claim Regards R EVANS

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