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5174candy escorts
Total claims:11
fraud »200830/09/20092

i was on candy escorts but never got any money they kept asking me to update my profile to see if that would bring work in , but never did , they even rang my mobile a few times then emailed me saying i missed imprtant call  from clients , i have rang thm numberous times demanding my money back , and left my number but they never ever get back to me please help

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13095candy escorts
Total claims:11
fraud »16.07.201026/07/20101

Hi, i emailed Candy Escorts and they contacted me offering me at least two appointments a week. They found me a client and i had to pay 250.00 pounds to register and the same afternoon my 'client' was cancelled and the same the next day and they havent contacted me since, actually i emailed them in 22.07.2010 asking to be taken off their website and wanted a refund and they called the next day saying it wasnt possible. I would very much appreciate some help. Many thanks.

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14911candy escorts
Total claims:11
FRAUDULENT SCAMMERS »30/11/1002/12/20101

In need of some extra cash, i researched some non sexual escorting..Candy Escorts seemed legitimate enough so i signed up for more information. A woman named 'Lesley' called me back. She explained the fees for the service etc and asked when i was able to pay it .. The next day i got a voicemail from the bookings department saying i had a man interested in a meeting but i had to be registered first. So I paid the money with the last of my cash and waited on his call, believeing the £500 promised to me would be my reimbersement. A few hours later 'Lesley' called me back saying he has to cancel as he was in meetings all evening but i would be put on a high priority list. Since i have heard nothing, so when doing some research on the internet, I found that many people have been scammed by this company. So , I am not a happy bunny, unable to pay bills and in debt. This scam need to be stopped.

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20899True Blue Productions
Total claims:2
Targeting the desperate/hopefuls »30/08/201108/09/20111
True Blue production company are advertising in local papers promising work in the adult entertainment industry. They are looking for people with no experience and promising work the very next week. They say you'll be paid between 1800 - 2500 GBP per day. You must upload naked pics of yourself and forward the 400 - 600 production costs upfront. This company has an office in Bristol taking payments but no fixed address. On investigating this adult movie industry further established adult actors/actresses receive upto 500GBP per day and medicals cost 40 - 100GBP and not the 275 they claim.

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22568Edge Model Management
Total claims:1
Rude, horrible 'Agency' stay clear!! »15/12/201116/12/20111
There is an agency called edge model management, they approached me twice to register with them, after them being rude to me I declined. A few weeks ago they wrote something really nasty about a girl on their facebook wall after seeing lots of unprofessional comments (just one for example as a facebook status 'i want to be a are just too else do you put it??!) on there I replied to it as I thought it was very rude and insulting. They then got rude with me, I saved the conversation and copied and pasted it to my own facebook to warn other girls, a lot who came back to me with similar stories, It was left there and i forgot about it, yesterday morning I received the email below through my website. I never posted anything that wasn't true or they didn't say and i don't have a 'blog' about them! but what they are threatening to say is complete lies about me, they never rejected me they approached me twice and they have never met me or know anything about me, not only that but they have since said that on there they will put some kind of 'voting system' so that people can rate my looks and potential.

All day yesterday the woman was emailing me, my boyfriend got involved as I got upset and she started threatening us as bullying the agency??, my boyfriend tried to make a date to go and meet her to sort it out but she wouldn't give a date. I haven't been well and she's caused me a lot of anxiety. It is the one woman that runs all the facebook pages, twitter and that emails i don't know if there is anyone else. There is no address on the website

I told her last night that I had rang the police as even though I ignored her last email I had two emails from her in the space of a minute saying 'the debate is now live!!!' and ' the voting on you is now live!!!' after i told her i rang the police she emailed saying she hadn't started it just wanted to give me and my boyfriend some just desserts, I emailed her saying that i didn't wish to hear from her again and this morning shes emailed saying that i obviously got her email wrong and that she didnt mean she wasn't going to do it and it takes a fe weeks for something like that to be shown on google. I have only just woken up and it has made me feel sick, i am not well and don't need this. All i did was copy and paste her rude comments on my modelling facebook page to warn other girls alot of girls came back to me with similar stories and experiences. I will take it down today as I don't want any more hassle from her but that means other people wont be aware and I really want something to be done about them as they are not professional and she's caused me so much stress. I have all the emails saved and can provide them if necessary including the facebook conversation that started it all.

Her argument seems to be that She thanked me for taking her own comments off my modelling page and then i reposted it and let her know of my new 'debate'-I didn't ever take it down i just reposted with the email sent yesterday morning (below) as i thought it was discusting and it is seen by a handful of people who i managed to warn about them-not the world. To me this 'company' shouldn't be allowed to be in business, you can't speak to people haw she has when you are supposed to be professional. I am not with the agency and have never been with them, although I am with others (reputable ones) this has, i have to say made me not want to bother at all as it's been so stressful, and after overcoming an eating disorder and getting my confidence back and enjoying what i was doing that is a shame and very shameful on their behalf. i want them to be reported, names and shamed.


Name: Sam Fletcher
Paragraph Text: HI Katie
I found your little blog on face book regarding the debate we had a few weeks back.
The things models do for exposure amaze me.
OK what will happen is quite simple if in the next 24 hours I find that silly little comment page you made up, still live then I will have no option but to do the same to you. We have the real resource to ensure when this website and your name is mentioned on line then our debate will come up with you. The idea is we will open a public debate on your model potential worldwide and see what the public think of your potential to succeed. I will also make it known you were rejected by our agency hence your anger. I do hope you understand where exactly I am coming from. Regards, Sam Fletcher. P.S. We DO NOT want a worldwide debate on your model potential as I can assure you it will not make nice reading for you as in my professional opinion you have very, very little potential.

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3501Blu 1 [london]
Total claims:1
dont pay this company - its a con »26th - 29th june 200929/06/20090

After locating Blu1 as an adult model agency, I was foolish enough to take the chanceand pay them the admin fee of £251.25p on the guarntee I had coming work for that weekend. Ofcourse, I did not recieve the call from any company or get the work, whilst trying to get through to Blu 1 on 08717033433,there site is [] (link:, and when i tried to contact hot chilli, low and behold I recieved no answer and the answer phone message stated welcome to beautiful adults!

I have now contacted Blu 1 telling them if the £251.25p paid into the account they gave me, is not refunded back to my account, as they never stated I couldnt redeem my payment or it was non refundable, they also never sent me the log in details up on payment that I was said to recieve, and naturally I did not get the job, surprisingly after my payment they lost their venue! I will be taking further, possible legal action against them to redeem the money they basically fraudalently conned out of myself. I was clever enough to keep all emails and the reciept from the transaction, along side phoning my advisor, Nikki at the company and emailing, who basically acted as if nothing was known and failed to contact me back, I am looking very much so to take this further, at the very least to claim the £251.25p they basically stole from me!

I would also like to add - Blu 1 are now using the bank account with Barclays: Blue Media Limited, account no :73265536 sort code :20 - 53 - 06.

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6139candy escorts
Total claims:11
promised work »29/10/0903/11/20090

I was looking for a job for extra cash so i called up this company for work, after speaking to this lady Bev she assured me she had work for me and i need to register before she sends me so i paid into her account £252 i have the paying slip on me, but since then they keep bringing escuses such as the client called you but you didnt answer we will call you tomorrow etc etc. I would want everyone to be aware that this is a spam and would like watch dog to work on my case and claim back my money for me.

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11875candy escorts
Total claims:11
Ref . Dana Q1504 »9th April 200929/03/20100
I joined Candy Escorts in April 2009 and paid in cash to their Barclays Bank account. The lady kept calling me , offering me 3 nights every weekend , confirmed bookings and different clients. After i paid the money into their account , they called me the same night to say the client had cancelled and that they would put me on priority for the next weekend . i called numerous times and they kept making excuses saying the lady that dealt with me was not in and that they have released my number but no clients have picked me. I asked for my money back and they hung up on me and every time i called back they kept saying the computers were not working and they would call me back. My year is almost up and I have not ever had a job or any calls from them. Please do not join this company , they are not genuine.

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12656candy escorts
Total claims:11
Money »29/25/1014/06/20100

I wanted to earn some extra money and decided to do 'companion dating' I decided to join 'Candy Escorts' and immediately they gave me a callback, everything they said made me think they was a real company, she was friendly and polite (Bev) and within a few days I decided to join and pay £223.00 (£27.00 for sending charges) so in all it was £250. I was then given a personal adviser (even before I paid the fee) she was telling me there was a guy who was wanting to book me and also another on the following Tues. So I thought I should go for it now... so I did. I paid the fee and she too he details. It was paid out to a Ross Jamie O'Sullivan. Within an hour the client canceled and then a week later I decided to ring the company cause I ain't heard anything since and they said they would ring e back and they haven't this has happened five times now. Its now been three weeks and nothing has came off the situation. I want something done about it and I want my money back... I was looking to make money not 'loose' it. Don't EVER join this company!!!

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15335candy escorts
Total claims:11
scammed »14/12/201016/12/20100

I needed a bit of extra cash for over christmas so i decided to go to candy escorts. I got a phone call from a lady called lesley on monday saying that she had a client called Lucy for me on wednesday night. As i was unemployed she said that i could pay £270.00 plus the charge by western union. I paid the £297.00 and phoned lesley to tell her that i payed the money and she said that lucy (my client)will give me a call within 20 mins, but nothing.
I called back the next day and they said they would chase lucy up. lucy phoned me and all of a sudden the phone went dead. Lesley said that lucy left a voice mail but when i checked nothing. I kept on phoning and they said i was a high priority but still nothing. Candy escorts done my profile page but now i cant even log on to it.
do not taken in by them.

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17258candy escorts
Total claims:11
registration fee »11.03.201112/03/20110
unfortunately i was stupid enough to think this was a real company i made i made an enquiry to this company 3 days ago and received a prompt reply he next day they took some details for my profile and said they would see how the intrest went before i decided if i wanted to sign with them and pay £350 for 6 photos and a profile. Two days later i received another call saying i had a booking for that night if i wanted it but would need to pay the registration fee They were offering me £600 an evening to sit and have dinner and drinks with a guy in peterborough chauffered there and back i paid the fee by using the Weston Union bank facilty i have a receipt for this. They told me the client would telephone me within the hour I asked them several questions regarding the booking etc and was given complete answers. I then received a phone call saying we are sorry the clients wife had turned up at the hotel and would ned to cancel the booking I asked if this was a regular occurence because i had paid alot of money thinking i would receive £600 for an evneings work, they assured me it was a one off as Adam their regular client had not done this before, they told me i was on high priority for the next evening. I later telephoned them with a query about cancellation fees and was told all lines were busy and someone would call back and guess what noone has I am a single parent looking to help me and my kids out a better way of life and these scammers take mine and my kids money you may aswell as pinched it out of their piggy banks

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18086candy escorts
Total claims:11
Suffolk Trading Standards »05/04/201107/04/20110

I am a Trading Standards officer with Suffolk Trading Standards and have read your comments regarding this website. You may not be aware that Suffolk Trading Standards is currently undertaking an investigation into various escort and companion websites that we believe are linked to fraud.

The investigation is called Operation Troy and so that you know I am genuine you can google 'Operation Troy Suffolk Trading Standards' and you will see the detail of the investigation.

Having read your comments it appears your situation may be identical to many others who have done business with similar websites. I currently have a number of witness statements from victims of other websites but am looking for others to come forward who are willing to make statements and hopefully get an outside chance at getting some money back and more importantly stopping this happening to others.

If you would like to make a complaint to us about this website and would be willing to possibly make a statement in the first instance you should complete an online complaint survey we have set up through Survey Monkey. To submit a complaint to Suffolk Trading Standards please copy the link below into your internet browser and click go and it will take you to the online complaint survey. The link is:

Please provide your full contact details so that one of our officers can call you to discuss the possibility of making a proper statement.

If you are uncertain about whether you should and feel embarrassed about what has happened please do not be as many others have been caught out in the same way and unless people step forward this will continue.

You will also find a link to this complaint survey on our website which can be found easily by googling as above the words 'Operation Troy Suffolk Trading Standards'.

If you would like to discuss this before completing the online complaint survey or have any questions give us a ring on 01473 264859 and ask to speak to either me, Stuart Hughes, Steve Riggott or any other member involved in Operation Troy.


Stuart Hughes
Senior Trading Standards Officer

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19071candy escorts
Total claims:11
Fraud »08/04/201109/05/20110
In need of some extra cash as i`m single mum of two, i researched some non sexual escorting..Candy Escorts seemed legitimate enough so i signed up for more information. A woman named 'Lesley' called me back. She explained the fees for the service etc and asked when i was able to pay it .. The next day i got a voicemail from the bookings department saying i had a man interested in a meeting but i had to be registered first. So I paid the money with the last of my cash and waited on his call, believeing the £500 promised to me would be my reimbersement. A few hours later 'Lesley' called me back saying he has to cancel as he was in meetings all evening but i would be put on a high priority list. Since i have heard nothing, so when doing some research on the internet, I found that many people have been scammed by this company. So , I am not a happy unable to pay bills and in debt. This scam need to be stopped.

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25630candy escorts
Total claims:11
Candy Escort Scam »August 201118/06/20120
In August 2011 I was going through a rough patch in my relationship and financially. I decided to try Escort work as a the hourly rate was so good and got me out of the house and socializing. I spoke to a person called Lesley who set up a profile for me after I sent some recent photos of myself. I then got inundated with phone calls to say there had been a lot of interest but needed to pay a registration fee before we could proceed. The amount was to be £300.00 payed using Weston Union. As soon as I had payed the money I had no more calls and couldn't get through to them and eventually the phone no wasn't recognized.
I love to get my £300.00 back but failing that would like to help stop anymore desparatly poor people who can't afford it been scammed. I hope this is of some use.

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11052confidential dating
Total claims:1
registartion fee »08 jan 201005/02/20100

paid 150 pounds into a llyoyds tsb account 00522002 was told i had bookings for a lad called james fisher have heard nothing back a total scam told me the first person cancelled and was not expelled from his books. the phone is never answered and there are about 3 different mobile numbers for him

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22534True Blue Productions
Total claims:2
Paid my "administration" costs »17/11/201113/12/20110
True Blue Productions were advertising for extras for adult films in a local paper, I contacted them and after seeing my pictures they offered me work. They asked me for £400 for 6 months representation, saying they would be acting as my agent. After paying this they asked me for £1200 as a deposit for turning up to the shoot, this is when I became suspicious and googled the company to find out it was a scam. I'm just looking to get my £400 back. Can you help?

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17727freeads website [london]
Total claims:1
scam »23/01/201129/03/20110
Freeads is advertising adult dating and modelling and accepting payments from customers for advertising recently i paid £300 for adult work i was promised to a agency yet the havent given me jobs they ignore my calls and messages when i was promised guaranteed work, when i complained to freeads they dont respond and everyday they advertise that business website

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27629simon dean ,justcamit [justcamit]
Total claims:1
not been paid wages »saturday1st sun2ndmon3rdtues4th december201206/12/20120
i startd on just camit on saturday 1st dec shift 9pm till 2am agreed 50 pound shift ,i had done 4 shifts in total 20 hours on webcam ,now i was told last night in email wed 6th december that letting me go ,due to missed calls i can assure you i did not miss call and very upset at this as was relying on money for christmas i have 4 babys and this should not be tolerated ,i am owed 200 pound and cant get help from any in retrieving this money please help regards sharon .playtimexxx99 was my webcam name

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Total claims:1
fraud agnecy »october 201417/01/20150

I was tempted to become male escort , so approached they asked me to deposit one year joining fees of £379 before getting the client details. I did deposit that and later they said that they had client available over weekend. on weekend , I received call that client had cancelled the booking and they would try other. after that I couldn't reach out to their number. they are completely fraud/scam.

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