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IDCompany / PersonClaim TitleIncident DateAddedPostsAdd commentDetails
22347my uk delivery [london]
Total claims:3
Fraudulent company »30/11/201102/12/20113
My uk delivery are getting plenty of complaints all with the same story as mine. You pay for goods to be picked up and delivered, pay your money to them. They don't send anyone and then
don't refund you and never reply to your emails afterwards.
There seems like there's nothing you can do. Even though basically they've stolen your money they rely on you giving up and not being able to afford any legal process.

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13369Fastway Couriers [North East]
Total claims:5
DAMAGED PARCEL - RIP OFF! »01/07/201017/08/20102
I to have had problems with Fastway Couriers and will not use them further. In short they are a RIP OFF!

They do not provide a next day service like other couriers even though they promise this.

They pay others couriers (and then stick their inflated charge on top) to deliver your parcel as they do not cover most of the areas in the UK. This includes the capital, London. Say no more...

My experience of this is that they go through multiple hold bays and depots and your parcel is nearly always damaged. Expect to get a comical story of why they cant compensate your parcel when they damage it.

There are lots of good couriers out there and half the price.

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13189Fastway Couriers [North East]
Total claims:5
I foolishly trusted Fastway Couriers to deliver a parcel for myself earlier this year.

They delivered it to the wrong address.
They did not obtain a signature.

Luckily the person who accepted the parcel (or who we later found out had it dumped on them and the courier ran off) was honest enough to deliver the parcel to the correct recipient.

The parcel was damaged (it had bee split open) and parts had fallen out. It turned out after my investigation that the courier had damaged the parcel, taped it up and then was to ashamed to deliver the parcel so dumped it at a neighbouring property and ran off.

Our local depot refused to help.
The Franchiser refused to help.

This is not the first time this has happened! In addition they change there prices constantly (lower when you first start) and when you are dependant on them hike the prices up.

The are really not in the modern times and will shortly go out of business (Our local courier has already).

We no longer use them as this is not adnormal for their service.

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23254Seven Counties Couriers (John Morgan) [Swindon]
Total claims:1
Scam - payment taken twice and no refund made »22 December 201127/01/20122
In December 2011 I posted a job on the Anyvan website to transport my cat from London to Edinburgh. I accepted a bid from Seven Counties Couriers and was contacted directly by John Morgan.
John Morgan requested that I pay him in full in advance. I reluctantly did so.
My cat was picked up on Thursday 22 December and delivered later that day to my parents house. I was travelling up from London so my parents could not contact me.
My dad was aware that I had already paid. However on delivery, the driver insisted that my dad pay him. My dad gave in and paid him (209 pounds).
I contacted John Morgan later that evening to explain what had happened. At this point I assumed that it was a simple misunderstanding rather than a scam. John Morgan apologised and promised to put a cheque in the post.
The cheque never arrived and I received no response to the emails that I sent chasing it. In mid January, I therefore posted feedback on the Anyvan website setting out the situation.
John Morgan got in touch immediately and sent me a barrage of aggressive, threatening emails demanding that I remove my comments. The last email stated that he was issuing a summons to take me to court for character defamation.
I contacted Anyvan to complain and agreed as a gesture of good faith that, provided John Morgan put a cheque in the post that day, my feedback could be taken down in the meantime.
Despite the involvement of Anyvan I still have not received a cheque. John Morgan alleges that he has sent 3 cheques, one of which was sent by recorded delivery but has not provided evidence of the recorded delivery receipt when requested.
John Morgan has now removed himself from the Anyvan site and seems to have deactivated the email address I was given to contact him.
I am intending to issue a claim to recover the money owed to me as it is clear that John Morgan has no intention of repaying it voluntarily. However I would also like to warn others not to use Seven Counties Couriers or any other company associated with John Morgan. If they do use him, they should beware not to make any payment in advance.

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3524AGP Couriers [Redditch]
Total claims:3
Goods damaged in Transit »17/05/200930/06/20091

I used his company to ship 2 new sofas to from UK to France.  They promised a good service using established movers.  A week later my sofas arrived in France totally trashed.  The fabric and filling on the arms is completely ripped off, the backs are covered in oil and the fabric has got numerous tears and marks. I refused delivery and they are currently sitting in a warehouse stacked on top of each other.

Despite numerous written and telephone contacts nothing has been done to sort this out and no-one is accepting responsibility and they have refused access to their insurers. I have contacted BIFA and the european arm of Trading Standards and a solicitor in order to pursue a civil claim as I cannot afford to lose this money.

It has taken me 3 years to save for these sofas and we are currently sitting on a mattress on the floor.  We are devastated and disappointed by the complete lack of responsibility shown by this company and their freight forwarder who damaged the goods.


more details » [London]
Total claims:3
Recruitment »10th June 201128/06/20111
I paid this company £75.00 to work for them as a self employed courier. They state on their information that they have a guarantee as follows:

"Our Guarantee: If you are not happy with any aspect of our service within a thirty day period you can request a full refund which will be promptly paid in full. We offer this guarantee as we have complete confidence in our service"

After three weeks with no work,no phone calls I emailed them on to ask for a refund as I was not happy with their services. No reply, I sent four further emails, went on to their website and filled in their form and asked them to contact me. I have had no replies to any emails nor have I had any phone calls from them.

I have phoned the number given on their initial email to me ie, 0871 218 3137, it is answered by a man's voice giving a name and then says "goodbye"

I didn't want to make a fortune, I have just retired and wanted a little extra to supplement my pension and as I love driving thought this would be the best of both worlds. This money may not be a fortune but it is a lot to me.

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25536james roberts courier network [nationwide]
Total claims:3
mark winter »13/3 201212/06/20121
signed up for courier work and had to pay 69.95 to activate my account to a list of jobs which never happened sent a e mail to james roberts who said system was down for essential work and would be up and running by 6/6/12 which never happened and now can not get any reply from him

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20591AGP Couriers [Redditch]
Total claims:3
Goods damaged in transit »22/11/0614/08/20110
I arranged for the delivery of a woodburner by AGP Couriers (previously based in Birmingham) from Wiltshire to our home in Hastings.

Upon delivery it was discovered that the woodburner's front left hand leg had broken off but the break was itself across a fair part of the front of the woodburner. The damage was therefore both structural and cosmetic. It transpired that it had not been stowed properly.

I refused to accept delivery and when I reported this to Andy Walker at AGP they refused to meet my demand to remunerate me for the price I had paid for the woodburner (£510.00.). They further refused to give me details of their insurer.

I have since won a small claims judgement against AGP but the bailiffs were unable to recover my debt as Andy Walker claimed (in December 2007) that he had sold the business (AGP Couriers).

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26315AGP Couriers [Redditch]
Total claims:3
Stolen payment »01/07/1212/08/20120
I contacted this courier after seeing their listing on ebay as a piano remover. I spoke to the owner, Richard Vickers, who quoted me a price of £65 to move an upright piano about 17miles across London. I duly paid this amount, like an idiot using my debit card as my credit card was not with me, and arranged a time and place with the ebayer seller and courier. I also agreed with Richard that it was a ground floor to ground floor move and that there would be one person at each end to assist with loading and off-loading, as he had asked.
Come the day of removal, the man who arrived to collect the piano arrived refused to even try to move the piano, was rude to the ebay seller and left without letting me know. The ebayer informed me of this and I tried to contact Richard, who immediately went incognito; his mobile was answered by his father, who told me he knew nothing about the business and his "accounts" lady stopped picking up her phone.
I wrote to Richard who then told me that it was my fault as I should have known it would take more than two people to move a piano and there was a wheel missing off the piano!
To put the cherry on the cake, he refused to refund my money and now refuses to reply to my emails or phone calls.
I lost the piano I had paid for and the £65 that Richard stole so let this be a lesson. Don't pay with a debit card as you have no recourse and refuse to pay except using paypal, through which you might at least have a chance of recovering money from thieves like this.

I wouldn't use or recommend this company to move anything in future and he has now stopped renewing his listings on ebay although he does still have the audacity to publicize moving ebay items on his own website. To be clear, this joker operates AGP couriers of Redditch and not the other AGP companies you will find on the web.

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Total claims:1
Lost parcel »21/10/0923/10/20090

My tracking ref - EE115857490CN

My parcel with the above ref states on the EMS tracking as delivered to my address on the 21/9/09 at 12.26pm and was signed for, However the signed for name is not mine or any person I know. The parcel was NOT delivered to my address. Obviously has been delivered to an incorrect address.

The company is in China the contact email details are in China, the vendor states they are not liable as unless I know the person who signed for them they are unable to investigate??!! obviously if I knew the person there would not be a problem and I would be able to go get my pacel.

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21394Fastway Couriers [North East]
Total claims:5
Monies owed to me »22/09/2001107/10/20110
Fastway Couriers operate a Franchise network throughout the world and in particular to me Great Britain.
They with held monies owed to me and my for spurious reasons and then point blank refused to pay me any of the backlog of wages that were owed to me. Cheques I recieved from them bounced and on 22/09/2011 they informed me that they had no money to pay me and that Fastway in West Yorkshire was folding.
The regional company directors for Fastway Couriers West Yorkshire are Amit Desai, 10 Chilvern Drive, Bradford, BD4 0TS.07507 563004 / 01274 681412 and Sue Gill who it is believed lives in the Sheffield area 07960 614815.
It should be noted that Mit Desai's house is up for sale.
Fastway have ceased trading in Yorkshire and around sixteen Franchisee's, employee's and sub contractors are owed thousands of pounds.
Thousands of undelivered parcels lie undelivered in the Warehouse Depot's that these people worked from.

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21537Fastway Couriers [North East]
Total claims:5
Prepay Tickets »appx. 24/08/201115/10/20110
43 x £2.95 = £126.85
8 x £6.95 55.60
20 x £5.95 119.00
= £301.45
plus vat charged
= £ 60.29
= £361.74
I am a private individual who sells for an animal charity and could have donated this amount to the charity had I known. Reported the matter to my MP no other action taken

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30024Fastway Couriers [North East]
Total claims:5
Abused by Courier »6/12/201305/12/20130

I was just brought to tears by one of their couriers!!

I asked the courier yesterday if he could deliver my mail today before 8:30, or if it would be better just to get it delivered to work. He assured me that he could deliver it to my home before 8:30. I then called him at 8:45 this morning to ask if he was still coming. He said he would not get to my home until 9:30. This was disappointing to me, as if he was unable to deliver the parcel before 8:30, he should have said so yesterday so I could have just had it delivered to work, and I would not have been late to work for nothing. I tried to explain this to him, but he cut me off mid-sentence and started screaming at me that it was not his fault, that he is not at my "beck and call", and that it is my fault because I live in a security building which he cannot enter in order to leave a calling card. I tried to calm him down so I could just ask if he could take it to my work instead, but he continued to yell at me until I was in tears. I'm expecting more mail from this company, but now I'm afraid about getting it delivered!

more details » [London]
Total claims:3
Local Courier Services is a CON - you will be charged TWICE ! »11/6/1110/07/20110

I'm not actually claiming as I didn't fall for the con but want to alert people to these fraudsters, aka LCS. 

This company is permanently in the top 3 when local courier is googled, if not number 1. They e-mail you after you apply, asking for a activation fee (seems to be around £75). It's easier to explain by copying the e-mail here.
Your Job Applicatio​n Activation Instructio​ns
Reply |Paul Davis, Local Courier Services 
Unit 36, 88-90 Hatton Garden

[] (link: 

they say

"To list your services as a self employed courier on our database there is a cost of between £100 and £150 per annum depending on the area in which you wish to work.  Payment is taken in two equal amounts, 50% in advance and the remaining 50% after approximately one month.  In return for this you are listed in the region that you specified on our database which will always be in the top three results on Google under the search term "Local Courier Services."

I reported LCS to Google a month ago but they're still in the top 3.


more details » [London]
Total claims:3
SCAM »15/06/201116/07/20110
I paid £75 for guaranteed courier work by being listed as a courier on their website with a guaranteed 30 day money back guarantee if I am not happy with the service. I requested a full refund after 7 days and got no reply. I have sent several emails and tried contacting them by phone which never gets answered and hangs up on you with no option of leaving a voice mail message. After researching this company on the website I discovered that the company is a SCAM and wished I did my research before parting with my money.

Being unemployed £75 is a lot of money and I believe that the company will attempt to take a further £75 from me a month later in which I will contact my bank to stop the payment and will also raise a Visa dispute in the hope of retrieving my initial payment of £75 back from this scam company.

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23089my uk delivery [london]
Total claims:3
Took money but did not show up »2 December 201118/01/20120
I requested a quote on line and completed all their booking forms , paid. They never showed up ,in the end I had to get another company to collect and pay again. This company tend to do everything by email eventually. I have emails confirming I will get a full refund but it would take 30 days as was their policy. No refund and no response to further emails. I have taken advice and written send by special delivery and now find out it is a virtual address.
This company should not be allowed to do business.

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24638my uk delivery [london]
Total claims:3
Money paid NO service and unable to get through »19/04/201219/04/20120
It appears the quote was too good to be true.
Received the quote and processed the booking and paid the fee by credit card. I have yet to receive ANY confirmation of the booking and although I have tried calling I keep getting automated message. I managed to get through once yesterday to be told their 'server and email were down' so that they could not look up my booking to confirm and would call me back once the problem was fixed (later that afternoon).
There is still no response, confirmation and now reading the other reviews it appears I will struggle to get a response and have wasted £35.00. I will keep pursuing them until I receive the refund.


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23640John morgan [Seven counties couriers]
Total claims:1
Rip off »Dec 11 - Jan 1212/02/20120
I received a telephone call on the 17th of December from a John Morgan of Seven county couriers of Swindon, he found my details on, he asked me if I can do an emergency courier job to Italy and Spain returning with a van load of furniture to Swindon, we completed these jobs by December 24th the payment for the jobs was £6000.  When asked about payment before we left he assured us that payment would be transferred while we were away and that he owned a big company that was based in Perton Swindon, we collected from what he claims was half ownership of a warehouse we then went ahead and done the job but on our return there was no money, he at that point swore on his children's life that the money was stuck in the banking system because it was christmas. I checked with my banks who also assured me that was possible because of the Christmas period. 
We then went on to complete a second job to France purely on the belief that everything Morgan said was true, on our return from bordeux we found there was still no money it was at that point we found that Morgan had been paid by every customer for these jobs but told us he had not been paid for any of them.
We demanded payment we were bombarded with lies and excuses that he had not received any money although I have emails and verification he had received every penny. After further investigation we since found out that he has done exactly the same to a long list of couriers, he owes thousands of £'s everywhere.
We have contacted him a hundred times and been told lie after lie after lie.
This man is a serial con man and we will persue this man to his deathbed to get our money. He currently owes us £9,300 
We are going to peruse him through the courts and hound him down, other people please be aware this Morgan is like chameleon, we have shut him down on every site we can under the name seven county couriers, so my advice to other people is never take work off of any person who comes from the Swindon area just in case it's Morgan under an assumed name.
If anyone wishes to contact me in relation to this you can contact me on my email address I'll be happy to answer any questions and provide any proof that is required.
So BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE OF JOHN MORGAN of Seven County Couriers (SCC) operating from 46 Witts Lane, Purton, Swindon and his mobile number is 07534 011108
This man is a serial conman with no conscience.

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Total claims:1
My Parcel Delivery .com smell of fish! »17 May 201230/05/20120

Normally when you feel you've been ripped off by a company you're just left with a bad taste in your mouth, but there's something distinctly fishy about this bunch - in-fact, I'd say they stink!


MyParcelDelivery take money from you to insure the item you're couriering with them from loss or damage. That's all fine and dandy  until you find (as I did), that the item you've payed to insure isn't actually insurable by this company!


And if you think that's fishy, get a load of this. When you manage to find the list of restricted an prohibited items which this bunch of sharks won't accept a claim for, it's hard to think of an item you CAN send through them safely - not even fishing rods, for cryin' out loud!!! Yell


The list appears at the end of this blog.


When I booked a parcel with My Parcel Delivery .com, they asked what the contents of the package was. I stated in the online form that it was a mirror. The website then asked me if I wanted to increase my insurance, so I increased it to £100 at a further cost to me on top of the delivery charge to protect the item in transit.


The mirror was smashed to pieces (despite being packed in a wooden crate) but when I tried to make a claim, I was sent a form with the restricted or prohibited items - and - lo and behold, mirrors were on it.


At no time during booking did the website indicate that a mirror was a restricted item despite the fact that I stated that this is what I was sending in the online form.


However, they were very happy to take more money for insurance to cover an item which wasn't actually insurable by this company.


My Parcel Delivery say that it is "...not possible for them to verify the contents of a package (on their website)" but this is simply not the truth.  As a web designer I know that it is a very simple coding issue to recognise a key word like 'mirror' in a website and alert the consumer that a named item is a restricted item.


The truth is that they don't want you to know which items are restricted or prohibited and they're suppressing information which could easily be adopted to inform consumers about the items on their site that Myparceldelivery will not insure, despite taking money for that very purpose!


All this, and I've said nothing about the difficulty I (and judging by other review forums many, many others) have had contacting this company when something goes wrong. When you do eventually manage to contact someone, the response is predictably pathetic - I was promised a call from Customer Services within 24 hours. How many of you think I got one?


Have look at the list of restricted and prohibited items from this company below and PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF A LOAD OF HASSLE AND DON'T USE THIS DISHONEST COMPANY!





Diamonds, Gems, Gold, Jewellery, Silver, Precious Metals/Stones, Watches

Fishing Rods, Fish Tanks

Food items (perishable)

Framed Photographs / Paintings

Glass / Ceramic / Marble / China / Stone / Resin - (or any item containing these materials)

Computers, Laptops, Monitors, TFT Screens

Lighting products such as Lamps, tail lights, torches

Mirrors, Microscopes, Ornaments, Porcelain, Pottery, Spectacles, Telescopes, Tiles, Vases

SIM cards


Televisions, LCD screens, Plasmas, Projectors, Scanners, printers or similar


White Goods (Fridges, Ovens, Microwaves, Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Shower screens etc.)


Animal skins / Furs / Any Animal Parts / Ivory and ivory products

Animals of any form (alive or dead)

Aerosol cans / sprays

Alcoholic beverages

Animals of any form (alive or dead)

Articles of exceptional value (eg, works of art, antiques, precious stones, gold and silver)

Airbag Modules

Any item that is not boxed

Batteries (Except Dry Cell)

Biological samples

Car bonnets, bumpers & other external bodywork

Christmas crackers

Currency of any form

Dangerous goods - eg Explosives / Fireworks / Christmas Crackers / Radioactive Materials / Deactivated or Replica Weapons and Munitions / Firearms / Ammunition / Swords / Knives / Axe / Weapons/ Liquids / Adhesives / Paint

Dry Ice

Drugs (including prescription)

Engines / Generators or any part containing or having contained oil unless flushed through

Environmental Waste

Filth, foul smelling or disgusting material, including Fish (alive or dead)

Fire Extinguishers/Life Jackets

Furniture (Unless Flatpacked)

Human Remains

Infectious Substances

Lottery Tickets

Money, Keys, Negotiable items & Payment cards


Oxidising substances and organic peroxide

Passports / Birth Certificates / Driving Licences

Perfumes and Aftershaves

Perishable goods


Plants / Seeds

Pornographic materials

P.O. Boxes - we cannot deliver to Post Office Boxes!

Replica weapons

Tobacco and tobacco products / Drugs / Medicines

Sinks / Toilets or similar

Sharp Instruments



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25710james roberts courier network [nationwide]
Total claims:3
would like money back »15/6/201223/06/20120
applied for a job online with courier network james roberts sent a text to my phone to say succesfull,email came and had to pay 69.95 to activate it,all activation to do online for work.cant get through.i think its a no reply for my refund

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