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3577Magic Gardens Landscaping [allendale]
Total claims:1
Magic Gardens Landscaping »ongoing02/07/20090

I received a brochure from this company in the mail. Having just moved in, we were looking for a landscaper, so we called. A man came over and gave me a very high estimate, but we wanted to get the property cleaned up, so we agreed. He never sent us an estimate and he never returned our numerous phone calls. I then called and spoke to the president of the company who promised he would call me back that following Monday. I NEVER heard from him. I thought I would give the company one last chance. I called back and got a secretary wit a big attitude. Bottom Line: For the prices they charge, they are unreliable, and their customer service is horrible!

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3764Paradise Landscaping [Ft. Pierce/Port St. Lucie]
Total claims:1
Intent to Defraud »7/16/0919/07/20090

I contracted with Paradise Landscaping on 05/26/09 for paving work and gave them a $750 deposit (50% of cost). Four weeks passed and I heard nothing from them.  I called and they stated they "lost my phone number".  They scheduled to complete the work on 07/01/09 - no call, no show, would not return my calls.  I sent them a certified letter on 07/06/09 for which they then called me back.  They rescheduled to complete the work on 07/16/09 - again, no call, no show, won't return my calls.

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3932stone specialties mgt inc [warminster]
Total claims:1
montini misery »july 30,0930/07/20090

We signed a contract for backyard work in sept o7 for $263,000.  We gave them $205,000 with less than half the work done because they needed money due to mismanagement of funds. We generously gave them the money and never saw them again.  We found out later that they lied and never filed a permit and the township shut us down. It costs me another $93,000 to complete the job. We continued to call the Montini family but they refused to reimburse us any money. They owe us $93,000.

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20094Architectural Stone Supplies [Altrincham]
Total claims:1
Yorkstone »14th February 201108/07/20110
On 14th February 2011 I placed an order for some yorkstone for some steps by e-mail with Architectural Stone Supplies (also known as Surrey Stone Supplies, Yorkstone Direct, and Cheshire Stone Supplies). The stones were not delivered so I telephoned the proprietor Mr Frank Spencer. He told me the stones had been broken in the warehouse and he would send some more. They never arrived. On the next phone call he said he would refund the money. He never did.
I went through the small claims court on line and got a judgement against the company but he has never responded. I am claiming £380 for the money paid for the stones and £35.00 for the cost of the small claims court.
I wish to shame the company into paying back my money but also warn others not to trade with an on line company that does not send you a confirmation of the order.

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26748christine monaghan [darwen]
Total claims:1
failed to provide merchandise »december 201117/09/20120
I have paid the bill for the work in full to the company doodlebugs and yet the work remains incomplete. We have made several requests for them to install the two water features in the rear garden and yet I have not heard from them about when these will be supplied and installed. I am puzzled as to why they have not carried out this remaining work even though I have paid full and in advance.

I am disappointed with how i have been treated as a customer and to put the matter to an end I would like a full refund for the following:

• two water features and the associated labour costs
• removal of front hedge and supply / selection / collection and planting of evergreen hedge

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