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10683Leisure Escorts
Total claims:17
Ripped off »January23/01/201011

I have been unemployed since July and in December I saw an add for escorts in the Job Centre. I applied and a lady called Tara (her name appears in other comments) called to tell me all about the service. She said she would check the availability and call me back. Within minutes she was back on the phone and said there were 18 companion dates and 8 personal in the area for the next 7 days. She said with my profile and background she could easily get me 2-3 commissions a week each paying in the region of £500. But I had to pay £365 for the advertising and taxi fees etc. I was given the bank details and said I would think about it. Tara was on the phone each day for the next couple of days, and told me there were ladies ready to meet. What a pity I didn't know about this site. I paid up and at the end of the week, Claudia called with exciting news that a high profile client from America had picked me. The initial fee would be £2000 with further meeting to be agreed at £800 per time over the course of January. But because of the profile a non-disclosure agreement was required and I would need to pay £2500 towards this, although that fee was refundable by draft on first meeting or if the client withdrew. As I had only just joined them they said they would cover £1000 of this fee and I would automatically join their private client list. I could not cover this amount and told them I was not interested. However they persisted and eventually Victoria from finance called and said they would still do the booking if I could get £700 together. The meeting was due to take place 2 days away so eventually I agreed. They said I would be contacted with full details and the meeting would definitely take place on the Friday or Saturday. No contact was received from them and when I chased I was told that Claudia, who was supposed to introduce me to the client was not working that day. Needless to say the meeting never took place, but it has not been "cancelled" either so technically it could still go ahead. In the meantime, after emails and virtually daily calls to speak with Claudia, Victoria, Tara or Hannah, none of whom were ever available or returned the call, I got a message from Hailey, with more exciting news. 2 Spanish clients were coming to Manchester and wanted me to accompany them to dinner and the theatre. Payment would be £800 each and further meetings would be booked at the same rate over the next couple of weeks. To take the booking I needed to join the European sector and pay a retainer of £500 to "show good will". I declined to pay any more money until I had at least secured 1 job from them. Hailey became fairly aggressive at this but I was not going to pour any more money into this organisations coffers. After this call I asked to be put through to finance and eventually managed to speak with Hannah again. She highly recommended I change my mind. I changed the conversation to the American Lady, who she now told me was a high profile fashion editor. I pointed out that I had acted in good faith all along, and as it seems the lady was not going to come I wanted my money back. I was told in no uncertain terms the meeting had not been cancelled merely postponed and if I pulled out I would lose my "retainer". I am now making calls every other day to try and speak with Claudia or Victoria. Neither is ever available, and all I get told is that they have sent an email to the client and are awaiting a response. This outfit are pure scammers. DO NOT TOUCH THEM. If anyone is interested in trying to take some joint action against them then please leave a response and lets see what we can do

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3899David and Michele Peluchette [creighton]
Total claims:1
trying to rip off a "friend" »05/01/0928/07/20096

my husband and i met thsi couple....dave and michele peluchette. we quickly became friends or so we THOUGHT. i was selling my big screen tv. dave and michele said they wanted it but didnt get paid for a week. my being stupid thinking we're great friends i can believe them. well here it is almost august and they ahvent giving me a penny. im having to take them to court. they have the nerve to be mad at me. they are now saying...oh we baby sat your dogs and you took a shower at our house you owe us that tv. dont ever give these two ANYTHING and expevt to get your money. im takimg them to court and i WILL get my money as i have text and voice messages from them. DO NOT TRUST DAVE OR MICHELE PELUCHETTE THEY DONT PAY ANYONE FOR ANYTHING.

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10534Leisure Escorts
Total claims:17
SCAM!!!!!!! »Since Oct 0915/01/20106
I saw in my local paper an advert for an escorting agency (not sexual strictly accompanying to busines events etc) I called the company in October 09 as I needed the extra money, I spoke to Claudia Smith, I was asked to pay £340 as a membership/joining fee which would be for the year and was guaranteed bookings to be earning from then on. I paid this by debit card. The company is allegedly based in Kensinton. I received a few calls in the following days to ask me to fill in some details on their website for which I now had a profile. I did so. A few more days later, I received a call from a different lady (Fiona) at the agency stating that there was a client interested n booking me but he was executive level therefore I needed to pay another £700 to be an executive member. I stated this was far to much and the lady said she would see what she could do. I received another call a few more days later stating that the client had paid half so I would only need to pay £350, I stated this was still too much and eventually she rang back saying only £200 and I was guaranteed booking for the Xmas/NY period. I stupidly paid this amount again by debit card, and have had no contact from them, I have called several times and get told that the client hasn't sent in his flight details etc yet, or that Fiona is out of the office and will call you back, she has not returned my calls recently and I obviously want my money back and stupidly realise now that this must be a scam. I am unable to log-in to their website now (I could before I kept calling) so I am unable to remove my information/photograph, I have also been calling both numbers on the website: 0871 971 1873/1874 and the number rings for a while and then cuts off. The only details I have are what I have already mentioned and the bank account details that they request my payment be made: HSBC bank, DJW Ltd, Acc No 8148 5423 Sort Code 40 46 10. The last time I spoke to someone I got fobbed off that I wouldnt be able to have my money back and it would be worthwhile leaving it a bit longer as there are more clients joining etc etc etc. They are obviously used to complaints as they have a whole speech prepared!!!!

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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3224EasyWhite-Bright Teeth [CO & FLA]
Total claims:4
Bright Teeth Easy White Scam »5/02/200907/06/20094

I also was suckered it to the trial offer. I find several of BRIGHT TEETH AND EASY WHITES methods fraudulent. One is that the ad that states that if you use these two different products you will get these great results. The ad leads me to believe that they were two different companies and two different products when in fact they are one in the same. Probably the same product as well. Two companies same ad? I got billed from three. I did not notice the additional 78 dollars they would charge monthly as well. It should be stated on top so it would have been clear to see. It is in the fine print. This is very misleading. Who in their right mind would agree to 160.00 in teeth whiting products every month? On my statement I am being billed from three different companies for this scam. When I received the product it did not have anything in the packaging to state that I agree for them to keep sending the product or a termination clause. Now to the most disturbing factor of the scam. My credit card - MasterCard will not allow me to dispute the additional charges. When did the credit card companies take this right away from us? This scam has been reported to the FCC and the credit card company stated to me that there are many complaints to them (Many) but they will not allow me to dispute the charges. Why? Well my educated guess is that if they had to dispute all the cases being reported the credit card company would have to terminate the relationship with Bright Teeth and Easy White (One ad- Two compaines) then losing that revenue. We as consumers are being scammed and our credit card companies are not putting a stop to it. It makes no sense, unless the credit card companies do not want to lose that revenue from Bright Teeth and Easy White. What to do. File a complaint with the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, FCC, POST TO AS MANY SITES AS YOU CAN WITH A COMPLAINT. SOMEONE SHOULD FILE A CLASS ACTION SUIT. The most important cancel your relationship with the credit card company that takes your right away to dispute a charge. Especially a company that has so many complaints against them. MasterCard you should be ashamed of your stand on this matter. When did you stop backing your cardholders? When you got in on the scam? If any one knows of an attorney to take on this scam please post. Why would


                        MasterCard - Not Understanding

 An X- MasterCard Holder - You should be ashamed MasterCard

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29971Crown Capital Eco Management
Total claims:4
You deserve no stars Crown Eco Management »10/30/201306/11/20134
I have written this review for, it is the Crown Eco Management because I was able to get the chance to visit the site. Apparently, the first time, would be the last time. When I tried it again this time, I said that’s it never wasting my time ever again.
So, what do you get after visiting the site? You get a beautiful and attractive site for what? It’s basically nonsense. It's really quite disappointing. In short, the working site is good for nothing.
So what are the downsides of this Crown Eco Management?

There seem to be glitches in the simply visiting the site. The sections were not getting along with each other and it is giving out false information, and we were left with an unreadable site until you realize its garbage.

The site doesn't appear to allow commenting or feedbacks, or something like a team or whatever so we could extend help. If you've got less than perfect eyes and commonsense, expect to use your reading glasses for this site.

So although I can't give the Crown Eco Management a full endorsement or any endorsement at all because it's a piece of garbage I thought it was.

Ok. I had problems as the other reviewers I do not think I still need to elaborate that much. I visited the site and regretted the act immediately, what a waste of time. Only some nonsense texts can be seen, there are nothing, not even supporting details that can prove their claims. I emailed them but no support, they never emailed back that they couldn't find me, even though I have provided my details.

At this point I tried visiting other sites and I think that’s the best decision I have made. Although not intuitive, it did, it made my day again. Ok so now I go back to the Crown Eco Management and try again a few more times. No luck. So I call site customer service & get a knowledgeable, but there is no condescending Rep who informs me with anything. this site needs to convey this detail to their paying customers! Also they need to have a more knowledgeable & friendly support staff. Furthermore, Amazon needs to improve the experience of the Fire User. From this experience I am ready to give you no stars at all.

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29974Crown Capital Eco Management
Total claims:4
Disappointing Realization about Crown Capital Eco Management »October 31, 201306/11/20134
I do not know where to even begin because in all honesty at first I was so impressed by this site, really was. With some skepticism after reading many of the reviews here how I wish I’d listen at once and so it does my experience was really bad.

I remember it was late afternoon during siesta time when I first came across the I thought it was cool. But as they say, do not believe in everything that you see on the internet, true enough. I was persuaded by the sweet words this site is claiming they are. That night, about an hour or two later, I checked all over and tried all things that the site were suggesting and later on I discovered that it is all fake!

I went to every section of the site, I checked all over and studied all things and bit by bit I am getting more and more disappointed. However when I went to the section of Earth and Climate concerns of Crown Capital Eco Management, there it was another reason that convinced me that this is a fraud. It only took a minute to realize this.

When you open the site for the first time, you'll see issues that look like the site is genuinely concern about. Once you do this realize this you will see how bullshit and crappy this is really, you'll realize that you just wasted your time all along.

When I first saw this I was really hooked up because I have a soft spot for our environment as well, I even got this bookmarked and shared to my social networking sites but boy was I very regretful after when I realized I made a fool out of myself and to others opinion or maybe I ingested a false information to somebody.

I must say this once and for all, at least I found out about its falsity at the early stage for I believed in anything. The images are nothing short of stunning, but that’s all, pretty amazing on how you made the site looked appealing. I mean, absolutely AMAZING in detail and richness. Just...WOW! You had me there huh! Navigation takes no time, very easy to use but play around with it and after a while it becomes unreal. That is why, it is that good looking, too good to be true. After going past the cover and an advertisement or two, you'll come to a page that allows you to jump around, view the table of contents, go straight to the included videos, etc.

Oddly, for me the site will only show and give you nonsense. The embedded videos are typically short and are also of stunning quality.

To me, the real value here is for existing subscribers to the site in which they had none. The hard copy subscription is nothing at all to begin with, especially considering what you get, and now on top of that, you can get absolutely nothing.

In the past I have been an on-again off-again subscriber but now, due to this discovery, you will never see me again for sure.

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3128FWM Laboratories [Florida]
Total claims:20
Refund »May 22, 200901/06/20093

I had order acai berry online and paid for a free trail.  I recieved the free trail 10 days after my order, i had forgotten that i even ordered it.  Then on the 20 i was charged $87.13 when i realized it that morning i called and had them cancel the order and i even have a cancellation number and they told me it would take 2 to 3 days to put the money back into my account and i called a week later because it was not in my account and the lady told me that it was going to take another 2 to 3 days and to call back.  Well i called back and when i finally get through to someone the girl hung up on me, so then i call back and get a hold to another CSR and he transfers me to a "manager" and then i get to talking to him and he hangs up on me.  What is going on! What's so funny is that when the CSR transferred me to a manager a girl named Sam answered then a guy name Sam answered!!  All i want is my money back if they keep this up i will be filling a lawsuit!

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3316FWM Laboratories [Florida]
Total claims:20
deducted from bank »06/12/200915/06/20093

I had ordered a free sample of this Acai Berry.  Was only to pay shipping fee of a 1.49 charge.  Today I went to my bank as I could not figure out why my balance was so low!  There before me On the ledger I see 2 charges from Expressberry for 87.13 that I never authorized.  Of course there is no number to be found for expressberry or even a website.  I am a victim of cancer just recently finished chemo.  was also on large doses of steriods. was anxios to TRY the product, but certainly in no financial position to have $174.26 dollars taken from me!!!  I am extremely upset.  I won't hesitate to proceed with fraud charges probono complaments of my uncle against this company.2009-06-15

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Total claims:4
fraudulent transaction »08/06/0909/06/20093

Your site came to my notice when I was trying to contact so many other complaints against them. In  my case, having thought I paid a nominal fee to register I discovered from an online balance check that my account had been debited £75.58. Having passed on the details to my bank, I contacted Saphie Number One who couldn't help, so tried the Support line number, where the operator informed me that I had not unticked certain boxes on my application. Obviously, as they were not there for me to untick. Charges are for membership, plus some services I have apparently used, know the story. He said that if I cancelled the membership I would lose out on the benefits, but to go to however, neither this site nor the helpme one are available on my computer being classed as 'malicious'.

Whatever boxes I may have left ticked, in my ignorance of them, I did not authorise this payment.

Nicholas Reader



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11467Leisure Escorts
Total claims:17
Lost Money to These Scammers »From Sept 0926/02/20103
Like others here, I too have been scammed by the company.

However, I won't take the loss of this money lying down and this was a suggestion made to me by Trading Standards/Consumer Direct:

1) Send an email to stating that they have breached their contract with you by failing to provide the service you paid for under the Supply of Goods and Services Act. It's taken an age to get an email out of them, so everyone send and email and keep sending them...

2) Send a recorded delivery letter to whatever address you have found for the parent company (when I sent my money it was to Capital Recuitment Limited who do have an address). You MUST state in this letter that Leisure Escorts have failed to provide the services which you paid for as per the Supply of Goods and Sevrices Act.

3) The more people that call Consumer Direct/Trading Standards the more likely they are to investigate. Please call them on 08454 040506. Please don't be embaressed to tell them what's happened, I know I was, but actully came off the phone with the fighting spirit.

4) Go to Office of Fair Trading Scam Busters and send them and email detailing what's happened. Again, the more people who complain the better.

5) Consumer Direct also suggested calling the Police (NOT 999 obviously!) and reporting that you had been conned by this company. I have done that and the copper I spoke with seemed to think that it was more of a civil case, but again, the more complaints, the more likely someone will look into it.

6) My next option is to write to BBC Watchdog to see if I can get them ineterested in the story that these companies play of the desire for people to make money, especially at a time when everyone is short of cash.

Phew.... As you can see, I'm trying to fight back as that redirects my anger at being conned by this dispicable people.

Join the fight and the more that complain, the more likely that something might be done!!!


PS As for option 6) above, I see that this website automatically emails BBC Watchdog... yay!

more details » [Dont know]
Total claims:2
Charged me with out me knowing »12th/november/200912/11/20093

i got charged 1.10 for a trial i thought thats all id end up getting but today i just got chrged 86.10 and 1.10 i dont know what for but im sick of scammers and i cant get address or nothing there was a phone number but cant even ring through its obviously fraudulant!!!im soo not happy i cant even cancel because i cant get hold of the scammers!!

more details » [Dont know]
Total claims:2
ripped off »11/9/200913/11/20093

sign uo for a one day trial for 1$ but they got $79.86 from my credit card

more details » [aurora]
Total claims:2
online profit »12/04/200904/12/20093
i signed up for a 2.95 online money making kit that was to be down loaded.the download wouldnt work.then an agent called my home that night and said it is really a 2 part kit with a monthly maintenance fee.i told him to cancell and he continued the pressure but agreed after unemployed and as soon as i had money in the bank they took it and will not refund under any circumstances.when you call and ask for a supervisor there are none.all i recieved was a debit to my account no papaer no download no email nothing but a charge.dont get ripped by them..i am putting them on facebook myspace and anywhere ican.ive called the attorney general and doing the bbb bank says they will dispute but that takes 90 days and they have to authorize repayment..what a RIPOFF

more details » [aurora]
Total claims:2
tanya kruglikoff »not sure,maybe nov 200903/01/20103
I was on a site that said the would send me out a free success kit in the mail for 2.95 . then it directed me to a page where I filled out my debit card details and address etc. then to my horror about 89.00aud, was on my bank account, saying something like Elitepack purchase. I had to phone the bank and have my card cancellled,and went without food for a week until I received my new debit card. I want my money back and some compensation from these scammers!
tanya kruglikoff
South Australia

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11391NUSKIN 866-484-6361 [Singapore]
Total claims:34
I want my money or product!!! »02/02/201021/02/20103

I placed an order for a free 30 day acai berry trial which i only had to pay the postage for, in the small print at the bottom is said if i don't cancel within 30 days that i will ave to pay for a months supply. 28 days later i attempted to cancel the order but there was no information on how to do this and when i tried to search for the website again i could not find it.....i was charged $119.02 (£76.02) on 02/02/2010. this is how it appeared on my statement

02 Feb   VIS       INT'L 0064855302                   76.89                                                                         NUSKIN 866-484-636                                                                                                 SINGAPORE                                                                                                             USD 119.02                                                                                                             @ 1.5479  



that was 19 days ago and still no product and i still cant find the website!!! what do i do now because they have my bank details and could take money at any time. Can anyone help me please?


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29973Crown Capital Eco Management
Total claims:4
Crown Eco Management Needs More Study »11/5/201306/11/20133
Just recently the site was introduced by a friend of mine, we were currently studying about environment so I checked it out and to my regret I wish I didn’t even click the link. Now they I am back to start, I wasted so much time considering your site. I even got you bookmarked can you imagine that. Now can you imagine my frustration when I know I have no much time left? But I told myself oh, I could spare some time wiring this for the benefit of other people.
I cannot get the grasp of the whole idea of this site, what is this site really is for, seriously? So here is the deal, every section is saying nothing but a bunch of text and then? I don’t know I am lost. I was even looking forward to reading on the articles but I said to myself, oh no you don’t. don’t waste anymore time on this. You probably read it already somewhere else. Hopefully it is just not ready yet for the real world if I may say and will be fixed with an upcoming update? One can hope....
Well I guess its okay if you don't mind paying attention on something else rather than wasting time on Okay so much to read huh but, for how much? Is it worth it? No!
After wasting my time considering this site, here I am writing this review, well I do not think I am wasting my time anymore. I believe that I am doing a favor to internet users, at least they will not go through the same sentiment I am going trough right now.
This site is struggling with its contents. I made multiple attempts give it a chance maybe there is something there but I found nothing. All variants of the sections were useless; I didn’t get anything out of everything. I am not happy, I am not pleased. It was disappointing to visit and open this site which is nothing more than a solicitation to buy an e-subscription. No real content.
They know its a problem, so fix it already!! I am a internet goer and internet is basically what my job is all about and I know bullshit when I see one. The site doesn't recognize bullshits. Never had this problem with any other site but Crown Eco Management is a crap.

The magazine content is very much not what I've come to expect from an environmental site. To whoever is the admin of, you my man needs a lot of learning to do.

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Total claims:4


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3366FWM Laboratories [Florida]
Total claims:20
acai berry detox »06/18/200919/06/20092


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4288vitality clean [west lothian]
Total claims:18
Taken money from my account!! »17/07/09 and 1/08/0919/08/20092

I ordered 2 lots at seperate times (one for myself and one for a friend) of their FREE months trial and only had to pay p&p which was £1.50 each. I have since had my credit company on the phone to say i am over my credit limit and the reason being this company has charged me 2 lots of £74.53 on the 17th of july and a further 2 lots of £72.63 on the 1st of august!! I am not happy. I have now been charged for going over my credit limit as well!!

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Total claims:28
Taking money without authorisation »21/9/200923/09/20092

I sent for a free trial of Acai Berry and now other companys are taking funds from my account resulting in bank charges every month, i am so scared this is going to carry on, i cant afford this at all!


Please someone help.

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