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1665wessexteak [essex]
Total claims:1
false advertising free delivery »03040903/04/20091

odered a garden table nad chairs was told order was successful but heard no more from store on contacting them they then told me they dont deliver to scotland and was advised to come and collect items myself, which was a bit of a journey. no apolgy was offered and a very condisending attitude was given re delivering to scotland oh yes and cornwall

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3816United Utilities [Warrington, England]
Total claims:1
Exuberant water charges »1997-200923/07/20091

This case involves:

Mrs J.E. Riley

100 Crewe Road



CW5 6JD.

Around twelve years ago Mrs Riley applied for a water metre to be fitted to her property. However, she was informed by United Utilities that they would not be able to fit one because she shared a water main with next door.

However, ten years later Mrs. Riley was successful, in applying for a meter to be fitted, (AND THE METER WAS FITTED INSIDE HER PROPERTY), and her water bill dropped by a colossal amount, (from sixty two pounds seventy per month to just six pounds seventy).

Mrs. Riley wrote to the Water Company in question to complain, she also wrote to Consumer Council, and Ofwat, and the Office of Fair Trading.

Mrs. Riley wishes to be compensated for all the over payments she has made since she applied for a meter over twelve years ago.

Also there must still be millions of households on the old rateable value system who are all paying exeuberant charges for their water. Mrs Riley wishes her case to be a test case, to test the legality of these charges.

Yours sincerely, with the Greatest of Respect 

J.R. Ephraim acting as Mrs. Riley's executor.


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1115hookahs [portsmouth]
Total claims:1
mhairi morrison »29-01-200903/03/20090

I placed an order with company on 29-01-09 for 20 mouthpieces and 10 charcoal rolls for my Sheesha pipe.They claim they delivered this to 1/3 Uddingst.They claim this is the address I gave them. i have the original order that I placed and my address is clearly written on this.They are very abusive when I try to e-mail them.i also have copies of these.They are refusing to refund my cash. Many thanks.

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1458Seven Trent Water [Birmingham]
Total claims:1
Seven-Trent Water rip-off merchants »21/03/200923/03/20090

Well here is my story. I live in a one bedroom appartment and live alone so my water useage is always low.

However one month  (October 2008) I saw my bill was alittle high and I called Severn Trent and after much coaxing they agreed to send out an engineer to read my meter.

He arrived (November 2008) and I showed him to the meter. I then had to explain to this "engineer" how to read a water meter. Alarm bells should have sounded then but  I was ill with full blown flu that week so I did not want to get off the couch let alone question his compitency. He said there was a problem with the meter and pipes supplying it and set he to work.

 After much noise he said he was done and the problem was fixed he also said my toilet was making some noise and that it was using more water than it should he recomended I call a plumber to have a look as he was not allowed to touch my toilet.

That very morning I called a plumber out who took a look at my toilet and said I had no problem and that all was well (I am now £40 out of pocket for the plumbers call-out fee).

In December I get a bill for £1200 from Seven trent saying I used that much water. I said that an engineer had been out and that there must be a horrible mistake. They told me to fill in an alowance form. I did so and sent it in. Then I got a reminder letter for £1200. I told them I sent in the form they said they scanned it but they accidentaly scanned the back of the form not the front hence I needed to send in a new form. I had to call 6 times to get a new allowance form sent out to me. I filled it in and attached a diagram of my appartment and an explantion of my water useage with evidence of meter readings showing my usage went down the day the meter was looked at.

However they say I have to pay as they claim my toilet was at fault due to a valve. He went no where near my toilet how can he claim a valve he said he was not allowed to investigate. Conviently the work on the water meter has been omitted.

 I know I am being ripped-off but how do I get this insane bill dropped.

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