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26904Interior home design of rossendale [Rossendale lancs]
Total claims:22
Different coloured kitchen »4/9/1201/10/201213

My kitchen arrived by driver claiming he had come from manchester, it could not be checked as he would not wait, I signed it as unchecked, and also got 'bob' the driver to sign also, I was missing 4 doors, I rang the company and they arrived 14 days later. My kitchen fitter started to build the units to discover alot of the housing units were of poor quality, when he fitted the doors & started to peel theprotective coatings off, we discovered the kitchen doors didn't match each other ( high gloss cream) then they also didn't match the cornices,plinths, side panels, so I contacted the customer services, who must employ every rude person on the planet, who after over 25mins on hold, ad the phone put down on me, intact I have rung them over 15times in the last week, had the phoneput down on me over 10 times, been asked what myproblemis & dealt with one lady who appeared helpful, and told me, my correct kitchen was being couriered to me on fri 28/9/12, we are now on the 2/10/12 and still no kitchen....I have had enough now & am going to contactthelocal council in rossendale, trading standards & the ferret, I'm a disabled lady, I'm left with a partially built kitchen, and am disgusted that people like this even breath the same air as me...apparently the company is owned by no other than Martin sersen, who is nicknamed the" kitchen gangster"... Wish I had known this, I'm now stuck with a 3 tone kitchen, and no results.....

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27697Interior home design of rossendale [Rossendale lancs]
Total claims:22
A Message from the Owner »12/12/201212/12/20127
Hi my name is Martin and I am very concerned at the complaints on this forum regarding my product and service. I must admit that we have had a problem with our PVC Foil Supplier in that the last deliveries of white and cream high gloss were different shades to that of previous deliveries and we have experienced problems with different coloured doors but this problem has now been resolved and I can only apologise to any customers that have had a problem with this. I am more than happy to deal immediately with any customers that have an outstanding complaint.

As for any other complaints regarding any matter then please anyone, and including people on this forum please contact me on and I will be more than happy to solve any issues immediately.

It's pointless me trying to make excuses as to why our carousels were out of stock or why a larder end panel should arrive damaged, or even why a single door arrived one week late or even two weeks. It just should not happen at all. Please once more accept my most sincere apologies and please feel free to contact me personally on at any time.

Ensuring you of my best intentions at all times,

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27611Interior home design of rossendale [Rossendale lancs]
Total claims:22
missing items! refund »16/10/201205/12/20124
I purchased a kitchen from this company in October paying a "Design consultant" to design the kitchen that I have always wanted paying him £100.00.when my kitchen arrived from Manchester later then expected, I signed unchecking the items. when the installers came to fit the kitchen it was discovered that a base unit and door was missing and two carousels too. I rang them immediately and was told that they will send the items out to me I will receive them within 5 working days! I had to go and but a base unit so at least a bit of the kitchen could be assembled and have a work top on for my family to eat costing me more money!!! I am still waiting for my carousels since October and keep getting fobbed off saying "its out of stock". I had paid in full and when I ring I get spoken to very rudely!!! please help get my items or refund??

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558Autowash [Sittingbourne, Kent]
Total claims:1

I am bitterly dissappointed, not to mention UPSET - not only with Flavel Cookers; (we paid around the £400 mark when we purchased ours in Dec.2004), but lately with the "repair" man who visited us on the 23rd Dec.,08, from Autowash.  Autowash are one of 2 Repairs Agents which our insurers - Domestic & General uses.  After being given the terrible runaround by 'DomGen' at the time of year when u least of all need this aggro: (as their assistants don't even log your details correctly or keep u informed and upto date), we finally had the engineer visit from Autowash!  My Husband took him out in the kitchen to inspect it.  (I was still on the net, emailing my complaints to D.& G. over their appalling disorganization and inefficiency!!  All that this bloke told my hubby was that "our Flavel, "Aspen 50" model cooker "would need parts sent off for and we might have to pay the difference, or else pay a part towards the cost of renewal for a replacement if he couldn't get these parts!".  (Good job we'd bought some chicken breasts for Christmas dinner to use in my Dad's borrowed desk-top mini cooker!), otherwise a turkey would never have fitted in and we'd have lost out on this as well!  (Well u can't trust companies anyway to look after yr welfare and do what they're supposed to!!).

Today, whilst looking through my emails of roughly 2 wks ago to D.& G. regarding this, I took down their phone no. and gave them a call.  Now the chap I spoke to was very nice and clearly was doing his job very well, (which makes a change), because nobody else there seemed to know what they were doing before. But I was mortified however, to be told what they'd written, and this explained why they hadn't bothered to contact me, (barring the heartless email sent on Xmas Eve which I've only just read!).  Aparently these ropey agents at Autowash, (whom this man inferred are "recognized Agents of Comets" had recorded a load of bullsh*t which they sent to D. & G.'s accusing us of "never cleaning the cooker", which is [b*ll@c?s] (link: mailto:b*ll@c?s) - believe me!!  They're trying to wash their hands of repairing our cooker, by shifting the blame onto us with these offensive and inflamatory comments, and I'm NOT having this garbage!!  It literally is adding insult to injury on top of what we're already going through!  We were paying our DomGen insurance in GOOD FAITH - expecting to be COVERED for things like this which we did not ask, want, nor deserve to wrong at all!!  What tykes!  It's a damned disgrace and it further goes to prove what a shambolic farce and rip-off the "insurance" industry is today - which plainly does NOT insure!!!  As the cooker is only 4 yrs young then u would hardly expect the gas ignition to fail u in the oven would u?  The ignition comes on and ignites but it fails to stay on!  Now this sort of farce shouldn't happen at all, let alone to be told that it's "corrosion and not a mechanical fault!", unquote.  Excuse me, but these are meant to be bloody mechanics!  What jessies!!

I'm also appalled that the best Domestic and General can come up with, (in view of the crappy "repair agents" if one can call them such?, they're employing that is), is for US to have to dip into our own pockets, (and we just DON'T have the money but live hand-to instead)!  And these charlatans expect US to pay for an independent repairs engineer of our own to look over the cooker, and it doesn't end there - this catalogue of abuse against the Consumer!  IF the engineer agrees with them they WON'T pay us a penny for repairs or to even reimburse us the cost for this 2nd report!!  Only IF they disagree with the Autowash diagnosis will they pay for repairs and out-of-pocket expenses for this!!  This is outrageous and words can't describe how disgusted I feel over this, they've left us up sh*t creek without a paddle!  There's loads of cases going through regarding mis-sold PPI's, yet still abuses like this are occurring all the time with bad insurances stacked against Customers, it's all wrong!  What about the diabolical quality of the Flavel cooker then?, if this happens?  Why are they allowed to sell such dog's dirt products at all, let alone for those kind of prices!  For all the stress, misery, hassle, misleading, and utter callousness etc. in the way that we've been (mis)handled, and in view of a £400 cooker of 2004 depreciating a bit over the years, albeit - not many years, then I propose £247 to be in order to compensate us for a new cooker, (which it looks like in all probabilities we might have to go for!), at an outlet giving discounts.

Mrs. D. Winfield

(I'm appalled)

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1128brighthouse [motherwell]
Total claims:9
optinal insurance cover »2006 till 200803/03/20093

i joined brighthouse after seeing several good adverts on tv when i joined they where friendly helpful and pleased.i always made my payments the first item i got from them was an xbox360 which was great at the time because all the other stores where sold out of them so i took the deal 2 weeks later it arrived 5 moths after recieving it it stopped working so i called brighthouse they told me to get in touch with xbox themselfs as they could not fix it but i was paying optional insurance cover for i was told at the start it was optional and i told them i didnt want it as i knew from past experience that microsoft deals with it themselves but was told i had to take it even though i had no need for it. my xbox360 was away for 6 weeks i still had to pay for it and the insurance cover which i didnt need because microsoft have a guarentee with all there computers.i paid off the xbox360 several months later. i found myself low on cash at christmas time and went to brighthouse again and this time i got my son a ps3 for the same reasons as above but the same thing happended again i had no option but to take the optional service cover although i stated i never wanted it as sony does the same thing as microsoft they have a years guarentee withere products once again it broke down i rang brighthouse they told me to contact sony as they coulfdnt fix it once again i asked them well why am i paying insurance cover for you to fix something that you cant fix? they replyed contact sony they will fix your ps3 so i did and the ps3 was gone for 4 weeks in total and i still had to pay for and the insurance too granted sometimes my payments were late and i got constant calls which were abusive from them threating to come and uplift the computer when i was only 1 day late with my payment the manager was rude to me infront of my children and other customers also.could somebody tell me how i go about getting my money back from these itiots that sold me cover that i didnt need as the items where already insured by the manufacturers warrenty in my eyes this was a complete con.

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2433imprinted concrete [romford]
Total claims:1
fix my drive properly »20 august 200808/05/20092

i had adrive built by imprinted concrete in april 08 by august there was a big crack down the middle i asked mr shields to repair this, he came one day and filled the crack with i now had a drive with acement mark down the middle i mr shields on numerous occasions to come and paint it the same as the rest of my drive i have not seen or heard from him. i sent him a picture of the drive and how badley it was deterating and asked to see him till this day he has not botherer to see me. i have also kept all dates and phone calls to him and acopy of the letter i sent. 

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28269Interior home design of rossendale [Rossendale lancs]
Total claims:22
Limed ash kitchen and solid granite counter tops. »27th January05/02/20132

Along with many other customers on this site I've been very enlightened with the outcome of this organization. I've recently taken delivery of an exquisite limed ash kitchen with solid granite counters and as a whole the experience has been a breeze. My wife and I take great effort in remodeling the kitchen every 2 or 3 years and know what to expect and what to avoid. I designed the kitchen prior to the home visit and made sure she was aware of my every requirement and admirably she took it all in instantly which is rare to see. As with all of our projects we become hesitant at the final hurdles but I asked the driver to check each parcel and package to ensure we weren't missing anything and after a good 10 minutes or so it became apparent that we had a complete order in perfect condition. If you miss the opportunity to buy a top-class kitchen at a price that this company are willing to offer you must be barmy. Yours, Mr H.Brown.

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27482Interior home design of rossendale [Rossendale lancs]
Total claims:22
Refund of undelivered items i have paid for and compensation to cover extra on carpenters »09/11/201222/11/20122
I ordered my kitchen on the 13th August 2012 and asked for it to be delivered on the 9th November so you would think that gives the company plenty of time to make sure the order is complete damage free for delivery??? Kitchen arrived on the 9th my husband checked it off their form everything there so we thought!!!! Missing off my order x2 Larder doors, Pelmet paid for 3M only received 2.4M, no end panels for cupboards either side of extractor fan, x2 doors short 400mm,300mm,replacement 600mm door as one damaged,needed to change a 500mm top cupboard and door for a 300mm top cupboard and door, No Ironon edging for the end of the work surface. I have lost count how many times i have phoned them not a quick phone call each one is always over 40mins and the only person you get to speak to is receptionist who put you through the CUSTOMER SERVICE PERSONS hahah they have as much customer service skills as a square peg in a round hole!!!! I am dreading my phone bills,last Tuesday myself and 2 friends were all on the phone to them at the same time seeing who will get through first, i did in ythe end and they had my order said it would come on Friday 16th after being on the phone several times talking to a Rottweiler who i asked if i could check the oreder that was coming the next day, you can guess phone put down and nobody phoned driver phoned and laughing said I've got your order but not all I said to him I'm not laughing this end of phone he replied I'm not laughing I said nor am I, he came with 2 larder end panels which they expected me to pay £60 for b that half price mind and surprise surprise damaged I was told to have them as they are going to be cut I replied that I do not go and buy a cup with a broken handle???I have had to pay my carpenters more money to cover extra labour and pay more for them to buy cupboards and doors I have already paid for but not received yet to get my kitchen finished after 2weeks of a building site no cooker for the last 16days as the cooker that I paid for with the kitchen needs a extra part to be able to be fitted a male?female part the gas man said, so I would like to just say to anybody who would think of buying from this company DON'T waste your money, phone bill, time and mental state you have when sitting listening and paying for the privalage too!!!

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27253mr sersen [Rossendale lancs]
Total claims:2
damaged goods missing parts and missing office »5/11/201206/11/20122
I emailed interior design of Rossendale regarding a quote after seeing then listed as an advert at the bottom line of the eBay listing.
A “designer” quote designer arrived at my home on the 15/09/2012 and after recommending several options I preferred to keep it simple due to lack of cash. He designed and sold me a six-drawer white gloss kitchen and a cupboard for an integrated fridge/freezer, which he advised me ant separate fridge or freezer could fit. He then asked for £100.00 deposit but as I am hopeless with money I did offer half the payment £600.00 but he refused and took only £150.00, I know realise this his for his design plan and not deducted from the total cost.
Although I suffer my bi polar and medicated for the diagnosis I was completing a paper for my masters and asked delivery to be at a later date due to my was explained if left longer than four weeks I would lose my deposit so even though not ready to have the kitchen fitted I had the delivery approximately at the end of October.

My boyfriend/partner who I only see intermit as he works away, was at my home that day. He helped the sole delivery guy unload the van and after banter and informing us that I had been over charged he proceeded to go through the check list himself which he confirmed all goods had been delivered and he signed as paid in full after taking the cash payment which is the only accepted payment.

I finished my dissertation and proceeded to decorate my kitchen ready for a friend to being fitting on the 3rd November, it was only then when I realized that a full three-metre length of worktop was missing. I phoned customer service who was very rude and obnoxious who said how come I had left it so late to report and according to the delivery driver he had delivered three lengths of worktop. I explained I was not a kitchen fitter and had not looked at the plans. I was extremely distressed as she was basically accusing me as a liar and stupid for not noticing the oversight beforehand. Part of my bi polar condition is being gullible and naive; I have a very trusting personality and never even thought such dealings happened. I eventually hung up on the customer service woman who was insulting me. She phoned back immediately and growled at me asking if I had no manners and how dare I hang up on her. The conversation became an onslaught of abuse from the customer service woman until I hung up again.

5th November, my friend came to continue with the kitchen fit to discover all the doors and drawers were damaged and I had only received three drawers rather than the six. I phoned again which is nearly an hour of being place on hold and directed to another customer service woman to be placed on hold again. I asked for a refund concerning the damaged goods and also for the items, which I could no longer use, as I had not received my worktop. I was informed they do not refund any monies and if I wanted replacement doors /drawers I would have to wait until the 22nd November. I still complained about the missing worktop, which I was placed on hold for another half an hour and they hung the phone up on me before responding.

I thought the best option was to drive to the address given Unit 7c SPRING VALE MILL, WATERSIDE ROAD, ROSSENDALE. BB4 5EZ. When I arrived at such said address there was no office, no unit just a mailbox address. I had email Mr Sersen, proprietor, who I have since found out to be an alternative name for Mr Vance Miller, kitchen conman. I feel disappointed and upset that I have been conned by a professional outfit, which the team must be all part of the swindle. It took me a long time to save the money being a single parent and the kitchen was reward for finishing my MA course. The friend who is fitting my kitchen has had to redesign the fit to what is available and has to buy some more units as a normal fridge/freezer do not fit in the units as the designer stated and lack of worktop has now left me without worktop for my washer /dryer or breakfast bar. I feel it is necessary that Mr Vance Miller is stopped yet again from deceiving further people.

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Total claims:3
Compensation »27.06.200904/07/20091

I purchased a kitchen from B & Q on 01.06.09.  I was told I would be informed of delivery date as I wanted it to be delivered on a Thursday.  I was told if all items were in stock it would come direct from store, if not it would come from a depot.  On Friday 19.06.09, while I was not at home, the kitchen was delivered.  On 27.06.09 my fitters came to fit kitchen, they found 2 out of 3 work surfaces were damaged, a post was broken, pieces were missing from the assembly parts and 15 pieces of the kitchen were missing from order, including drawer fronts, door, end panels, cabinets etc.  The manager told me that he would not give me the missing pieces or a refund until he had investigated matter.  I took all pieces in my possession back to store and was only offered partial refund, for bits i had returned, not the missing pieces.  I complained to complaints department, only for them to be  so incompetent I had to add them to complaint.  On 29.06.09 I was told I would get a full refund, but not because they agreed that pieces were missing, just for customer goodwill.  I have a bill for £200 from my fitters for starting to fit kitchen, but B & Q refuse to pay saying that all items were delivered.  By 01.07.09 B & Q admitted that 2 of the missing pieces were never delivered, but that all the other pieces were, and I am entitled to nothing.  I was not prepared to let the fitters fit a kitchen, without me knowing that B & Q would give me the missing peices, as I had no intention of paying for them again.  The kitchen was not fit for purpose and trading standards say they are in breach of contract, but still they won't pay my fitter's bill.  B & Q are useless and couldn't care about customer service, and are quite happy to call their customers liars and thieves.  I cater from home and not only am I out of pocket £200 to  my fitters and about £25 in petrol to and from store, and phone calls, my business has suffered and I have lost earnings and goodwill of my customers.  Please help.

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2900AAA Enterprizes [Philadelphia ]
Total claims:1
scammed out of home »Feb 200821/05/20091

In 2008, my husband and i were about to lose our home to a sheriff sale, we were desperate to find a way to save our home , this man comes to our home claiming to be a man  of God, and would help us save our home, which he did at the time, he said we could live in our home for two years and pay rent and at the end of two  years, he would help us get financing to buy our home back, but he sold our house to another party nad promised them to pay thier payments for a year, which he did not do, now we find out that the house is going up for sale again, scheulded for sheriff sale june 9,2009. My husband is in a hospital bed on oxygen 24/7. cannot walk or care for himself. So we are going to be without a home and nowhere to go. we are sennior citizens are on a fixed income, we need help, Please can someone help us. If you should want to contact us our telephone # is 302-691-8344. Thank you , Sinerly Yours, Carol and Ulyssess Dash.

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10783QSSupplies QS Supplies QS Bathroom Supplies [Leicester]
Total claims:5
taps »13th November 200927/01/20101

I too have had a terrible experience with QS supplies. I ordered basin and bath taps from them and gave them a different delivery address to my home address. The taps were delivered without any forewarning and as there was nobody in they were left with and signed for by a neighbour which contravined their own Terms and Conditions in which they state if no one is home the delivery will be returned to QS supplies. When I received the package I found that it was the wrong bath tap and there was no basin tap. I immediatly phoned to tell them this and was told, very rudely that it was what I had ordered and that I had signed for them. I tried to explain the circumstances but the very ignorant Mo that I spoke to argued with me that I had signed for them and it was what I had ordered! Successive phone calls were in the same ilk and on one occasion I demanded to speak to someone else and was told I could speak to some one 'below' Mo. Then Mo continued to speak to me in a slightly altered voice. Pathetic if it wasn't for the fact that they still have my £181. My son phoned on my behalf as I felt there was a slightly masoginistic vibe coming from them but he came of the phone as angry as I had. I returned the taps within the 7 days also stated in their Terms and Conditions and used the next day delivery guaranteed service at a cost of £22. I have been in touch with the Visa company and they will pursue this as will Trading Standards. I am also contacting The One Show and The Judge from the Sunday Mail newspaper in the hope they can get my money back and hopefully close down this cowboy outfit.

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6583QSSupplies QS Supplies QS Bathroom Supplies [Leicester]
Total claims:5
QSSupplies - QS Supplies - Amazing Service from QS Supplies »11/11/200912/11/20091


I adore Qssupplies, it is by far my favourite online store for so many reasons.

Firstly it has such a wide selection of Shower Enclosures, Baths and Taps etc, so not matter what taste or style you have, they'll definitely be something to suit you. Also searching for Bathroom accessories couldn't be easier, you simply select the item you are looking for and you are then given the option to refine your search by selecting the size, style, shape etc until you get your perfect match.

Another thing I love about QSSUPPLIES is the price, it sells big brand names for an affordable price, and it seems to have a clearance round about once a month so their are plenty of opportunities to grab a good bargain, and things do really go incredibly cheap.

Then there's the issue of delivery, on average I've found that Shower enclosures usually take 2 - 3 days to come, but some of my items have even been delivered the next day. and if they send you the wrong item, you can send it back and get the correct one sent back to you within 2 days of sending it back, its perfect.

QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies QS Supplies



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11364Clean Smoke Systems LLC [county durham]
Total claims:1
Free Trial »27.1.1018/02/20101

I ordered the free sample from an ad on face book for clean smoke for £3.95. I received the sample a month later with only a receipt for £0.00. No address or anything else. I then got my bank statement today and it had deductions of £73.74 with £2.18 for currency exchange fee -a Singapore transaction?. The charge was from Pro body which was not written on the website at all nor was the mention of the £73.74 full price. I paid by debit card and verified it by visa so I did not authorise this other company to take any money out of my account let alone the rediculous amount of £73.74! Please help.

Elaine Crompton

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28275Interior home design of rossendale [Rossendale lancs]
Total claims:22
my smart little kitchen for a bargain price »February 2nd05/02/20131
my kitchen cost me less than £900 and it looks ace. i live just outside London and expected a high delivery charge but even that was free of charge as well. i spent days looking for the right kitchen because i was after something funky looking for my studio apartment. I've only got a few units but their sales adviser gave me the idea of contrasting two colours so i decided on glossy cream and the dark purple colour. i was expecting the price to be thousands, but when he said under £1000 i didn't believe him at first, but it was there on paper so i didn't even have to think twice and gave him the deposit to secure the order. my mum warned me about hidden charges from there on, but there wasn't any. I'd just bought a kitchen for £895 including VAT and their free delivery service. my dad dealt with the fitting and said there were a few fixtures missing but he bought them from a hardware store down the road so all in all I've just bagged myself a bargain.

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28884Interior home design of rossendale [Rossendale lancs]
Total claims:22
Undelivered goods »11 Feb 201327/03/20131
Kitchen was to be delivered on 11th Feb and I took the day off work. Phoned at about 10:30 to say the van had broken down but would be there in about 2 hrs. Eventually arrived at 5pm in the dark.
The fitter arrived the following day only to find some items missing. He said he would tell the company and I would have them before the end of the week. It is now 27th March 6 weeks later and I am still waiting to finish my kitchen. I have rung several times only to speak to a sales person who, when they realise it is not a sales call connect me to a line that never gets answered.
The guarentee 100% satisfaction and that they answer calls up until 8pm THEY DONT I would not deal with them again. Beware!!

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28244[b][URL=]Interior Home Designs of Rossendale Reviews [Rossendale lancs]
Total claims:1
1/1/2014 »2/3/201201/02/20131

Interior Home Designs of Rossendale did the lot for Ã�£1400 and my review would be that they are worth recommending. [URL=] Interior Home Designs of Rossendale Reviews [/URL]

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184AFM roofing contractors [Washington]
Total claims:1
Guttering »5 Nov 200724/08/20080

In November 2007 We employed Fred Mason to do our guttering which we paid £500.00 for and this work has not yet been completed in the next couple of weeks our solicitor will take up the case

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386kraftwork kitchens [lagoa]
Total claims:1
ignoring major structual problem »sept 200827/11/20080

A year after kraftwork kitchens replaced the roof on our cottage at a cost of 10,000€ , a 2/3 ft crack appeared  at the top of the wall in a place that correspondes with their brickwork and rendering, they have ignored our request to visit the our property, even though we have advised them that the crack in the brickwork has extended to 10 ft and around the front of the wall, and is still progessing.

For 7 weeks now we can not get past an assistant who says the owner of the company will get back to us. despite numerous phone calls and email, all we have had is  a builders estimate to strip and render the whole wall at a cost to us for 1300€ . Basically they want us to pay to cover up their substandard work. We were outraged a sent a letter of complaint, but needless to say it is being ignored.

As we believe the wall to be in a dangerous state we have no choice but to take legal action

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625claimar care plc [england]
Total claims:1
unfair proposal of employment »may 200813/01/20090

i applied for the post of support worker in clitheroe with claimar care in march 2008, at this time i was unemployed. i was invited to interview and was told i had the job i declared what was on my criminal recoerd and they accepted this and i paid £42.00 for the criminal record check. i was then invited to a training course in great harwood of which was for 4 days in may 2008. i attended these training days but as i am from Clitheroe it cost me £95 for the week to get there.i had to use a local taxi firm because the times of the course did not allow me to use public transport, on the last day of the course i was told i would be contacted with a date to visit claimar offices to obtain my uniform and starting date. i awaited 2 weeks and still heard nothing so i called them,i was then told i hadnt got the job because they had taken too many applicants on than they needed. i put in a written complaint and was told i would be able to claim my travel expenses back i forwarded reciepts to them in june 2008 and have still not recieved my expenses back.

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