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2734capital2coast security [east sussex]
Total claims:2
wheel clamping »16.05.0917/05/20092

hi i parked my vehicle in jengers mead car park billinghusrt west sussex i got my ticket at around 14.15 i got my 13mth old daughter out of the car by this time i had put the ticket on the dash board has it had no sticky back to stick it to the window i shut the door and didn't notice that the ticket had blew over face down it wasn't until i got back to the car at 14.43 that i had been clamped and then i noticed the ticket had blown over i phoned the company straight away and told them this isn't funny i have a ticket i did'nt realise the ticket was face down he said to me that there was nothing he could do as the ticket was not displayed and that i had to play it there and then. i was crying two old ladys spoke to the blokes in the van on my behalf has i was so distraught and there told the ladys that they would ring the office to c if he could reduce the price but the office man said no i had to pay it now. which i did pay but my complaint is i had a vauled ticket and didn't realise it had blown over please help me i would like my money back...

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4651capital2coast security [east sussex]
Total claims:2
clamping »29.07.0902/09/20091

My vehicle was clamped whilst parked at Jengers Mead, Billingshurst on 23rd July 2009 and I have paid the fee, under protest, to have my car released. The ticket machine was not working and there were no signs to say that there was an alternative machine which was hidden behind shrubs. When I returned to my car about 6mins later, it was in the process of being clamped and the clamper refused to stop. When I explained that the machine was not in use he said it was working a few minutes before. This was untrue and two other people who had tried it stopped to tell him this. I then explained that my husband, who died six days after this incident, was suffering from advanced cancer, taking morphine for the pain and completely bed bound and I had left him alone and urgently needed my car to get home to him. A witness has signed this account of events. I wrote to the company the same day to explain the circumstances and ask for a refund but as yet have had no reply.

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866the digital camera company [Kettering]
Total claims:1
camera equipment back pack »29 November 200810/02/20090

I ordered the bag on 29 Nov 2008, from the "digitalcamerashop" website, they confirmed it 30 Nov and took the payment from my bank account 2nd Dec. By the end of December I had not received it so contacted them via their contact page on the website  on 30 Dec'. They replied on 2nd Jan' 2009 saying they would chase the manufacturer (Lowepro) on Monday 5th Jan' when they're back at work. I have still not received the order or even a reply although have sent several messages using their contact page on the  digitalcamerashop website (email address unknown) and nobody ever answers the telephone 01536 510101, I have left messages on their answer phone leaving both my home and mobile numbers but to no avail. My latest move has been to send them a letter demanding a full refund under the Consumer protection (distance selling) Reg's 2000 but I doubt they will reply.

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Total claims:2
philbrad ltd »OCTOBER 200817/02/20090


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Total claims:2
non-receipt of good »30 March22/05/20090

Company available on net, by email and phone prior to plaing an order.  They instantly debited by visa and 3 weeks later the goods had not arrived. 

Then the company impossible to contact and did not return by email or telephone calls.  I cancelled by email and recorded delivery.  ( but since learnt from police that they do not pick up their mail.  Address just a mail box).

Fortunately I paid by credit card and company returned my money.  Company a complete scam and should be barred from selling in internet.

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13995Security Direct [Barking ]
Total claims:1
Five months »31/05/1006/10/20100
This has gone on for so long that the details are now sketchy.

Orderd some boots on 31/05/10. They never turned up, so I contacted them by email on three seperate occasions to no avail. Contacted them by phone and was told they were out of stock but would send something similiar. One month goes by and I recieve the boots, not knowing the brand or size they are too small. Contact them by email, no reply. Phone them and Im told I can send them back for a different size. I send them back and a month goes by with no reply, I email them and no reply. I phone them and I'm told they will contact me back. One week later and nobody calls. I call them again asking for a refund because this has gone on for five months, I'm told they will call me by the end of the day. Nobody calls. I call them again, telling them the situation and asking for a refund, they tell me they will call back informing me of the situation. They don't.

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26231ISSG Sea Marshals [philippines]
Total claims:1
ISSG Sea Marshal - UNPAID WAGES »20/01/201203/08/20120

think we need to take a long hard look at this ISSG situation regarding our wages. It is very clear that Mike Murrel has no intention of paying any of us. I have conducted my own investigation into claims that Murrel is waiting to get paid by some shipping companies, before he can pay out any wages. This is a blatant lie, because Murrel insists on full payment upfront from the shipping companies, before he puts any of his gaurds on the vessel. Murrel has spent the last 3 or so months, ducking and diving and not responding to phone calls or e-mails. He closed down the office in the Commores, because he was in serious financial trouble and owed some people a lot of money. His office in Davoa also closed down and he has now opened up an office in Dar es Salaam of all places. We need to find him and make him accountable for ... so many of us around for so long...

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26039Darren Watkins [COLCHESTER]
Total claims:1
Dew Security Services - Unpaid Wages »13/07/201214/07/20120

Worked for the DEW security, colchester for 3 weeks.thinking the company was genuine until I started hearing stories from fellow workers about been owed wages, so I decided to follow my instinct and leave the company before stuff gets out of control. Some of the guys are owed 2-3 months wages.  As of today Im still awaiting my wages. lame excuses were given to me on the 1st month - due to incomplete timesheet & invoice (basically I had forgotton to put in my hourly rate - lame). so I re-did my timesheets & invoice, ensuring that all details were correct and complete so no such lame excuses was to be repeated. A reply via email came back saying that my wages will be in my bank account by mid of the 2nd month. Time came and went and Im still waiting for my wages. recieved no replies from Darren after attempts of trying to find out more details of the issue. he is just full of shit. What kind of company doesn't pay his troops. Darren if you want good loyal guys - you better start paying them. I'm now in the process to take the DEW security to court. If any of you thinking or is about to work for him - My advice, stay as far away from the company because you will be coned from start till end

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29264Web of Trust []
Total claims:1
Web of Trust False Reviews and Lies »05/05/201306/05/20130
By posting here we probably all risk them to do further attacks and make further untrue statements about our websites. Google WOT or Web of Trust and you will see forums filled with similar stories. We tried all the proper channels as listed in their support forum but that just opened us to more abuse and slander.

MyWOT has a community of high level users that get to decide if they like your website or not. If they do not then then rate it low and there is nothing you can do about. They make false statements that we sell drugs, identity theft, and are deceptive. We then use the support method to have customers rate our website, but that was a waste. We just opened them up to the communities hate. They can delete the positive posts and put their posts at the top.

We do not directly offer surgery and we in no way offer drugs. We help customers collect information about places in Thailand so they can make accurate information. We make no decisions for them, but only help provide information. During their time here, we are their guide and driver.

No one seems interested in reading what we do. It seems like some personal grudge to just take advantage. We read in the support to have our friends and customer come in rate and now users are trying to use that against us as well. We care about our business and if we were some sort of scam we wouldn't spend the time to register here or even list here at all.

If anyone here has ever run a small business they would know how difficult is and how much it means to the owner. It is not easy to tell people to register on a website and comment in favor of your website.

People are making assumptions and judgement about us. We listed here to help list our company details. Not to list a scam in a website that protects against scams. How do we combat negative reviews from non-customers that are claiming we are associated with botched surgeries, credit card fraud or selling drugs?

The ironic thing is, is that mywot is difficult to contact. There is not information about them, and after flagging libel comments nothing happens. This is not what this website is for and it seems many business have had similar problems with their high level users. I do not think mywot is a bad company, but their high level users get to dictate if you are accepted or not instead of how this website states websites are rated.

Our positive reviews were deleted and their lies went to the top. Doing this will probably enrage the community more, and hurt our rating. However, the company can not survive if it is not true to its mission and provides bogus reporting.

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Total claims:1
A BANKRUPT COMPANY »14 Jan 201418/07/20140
Do not trust this company it went into administration in May/June 2014 under the name Advanced Security & Design Consultancy Ltd - GU10 5BB Farnham - 01252 851999, obviously new that its was going to do so as it registered in a new company name ASDC Southern still under the owner Alan McCormick. Company's should not be allowed to do this as they are quick to take money but when they cant produce close up shop and start again knowing they don't have to repay the money they technically stole. Its totally unethical and in the security industry one not to trust.

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