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IDCompany / PersonClaim TitleIncident DateAddedPostsAdd commentDetails
4634JDM Hog Roast (Jason Myers) [Chester]
Total claims:6
Fraudster Claiming to be Professional Caterer »30/08/0901/09/200917

Jason Myers trading as JDM Hog Roasts

We were having a summer party and wanted to have something special for our friends so we booked with Jason Myers he seemed to offer a professional service and value for money. so we paid via paypal on his site (no longer on there) and we recieved an invoice.

I felt a little jittery during the week as I couldnt get hold of him there were no longer any payment options on his website but he did call me back and again a few days later to confirm everything was alright.

Well the day of the party came and he was a little late, I continued to phone from 1pm when he said he would be there through to 6:30pm when it became apparent that he wasnt turning up.

So I went from the idea of a nice relaxing night with hot food and no washing up to absolute panic and phoning around trying to arrange food.

I found out after the event that he is a fraudster, scamming money out of people all over the place and we happened to be one of the unlucky ones that ever phoned him in the first place.

He has not phoned me or contacted me despite my repeated efforts to do so and now I want to warn anyone and everyone so that they dont have the same experience again as if there had been any information such as this I wouldnt have been taken in by them!

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20535Simply Lunches [Merseyside]
Total claims:7
Non payment »13/15 July 201109/08/20116
I received a phone call from Simply Lunches on the 13th July 2011 asking if I could provide catering to a dental practice ten doors down from my shop. The gentleman sounded extremely professional, explained who the company were, how they operated and payment terms. Once I had agreed to provide the catering, at a reduced cost to my normal prices, I delivered the buffet and prepared an invoice to be sent via email. Two days later I received a call asking to provide another buffet for July 17th to another dental practice in Lincoln. Once again I delivered the buffet and sent the invoice via email.

My payment terms are 14 days. This had now passed and I emailed 'Jesse Leal' once again asking for payment. I heard nothing. I called numerous times, left numerous messages and also emailed but have not had any joy.

Tomorrow after reading other people's comments and complaints I will be contacting trading standards and also the clients who I provided buffets for in the hope they will stop using them also.

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4717JDM Hog Roast (Jason Myers) [Chester]
Total claims:6
Hogroast Scammer »22/08/0904/09/20094

On the basis of his website I booked JDM Hogroast for a function for 100 people, and paid a £200 deposit.  Two days before the event I phoned him to confirm that all was on track, as I had not heard from him.  On the day he failed to show up, ruining my important event.  No excuse, no apology and no notification.  He remained unreachable on the phone for 2 days, and then claimed to have had an 'accident'.  I have since found out that many other people have been taken in by this scammer.  Steer well clear of JDM Hogroast.

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6069pork and apple events catering [Chester]
Total claims:1
Golden Wedding »22/08/0901/11/20094

Jason Myers was booked to do a hog roast for our Golden Wedding 22/08.09. We paid a deposit of £100 on 2nd July. day of event arrived and Myers was due to arrive at 2.30.By 4pm i guessed he was not coming.We called him continously but no reply. His girlfriend eventually phoned 24/08/09 to say he had been in an accident which is an excuse he uses regulary.We did eventually get our deposit back after many visits to his house.Nothing can give us that day back and it will probabley be the last big party we will have as we are now well into old age. I just wish he could be stopped from this terrible scam and then others will not suffer the trauma we did.

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5835JDM Hog Roast (Jason Myers) [Chester]
Total claims:6
daughters 18th »01/09/200924/10/20091

My wife phoned"Jason Myers"to enquire about a hogroast for our daughters 18th birthday party.He called to our house,instilled my wife with confidence about how capable and experienced he was of carrying out the catering.My wifed phoned myself at work and expressed how good it all sounded.DAFTLY/STUPIDLY I told her to pay him in full by cash,ensuring that there was no bill to worry about on the night.

He was booked to arrive at 30/08/2009 16:30,at 17:10 we started to worry,we phoned his mobile with no reply.I went on my E-mails and i was E-mailed at 09:10 30/08/2009 explaining of a road accident the night before.He was extremely sorry,and he would reimburse us in full and "compensation".Obvious to everybody else who has ever deal with these pair of con artists a pattern of empty promises have ensued.

I will go down the route of calling at the address in Chester in person.I will get in touch with trading standards,possibly wasting my time,but if they can get a case against these pair of cheating *********.hopefully they will stop ripping people off.

The money i have lost is important-But the way our party was ruined was more upsetting.If it helps anybody another address i have is UNIT D,BROOKLYN FARM,SEALAND ROAD,DEESIDE.CH5 2LQ

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15133JDM Hog Roast (Jason Myers) [Chester]
Total claims:6
wedding »07/08/201011/12/20101

we booked him for our wedding under the name pork and apple events, we paid our money, had printed receipts!!! week of our wedding we had no contact of Jason Myers, i found out on the eve of our wedding that he was a con man, we are a young couple with a baby, we saved very hard for our wedding, he conned us out of £1200..... we have since contacted trading standards and the police but no joy in finding this scum bag, we have been to all his known addresses!!! we had a phone call of the police the other day to say they are not continuing with the investigation as Jason Myers posing no threat to other people!!!!! I am totally gutted and now in extra debt as we had to find another caterer at very short notice for our wedding day..... :-(

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4810Not known [Chester]
Total claims:2
Hog roast »27th March 200911/09/20091

My wife, Clare paid £100 on 27th March through Pay Pal as the deposit on a lamb roast for 25th August.  Although it seemd at first as if averything was going okay we were unable later to contact "Jason Myers", if that's his real name and the lamb roast was never provided, nor did we hear anything more from him.  Another company under a similar name said that this person had borrowed some catering equipment from him but had never paid anything and he said that he ahd some idea of here whereabouts, promised to let us know but never did so.  I have told the police and they are investigating.  In the end we did the catering ourselves, but I want my £100 back!

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12997Pork and Apple catering [South Wales]
Total claims:4
No show »17/7/1017/07/20101

I contacted Jason at Pork and Apple catering some months ago and arranged for him to cater for my friend's stag party this weekend. He was to turn up with gazebo, lighting, tables, table linen, bread rolls , apple sauce, and of course the hog roast.
He was due to turn up at the self catering accomodation in the Brecon Beacons at 6pm this evening, but has not turned up and we are unable to contact him.
It seems that this is not the first time he has pulled this stunt. The stag party have ordered a take away, but obviously are extremely disappointed not to have the hog roast that had been arranged.

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Total claims:3
Non payment of order placed »JULY 1010/06/20111
this company contacetd my catering business to deliver catering to 3 local dentist practises last July 2010 for meetings and have never paid their bills. they never answer their telephone, they have a web site we have rasied a claim in the small debts courts and still they do not reply or make a payment. I beleive them to be a scam. as they have received the payment through there booking as this is done b credit card on their web site.

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3981anglers and wranglers bbq co [stockertown]
Total claims:1
no return deposit »07/11/0801/08/20090

Owner of anglers & wranglers bbq co. agreed to return my deposit if I cancelled agreed upon catering services more than 30 days from time of event.  I cancelled on 7/11/08 for an event to be held 08/23/08.  Mr. Humprey said he would return my deposit and then ignored all my request,  ignores all my e-mails and phone calls.  This was a verbal contract so he knows he has the upper hand.  I sent the deposit in as a "save the date" deposit.  He said a written contract would be sent when all plans were confirmed but the responses were less than expected for the event so I cancelled his services to save his company from a long travel for a small group.  He agreed on the phone the date of cancellation that the travel was too far for a small group & would return my deposit.  That was the last time he took my call.

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4903JDM Hog Roast (Jason Myers) [Chester]
Total claims:6
Sweatshirts »9th March 200917/09/20090

Jason has placed different orders with me in the pass and payed straight away never had a problem with him, But he owes me £90 for sweatshirts branded with his company logo which I can not use again. Please Jason if you out there pay what you owe. The Sweatshirts were light blue with company branded logo.

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13404JDM Hog Roast (Jason Myers) [Chester]
Total claims:6
RIPPED OFF »200822/08/20100

I am another caterer based in west sussex this FAT CON ARTIST needed to hire a hog roast machine from me to do a job at short notice, so in good faith I hired my machine to him he then cancelled the cheque. HE IS A LIAR, CHEAT, A DISCRASE TO THE CATERING INDUSTRY AND THE HUMAN RACE AND SHOULD BE PUT IN PRISON DO NOT PASS MONEY TO THIS ****HOLE

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25682Not known [Chester]
Total claims:2
loan application »19/20th june 201222/06/20120
i applied for a loan of 3000 pounds over 5 years, this company agreed, as i read it, at a cost of 69.95 pounds per month. then i was inundated with calls and e-mail from numerous companies both here in the uk and also usa offering payday loans, this is not what i wanted. now they have taken two payments from my bank account. i am a pensioner and now at my wits end as my b/a is now empty.

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4921JDM Hog Roast Limited [Chester]
Total claims:1
Non-existent hog roast »13th June 200918/09/20090

I experienced the same - I booked this man for my 50th birthday celebrations for 120 guests. Not only did I pay £100 deposit but a total of £450 two weeks beforehand. On the morning of the event, his partner phoned to say he had been involved in a car accident and would not be coming! She promised to send a cheque - needless to say the cheque has not arrived and despite many phone calls and messages, I have had no response. The matter is now with the Police and the Trading Standards Office.

The man is a criminal - luckily I have managed to be reimbursed by my credit card companies since I paid by credit card via PayPal, but that is not the point - the emotional distress he caused me cannot have a price put on it. 


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Total claims:1
HOLIDAY COTTAGE »FEB 200914/04/20100


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13646Pork and Apple catering [South Wales]
Total claims:4
no contact »13/09/201013/09/20100
Booked Pork & Apple Catering Company for a works function (Barn Party for 100+ guests). Thought the hog roast would be perfect as the catering option, especially as they claim to cater for vegetarians as well. Paid the £100 deposit back in June. Since we have paid the deposit, we have not been able to make contact with Jay at all. We have left loads of messages and have written to the address quoted on the one piece of paperwork he sent us (no address on his web page), address provided is non-existent. Our party is not due until 25th September and our concerns are growing as we have not been able to contact him and have recently read reviews and complaints about him on this website. We have decided to cancel the party now and really need to let him know this. Wish we had found before paying our £100. If we cannot get hold of him by 25th September, he is going to turn up at a venue with no guests (what a pity)!

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13030Pork and Apple catering [South Wales]
Total claims:4
No Show No 2! »17/07/201020/07/20100

We also booked 'Jay' on Saturday the 17th of July to cater for a wedding party in Cardiff. The alarm bells started to ring when there was no sign of him by 3pm and again he wasn't answering our phone calls. We paid £100 deposit and can you belive this..gave him a sub of £30 last time he came (he turned up the first time)so he owes us £130.00. Not only did he let us down but the 155 people we had to cater for and a very upset bride and groom.

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13202Pork and Apple catering [South Wales]
Total claims:4
didnt show up »august 30th 201003/08/20100
we booked this company for our company event at two of our sites
didnt turn up on the day and havent been able to contact since. we now understand that this has happened to a number of people
thankfully we didnt pay the full amount the week before as they had asked.
Will be giving details to Trading Standards and contacting paypal too

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19523Catering Equipment Services [Oldham]
Total claims:1
Failure to supply goods »31/05/201101/06/20110
I responded to an ad placed on ebay by the managing director of this company and agreed to purchase catering equipment from him for my business. I paid a sum of money directly into his personal paypal account (as per his request) and he agreed to supply the equipment in a timely manner (ie overnight delivery). Six days later one of the two items were delivered to a house over half a mile away from me without my knowledge (depite me supplying the correct delivery details) and I only discovered this after making a complaint. The second item never turned up at all and each time I telephoned the director of the company to find out where my other item was he became more and more aggressive and evasive. The director of this company told me a variety of lies about what he initially agreed to at the outset and then the final straw was when he accused me of already having the equipment, alleging theft. I demanded an immediate refund of the full value of the item and was told that I would only get a refund once the item was returned to his company. I do not have the item to send him so therefore will not get my money back. I can not afford to lose the money and I don't see why I should. The man proporting to be the managing director of this company has no customer service skills (despite claiming to be in business for 30 years) and has no qualms in dishing out insults and allegations when I complain. I am entitled to a refund on the basis that he never supplied the equipment. I have reported the matter to paypal (the mechanism used to transact the payment to him) and I shall also be reporting him to the police and Revenue and Customs. I think the way I have been treated by this company is disgusting. It is my intention to get a refund of the full purchase price of the goods that were not delivered and it is also my intention to establish my position from a legal viewpoint in terms of making a claim against this company for slander and loss of earnings. Anyone who comes across this company in the same way as I did should tread very carefully because all is not as it seems and the man at the helm is only pleasant whilst things are going his way.

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Total claims:3
Free Lunch scam »10.05.201128/06/20110
This company ordered a buffet for a dental practice on the 10/05/11 we delivered the buffet and phone the practice the following day to check everything was ok with the buffet and to get their feedback as it was a new customer, the feedback was great!

We then email the invoice to Simply Lunches, then we phoned all you get is an answerphone we left messages we emailed them to get in touch and we left more messages no responce!

So beware if simply lunches phone, they want a Free Lunch!!!!!
This is not the first time they have done this!

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