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4028Patriotic Readers Club [Denver]
Total claims:3
bank withdrawal »7/28/200904/08/20092

This company called me, and used the name of a readers service that I am making payments to.  They didn't say that they were Patriotic Reader Club, so of course I thought it was the one that I am familiar with.

They  knew a lot of the magazines that I am getting, my address, the bank I bank at., my address,  They had mentioned about making a $39 payment I said No, I make monthly payments by check, not by withdrawing from my account.

Well I sent my payment recently to United Reader Service and some how Patriotic copied my check and sent it to my bank. For withdrawal, I have a copy of it from my bank.  I will try calling them I called once and got the janitor.

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6155Patriotic Readers Club [Denver]
Total claims:3
Taking monies out of banks »04-30-200903/11/20092

I do not recall this company, Patriotic Readers Choice, ever calling me; however, they have been withdrawing monies from my account since April 30, 2009; sometimes twice a month.  They have taken over $200, which in some cases has caused me overpayment charges plus what they have taken from me.  I have NEVER received any magazines from this company.  I only receive magazines from one company which is out of New York.  I have tried to email them with the one given over the BBB but was not successful.  I would like my money returned; however, I just want them to stop making these withdrawals.  I am on a fixed income, social security, and I am tired of people preying on others, whether or not they can afford it.  This is thievery, unlawful and should be stopped. 

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4801Patriotic Readers Club [Denver]
Total claims:3
0001540 »6-22-0910/09/20090

I recieved a call from what i thought was my magizine service, they were calling to let me know they no longer could accept checks and could only take debit or credit cards. They knew all my information where i live my bakning and also knew what magizines i am receiving. long story short when my husband got home I tiold him what transspired and that is when i found out i had been dooped. Patriotic readers club did take 49.95 from my account. I contacted my bank and told them what transpired and had a new credit card sent with a new number. PRC then called me for a payment I told them that they use fradulent tactics to get accounts and i was not going to pay and they needed to close my account, PRC then said no and we will turn you over to a collections company, I have not received any magizines from them nor any paperwork PRC said they were sending. This week i recieved a bill for 99.90 and a phone call left on machine I did call back but i got there machineI did ask them to call me back.

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6554premier magazine service [denver]
Total claims:1
fraudalent service »10/09/0911/11/20090

Premier magazine service fraudantly charged my checking account for not 1 set of magazines but 2 on the same night within 15 min apart.

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7047Subscriber Services Inc. Reading Amirica LLC [Arvada]
Total claims:1
$349.44 »07/13/200924/11/20090

i just want to stop asking me to pay the amount that they want to collect from me because i already told them not to send me a magazines. i want to refund my money that tey got from my account $58.24. now i have $349.44 total amount.

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