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IDCompany / PersonClaim TitleIncident DateAddedPostsAdd commentDetails
28192Mizulean and pura cleanse [puracleanse]
Total claims:10
Mizulean and puracleanse Scam »18/01/201328/01/201314
I Signed up for a free trial on the Chanel 4 website to receive the supplements muzilean and puracleanse. The website advertise that you only pay for the shipping of the items. They arrived a week after i ordered it. In the letters i got with the products it said that if i return the products within the 14 day trial period with a RMA number that they will not deduct the anount of £140 from my account.But i have to contact the call centre to obtain the rma numbers to return the products I since leanrt that this is a scam and that they deduct the amount of £140 for a period of 6 months which i absolutely can not afford. The numbers on the documents that you need to get the RMA numbers from you can not get through to!!! Please help

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1170acaiburn [sherwood park]
Total claims:49
unlawfulm withdrawals from debit card »27/01/09 til 2/03/0906/03/200912

i signed up for a free sample of dietary supplement. i recieved a free sample which cost 20 pounds. i recieved one 30 day sample. since then i have had another 4 unlawful transactions amounting to a further 110 pounds. no product recieved or requested.

e mails sent back unknown

unable to contact by telephone

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4869acaiburn [sherwood park]
Total claims:49
25 aug 09 »15th september 200915/09/20097

i did not see anywhere in the t&c that if i didnt cancel my subscritpion that a full payment would be taken and ontop of that i have not lost any weight from using this product.

25 aug 09 nutritionalsupp    cy 14.9    xr 1.60215  cd 6127   £9.30

25 aug 09 overseas transaction  cd 6127  £ 1

15 sep 09 elitepack   cy06.21  xr 1.62141    cd 6127     £3.83

15 sept 09 overseas transaction   cd 6127   £1

15 sept 09 betterdtox    cy79.28  xr 1.61928   cd 6127   £48.96

15 sept 09 over seas transaction cd 6127    £ 1

22 sept 09 ezykit CY 08.53  XR 1.57963 CD 6127 £5.40

22 sept 09 overseas transaction   cd 6127   £1

22 sept 09 betterdtox    cy79.28  xr 1.58117 cd 6127  £ 50.14

22 sept 09 overseas transaction   cd 6127   £1

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3468acaiburn [sherwood park]
Total claims:49
AcaiBurn Rip Off »23/05/200926/06/20095

I signed up for the Acaiburn at the start of May as i wanted to lose some weight and Acaiburn came highly recommended on the internet so i signed up for their FREE trial of Acaiburn. However upon hearing stories from friends and family about these kinds of offers for diet pills i decided not to carry on with this so i sent them an email to cancel the offer and sent the pills back to america (still in their original sealed pot).

A couple of weeks later I checked my banking online and noticed that they Acaiburn had taken out a number of payments from my account (during this "FREE" period) days apart from eachother. So now I was paying for something that not only had i cancelled and sent back, but I was paying for something during a "FREE" period. I called the company and spoke to a very rude male and asked him to take me off their system and cancel any payment instruction they have and delete any of my bank details off their system. The man confirmed to me over the phone that he had done this. When I asked if I could have written confirmation of this he informed me that they didnt have the resources to do that. I asked him if they could send me an email confirming their actions. He again informed me that they did not have the resources to do this. Please find below a statement of the transactions taken from my acount to date:

23/05/2009 - CW-webentry8009895 8081202346 CY - £4.53

                  - Debit card service charge - £1.50

28/05/2009 - CW-Acaiburn8006800 8006800623 CY - £38.81

                  - Debit card service charge - £1.50

30/05/2009 - CW-mmbrshp80004701 8000470192 CY - £6.42

                  - Debit card service charge - £1.50

23/06/2009 - Webaccess866 9892685 US - £2.03

                  - Debit card service charge - £1.50

Please help me toclaim back this money as i have cancelled this instruction over the phone which was confirmed to me, sent the goods back to the company (which also cost me money).


Many thanks


Ellias Ghazouani

[] (link:

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4377acaiburn [sherwood park]
Total claims:49
NUTRITIONALSUPP 888-433-4416 , EUR 42.28 »14/08/200921/08/20094

Ordered A what i understood to be a free trial (exc delivery)of acaiburn but instead got charged from companies i have never heard of.

Here where the charges


NUTRITIONALSUPP 888-433-4416 , EUR 42.28

Pissed off that someone can do this so easily and the fact that these companies seem to have been scamming people for quite a while. something needs to be done about this.


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5955acaiburn [sherwood park]
Total claims:49
Rip off »17 OCT 0927/10/20094

The website said I would be charged for postage & a free sample for 14 days was offered but a full bottle turned up and they took $98 from my account then another bottle turned up and 7 days later they took another $98 from my account.  I need this to stop asap. How do I get them to stop sending and debiting my account?

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1577acaiburn [sherwood park]
Total claims:49
AciaBurn RipOff »28 MARCH 200928/03/20093

I signed up for a free trial of Acia Burn at I was told I would only have to pay $4.95 shipping fee. A 'live face on web' kept repeating I would only have to pay $4.95 for shipping fee. Once I received my receipt it stated $24.95 shipping fee. I tried contacting them. There is no e-mail address to write to. There is a 'toll free' number to call to cancel. I noticed there were actually three seperate numbers to cancel. All three numbers have to be called separately to cancel the various things I found I had signed up for when I registered for my 'free' trial. I have tried to cancel. The numbers are not toll free when called from outside the US and their time zone is different to ours so I am not sure when is the best time of day or night to call to catch them open. If I do not cancel I will be charged a monthly fee of $59.95 plus a monthly fee of $9.95 plus a monthly fee of $6.95. This is a total of $76.85 per month!!! After researching on the internet -too late I regret to say it seems the only option is to change my debit card. I am reluctant to do this as I have regular payments coming in and out of it. I have no choice. AVOID this company like the plague. There are many compaints out there about this company and others offering 'free trials' of AciaThey rush you on the site and only give you 3 minutes to complete your transaction so you don't have time to do more research. SCAM


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2293acaiburn [sherwood park]
Total claims:49
Refund »May 3rd, 20th April 200905/05/20093

I responded to their ad for a trial of the product acai burn. Went to USA to visit daughter. Came home to find one month cost - $59.95 deducted from my account. Thought: 'well, I got the product, leave it....'  Today discovered a further $59.95 deducted. E-mailed and asked for my money back i.e. cancellation/refund. Told to phone --- who told me to return product, then I would get refund. THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A FREE TRIAL. 

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5094acaiburn [sherwood park]
Total claims:49
Acaiburn Scam »20/08/200928/09/20093

I signed up for the free trial with this company but before the free trial was even up they started taking numerous amounts out of our credit card.  The dates are as follow:

20/08/2009 - $8.60 using the name "VH Acess 888-332-2707"

23/08/2009 - $98.12 using the name "NutritionalSupp 888-433-4416"

01/09/2009 - $11.04 using the name "ezykit 8664371621 CYP"

08/09/2009 - $97.26 using the name "improvehealth 8668077356 CYP"

I only signed up for the free trial which I had to pay the postal fee of $18.65.  I did not receive a reciept for this trial, neither did I tick anything to sign up for long term.  They have taken alot of my money and I can not stop them, please help.




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4140Viv3labs also trading as Vitalityclean [Jackson]
Total claims:74
Vitality Clean 442031399067 »4th August 200912/08/20093

Please could you stop charging my credit card any further. I do not want to purchase any more of your products; and please refund all the money 79 punds sterling x 5 that you have charged me. Thanks. i look forward to your reply.

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4180Viv3labs also trading as Vitalityclean [Jackson]
Total claims:74
vitalityclean442031399067 »August 8, 200913/08/20093

On August 8, 2009, a charge for 132.58 Can. appeared on my credit card.  In July, I ordered a free sample of Acai Berry Detox and paid 3.95 for shipping and handling.  I am not sure why I have been chraged above and beyoned this, as I have received nothing more from the company.

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14819Pure Slim Ltd [Camberl, Surrey,.y]
Total claims:6
Free Trial you only pay the postage »15/11/201027/11/20103
This company was advertising on the internet. Lose weight easily and quickly free trial only pay the postage. I applied for it thinking "if it's any good I'll get some more" When I recieved my next bank statement it showed they had taken £75.00 out of my account. I did not give my permission for this and my bank "Barclays" will not refund me. I rang the firm and they said it was in the smallprint what smallprint I didn't see any. Barclays have contacted them and told them not to take anymore money after 31days but this means they could take another £75.00 I am writing to them myself but they've told me I can't have my money back.
Please help me I'm a disabled person living on income support I can't afford this.
On top of all this it doesn't even work.
There company no is 03995431 VAT reg 745177614 Date of inc 17.5.2000 Phone 0845 2255618 01276 682013 Fax 0845 2255618

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16280Pure Slim Ltd [Camberl, Surrey,.y]
Total claims:6
Free Trial You Only Pay The Postage »27/01/201127/01/20113
I was surfing the net when flashing in the corner was 'someone's story of there trial of this amazing product for free and the awesome results'. So I clicked into the so-called story. Bold flashing colours and bright lights and all the add-ons to get people interested in the product including other successful stories and tv endorsements were all there on display. And guess what?-a few days later 2 bottles arrived! I threw them in my bedside drawer and still haven't opened them. This morning I logged on to my bank account to find £75.00 has been deducted from my child tax credits. My bank said they can't help me as of right now but that I should contact the company. The company 'Pure Slim Ltd' has an American woman who insisted I read and agreed to their terms and conditions and I understood that I had 14 days to cancel. I was the rude one and they have alot more customers who are happy than disgruntled-even though at the time I was talking to her I was reading all the claims of their so-called 'happy customers'. I have been offered £48.00 back(if that ever happens) after being told I should stop yelling. I have cancelled my bank card as they will continue to take £75.00 every other day. And my bank has said that if no money is returned they will return the funds by the end of next week as I have told them it is fraud. You live and you learn, all be it a painful lesson.

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3028acaiburn [sherwood park]
Total claims:49
79$ »7 mai 200926/05/20092

J' ai commandée ce produit pour seulement 5.95$. Maintenant il me charge 79$ pour continuer d'avoir mon produit et c'est impossible de  canceler on peut rejoindre personne.

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2881acaiburn [sherwood park]
Total claims:49
diet pill sacm »12/04/0920/05/20092

I accepted what was meant to be a free trial of the diet pills acaiburn.  I agreed to pay for shipment as i live in the uk.  However even b4 i had received the product there was a further £42.07 debited from my account without my permission and the company seemed to have vanished i have had no confirmation emails from the acaiburn comapny however they are still debiting money from my account! The product eventually arrived nearly 4 weeks after the initial order.  I sent it back that same day! I am at the moment in talks with my bank about reclaiming this money.  Howver money is still being stolen from my account

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2559resvpure [delaware]
Total claims:2
cheated »4/5/0911/05/20092

I sent for a sample for 3.99. On my Mastercharge was a charge for 85.00. Plus I try to get them on the phone and it is impossable.

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4092resvpure [delaware]
Total claims:2
rippoff »07-27-0908/08/20092

After reading the claims of enhanced health made by influencial and trusted people such as Barbara Walters, I ordered the 99 cent trial of resveratrol from Resvpur. When I received my credit card statement, I had been charged the original 99 cent amount, then $88.87 two weeks later for "my" monthly membership dose. I never authorized that purchase,never joined their "club" and don't intend to. I am annoyed that someone can use my credit card without my knowledge to buy things that I don't want to buy, When I tried to contact them I was given a world class run around and could not talk to a person, nor cancel the membership I never asked for. Visa says they will dispute the charge, but I need to cancel all orders (which I never made) with them. Resvpur will not communicate with me, nor,I suppose anyone who wants to discontinue any relationship with them. That $88.87 charge was for ONE MONTH supply of their do-nothing product and I know that I could join any number of good health spas or gyms for less than that and improve my health much more than taking resveratol!

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3921Colon Cleanse 3000 [Scottsdale]
Total claims:4
unauthorized debit »7-30-0930/07/20092

I ordered this product along with the Acai berry, that I've also received an unauthorized debit for, which I've already made a claim for; the debit passed through on 7-28-09.  All I have received is a trial bottle of this crap that I paid $4.95 S&H for.  No other product has been received and if I do, it will be going straight back.  I will never order such products again.  I have tried to call the 888 number, only to hear "dead air" on the other line.  I did send an e-mail expressing my frustration and also have a letter that will be going out today. 

In total, for these two rip-off products, I'm out $171.08.  And I want my money back.  Please!!!!

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4114Viv3labs also trading as Vitalityclean [Jackson]
Total claims:74
ripoff »10/8/200910/08/20092

wanted some diet pills thought this company was safe as it advertised that oprah winfry and cnn where all raving about them said it was secure site and was no scam went on paid 2x £3.75 for the try b4 you buy on checkin my credit card account they have went in and took another £72.97 out my account with no authorisation at all this is a scam i will be seekin legal advise also i will go 2 all the papers this SCAM will not go un noticed im appaulled

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4172Viv3labs also trading as Vitalityclean [Jackson]
Total claims:74
Unauthorised debit »7th August 200913/08/20092

I signed up for a free trial of Acai Berry and Life Cleanse at £3.95 postage and packing over the internet from Viv3labs. I have just been to the bank and find that two amounts of $115.47 (£71.87) have been taken from my account. At no time did I authorise these payments to be taken. Transaction 1 was listed as Natureberry and the other as Vitalityclean. I have informed the bank who in turn have informed the fraud department. I have also consulted my GP as to having the trial tablets that were sent to be analysed to see what is actually in them with a view to perhaps taking legal action.

These transactions should not be allowed to happen - these companies are obviously defrauding and should be stopped from trading.

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